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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.

Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.
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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.




WTP 154 - Like Hulk Over Troubled Water

This week we start off alright and end up Down Under? In the news, IT Chapter Two, Warren Ellis’s Injection, Ed eulogizes Milos Forman, King of Kong kerfuffle, and a new SOLO trailer dropped. The chatgame this week is “Marvel A Folk Song.” Meanwhile; Final Space on TBS makes Bill verklempt, first reactions to Netflix’s Lost in Space, HBO's new Andre the Giant documentary, and Rollerball from Uncle Jay’s Archive! Emails! Benny gives us a “Kiss, Marry, Kill” Marvel Edition, Wes asks us for...


WTP 153 - Sleeping Through The Purge

This week it's Bill, Bob, Ed, and Uncle Jay in his invisible booth! They riff on some nerd-ish news about; Stephen King’s “The Stand” and “The Talisman” adaptations, Garth Ennis' The Boys, Amazon's Lord of the Rings, and Y the Last Man at FX! BEHOLD! The chatgame this week is “Shakespeare A Movie” Meanwhile, Bill started playing (“is addicted to”) Far Cry 5, Legion Season 2 started, Ed saw a documentary called "Score" on Hulu, [This swig break brought to you by Hot Coffee and Booze] plus...


WTP 151 - Was It Something Bill Said?

This week Bill, Bob, Ed and Uncle Jay can't get through the intro before Bill upsets Uncle Jay... In the News; Marvel's giving the Fantastic Four a new #1, New Mutants is getting pushed back again, Zak Penn has been hired to write a ROM movie, Monty Python's entire catalog is coming to Netflix, and Toys R Us is really done as the website shuts down for good. The chatgame this week: Action Movie Meals! Meanwhile, Ed and Uncle Jay saw Ready Player One, Ed's been checking out some new...


Pop Culture Superfight Death Match 2: Action Heroes

Pop Culture Superfight Death Match 2: War Of The Action Heroes! It's our version of March Madness - with more madness! We picked 16 of the best Movie Action Heroes to go head to head in a bracket system where only one will survive! OUR TWIST: we use cards from the game Superfight to give them CRAZY attributes that can either help or hinder them in battle! Who will be the last action hero standing?


WTP 150 - Catain America Has Had Enough

This week Bill, Bob, and Ed make up a geeky threesome. (Feel better, Uncle Jay) In the News; Disney's adding new Marvel Experiences to their theme parks, Deadpool 2's got a new trailer, Shazam has a poster, Astro City TV series, and Chris Evans is basically done playing Captain America. Then we talk about who takes on Captain America's mantle next in the MCU, could it be John Cena as Super Patriot? The chatgame this week: Rejected Marvel Park Attractions! Meanwhile, Ed saw the new Tomb...


WTP 149 - The Working Man is a Sucker

This week Bill, Bob, Ed, and Uncle Jay are joined “occasionally” by Brother Tom! In the News; A New Gods movie, Advance ticket sales for Avengers Infinity War are huge, Danny Boyle on board for “Bond 25,” FONZO, Ridley Scott talks “Queen & Country,” and Nicholas Cage will finally play Superman. The chatgame this week: Make a movie smarter or dumber Meanwhile, we don’t have much, but we do get into “The Shape of Water.” Plus Emails! Benny has a Tomb Raider review for us, Chad asks us...


WTP 148 - A Whole Lot Of Left Turns

This week the crew is back as Ed, Bob, and Uncle Jay join Bill this week. In the News; Sopranos is getting a prequel film, more details about the Joker movie, Kristen Wiig is joining Wonder Woman 2, and Disney is giving Jon Favreau the live action Star Wars show. The chatgame this week:High School a Horror Movie! Meanwhile, Ed saw A Wrinkle in Time, Uncle Jay experiences Deathwish and the new Deathwish, we talk a little Jessica Jones Season Two, Uncle Jay recommends Eden Lake, and Bill...


WTP 147 - Half A Show For Henno

This week No Bob, No Jay, No Problem… We Got a Henno! That’s right, Bill and Ed are joined by Henno from Gotham Lights and The Crazy Life podcasts. So since he’s a first timer, he has to take an easy peasy Geek Quiz! How’d he do? How would you do? Somewhere after that we get into the news; Avengers Infinity War has been moved up, Mark Hamill may be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, DiCaprio and Pitt will join Tarantino Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and Brian K Vaughn is writing a Silver...


The Comic Olympics At Comic Book Jones (WTP 146 part 2)

Live from our local comic shop it's the COMIC BOOK JONES 2018 COMIC OLYMPICS! Part 1 was us doing a VERY lose version of our regular show and here the games begin! The Long Box Dead Lift! The Put The Books Back Sprint! The Bag And Board-athon! And The Comics Trivia Showdown! And Uncle Jay competes! Apologies for everything unprofessional you’re about hear, included but not limited to: A lot of mic fumbling, tangents, off the rails, overlapping crosstalk, interruptions, off mic-talking,...


WTP 146 (Part 1) LIve From Comic Book Jones!

This week we were LIVE From Comic Book Jones our local comic shop! They were having an event night and let us broadcast inside the premises! Crazy, right? Apologies for everything unprofessional you’re about hear, included but not limited to: A lot of mic fumbling, tangents, off the rails, overlapping cross-talk, interruptions, off mic-talking, you’ll probably find yourself riding the volume button. We manage to get a few reviews in: Good Time, Annihilation and The Ritual. We meet store...


