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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.

Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.
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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.




WTP 170 - How Much Is A Hem Worth?

This week the Bill, Bob, Ed, and Uncle Jay are back into the swing! Bill may be someone’s wife and other nonsense starts the show, per usual. Then, Would Uncle Jay pay $1 million for Han’s jacket? As we discuss some new pop culture relics going to auction soon. BIG changes are coming to the Oscars including new award for Best Popular Film Award. Good news Ruby Rose is going to be CW’s Batwoman, sad news Nichelle Nichols has dementia, silly news Bethesda halts a single game owner from...


WTP 169 - MIssion Impossible: Porta Potty Protocol

This week the gang's back together, it’s Bill, Bob, Ed and Uncle Jay! Then, right into the news with the BIG news of a reason to subscribe to CBS All-Access as Patrick Stewart is returning to the bridge as Captain Picard and we theorize what exactly that means. Facts of Life is getting a remake (and Bill's STILL waiting for his Quantum Leap to return), Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have optioned the McDonald’s Monopoly Heist, will movie studios own movie theaters, MoviePass is dying, Die...


WTP 168 - Post Apocalyptic Soft Spot

No Bob, No Ed, No Problem! After Jay makes a drink and a quick intro from Bill, it’s straight on to the news! And in said news; TimeBandits, Iron Heart script leaked is it real or fake (News at 11), Stoned Alone with Ryan Reynolds, and then STAR WARS official cast announcement for IX! In honor of #NationalNewJerseyDay the CHATGAME was Make it a Jersey Movie EXAMPLES: To live and Die in N.J., Atlantic City Jones and The Turnpike Of Doom Meanwhile Bill reviews S-Town and Uncle Jay reviews...


WTP 167 - SDCC 2018, James Gunn, and… Dabney Coleman?

BOOM. Another episode. Crazy. This time things get off to a “Not Bad” start! After some official business we get into our rundown of news from San Diego Comic-Con 2018! We hit a lot of stuff at a quick pace so we’re not gonna try to list it here! Plus we review Kevin Smith’s Hollyweed, Sorry To Bother You, Equalizer 2, Ant-Man and The Wasp and more! Also, Dabney Coleman becomes a recurring theme, the chatroom gives us Superhero Food Shows, we answer e-mails about stuff, and we cover the...


A Reading Of Harlan Ellison

With the recent passing of esteemed author Harlan Ellison, our own Edward O'Hare was left with a desire to read from Ellison's 1982 collection, Stalking The Nightmare, for any and all who'll listen. All rights, Harlan Ellison and his estate.


WTP 166 - Jawas Might Be Junkies

This week, more NSFW nerdishness from NYC with Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay! Up front, Bob's bringing the Future Reports, while Jay can kick a lot of ass, Bill does an Uncle Jay impression, and we pitch you VH1: Behind the Mask... In the News; Billy Dee is returning as Lando! Joss Whedon is coming back to TV on HBO, Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is officially greenlit, Black Widow is finally getting her movie, Robocop returns, Alien 3 script becomes a comic, Zombieland 2 is officially greenlit,...


WTP 165 - Jay Laughs At Death

This week, more NSFW nerdishness from NYC! First, we suggest you check out “The Reel Thing” over on Facebook! A freshly reanimated group page for talking up all of the same things we cover here - cool pop culture, comics, movies and TV! In the News; hot casting rumors for Spawn and Star Wars 9, they’re making a Gundam movie, Margot Robbie teases Birds Of Prey, lastly, we mourn the passing of creative legends Harlan Ellison and Steve Ditko. Next, in the review portion we call “Meanwhile”,...


WTP 164 - Every Show Needs A Villain

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay get into it without Ed - but we all wish him well as only we can. Hey, NEW on our website, Leave us a voicemail! Somehow we fall into The Luke Perry Report, then we get The Uncle Jay Report AND he brought notes! Which gets us into deli talk without ED! In the News; a Monster Squad Documentary is coming, Indiana Jones 5 gets Solo’s Kasdan as writer, potentially the Avengers 4 title leaks, The Saturn Awards recap with Uncle Jay, Google is considering its...


WTP 163 - What Do The Neighbors Think?

This week: First up, we’re on Spotify! Search there for us! After the up-front stuff, we hit some news, Fox accepts Disney’s increased bid, the comic “Invincible” is getting a series on Amazon Prime, a RIP for Vincent Paul Abbott of Pantera, Alex Kurtzman is now developing four NEW Star Trek shows, Bill is still trying to reboot Quantum Leap, AN INTERRUPTION BY A CALL FROM UNCLE JAY, and Y: The Last Man is negotiating with FX to be Jennifer Brown. This week’s Chatgame:...


