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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.


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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.




Top Pop Of 2022

We're back to cover the year in pop, as we saw it! Some great, some not! And then we contemplate the future! Strange New Worlds, The Batman, Weird, Superman and Lois, Lalo drops by Saul, Barry, Black Adam, The 355, Obi-Wan, Secrets of Dumbledore, House of the dragon, The Bear, Andor, Severance, She-hulk, Moon knight, Tulsa king


Behold, A Random Return

What is this? An episode? How long has it been? Regardless, Bill and Ed talk about movies they recently saw but were not recently released, The Thing And G.I. Joe: The Movie. Want more? Let Bill know on twitter @wickedtheory


Ed O'Hare Enters The Funderdome

Ed O'Hare is my guest for episode 209 and we didn't make a single Robocop joke? Sorry to let you down with that, but I did get to the root of his war with dogs, he took a solid stance on kids working in factories, he helped me define "Plaxon", he also opened up about the horrors he endured as a Boy Scout and yes folks, he survived Lightning Round!


Grant And His Much-Stache

The rules still remain the same: no sport, no politics, no math. But some other things have changed, like, this is now a Guest Based show!? Yes. And Grant Markham is the first! You should know him from many podcasts, including Seven Days A Geek and The Stranger Conversations. Look, the whole point of this is You Don't Need To Know Him, You Have ME! But I'll introduce you, I guess. You'll learn about that hair on his face, how he handles my awkward questions, learn if he would sacrifice his...


207: A "Best Of" And "What's Next"

Just in time for the spooky season, this episode features our instant classic "A "Reading" Of The Raven"! And it also has the details about the NEW iteration of this podcast, launching November 11th! (New Format. Same Rules. More Fun.) So if you've heard our "The Raven" bit before you can skip it (but why would you want to?) and jump to 11:22 and get the info about the upcoming reboot!


Uncle Jay Returns And A joker review

We're back to play catch up and to talk about Joker! We cover some recent TV and movies and then get into reviewing JOKER! Is it a "Masterpiece"? Is it something less than great? We also get into a bunch of stuff about audience reactions and expectations, controversies and some other related stuff. There's ALWAYS other stuff. Jay was in it as a extra and gives a little peek into that experience! Joker review/discussion starts at 35:30


205: Some (SDCC) Things

Agent Palmer joins Bill to talk about some things! We do some SDCC rundown, we talk some shows worth watching right now, and Bill asks some Awkward Questions! Will it be Poop or Parents?


Pop Round Up With Uncle Jay

Look who’s back! It’s “Uncle Jay”! Bill plays catch-up with the aspiring actor, movie obsessive, and recovering madman. After covering his recent projects they slip into news, reviews and previews, where they cover a lot of recent pop culture stuff rapid fire: Brightburn, Avengers: Endgame, Godzilla: King Of Monsters, The Inhumans, The Eternals, Rambo: Last Blood, Batman casting, Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Dark Tower, Star Wars, Shazam, Pet Sematary, and they wrap up with...


Swamp Thing (1982) And Other Things

Bill is joined by Ed O’Hare and Agent Palmer! Topics: Swamp Thing (1982), Doom Patrol finale, Batman’s Love, Nom De Plumes, Requests for hate mail, Pop Culture Disappointments, The Art of TV Finales (Game Of Thrones, Sopranos), comparing MCU vs DCU and MORE! Hear Ed on The DC TV REPORT podcast! Check out!


This Guy Finally Watched The Matrix

Welcome to an evolving show! This time Bill is talking with his pal Agent Palmer who has never seen The Matrix - UNTIL NOW?! Well, they both watched it and breakdown his reactions and impressions of the twenty year old classic! They get into what does and doesn’t hold up, the impression it’s made on everything that came after it, and everything it lifts from? Plus, how did this movie even “slip by” him? This is The Wicked Theory Podcast, and for that, we apologize. But thanks for...


Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Review

Bill is back and he brought Ed with him for an Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Review! The highs, the lows, who lives, who dies? Where does this leave The Marvel cinematic universe? Review starts around the 11 minute mark, before that Bill covers the future of this podcast!


200 - Bill Gets Roasted

This week we celebrate episode 200 with the long avoided ROAST OF BILL! The dais was filled by Jay, Bob, Ed plus Agent Palmer and Stef! Oh, and John Zombie was there too. The first half is a raucous good time patting ourselves on the back for reaching 200 and we get into the Roast Itself and around 41 minutes. But DON'T skip ahead because Palmer and Stef take what should be an easy nerd quiz in the beginning!


