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The Trivial Warfare Podcast takes the pub quiz out of the club and brings it home to you. Remember, it's not just trivia...It's WAR!

The Trivial Warfare Podcast takes the pub quiz out of the club and brings it home to you. Remember, it's not just trivia...It's WAR!
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Jacksonville , FL


The Trivial Warfare Podcast takes the pub quiz out of the club and brings it home to you. Remember, it's not just trivia...It's WAR!




TW164: Sleeper Cell

We have a full house this week. Ben, Carmela, Jonathan, and Chris are all here and we're welcoming our special guest host Mike Sleeper who came to visit us from Augusta, Georgia. The teams are Ben and Jonathan vs. Carmela and Chris as Mike puts us through our paces. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by Water Cooler Trivia! Check them out at


TW163: Cuban Einstein

We have a great show for you this week. Ben and Carmela are in the house and we welcome in our guests April Calvarro and Andrew Thomas! Carmela teams up with April to take on Jonathan and Ben and Andrew got to try his hand at hosting. I think you'll agree that he did a fabulous job. This week's show is sponsored by Hims. Check out for a full month trial for only 5 bucks!



We have the whole gang in house for the second week in a row. Ben takes another turn in the host's chair while Chris and Carmela team up against Jonathan and special guest teammate Brent Bollmeier. Enjoy! 00:00 - Intro - We make a hash of some sidekicks, Rambo does Rambo things and we introduce our guess Brent Bollmeier! 04:06 - WIUC - From Natalie Anderson asks us to name the city that different TV shows are set in. 13:16 - It's Time to Play The Game


TW161: Dumb & Dumber

We've got a full house this week with Ben hosting and Chris and Carmela teaming up against Jonathan and guest teammate Erika Johnson. Ton of fun today, hope you all enjoy it. Timetamps! 0:00 Intro - Chris talks about his recent cruise and then gets mad at Jonathan & Ben for teasing him. 10:55 Warm It Up Chris - City or Cheese? 21:14 It's Time to Play The Game This week we are sponsored by and


TW160: I'm Too Old For This S#!T

We're joined this week by the inimitable Billy Webb who joins us from Indiana. He teams up with Carmela against Jonathan in a 2 on 1 match. Oh by the way, CHRIS is BACK and he's sitting in the host's chair!


TW159: Hold My Beer

We're joined for this week's episode by Drew Buxbaum and Mathew Laird! This is the first recording of TW after Geek Bowl and Jonathan and Carmela start the show by recapping some of the great moments of the week with Mathew and Drew! Then it's time to give away $100 to a lucky listener before getting into the game. This week's game is Matt vs. the team of Carmela and Drew with Jonathan hosting. Enjoy!


TWx26: Oversell Wrestling Crossover

Back by popular request, this is our second All-Wrestling bonus episode! Today's game is hosted by Derick Schroeppel from The Oversell Podcast and features a triple threat match between Ben, Chris and Jonathan! Enjoy!


TW158: I Was Told There Would Be No Mathachusetts

One of the highlights of the recent trip to Boston for Geek Bowl was the chance to record an episode of Trivial Warfare with our housemates. Susannah and Paul were gracious hosts and invited us to the Massachusetts Statehouse for the recording. We had an amazing time together and I think that comes through in this game. Susannah and Paul shared hosting duties and we broke into teams of Liz & Jonathan, vs. David & Erin, vs. Carmela, Stacey, & Kezia. We also welcome a new sponsor on board...


TW157: A Reasonable Amount of Thunder

We've got a great game for you this week. We're joined by special guest host Erin Barclay from Orange Cat Trivia. She'll be asking the questions as Carmela and Jonathan join forces against the team of Nikki Bates and Shara Hinkel. So much fun. Enjoy!


TW156: Who Run the World?

This week we're thrilled to present our first ever All-Woman episode in celebration of Woman's History Month. Carmela Smith, the first lady of Trivial Warfare, is in the host's chair this week. In house we have the team of Trish Leighton and Caro... I mean Lauren Carey. They are competing against the team of Katie Sekelsky and Caitlin Joyce. Enjoy!


TW155: The Stupid Fault in our Damn Stars

I'm super excited to get this episode published on time. When this comes out I'll still be in the air flying home from Boston after having a great time at Geek Bowl. I hope you've been following our shenanigans on Instagram! This week Carmela does a fabulous job hosting as the game pits Ben and guest warhead David Raffetto against Jonathan. Hope you enjoy as much as we did making it!


TW154: Bye Felicia

We are celebrating Black History Month with our second annual BHM episode dedicated to African American history, Pop Culture, Music and more. This week we team Jennifer Wright and Kantad Svendsgaard against the team of Alex Baez and Sam Rodger with Ben in the hosts chair. Enjoy!


TW153: I Think I'm Going to Portmandu

This week's show is so much fun. Everyone was on their A game. This week's competition is Carmela and guest Warhead Jeremy Gabbard vs. Jonathan with Ben in the host's chair. Enjoy!


TW152: Capital Punishment

This week's episode features a Texan and an Australian working together. It's William Travis and Steve Ellison vs. Jonathan and Ben with Carmela hosting. Enjoy!


TWx25: Disney Bonus

Wow - 25 bonus episodes. They really add up don't they! This time we're bringing you an ALL DISNEY EPISODE! You've asked for it and now you have it. We welcome in the teams of Hannah Gerbig and Jake Overman, Lauren Flynn and Megan Haines, and Danielle and Bill Fields. They go against each other in a 3 way match with Jonathan hosting. Enjoy!


TW151: How Bout Them Cowboys!

Trivial Warfare is built on great games of trivia and also on great friendships and moments that elicit peals of laughter between friends. This episode has all of that in more. It's been a long time since I've laughed as much as I did recording this. It's fantastic. Join Jonathan, Chris, Trish, Wendy and Allen for a great time. Trish is the host and it's a 3 on 1 with everybody against Jonathan. Enjoy!


TW150: Don't Cry For Me Chile

We have a heck of a game for you this week. Chris and Jonathan get together for a rare team up opportunity against the 3 person team of Alistair Bell, Elizabeth Lepisto and Andrew Buxbaum with Lauren Carey in the hosts chair. There are a bunch of great moments in this week's show. Hope you enjoy!


TW149: I Has The Dumb

The show is a lot of fun this week! We have Ben in the hosts chair asking the questions for a 2 on 1 where Jonathan faces off against the team of Tom Sargent and Michael Turner. We had a great time together. See if Jonathan can pull off the handicap victory! This week we are sponsored by Hello Fresh. For $30 off your first week of Hello Fresh visit and use the promo code TWA30


TW148: Tyler Periwinkle

We've got a great game for you this week. Colonel Matt Chestnut is in the house, he's teaming up with Jonathan against the team of Carmela and Chris with Ben hosting the game. Enjoy! Be sure to head over to and use the coupon code TWA to take advantage of some free credits!


TW147: The Sinister Six

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody! We've got a huge game for you this week. We're joined by all six members of the Sinister Six - Dan Lundberg, Phil Sanford, Scott Barber, Mike Cameron, Wesley Wells and Jeffrey Seguritan. I've broken them up into two teams and am pitting them up against each other to see which side will reign supreme. Chris joins me remotely to keep score and help wrangle this oversized episode. Enjoy!


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