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A weekly breakdown of all things PREACHER with your hosts Steve and Dan.

A weekly breakdown of all things PREACHER with your hosts Steve and Dan.
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A weekly breakdown of all things PREACHER with your hosts Steve and Dan.




S4E07 - "Messiahs"

Greetings, to the good people of The Congregation This week on the word we're breaking down PREACHER S4E07 "Messiahs". It's crazy to think that we're just a few shows away from this all wrapping up, but facts are facts. We do have one more show planned though and we get into that on this episode. This one came out later then we wanted it to so if you're listening, we thank you for it. Let's cut the BS and let you get down to it. Ladies and Gentlemen...It's time to press"Play". Contact...


S4E06 - "The Lost Apostle"

Greetings and Happy Friday to The Congregation. Your favorite PREACHER podcast is back with another banger. Pardon our tardiness but we hope you enjoyed our interview with Julie Ann Emery in our absence. This week we're breaking down PREACHER S4E06 "The Lost Apostle" and we'll tell you now that this is episode is what we've been looking for all season. We'll spare you any additional pleasantries and let you get to it as we've kept you waiting long enough. We hope you enjoy your weekend and...


Special Bonus Episode: Julie Ann Emery Returns To The Word

Greetings to the good people of The Congregation! We have a special podcast for you this week as we were fortunate enough to have Julie Ann Emery call in and chat with us once. It's her third time on The Word and we'd like to think of this time as more of a chat than an interview. Steve also got to be on this one as well. It's always such a blast having Julie Ann on the show and to be honest, it made us as giddy as hell. We'll keep the notes short and sweet and let you get to it, folks. We...


S4E05 - "Bleak City"

Greeting to The Congregation! Well we're now halfway through the season. This is flying by. The countdown to the Apocalypse is on. 5 more episodes left. This week we're discussing PREACHER S4E05 - "Bleak City". Join us as we break down the episode and try to make some sense of it all. We will also be dropping a bonus episodes into your feeds later in the week. It features the lovely and talented Julie Ann Emery, who's back for her third visit on The Word. That's right. This podcast is...


S4E04 - "Search And Rescue"

Greetings to The Congregation! Pardon our tardiness but it's been a busy couple of weeks. We're happy to bring you our latest episode where we discuss PREACHER S4E04 - "Search And Rescue". We know we're late on this so we'll let you get to it. But not before telling you that Julie Ann Emery will be joining us this weekend for a special bonus show of The Word and we want your questions and comments for her. Be sure to go to and leave us a voicemail or email. We'll be...


S4E03 - "Deviant"

Greetings to the congregation! We hope you're well and ready to talk some PREACHER. This episode covers S4E03 - Deviant and it contains a few comic references that we've been waiting to see since the show began. Did we like them? You'll have to listen to find out what we thought. Seven more episodes until the end of the world, people, Buckle up! Now we invite you to enjoy the latest episode of The WORD: THE Unofficial PREACHER Podcast. Let's begin.. The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER...


S4E01 And E02 - "Masada" and "Last Supper"

Brothers and Sisters of The Congregation: Rejoice! PREACHER is back! Welcome back to The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast. We can't begin to tell you how excited we are for this final season of our beloved series. We've had so much fun bringing this podcast to you over the last 3 years and we don't plan on going out without giving you our best season yet. The people at AMC were kind enough to give us not one, but 2 brand new episodes for the season premiere. That's exactly what we're...


Season 4 Pregame And Trailer Breakdown

Greetings to the good people of the Congregation! It's been a while, but The Word is back again for it's final season. We wanted to check in with everyone prior to Season 4 of PREACHER starting to discuss what we've been up to, new characters for Season 4, and of course the recently dropped SDCC 2019 trailer. It takes us a minute to find our footing as it's been a year. But you's like riding a bike. It eventually comes back. Lastly, let us toast to the final season of PREACHER....


S3E10 - "The Light Above"

Ladies and Gentlemen of The Congregation.... We are already done with Season 3 of PREACHER. Seriously, it just flew by. On our S3 finale, we go in depth on Episode 10 "The Light Above". SPOILERS: This episode crushed it. But not without a cost. We say goodbye to some people that put in legendary performances. We at The Word want to let you know that we're not going away any time soon. We're just changing hats. If you like what we've been doing and want to keep listening, there's a simple...


S3E09 - " Schwanzkopf"

People?... We're all the way to the end. 1 more episode left. Where fit the time go? On the penultimate episode of The Word S3E09 "Schwanzkopf" we put in work. We warn you: We were on one when we hit "Record" this week. This episode is a long one, but we don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. But there may have been a gas leak, because we go all over the place. Truth be told, this may be one of our favorite episodes of The Word just because we had a blast recording it. If you've been...