199 - Amatuer Hour Forever

This week opens with Bill talking about the upcoming episode 200, because he wanted to preempt it from happening by tempting fate? In the News, the Return of James Gunn for GOTG 3 and requisite fallout, Marvel is looking into an animated What If series, Suicide Squad 2 trades Will Smith for Idris Elba, School of Rock star arrested, Megadeth and Heavy Metal Magazine are putting out a 35th anniversary graphic novel, Dark Horse Comics is doing a small series of The Orville, Star Wars Episode...


198 - Everybody Hurts

Not your average intro as we get into the show right quick, with Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay! News: Dark Phoenix, New Mutants, Hellboy, Critters reboot, Star Trek Picard, Many Saints of Newark, Rami Malek could be the next Bond Villain, and Ghostbusters 3 buzz. Meanwhile: Battlestar Galactica, Umbrella Academy, Into the Spider-verse, True Detective, Ted Bundy Tapes, and Alita: Battle Angel. CHATGAME: #MakeItWorse Then Bob geeks out about The Orville and Lords of Chaos. Emails: Escape room...


197 - Some Dolly Reference

To start, Bill forgets what he’s doing, Uncle Jay returns, and Bob is misery’s company? (Sidebar #1: At least that’s what I, Agent Palmer, heard during the introduction.) Uncle Jay took a tumble, but is doing things, and Bill drinks. On to the News! News: Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones, Banana Splits dark Return, X-Box Game Pass, YouTube’s comments problem, and Chris Hemsworth will play Hulk Hogan in a biopic… Tangent Time: What wrestler could Uncle Jay play in a...


196 Straight Outta The Basement

Lots of animated stuff in the news: Love Death Robots, four marvel shows to Hulu including 100% more duck, another star trek cartoon at nickelodeon, Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4. CHATGAME: Horrific Romantic Comedies Meanwhile, we saw: Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol, The Car - Road to Revenge, Alita: Battle Angel, and VRV. Emails… Celebrations, a memorium, and a Star Wars question. This is The Wicked Theory Podcast, and for that, we apologize. But thanks for listening! Hear us every Monday...


195 - Who Should Be Dungeon Master?

After a week off, Wicked Theory is back and Uncle Jay’s been cheatin on us with Gotham Lights. In the news: CBS All-Access is getting Kinged, Legion is coming back for season three it’s final season, Weird Fantasy got revived, Marvel and Netflix no more, Snyder is going back to Zombieland, The Batman is now getting released in 2021 with no Affleck, Dune casting news, and in Memoriam: Albert Finney, Dick Miller, Oreo the Raccoon. Meanwhile: Russian Doll, PEN15, Bumblebee, They Shall Not...


194 The Many Oreos Of Newark

This week it’s Bill, Bob, Uncle Jay and Satan? In the news: Disney considers ending The Simpsons, new official photos from Tarantino's new film, Ozzy Osbourne commemorates bat biting with plush doll, The Orville is getting an exclusive soundtrack, Oscar Nominations, and The Many Saints of Newark. Food Challenge: Oreo Did What? Dark Chocolate and The Most Stuffed Ever Meanwhile: The Punisher, Castle Rock, Counterpart, Star Trek Discovery, Venom, Asher, Hell Fest, Beautiful Boy, and Eighth...


193 - A Last Minute Guest

This week it’s Bill, Bob, Uncle Jay returns and a previous guest pops up in the last third! First up,Tom from MySpace is to blame for everything… And stroll down the internet super memory highway. In the news: PSA from Bill on the mother of all email breaches, Ghostbusters 3 trailer, Highlander news, Evil Superman, Iron Man writers drafting He-Man… And then we dream cast it! Then “Uncle Jay Watch 2019!” Meanwhile: Punisher, Future Man Season Two, True Detective Season Three, Vice, and...


192 - Stop, Drop and Be Dumb

This week it’s just Bill, Bob, and… Well… Just Bill and Bob - AND THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR YOU! First up, they run down a list of classic reasons why TV’s Banner Hulked Out. In the news: The Further Adventures of Picard, and a Captain Marvel spoiler... Meanwhile: Bill recommends a great new comic book - Hex Wives by Ben Blacker . CHATGAME: #ModernReasonsBannerHulksOut Then Bill and Bob troll the chatroom. An Email about Aquaman wraps up the show (kinda). This is The Wicked Theory...