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The Ducking Review Show EP37: Independence Day - The Ducking Review Show

Good day to you, welcome to another well thought out podcast. We carry on our summer blockbuster retro review special taking a look at Will Smith's first really big film, Independence Day. Does it hold up? Is it still the awesome spectacle we all fondly remember? We also take a look at the new Jason Bourne film creatively called...... Jason Bourne and Finding Dory. Its summer and its hot and we are about to go on our holidays, we will be back in a month, take...

The Ducking Review Show EP36: Who Ya Gonna Call? GhostDuckers! - The Ducking Review Show

We continue our summer blockbuster extravaganza with Ghostbusters (The original 80's) but that's not all we give you, we also bring you our views on Men & Chicken, and Maggie's Plan. Summer is here once again and we provide you some manic musings to help you unwind. Sit out in the garden, pour a glass of wine and press play. Other alcoholic drinks are available and please remember to drink responsibly, like...

The Ducking Review Show EP34: Absolutely FML - The Ducking Review Show

The whole of the world is talking about some sort of vote, we're talking about a great big fish who's heart is set on the destruction of all that is good and holy, any similarities ???? This is the first episode of our summer block busters, taking a look at some pure gold, GOLD! We also dismantle The Neon Demon, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, and Colonia. Music Credit. Explosion_01.wav by...

The Ducking Review Show EP34: Gods of Egypt and the end of sanity - The Ducking Review Show

Join the hungover crew as they take a look at the latest movie trailers to grace our screens. This week Lee made us watch some really special things this week, and made me wonder if he should be allowed the power of deciding podcast content. As well as Gods of Egypt, Tale of Tales and Bang Gang we also have some chat about movies we have been enjoying. Its a PODCAST ABOUT MOVIES, PUT IT IN YOUR...

The Ducking Review Show EP33: Lets get quizzical - The Ducking Review Show

Huzzah! Hello and welcome movie fans to another movie trailer review show. We take a look at Pop star: Never stop never stopping, War Craft, and Star Trek Beyond. But that's not all we have a sexy little guest come on to the show and we also spend a little bit of time talking about films old and new. We do this with the intention of giving you some films to watch. All of this is presented to you with canny wit.

The Ducking Review Show EP32: The Green Room of Chicken - The Ducking Review Show

Hey movie fans? Whats up? Welcome to another super cool episode of movie trailers. This week we take a look at Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Green Room and Chicken. We know we have been going through a transitional stage working out new technical stuff and then odd members being called away on other duties, but we are all back together again, and its all good. Just like hearing your mum and dad have stopped the divorce procedures and have fallen in love again so have we. Well, we never fell out....

The Ducking Review Show EP31: Super spin off movie land - The Ducking Review Show

Whoo another movie trailer review show episode where we talk about I saw the light, Knight Cups, Angry Birds, Ratchet and Clank Movie. Its another week with a dynamic duo set up as Carl was unfortunately able to attend, but the terrible threesome will be back next time. The main theme for this week appears to be spin off movies. We also spend a little time talking about recently viewed movies, all for your entertainment.

The Ducking Review Show EP30: There is a Jungle in the Stars and its seeping - The Ducking Review Show

Whoo another movie trailer review show episode where we talk about Star Wars, one thing you can't say about us is that we aren't consistent! Don't blame us, blame Disney! Are we going to end up banning Star Wars films as well as super Hero films on the podcast? No! We like it too much, tune in and hear our thoughts on Rouge One a Star Wars Story. We also take a look at Jungle Book (Jeez Disney have been busy!) Bastille day and Criminal. As always we start the podcast with a brief round up...

The Ducking Review Show EP29: One Year Anniversary Show - The Ducking Review Show

Wow its been a year! It's a sexy little mile stone for us, thanks for your listener-ship. This week we look at movie trailers for Midnight Special, Sausage Party and Eddie The Eagle, as well as discussing our own favourite trailers (some better and slightly more prepared than others.) On top of the usual topical chat and our own personal viewings. Good Bye. Music Credit. Explosion_01.wav by Tommccann...

The Ducking Review Show EP28: Clover fields – the hot nasty vibe - The Ducking Review Show

This week we look at movie trailers for High Rise, 10 Clover Field Lane, and among the believers. We are all back to normal speaking within our own separate studio, so if last week was too drunken this week is a lot more with it. We do our usual talking about our latest viewing habits and also talk about the new Ghostbusters film. Music Credit. Explosion_01.wav by Tommccann Chiptune intro.wav by Zagi2...

The Ducking Review Show EP27:Things get Philonomenal when the gang gets back together - The Ducking Review Show

This week we look at London has fallen, Truth and Kung Fu Panda 3. We spend a lot of time talking about all the lovely films we have seen over the last two weeks which includes 24 hour party people, Deadpool and Teenage Mutant Turtles. Join us for fun bants as we discuss the bastardisation of childhood favorite franchises of the 80s and also how the success of R Rated film Deadpool could be the start of something terrible.

The Ducking Review Show EP26: Triple 9 Grimsby Shocker - The Ducking Review Show

This week we look at Triple 9, Grimsby and Secret in their Eyes. Although I will let you in on a little secret, we pretty much don't talk about that film once Lee finds out its been out for ages, so a rare mistake on his part. This creates a chance to discuss Jupiter Ascending, to great amusement. We also touch on the future of cinema, and how the battle of content is creating more more quality programming.

The Ducking Review Show EP25: The Man Who Fell To Earth - The Ducking Review Show

A bonus duck flying your way. This week we talk about David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth You can find below this a load of the photos and videos we sent each other whilst discussing this film. It's chock full of little Bowie factoids, we also discus the music that makes up and surrounds this movie. And of course..... Cookies. And. Bowie. Milk. The Lawyer looks like guy from trailer park boys Bowie with no bum or penis Music Credit. Explosion_01.wav by...

The Ducking Review Show EP24: All Hail Ceaser’s Army! Troll lol lol lalaaa - The Ducking Review Show

This week we look at 'Trolls', the new animated feature from Dreamworks. Based on the fad-toy from the 1990s. No one asked for it, but we're getting it anyway. Then we have the latest film from the artful Coen Brothers 'Hail, Ceaser!'. and finally we take a trip down memory lane as we talk about 'Dad's Army' the new film based on the BBC sitcom of the 60s and 70s. Music Credit. Explosion_01.wav by...

The Ducking Review Show EP23: Bowie’s big short youth spotlight. - The Ducking Review Show

Join us for a tongue in cheek look at upcoming movie trailers, in this weeks episode we look at Youth, Spotlight, and The Big Short. We also share some thoughts on the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, also some of the changes coming to our very own show. Lee spends a little bit of time educating us on what he has been watching, and this makes for a great list of films which people should check out. Lee also shares he's breakdown about our scoring system, so we discus the point in...

The Ducking Review Show EP22: The Revenant and The Makers - The Ducking Review Show

Join us for a tongue in cheek look at upcoming movie trailers. Happy New Year! We cast our seductive eyes over The Revenant (Oooo will he finally get an Oscar??) Creed, and Dragon Blade. Its a brand new year and many exciting films are on there way, including the new Ghostbuster film(s) which we also give a slight amount of chat time to. The start of our pods always begin with RE RE RE RE RE-VIEWS which mostly involves us listening to our Movie Mogul Lee chatting about all the lovely...

The Ducking Review Show EP21: Super Star Wars End Of Year Show - The Ducking Review Show

Its the end of the year, we spend some time talking about Star Wars The Force Awakens - No Spoilers - and round up our year, talking about our favorite movies. Its been our first year of the podcast and we have loved it, you have all been amazing. The podcast has been much more successful than we anticipated, and for that we thank you all very much. Happy New Year. Music Credit. Explosion_01.wav by Tommccann Chiptune intro.wav by Zagi2 Atari ST Beat 11.wav by Bombstu Chiptune Loop by...

The Ducking Review Show EP20: A very Christmas Duck - The Ducking Review Show

Ho ho ho, and a bottle of rum. Because Christmas is all about getting drunk with the ones you love and also the ones you just put up with. We celebrate the new year by talking about all our favorite Christmas movies. That was the plan, and yes we do do that, but HOW MANY TRAILERS CAME OUT??? Yes the last week has been crazy. We take on all the new trailers in a quick fire movie trailer round up. We look at Tarzan, The BFG, Star Trek, Independence Day 2, FantasticBeasts and where to find...

The Ducking Review Show EP19: Captain America’s Forbidden Peanuts Room - The Ducking Review Show

Join us for a tongue in cheek look at upcoming movie trailers. This week we bring it all back to the god damn super heroes, except this time its okay, its El Capitan. We look at the latest civil war trailer and talk once again about over saturation and the importance of plot.... yeah I know it seems obvious. We also use this opportunity to recommend some comic books. Nuts! Or rather Snoopy, as it's better known in England. Could this bePaddington bear all over again. The to finish things...

The Ducking Review Show EP18: Mr Bird Pig Man and the Babadook - The Ducking Review Show

Join us for a tongue in cheek look at upcoming movie trailers. This week we drag out our Horror fest with a quick half hour chat about Babadook. We then switch it up a gear to incredibly high levels of sexy, talking about;Bridge of Spies and Black Mass, we also begin to bring in the festive season with a chat about the rather messed up looking Krampus. We also have a wonderful special guest, Alex. You don't know him, but he's lovely.