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3: Wat A Good Dude Is ft Jaq Moon

Mane it's been a minute and we left y'all for a long time but we are back shawty. Mr. and Mrs Jankins hitting you with that what a good dude is. To many women has a misconception of what a good man really is. They live in a world full of disbelief and I'm here to set the record straight for my brothers and Mrs. Jankins is speaking up for the women. Y'all sit back and enjoy the ride.


2: Paycation 2 ft Diggs & Quita

Shawty Paycation 2 is off the chain. It’s guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat and screaming at the speaker. The first episode got such a good response that we had to continue bringing the heat. Sit back and enjoy because it’s one Hell of a ride.


1: Paycation ft Da Jankins

If a man spends his hard earned money to take you on a vacation is he obligated to have sex with you. This is the topic of the day. It’s guaranteed to be funny and entertaining but it’s based on our opinions. Always know that it’s going to get gooder and more gooder people.


12: Tha Truth ft D. Will

Man shawty me and my partna was at work just coolin, we started talking about life and religion and when I tell you that my fok had my mind blown with some of his views I told him that I had to get you onto the show. You never know who feels that same as you. It's a big world out here and I believe that some kind of way we are all connected. I stay ready to record so we are about to take you on a journey shawty. I hope that you are ready because like I always say it's going to get gooder...


11: Just Do It ft J Steal

This is a quick thought process episode. It’s not season two by far but it was definitely much needed. In my Kilo Ali voice “America has a Problem” and it has come to the forefront even more since this guy that you call President has taken office. If this country does not get it together then it’s sure to meet its Doom.


10: Mr and Mrs Jankins(Hello World)

This episode I wanted to end the season with my best friend. Mrs Jankins is also my wife, it’s never a dull moment in the marriage, household, and all dat. She has been my biggest fan shawty and it’s only the right thing to introduce the one who has encouraged me to pursue my dreams. So y’all enjoy and give a big ole welcome to Mrs Jankins shawty.


9: Getting to the Money ft King Skuta

Up and coming artist King Skuta is also my brudda. Yeah I meant to spell it exactly how you see it. Jawn right here has a stupid hot joint called Getting to the Money. I'm all about support and showing love to people, that's one of the main reason for doing the show, so anytime someone show's you love you show love back, and this brudda was there standing next to me on the biggest stage of my life, so it's only right to support my bro on his adventure. Time to change the game up so yall...


8: How 2 be Cool ft Todd Marcell

This episode is with my brother Todd Marcell and he is the author of his debut and soon to be award winning book called "How 2 be Cool". This is a powerful brother in life and he is a God fearing committed individual. This episode will not disappoint and you will have a breath of fresh air. So with all of that being said "Get Down or Get Slayed".


7: God Got Me

This has been a very stressful week, and some kind of way I had to find my way to release. My job was trippen and my wife and brothers from the church were the only one who I had in my corner. If it wasn't for them then aint no telling where I would have been or what I was capable of doing. Life is real out here and when someone messes with your livelihood sometimes you are not the most rational individual. So with that being said I am so thankful for my wife and my brothers, they let me...


6: Heavenly Helpers

Ms Dominique has a home care business and she provides care to the handicap whether young or old. Ms Dominique is a veteran herself and it was a major honor to be in her presence. She is a single parent of two boys and has worked very hard to established herself in the community as well as society. These are the kind of people that we should model ourselves after. This is what it means to be a true patriot and a person of outstanding character. Thank you for the opportunity and may God...


5: The Elite Team ft Sterling Ballard

Mr Ballard is a entrepreneur who as dedicated his life to growing his own business and career helping people. Mr. Ballard has a team of professionals that he aligned himself Wife to hep others achieve success in their ventures. Mr Ballard has a marketing company and is striving to be a major player in today’s society.


4: I Submit ft Maintain Barkley

On this day the spirit of God was shifting the atmosphere. In one room we had the praise team worshipping, in the next room the brothers and I are mentoring the young brothers or the church on chilvary, and in the final room we have myself and the man himself Maintain Barkley given his testimony and we all got it live and direct. It’s awesome people, the stamp of God is all over this.


3: Take Care of Yourself

After a brief stint in the hospital due to heart and chest pains this past week I decided to share my journey to recovery. It was the scariest moment of my life. So now I'm bouncing back, new attitude, and a new mission to succeed. Enjoy!!!


2: Coonery

This episode was based off of a conversation that I had at work and I decided that I needed to share this with you all. The mentality of my people sometimes can be very disturbing and I just wanna let it be know just how disturbed I am .


1: Getting My Sexy Back

Raised in the greatest and one of the most diverse cities on this planet. A love for music and the arts as a whole has led me to search for a new direction since my rapper days have almost come to a standstill, but I still have a voice that needs to be heard and that is what led me to where I am now. Kicking some real shit for you people.