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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.

Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.
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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.




192 - Stop, Drop and Be Dumb

This week it’s just Bill, Bob, and… Well… Just Bill and Bob - AND THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR YOU! First up, they run down a list of classic reasons why TV’s Banner Hulked Out. In the news: The Further Adventures of Picard, and a Captain Marvel spoiler... Meanwhile: Bill recommends a great new comic book - Hex Wives by Ben Blacker . CHATGAME: #ModernReasonsBannerHulksOut Then Bill and Bob troll the chatroom. An Email about Aquaman wraps up the show (kinda). This is The Wicked Theory...


191 - Who Is Bullets McSorley?

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay give you a 2019 GEEK MOVIE PREVIEW! But first.... In the news: Believe it or not Ripley’s is coming back. Inga can rock! Save Daredevil! Meanwhile: Escape from Dannemora, Titans, Star Trek Discovery shorts. CHATGAME: # Sidekick Interview Questions Uncle Jay’s 2018 Wrap Up! The Wicked Theory 2019 GEEK MOVIE PREVIEW LIST!!!! Emails: Best to Worst in Marvel and DC theatrical releases. This is The Wicked Theory Podcast, and for that, we apologize. But...


190 - Neither High Nor Lowbrow

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay start out looking back on all the prophecies and predictions we missed out on; No jetpack, no flying car, no apocalypse. In the news: Predator Whiskey is coming and Uncle Jay already pre-ordered his bottles, Netflix has released a choose your own adventure Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Adam McKay Marvel rumors, when do the Fox properties join the MCU, and Star Wars Mandalorian lands big composer. CHATGAME TIME! #ResolutionsForVillains Meanwhile: Bird Box,...


189 - The Christmas-ish Episode

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay get festive, kinda? And we quickly answer YES Gremlins and Die Hard are Holiday films, but does it really matter? Bill steals the news and more: Bad gifts, secret Santa, Star Wars Comics reveals Anakin's father in Darth Vader #25, Star Wars IX is one year after The Last Jedi, Black Sabbath or X-mas music, and Marvel granted permission for Iron Man to be on tombstone. CHATGAME TIME! #GiftsForCharacters EXAMPLES: John McClane: Shoes and socks, burn cream...


188 - From Pizza Games To Pregnancy

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay are running late and running wild! In News: Punisher returns to Netflix in January, Marvel + Netflix = 2 year wait, Monopoly Pizza Board Game, Deadpool is accused of religious discrimination, Rolling Stone covers Threatin hoax, Lou Ferrigno hospitalized, Henry Cavill is still Superman, and The Mandalorian cast is confirmed! RIP Sondra Locke. CHATGAME TIME! #MovieMashUps EXAMPLES: Last Jango In Paris, Indiana Jones and the Last Starfighter Meanwhile:...


Possibly Terrible Holiday Gift Ideas

From $10 to $100,000, from vain to novel, practical to “wait, what?”, Bill and Agent Palmer embark upon a quest through some of the more “interesting” and terribly great or greatly terrible gifts that the internet can throw at them in order to assist you dear listener in your holiday shopping efforts. Links to the products mentioned are: Phone Conversation Privacy Mask (Kickstarter not yet available) $190 Portable...


WTP 187 - Dragon Investments

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay do a podcast... Again! Who is Uncle Jay's little buddy and the Skipper crashed the boat, plus more than the usual Gilligan's Island discussions. TRAILER TIME! A new Captain Marvel trailer, our first Avengers: Endgame trailer, and Spider-Man trailer news, and Aquaman’s last trailer gives DC “some” hope! In News: Who should play Plastic Man? Disney’s Millenium Falcon Ride information and wait times! Shang-Chi is coming to the MCU! Lea Seydoux returns for...


WTP 186 - Nolte In Space

This week Bill, Jay and Bob do what they do, again, because they don’t know what else to do. In News: Daredevil is done, Chris Evans isn’t done, Nick Nolte goes to space, Preacher goes to Australia, Blade Runner gets animated and more! CHATGAME: #PopCars Tough question: Be twice as smart or look good forever? Meanwhile: Coke and Peanuts! The Christmas Chronicles! Nowhere Boy! We try to help Bob find a name for his new band! Email: The remakes we’d make! This is The Wicked Theory...


WTP 185 - Sweet Home Alderaan

This week starts with Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay asking if actor Michael Bean should be an honorary Navy Seal In news: Which franchise should return? And Back to the Future is the answer, though we disagree! Then we discuss what else has and hasn’t and could work because it’s what we do! Then Kevin Smith getting emotional about Stan Lee makes Bill verklempt… When will the Avengers 4 trailer drop? A Soprano’s prequel film is coming! Gina Carano joins The Mandalorian! We try a game called “If...


Jonestown: Terror In The Jungle

Bill and Jay talk about the first half of Sundance's Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle, and Jay's portrayal of Jim Jones in the reenactment portions of the documentary series.