HOOVERSTONE: Julie Ann Emery and Malcolm Barrett Interview

* TO BE FAIR, IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN S3E09, THERE ARE SOME MINOR SPOILERS FOR THAT EPISODE. WATCH THAT FIRST BEFORE LISTENING TO THIS. We couldn't go out this year without giving you something BIG! In addition to this weeks's breakdown, please enjoy The Word's gift to you this season: "Hooverstone - The Julie Ann Emery and Malcolm Barrett Interview". That's right Herr Starr's two top agents (Whether he wants it that way or not) stopped by to chat with Dan and it was an absolute blast having...


S3E08 - "The Tom/Brady"

People of the Congregation, We're happy to give you our latest episode a day early. This week we talk S3E08 of PREACHER. This one's called "The Tom/Brady" and to be honest, we had mixed feelings about this one. Don't worry. You're not about to listen to a PREACHER bashing. We're just letting you know up top. Steve also makes an early exit due to commitment and Dan flies solo for the last 15 min or so. We have voice and emails from 3 of our listeners (thanks to all that sent messages). Sorry...


S3E07 - "Hilter"

Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon! People of the Congregation...We are back with yet another episode of The Word. This week we go deep into talking about What we both agree is the episode with the best writing of the season. S3E07 "Hilter" came out swinging. Time to listen up and dive deep, people. There's only 3 episodes left. Where are we going? What happens next? Who lives and who dies? Let's see if we can't find out together. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you our breakdown...


S3E06 - "Les Enfants du Sang"

Thriced blessed are we, O'Congregation! Welcome to a belated episode of The Word. This week we unpack PREACHER S3E06 - "Les Enfants du Sang". We also get into the big differences between the comic as well as this version of Eccarius. So..."SPOILERS" I guess. We know we're late so we appreciate if you waited for us. You're getting it the day before Ep 7, but look at it this one like it's last minute cramming right before the big test. Let's get down to it then. Please enjoy. Please be so...


S3E05 - "The Coffin"

Is it that time already? Well, then let's talk some PREACHER! True to form this season, Episode 5 came out swinging and dropped more source material on us than any episode so far. So of course, you know that this is gonna be a long one. We also have a little SDCC PREACHER news and do a very brief discussion about the trailer they dropped. Plus we have a few listener emails to get through. Thanks to all that have been writing in. It makes it that much more worthwhile. So strap in, kids!...


S3E04 "The Tombs"

Welcome!......You motherless goat humpers. In fact, welcome to our favorite episode of the season so far. The good people at PREACHER are making good on their word that the source material would come and boy did they give it to us this week. We got Satan, the Angel of Death, and we finally got the watch we've been waiting for. We also have a great listener email from our friend Emi. Why read this though when you could simply hit play? S3E04 starts now. Enjoy, and make sure to share this...


S3E03 - "Gonna Hurt"

Ladies and Gentlemen of The Congregation: Welcome, You sick sonsabitches. Make no mistake about it: We are back with another breakdown and we're ready to do it right. Let's talk some PREACHER. This week we recap S3E3 entitled "Gonna Hurt". This season keeps getting better and better and as usual we have plenty to say about it. You best strap in, listen up, and come along for the ride. What's to come? Are we getting everything? You decide. S3E03 starts now. Enjoy, and make sure to share...


S3E02 - '"Sonsabitches"

Greetings, good people of the Congregation! Dan here. If you're reading this in the first 24 hours of us dropping it, Happy Independence Day to our U.S. listeners. PREACHER has come out swinging this season and we're happy to bring you our breakdown of S3E02 "Sonsabitches". We also read some listener mail. If you're new to the Word, welcome the Congregation! Please know that this podcast is meant to be heard AFTER watching the most recent episode. Spoilers will happen, and often. Please...


S3E01 - "Angelville"

Greetings, faithful members of the Congregation, both old and new! Is it already that time again? It must be because We're back!! We couldn't be happier about it and we're glad to be back doing what we love, which is talking some PREACHER. Season 3 Episode 1 just dropped and as usual, we have a ton to say about it. Listen in for the breakdown and find out what we thought of this season's opener as well as a few predictions we have. for down the road. What did you think about it? We'd love...


Season 3 Pregame and Trailer Break Down

Greetings to the good people of the Congregation! The Word is back and early even! We thought we’d get back in touch before Season 3 of PREACHER begins to discuss the recently dropped trailer. It looks like we're all in for an amazing season. Listen in and find out what we've been up to since we last spoke to you. We also do a breakdown of the trailer and questions are raised (let the theories begin). Ladies and Gentlemen, we raise our glasses and toast to a brand new season of PREACHER....