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Let's go for a Ride!
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Let's go for a Ride!




S3E8: The Greatest Disease

"The Greatest Disease", by C. Bryan Brown. Zachary Williams is in a dark place as he comes to terms with his fate. A visit with Victoria might be just what he needs to see beyond himself and avoid undesirable blow-back. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration: Graham Rowat Old Woman / Melinda Williams: Cynthia Lowman Carlton Dosh: David Ault Receptionist: Erika Sanderson Zachary Williams / Doctor Carson / Brent Williams / Random Fan: Daniel Foytik Art: Jeanette...


S3E7: The Inexorable Halloween

Victoria tries to save three girls from an evil and ancient creature. But the universe may have different designs this Halloween in a very dark episode Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration, Wendi, Blair: Heather Thomas Margeaux, Evelyn: Nichole Goodnight Art: Jeanette Andromeda Score: Nico Vettese Get your copy of The Lift, 9 Stories of Transformation Volume One this Friday on Kindle or in Print in mid-November. Visit for updates and more...


S3E6: Inside These Walls

Anna Creed once had everything. Now, spending her final years in an elderly care home, she’d do anything to have those things back – until she meets a strange, young girl in a place neither of them belongs. Anna will learn that we should never go back. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes, Sarah: Amber Collins Main Narration, Anna Creed, Singing Girl: Jessica McEvoy Art: Jeanette Andromeda Score: Nico Vettese Now more than ever, we need your support to keep the episodes coming – the more support...


S3E5: Don't Feed the Trolls

Victoria is not a fan of bullies, trolls, or those who feel the way to become powerful is to tear down and attack others. In a story even more relevant today than ever, Victoria shows one "Troll" the meaning of true power. Balance means that what one receives is equal to what one gives. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration: Daniel Foytik Johnny: Andy James Art: Jeanette Andromeda Score: Nico Vettese Now more than ever, we need your support to keep the episodes...


S3E4: The Juju That Lives in my Pocket

The Juju That Lives in my Pocket - by Aaron Vlek In this special crossover episode with The Private Collector, Victoria meets Frank Enfield, a classic 1940's detective who's well versed with the ways of the paranormal and in the employ of The Librarian. Frank's been carrying around the guilt of losing his partner for too long, but, Victoria takes him for a ride on The Lift to help remind him of certain obligations and prepare him for the next step in his ongoing journey. Victoria...


S3E3: If Wishes Were Horses

If Wishes Were Horses - by Meg Hafdahl Trapped in the confines of a prison of her own making, Lizzie has found a peculiar comfort in allowing life to pass her by. But, on the fateful night Victoria arrives in rural Iowa, Lizzie’s quiet reality is shaken. Convinced to leave her farm house for the first time in years, Lizzie must choose whether to continue to languish in the boundaries of her own living room, or to escape the literal shackles of her past. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber...


S3E2: Moving Day

Moving Day - by Gwendolyn Kiste We're back with another fantastic story by listener favorite and Stoker Award Nominated author, Gwendolyn Kiste. This story features the voice talents of Jessica McEvoy, Nichole Goodnight, Andy James, and, of course, Amber Collins! Custom score by We Talk of Dreams. An aging widow prepares to move from her beloved home, but after a fight with her only daughter, she reaches a crossroads where she must decide not only if she’ll stay or go, but if she’ll...


S3E1: Bombshell

The Lift returns for Season 3 with a tale by returning author, Scarlett R. Algee. Caught stealing from his boss, Harry’s in big trouble, and one thing he doesn’t have is time on his hands. But someone’s willing to help save him from himself. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration / Harry: Mike DelGaudio Conrad: Nelson W. Pyles Tom: Daniel Foytik Art: Jeanette Andromeda Score: Nico Vettese Now more than ever, we need your support to keep the episodes coming – the...


S2E20: Victorias Gift

Victoria, full of the spirit of the season, has a special gift for her "uncle", The Librarian. While Christmas Eve is the anniversary of a very traumatic event for The Librarian, Victoria is confident that a special gift she's had made by her friend, Nicola Tesla, will delight her uncle. What happens when two very different forces are brought together in one place? Strap in for a dark ride in this year's season finale of The Lift, an epic crossover with The Wicked Library's agent of chaos,...