WTP 162 - Nobody Likes John's Gotti

This week it’s Bill, Bob, and Ed. AND perhaps we need a costume department for Ed, and the “on assignment” Uncle Jay got retweeted by Ron Howard. In the news, Aeon Flux is coming back (not the movie, but the cartoon), Dolemite is coming to Netflix with Eddie Murphy, ATT/Time Warner completes merger, so Comcast put in an offer for Fox to counter Disney, Geoff Johns is stepping down from President to writer at DC Entertainment. This week’s Chatgame: #RejectedTransformers (It gets...


WTP 161 - Downgraded To Iron Eagle

This week we talk hot new trailers, the Tarantino takeover, the Joker situation and listen to Satan’s Taint. Among other things. After a quick moment or two to pick on Palmer, we talk trailers! Bumblebee Transforms, Halloween returns, and we enter Spider-man: Enter the Spider-Verse! In the news, Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is a black hole sucking all of the talent of Hollywood into it, Jared Leto is officially getting his own Joker movie (and CHAOS ensues, but in an...


WTP 160 - The Walking Rick

This week we’re talking nonsense and nerdy newstuff - as usual. In the news, Andrew Lincoln is leaving Walking Dead (so what’s next?), Fear the Walking Dead has BIG balls, Billy Dee is rumored to be set for Lando’s return in Episode IX, Netflix has picked up Locke & Key straight to series (and we’re really excited!) and lastly that Crow remake has once again lost its lead actor and director. Meanwhile, Bill recommends Evil Genius on Netflix and a hat tip to The Punisher for putting Frank...


WTP 159 - Ron Howard Is A Jedi

Before we get to our spoiler-free SOLO review, this week starts off with Bill doing his thing, Bob rockin, Uncle Jay singing and Ed not acknowledging Uncle Jay. Also, Uncle Jay wrote a memoir about Return of the Jedi for it’s 35 anniversary. In the news, Jake Gyllenhaal could be in the next Spider-man, we’re a little closer to a Boba Fett film, powers that be are considering Willow 2, what Watchment will...


WTP 158 - There's A Call From Third Earth

This week Bill and Bob have returned from their adventures in Florida and Uncle Jay is back in full force, but Ed is suspiciously missing. Things start with a clip from Jay’s interview with ...Frankie Mogwai? In the news, two more people join IT, Marvel green lights "The Eternals" for Phase 4, don’t get too excited for an Obi Wan solo yet, Cobra Kai gets a season two and we still all recommend it, Bob brings us some new music from Ultraphonix and Uncle Jay has some music selections for...


Special: Swinging For The End Zone

Welcome to a special “fill-in” episode where we share an unreleased side project Ed and Bill once worked on, Swinging For The End Zone. It's all about a sports fan (Ed) and a NON-sports fan (Bill) coming together to discuss and dissect ESPN's 30 For 30 documentary series.


WTP 157 - Who Wants A Painted Toolbox?

This week, Uncle Jay is BACK and we can’t get through the intro and official bizness without an escalation and not one, but TWO apologies! Then Uncle Jay regales us with his report from Chiller Con! In the news, Jamie Foxx has been offered a role in Spawn, Jonesy the Cat from Alien is getting a book, DC’s unnamed digital platform has a name and it’s getting a live-action Swamp Thing! Fox is planning a film version of a theater version Spamalot and John Lithgow is joining the Pet Cemetery...


Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Review

It's the movie we've all been waiting for! Nearly twenty other movies have brought us here, into the hands of Thanos, The Mad Titan. What did we think? What did we like? What did we have problems with? Could it really be as good as people say? We get into all of it in this Full Spoiler review!


WTP 156 - Soulda Gone In The Cave

This week, Bill gives himself a “gold star” before the show even starts, as he is joined by Brother Bob, Edward, and… That’s it. Three’s the number this week, because’’ Uncle Jay’s at ChillerCon - but he calls in to let us know he got drunk with Bobby Brady! Yes, THEE Bobby Brady. In the news, Fox plans “Choose Your Own Adventure” films, Ed talks about some headlines out of CinemaCon (including possible concern for Aquaman?), Star Trek’s next film gets a director, and will Superman be the...


WTP 155 - It's All About The Middle

Both during and after the Official Business, we tangent into food talk of the horrors of liverwurst and the best piece of a sicilian pizza before getting into the actual show. In the news, people are stealing Stan Lee's blood, another question about The Wicked Theory Drinking Game, Allison Mack of Smallville fame arrested for sex trafficking, 2001 turns 50, M.A.S.K. is finally getting a movie in the Hasbro Cinematic Universe, Pet Cemetery remake lands Jason Clark, it has been confirmed...


DC TV Report for week ending 04/21/2018

The DC TV Report hits a show high this week with eight new episodes! Join Ed and Sara as they run down the electric Black Lightning season 1 finale, along with fresh entries from your other faves plus a dizzying whirl of pop culture references, including an obsessive-compulsive detective, a New York sex columnist, a desert planet, the Smallville sex cult, and Turtle from Entourage. Spoilers ahead, so jump over the ones you don’t wanna know about. Lucifer — 5:16 Supergirl — 14:41 iZombie...