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Friends, wine, fun...what could be better?

Friends, wine, fun...what could be better?


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Friends, wine, fun...what could be better?




Episode 67: Breakups

In this episode recorded in February, Erik and Leslie are joined by Margaret to discuss famous breakups! Listen in as Erik goes over some of history's biggest breakups and Margaret fills all of us in on what breakups have been rocking the Gen Z world. Enjoy!


Episode 66: The Crown (Season 3) & Mrs. Maisel!

Erik and Leslie dedicate their first podcast of the new year to two of their favorite shows: The Crown and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! Listen in as they discuss The Crown, Part 3, and all three seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Enjoy!


Episode 65: Underrated Movies

Erik and Leslie are back with Leslie's brother Joseph to talk about movies that you might not have heard of or seen, but definitely should have. Join us as we discuss children movies, indie gems, and much more. Don't sleep on this episode!


Minisode 7: Miley Come Back

Erik and Leslie are joined by Leslie's brother John to talk about what is going on in the world of Miley Cyrus (spoiler: it's a lot of weird drama). Listen is as they discuss her history with Liam, her recent romantic mishaps, and, of course, what each of them are currently binging! Enjoy!


Episode 64: It and It Chapter 2

Erik and Leslie sit down to discuss Erik's favorite topic: the It movies! Listen in as they discuss the brilliance of the first one, the disappointment of the second, and what they would have done to fix some of the many problems with It Chapter 2. Enjoy!


Minisode 6: Will you accept this Emmy?

Erik and Leslie sit down to discuss Bachelor in Paradise and the 2019 Emmys in this not so mini minisode! Listen in as they make a case for Blake NOT being the villain everyone thinks he is, how Demi is NOT the hero everyone thinks she is, and how this this year's Emmys fashion was NOT up to par. Enjoy!


Episode 63: Madmen

Erik and Leslie are joined by their good friend Anne to talk about the show Madmen! Listen in as they discuss their favorite and least favorite characters, why Don Draper is the worst (but Jon Hamm is the best), and what they think happened to the characters after the show. Enjoy!


Episode 62: Movies We Hate

We are back! Erik and Leslie are joined by Joseph to discuss those movies that make their blood broil (that's right, broil, not boil!) Listen in as they talk about the movies that, for one reason (or many) they just can NOT stand. Get ready for all of the feelings and a whole lot of wine! Enjoy!


Episode 61: Catholic Movies

In honor of Good Friday and the Easter Season, Leslie and Erik sit down to talk about one of their favorite topics: Catholic Movies! Listen in as they list their favorites (and not-so-favorites) and discuss their favorite confessional scenes. Enjoy!


Episode 60: Fyre Fraud

Leslie and Erik sit down to discuss the Fyre Festival scandal! Listen in as they compare the Netflix and Hulu documentaries and the idea of Instagram influencers in our world today. Plus, Leslie can't help but try and diagnose Billy Mcfarland! Enjoy!


Episode 59: 2019 Grammys

Leslie and Erik sit down to talk about the Grammys! Listen in as they talk about their favorite performances of the night, go over the winners, and discuss the biggest snubs. Enjoy!


The First Annual Leslick Awards!!

It is finally here! The first annual Leslick Awards!! Listen in as Erik, Leslie, and John announce the nominees (and their reasoning behind each) and then give out the amazing (and hilarious) awards to the winners. Enjoy!


Episode 58: Redwall

Erik and Leslie are joined by all the Farrells and Leslie's neighbors to discuss the Redwall books! Listen in as they discuss their favorite books, characters, and what they liked about the PBS series. Enjoy!


Minisode 5: Grande Sized Rent

Erik and Leslie sit down to talk about a few of their favorite things (well, sort of). Listen in as they discuss how Ariana Grande is working too hard, the disaster of Rent: Live, and what they are currently binging. Enjoy!


Episode 57: Scripts (Part 2)

Erik, Leslie, John, James, and Elijah finish their discussion on their favorite scripts! Listen in as they each talk about their favorite adaptations and their favorite original screenplays. Enjoy!


Episode 56: Scripts (Part 1)

Leslie and Erik are joined by John and John's good friend Elijah to discuss their favorite pieces of writing! Listen in as they delve into what makes or breaks a script and their least favorite adapted screenplays. Enjoy!


Minisode 4: Golden Globes and Goodbyes

Erik and Leslie say goodbye to Soundcloud (and hello to Podbean) with this Golden Globes Minisode! Listen in as they discuss the highlights of the evening as well as all of the red carpet drama. Enjoy!


Episode 55: Creepy Kids Movies (Part 2)

Leslie, Erik, and John continue with their picks of the creepiest kids movies ever made! Listen in as they each say their favorites (or worst?) along with a couple unhonorable mentions. Enjoy!


Episode 54: Creepy Kids Movies (Part 1)

Leslie and Erik are joined by John as they discuss movies that were advertised as children's movies...but maybe shouldn't have been. In this first of a two-part episode, the three discuss Watership Down, The Rescuers, and the odd things in movies that make them cry. Enjoy!


Minisode 3: One Year Down, A Lifetime to Go!

Reel and Wine is a year old! Listen in as Erik and Leslie talk about the woes of technology, how they love podcasting, what they are currently watching right now (Downton Abby, Mom, and Catfish: can you guess who is watching which?), and, of course Real Housewives! Enjoy!