WTP 145 - It's Deaver Season

This week Dom is back! Bill, Bob, Ed and Uncle Jay are there too! Bringing you NSFW nerd news, pop culture reviews and chicanery! In the news Child’s Play is making a comeback, Kung Fury goes big screen, the Cobra Kai Dojo reopens, Hetfield goes to the movies, and Kitty Pryde might do the same? CHATGAME for the week: Pop Candy Meanwhile, we saw stuff; Ultimate Beastmaster, Spectre, Sid & Nancy, Discovery Emails! We get questions about; the new Wonder Woman Theme, something about that...


Black Panther Spoiler Review

The WT crew gives their thoughts and opinions on what may be one of Marvel's very best movies! With so much riding on this one, and a juggernaut of buzz and hype - did they really pull it off? Spoilers ahead! Thanks for listening! Hear us LIVE every Saturday at 7pm eastern until … whenever! On desktop just go to or download the FREE Mixlr app and search for us! Join the chatroom and click the “FOLLOW” button for reminders when the show goes live! Follow...


WTP 144 - Lobo And A Responsible Michael Bay

This week Ed’s back! But so are Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay. Sorry about that. Well, at least they brought you some nerd news and pop culture reviews! The fun really starts with trailer talk; Solo, Venom, Deadpool 2 and more. In the news we’ve got, lots of Star Wars stuff, Joaquin Phoenix in talks to be the new Joker, Lobo news leads to discussion of a responsible Michael Bay, and then a bit more Michael Bay discussion, and some buzz that a new V trilogy is in the works. CHATGAME for the...


WTP 143 - Nobody Likes A Mathole.

This week it’s Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay! Just 3 guys tryin’ to get by in a sea of nerd news and pop culture reviews! This week we watched, and therefore talk about, stuff like Altered Carbon, Dirty Money, Star Trek: Discovery, Hostiles and Wilson. In the news we’ve got Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers, Roswell and other reboots, Clint Eastwood the Mule, little hope for Metropolis, the Black Panther buzz/hype and MORE! CHATGAME for the week: #StarWarsSitcoms Emails ask questions about; Beer,...


WTP 142 - Everything Old is New Again

This week it’s the usual crew, Bill, Bob, Ed, and Uncle Jay! In the news; we start with the Reboot Report! CBS is bringing back Magnum P.I., Cagney & Lacey and Murphy Brown. A challenge is laid down to all listeners: Give Uncle Jay as Magnum P.I. a treatment or Quantum Leap: Wicked Theory Style. Also, set photos from Marvel’s Captain Marvel, and we dive into the Captain Marvel mythos. And a Robocop “Direct Sequel” is in the works. CHATGAME for the week: #LazyActionTV&Movies In the...


WTP 141 - Awaiting The Break And The Pause

This week we have Bill's original buddy Jay joining us from Bill's past! Ed speeds through the Official Business because Bill's voice is on vacation and everyone seems to make Ed uncomfortable... Then, since there's a first timer visiting, we dust off the guest quiz which turns into a conversation about comics, YES comics! In the news; A new Crocodile Dundee, a new Sword in the Stone, Cloak & Dagger has a premier date and a teaser, Indiana Jones 5 is still a thing, the return of...


WT 140 - Movies Turning 30 ...Just Like Ed!

This week it seems like it’s just Bill, Bob & Ed - until somebody walks in unexpectedly! In the news; DC’s Hitman may be coming to TV, a John Wick-ish TV show is in the works, Tarantino’s new movie NOW with more DiCaprio, release dates changed for Deadpool, The New Mutants and Gambit. Are we still talking about Gambit? Good, ‘cuz Bill created a list of the “Top 10 Better Ideas Than A Gambit Movie!” CHATGAME for the week: #EdAMovie In the “Meanwhile” section: Ed gets a surprise present...


WTP139 - 2018 MOVIES ...and other stuff!

NOTE: We fix the low volume issue about 10 minutes in… You have been made aware! This week the introductions are big confusing change-up, but after some maths, we get all of the official business out of the way and we’re off! Starting with Dom’s decision on the Pitch vs. Pitch from last week, but you’ll have to listen to find out who wins. This week in the news, Bale wants to join “Star Wars,” Blomkamp is moving on from Alien 5, Ridley Scott moving forward on 3rd Prometheus, with more...


WTP138 - Supersized For Your Enjoyment

This week is Uncle Jay’s self-proclaimed “triumphant return” to the show and he’s come with a pipe and year-end lists! Bill is still waking up but powers through the opening and Official Business, bringing us to Ed and Uncle Jay running down their TOP 10 FILMS OF 2017! And Then The News Section Arrives: More Stephen King, “Krypton” sets date, Original Michael returns for new “Halloween,” and John Williams to compose major theme to “Solo.” Up next, was the long awaited Pitch vs. Pitch,...


WTP137 - With Great Profanity Comes Great Quotability

This week we recorded on Christmas Eve-Eve so Ed brought some of mom’s cookies, Dom shows up a few minutes late, but just in time to hear us do a little self-promotion related to the DC TV Report podcast and our Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Heated Debate spoiler special. News was a bit light this week!: Bumblebee is a VW Beetle again, and a Venom movie is coming soon. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz In the Meanwhile section, we talk about : Andromeda, Dom’s sober psychedelic experience with The Land...


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