S2E19: Non-Binary

Set far, far in The Lift's future, Victoria meets a unique visitor who is able to see The Building the same way she does, but the same qualities that allow for that special perspective could also mean a tragic end. See what the future holds as we go for a special ride on what is no mere elevator. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration / Dr. Schöpher: Daniel Foytik Michael / Harry: David Ault Michael / Victoria: Erika Sanderson Art: Daniel Foytik Score: Nico...


S2E18: The Posies Velvet

Today’s episode of the Lift is written by returning author, the talented Brooke Warra. It’s Halloween, and Victoria is about to have a special visitor who she’s known for a long time and who is full of stories. A haunting tale, sad, sweet, and perhaps a bit spooky as well. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes / Justice: Amber Collins Storyteller: Cynthia Lowman Art: Daniel Foytik | Score: Nico Vettese The Lift is a proud member of the Dark Myths Collective and the Society 13 Podcast Network A...


S2E17: The Future Behind

Today’s episode of the Lift is written by Tony Sarrecchia of the Harry Strange Radio Drama! When brothers Will and Jimmy pull a dangerous job, and are in need of assistance to treat Will's injury, they find their way to a certain building where Victoria waits. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration / male vocals: Daniel Foytik Female Guard: Cynthia Lowman Score: Nico Vettese Mentioned in today's episode: Sudio Sweden Headphones: Discount...


S2E16: The Tin Heart

Today’s episode of the Lift is written by returning author, Brooke Warra. On a lonely night when she’s unable to sleep, Victoria’s Music box reveals a secret story of another music box similar to her own. Hear the story of a man whose name meant sadness. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E15: A Writer's Journal

Today's episode was written by Daniel Foytik. This week, we share entries from the journal of a mysterious writer trapped in the building. He tries to understand his purpose, why he remains in the very odd twisted reality of the building, and his coming choice. Previously only available on Patreon, Volume 1 is now ready for all to consider. Stay tuned for the next part of Season 2, only weeks away. Future entries from The Writer's Journal will be found on Patreon. A 9th Story...


S2E14: A Red Ring for a Winter's Eve

Today’s episode was written by the amazing Gwendolyn Kiste! After her popular best friend Maggie is killed in an accident, wallflower Annora must contend with her own grief as well as her guilt and invisibility at being the one left behind. But when, in a moment of weakness and anger, she pilfers something that belonged to Maggie, Annora soon learns that there are far worse places to be than at a funeral as she comes face to face with Victoria—and the embodiment of everything that haunts...


S2E13: Scars

Today's episode was written by the talented Jon Grilz of Creepy and Small Town Horror! Kurt is a fighter who's spent a long time in the ring and his career is nearing it's end - whether he wants to see that or not. He's made questionable choices in his pursuit to become a legend in the ring, but when he finds his way to a certain Building and and meets a certain little girl named Victoria, he's given a chance to change his path. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins,...


S2E12: Slipping Away

On a lonely night after a long day of seeing patients, a psychiatrist has his nightly rituals interrupted by a certain little girl who understands more about his inner workings than he would expect from a “strangely dressed child.” He is made to face himself, who he is, and the haunted past he’s ignored for three years. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E11: Seeing Everything

After losing her brother, Milo, to his struggles with Shell Shock after WW II, Mary-Anne finds her way to a certain building where a wise-beyond-her-years young girl named Victoria awaits. A ride on Victoria’s Lift leads to an unexpected reunion, and allows her to see how her actions have resulted in Milo being unable to find his final rest. Written by Samantha Pleasant LeBas of the Just a Story and Audio Dime Museum Podcasts Special thanks to Agnes Obel for authorizing our use of her...


S2E10: Brimstone

Trying to make up for her impoverished upbringing, Susan preys upon the people who trust her most. What she doesn’t realize is there are things even the dead don’t forget. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E9: Redemption

Tina awakens in a strange building, feeling lost and confused, with no memory of what happened prior. It’s not long before she encounters Victoria and goes for a very dark ride that will reveal her shameful secret and might just lead to redemption. Written by Diane Student of the History Goes Bump Podcast A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski