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A Podcast with comic book fans who don't give a damn what you think or care for that matter.

A Podcast with comic book fans who don't give a damn what you think or care for that matter.
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Austin, TX


A Podcast with comic book fans who don't give a damn what you think or care for that matter.




Season 3 Issue 3 "Big Daddy Thanos"

Who is going to grab The Avengers by the stones? Daddy Thanos that’s who! New trailer drops and of course we discuss our theories and thoughts. Plus we argue about Iron Man films because why not?


Season 2 Issue 20.5 "The Evil Empire"

Yeah so we did tell you all we were done for the year but something happened to change that. Fox and Marvel are now bed fellows and Marvel/Disney are the biggest thing in the entertainment industry. We of course discuss our thoughts on the deal and the pros and cons of it as only we can. This is the last episode before 2018 for real. We promise. Use PROMO Code COMICS10 for 10% off all services on Follow on Twitter: @tdcomicbookguys Follow on Instagram: @thosedamncomicbookguys...


Season 2 Issue 20 "Season Finale"

Now is the end. Another season has come and gone. This episode we give you the live feedback from our panel at Wizard World Austin and what better way to end this season than that? No worries, we will return most definitely in January for an all new and revamped Those Damn Comic Comic Book Guys. See you in 2018!


Season 2: Issue 18 "Cons and Such"

We’ve officially sold out and damn it feels good. Two years ago we visited Wizard World in Austin and now, this year, we will be hosting a LIVE show there! Listen to this episode to see how you can win tickets to join us and also to hear us talk our nerd shit. Contest Question: What famous comedy show did Chris Claremont team up with while working at Marvel? COMICS20 for 10% off all services on Follow on Twitter: @tdcomicbookguys Follow on Instagram: @thosedamncomicbookguys...


Season 2 Issue 14 "If The Glove Don't Fit"

Fresh from leaving the funeral for Prodigy of Black Than Black Times Infinity podcast, we talk our usual mess about all the latest comic news and some unrelated tangents. There is no main topic for this episode other than what pops in our head at the moment so listen and enjoy!


Season 2 Issue 13 "Blacker Than Deez Nuts"

No Vaseline. We didn't get a chance to do a Spider-Man: Homecoming review but our friends over at Black Than Black Times Infinity decided to trash the movie, and us, so we addressed them and the film all in one episode. If you have been rocking with us for a minute you know how we do with opposition so sit back and listen!


Season 2 Issue 11 "F*** It"

So the episodes have started to become released more random now but that's mainly because, f*** it that's why. This episode we cover the newest comic book news but then we ramble for the second half because it's funny and its what we do best. Enjoy!


Season 2 Issue 10 "Bam!"

Sorry for the delay folks but fear not we are still here to give you the best comic book podcast on the planet! Fresh had to take a quick leave of absence but Confucius is joined by Christopher Jordan of Dudes & Beer too help set this episode off! They discuss Wonder Woman, the new Black Panther trailer, the passing of Adam West and much more!


Season 2 Issue 9 "Freak Me Baby"

We are back after a week off to deliver the best comic book podcast on the planet! So Sony announced they are building an expanded Marvel universe without Spidey. Huh? Well we try to make sense of it and look at both sides of the coin as only we can!


Season2 Issue 8

This week Fresh and Confucius tackle the comic book world solo dolo. A lot has happened from comic news to movies to television and we try our best to tackle it all half sleep. Plus we ask the question does D.C. have to match Marvel's film success to truly be successful. Please rate our show on iTunes and enjoy!


Season 2 Issue7 "Anime Or Nah?"

These weeks definitely fly by but that's a good thing because we are back along with Yori from her brief hiatus! After running through the usual comic news banter we bring on former guest Prodigy of the Black Than Black Times Infinity podcast to talk about none other than anime. Gag. So sit back and enjoy!


Season 2 Issue 6 "Pause" Featuring Uncle Staple

This week after we cover the multitude of comic news, Fresh interviews Uncle Staple of the Staple Independent Media Expo which represents indie comics. And you know how much we love indie comics on this podcast.


Season 2 Issue 5 "Dudes N Beer" featuring Christopher Jordan

This week we are joined by long time friend of the show Christopher Jordan of the Dudes & Beer podcast to discuss a multitude of comic news and topics with some great debate in their too. Enjoy!


Season 2 Issue 4 "Rambling"

So here's the thing guys. We recorded this show late as hell (Fresh was dozing off during) so we really don't have a topic this week. Still funny as hell though and we touch on comic book news too so enjoy!


Season 2 Issue 3: "Walk This Way"

Thanks for tuning Comic Book fans for another great episode of the best comic book podcast around! This week we have our first guest of 2017, Mr. David Walker who has written for both Marvel and D.C. and is currently writing Luke Cage. Mr. Walker gives a lot of insight to the comic industry and his opinions on the cinematic version as well so listen and enjoy!


S2 Episode 2: "Lies You Tell"

Season 2 shenanigans continue as we, of course, cover comic book news, the Spidey trailer, Jason Mamoa, the Venom spinoff and Legion. Plus we do something most think we would never do and criticize the hell out of Marvel.


Season 2 Issue 1 "The Return"

We are F***ING back!!!! Sorry for the long hiatus but damn it feels good to be back for you guys. This is season two of the best comic book podcast in the world and Yori, Confucius and Fresh are here to serve all the comic fans. It's not much else to say so just listen and enjoy the show!


Issue 62 "Going Rogue" starring Zach Brewer-Kirby & Brandon J Hale

First off, this isn't a review for Rogue One. Now that we have that out of the way guest host Zach and Brandon discuss recent comic book news and, of course Rogue One. Use our code "RDG" on for 10% on the entire site!


Issue 61 "Substitutes" starring Zach Brewer-Kirby & Brandon J Hale

Fresh, Confucius, and Yori are still on vacation but in their place are two comic books fans with dope opinions. Brandon and Zach discuss the year in comic books and of course the latest in need news. Use our code RDG on to get 10% off on the entire site!


Issue 58: "Legion OF Doom" ft. Zack Brewer-Kirby

Interesting week to say the least. We are back to discuss the finale of this crazy election and our thoughts on what type of villain, or hero, President Trump will be with a friend of the show in the former election battleground state of North Carolina. Use our code "COMICS10" to get a FREE month on and access to their entire selection of comic books.


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