WTP 184 - The Taxation Of Fun

We wanted to talk about the passing of Stan Lee but then Bill Maher had to go and be a jerk, so we get into all that. But we also covered the passing of legendary screenwriter William Goldman. We did have fun too, I swear! Also in news: Amusement Tax, Star Wars park update, Mandolorian casting, Bill & Ted walk on role, fake band alert! CHATGAME: #HeavyMetalHootch Meanwhile, we watched Alpha, Krull re-release and Amazon’s Patriot Email! Which rock stars should get a movie like Bohemian...


WTP 183 - Drunk Hostery

This week there’s a smooth intro, Bill has too much to drink, Uncle Jay brings us to Jonestown and we learn about Maximum Bob… News O’Clock: Disney+, Rogue One Prequel series with Diego Luna, a Loki series, Staten Island is getting an Alamo Drafthouse and Bill’s excited because it’ll have a Kung-Fu themed bar, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot starts production in February, Breaking Bad movie sequel with Jesse, AMC and Network Movies, V movie stalls, and an Alien Nation reboot is moving...


WTP 182 - Moon Fight

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay discuss our Horrorween survival, our week off, and other nonsense like how Rick Grimes is going to die. Then Satan brings the News: another Time Machine adaptation, Gladiator 2:What Why?, Boba Fett film is on dead, Hulk is in the stars, Daredevil Season 3 ratings are down, Ewan McGregor is joining the DC Cinematic Universe, Guardians 3 is on hold again, and Better Call Saul speculation. Game time: A Hyperthetical Card: Moon Fight CHATGAME:...


Horror-Ween 2: The Revenge

Bill and Uncle Jay are trapped in a dank and creepy basement, celebrating their favorite holiday by talking about horror movies and TV! Here's a basic breakdown!! Jay's Chiller-Con report! Halloween 2018 Creepshow special edition Haunting of Hill House Blood harvest Channel Zero: The Dream Door Video Palace Chatgame: Horror Plus Horror mash ups! This is The Wicked Theory Podcast, and for that, we apologize. But thanks for listening! Hear us every Monday wherever good podcasts...


WTP 181 - Special Filler: Bill Answers 50 Questions

In this Special Filler Episode the one and only Agent Palmer asks Bill 50 Random Questions for no other reason than .... he can? If you enjoy this episode or if you have an idea on how to spin it so we can do something similar again - let us know in an e-mail! Check out This is The Wicked Theory Podcast, and for that, we apologize. But thanks for listening! Hear us every Monday wherever good podcasts are given away for free or LISTEN LIVE every Saturday at 7 pm eastern...


WTP 180 - Dead Or Alive

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay attempt professional podcasting… But it’s not a valiant attempt… Then Uncle Jay makes up a game about him for the room and we’re off to the races... News: Luke Cage joins Iron Fist in the Marvel Netflix unemployment line, The Warrens return for Annabelle 3, Geena Davis returns in Eve, Stallone is working on three projects and Jay breaks them down, and the Millenium Falcon lands at Disney. Game time: Dead or Alive! Who’s dead, who’s alive, who...


WTP 179 - Rando-Mando

This week it is Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay. We talk about how many F’s we give and should we count them, plus a little salt and pepper agism, and a show destined to stay off the rails. Bill saw a Zombie with a cape. Uncle Jay Watch 2018 continues with a Joker movie, New Amsterdam, Shattered, and other things... News: More teases from The Mandalorian and we discuss Star Wars, James Gunn will be writing Suicide Squad 2 and that makes it more interesting for us. RIP Scott Wilson. Iron Fist is...


WTP 178 The Changes Start Here

This week it is Bill, Bob, and Ed. The intro is smooth except for Bill’s attempt to save Bob yet Bob helps hang himself anyway because that’s who we are, and that’s before we even get to the official business! Then we get distracted and talk about Pizza because we can’t help but defend the only kind of pizza that matters, New York Style! Then, Ed drops a bombshell! News: Banksy's self-destructing painting, a Star Wars Live-Action TV Show is coming to Disney's subscription streaming...


WTP 177 - Too Many Mutants

This week its the return of Uncle Jay, with brothers Bill and Bob rounding out the cast. News: Bruce Dern is replacing Burt Reynolds in Tarantino's next flick, Deadpool 2 is getting a PG-13 rerelease, rumor has it that Gambit is a "romantic comedy," plus trailers for Dark Phoenix and Creed 2, movie release dates moving and The Wild Bunch is being remade and Jay has some thoughts… Meanwhile, Bill is enjoying Netflix’s Maniac, Uncle Jay finally saw The Punisher, and catches us up on Unsane,...


WTP 176 - Ol' Dirty Batman

This week its Bob, Bill, and Bill’s hype-man Ed! Oh, this Joker movie and now we have promos to discuss. Then we kick off Uncle Jay Watch 2018 or Where in Pop Culture is Uncle Jay! Batman’s junk made its first appearance in the comics this week on DC’s new Black Label. Michael B. Jordan becomes a Tom Clancy character. CBS All Access is getting The Twilight Zone with Jordan Peele. And the PlayStation Mini is coming… CHATGAME: Super Rappers Before we move on, Ed left a fortune cookie...