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The Trivial Warfare Podcast takes the pub quiz out of the club and brings it home to you. Remember, it's not just trivia...It's WAR!

The Trivial Warfare Podcast takes the pub quiz out of the club and brings it home to you. Remember, it's not just trivia...It's WAR!
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Jacksonville , FL


The Trivial Warfare Podcast takes the pub quiz out of the club and brings it home to you. Remember, it's not just trivia...It's WAR!




TW180: Jersey Boys

We recorded this episode on my recent trip to visit our awesome warheads in New Jersey. We crammed 5 guys in my hotel room and huddled around a single microphone to bring you this episode :-) Today's show features Jeffrey Seguritan, Drew Buxbaum, Stephen Vedder, and Gentleman Jim all representing the great state of New Jersey. Today's show is sponsored by!


TW179: A Licky Boom Boom Down

This week we are joined in studio by the father and daughter pairing of Tom and Megan Casserlie. They team up and go head to head against Jonathan with Ben in the host's chair. Enjoy! This week's show is brought to you by and also by


TW178: The Art of Art

Jonathan has been away at Podcast Movement over the last week and didn't have a chance to record an edit a new show. So it's a good thing we had one in the hopper ready to be edited in advance :-) It's time to get artsy fartsy in the best sense of the phrase. This week's show is an All Art Bonus that has been promoted to the main feed. It features contestants Dustin Resch, Tara Whittle and Jeffrey Seguritan each of whom puts on an impressive display of knowledge about the world of art. The...


TW177: Nicely Job

We're joined this week for the first time by the Founder and President of Team Chris, Pate Hogan! He teams up with Chris to take on Jonathan in a 2 on one showdown with Carmela asking the questions. Enjoy! Today's show is sponsored by


TW176: Wait For It...

This week's episode is was an absolute blast to record. Even though we had technical difficulties it couldn't damper spirit of fun and humor that ran throughout the recording. We are joined this week by guests Kat Thompson, Trey Thomas and Will Dennison. It's the three of them against Chris and Jonathan with Trish back in the hosts chair. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by!


TW175: That's How You Get Zombies

We're joined this week by the trio of Markkus Ellis, Josh Mullen and Brad Doyle who team up to take on Jonathan with Chris hosting. Enjoy! Timestamps: 6:14 - Warm It Up Chris 13:49 - The Game


TW174: End of an Era

This week's show marks the last show recorded in the apartment where Trivial Warfare started and grew into what it is today. In today's game we have Chris and Carmela teaming up against Rob Cotter and Todd Gianelloni with Jonathan manning the host's chair. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by Hello Fresh. Go to and use the code TWA30 to get $30 off your first box!


TW173: Trivia Stank

Chris and Jonathan are joined this week by guests Nick John and Allen Brown. Jonathan is going back to his old ways playing a solo player against Chris and Allen with Nick taking over host duties. Today's show is sponsored by GreenChef! You can get $50 off your first box at


TW172: Rocket Man

This week we have a fun and fast moving game for you. It's a 2 on 1 with Jonathan taking on the team of Tim Beggs and Rich Flegel with Ben in the host's chair. Enjoy!


TW171: Scooby Dooium

Big Episode this week! We've got Carmela and Jonathan going up against David Livasy, Matt Chesnut and Anna Piper with Jeremy Cahnmann joining us as a special guest host! We are sponsored this week by HIMS. Check out to learn more!


TW170: Is It Just Me, or...?

We're joined this week by Colonel Chris Hayth who teams up with Carmela to go up against Jonathan with big Ben in the hosts chair. This week's episode is sponsored by Hello Fresh. Get $30 off your first week by going to and use the promo code twa30. Timestamps 4:00 - Big Giveaway! 9:56 - Warm it Up Chris! 16:35 -The Game


TW169: In Da Club

This week Jonathan and Carmela team up again our guests Mary Randazzo and Drew Grant. Lots of laughs this week as Ben puts the teams through their paces. Enjoy! This weeks show is sponsored by


TW168: Those Damn Halogens!

We have so much awesome for you in today's episode. Ben is in rare form as he joins forces with guests Marcus & Asha against Jonathan with Carmela hosting. Today's show is brought to you by


TW167:The Trivialympics

This week's show features Ken, Matt, Neal and Jeff from Triviality, AJ Mass from Beat My Guest, and Andy Saunders from Complete the List. Andy has been a TW supporter for a long time now and it was great to meet AJ and the Triviality crew in Boston earlier this year. I have had the idea for a big trivia podcast crossover brewing for a while but meeting everybody and getting to each other was the thing that pushed it over the top. As Triviality, Beat My Guest and Complete the List have...


TW166: Bust A Move

We are joined in house this week by special guest Dustin Resch. It's a fabulous episode this week where Chris is the host and Carmela and Dustin team up against Ben and Jonathan. This one is so good that our patrons are going to get a special set of After Dark outtakes on Thursday that were too funny to edit out completely. Dustin also contributed this week's show art. I'm in LOVE with it! This week's show is sponsored by HelloFresh! Head over to and use the promo...


TW165: The Swedish Chef's

We are joined this week by the team in the great white north. Ashley and Eric Sutherland team up against Jonathan while Carmela hosts. We have a great time together in this episode that seems to fly by. Enjoy! Today's show is sponsored by Timestamps 4:45 - Warm It Up Chris 13:42 - The Game


TW164: Sleeper Cell

We have a full house this week. Ben, Carmela, Jonathan, and Chris are all here and we're welcoming our special guest host Mike Sleeper who came to visit us from Augusta, Georgia. The teams are Ben and Jonathan vs. Carmela and Chris as Mike puts us through our paces. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by Water Cooler Trivia! Check them out at


TW163: Cuban Einstein

We have a great show for you this week. Ben and Carmela are in the house and we welcome in our guests April Calvarro and Andrew Thomas! Carmela teams up with April to take on Jonathan and Ben and Andrew got to try his hand at hosting. I think you'll agree that he did a fabulous job. This week's show is sponsored by Hims. Check out for a full month trial for only 5 bucks!



We have the whole gang in house for the second week in a row. Ben takes another turn in the host's chair while Chris and Carmela team up against Jonathan and special guest teammate Brent Bollmeier. Enjoy! 00:00 - Intro - We make a hash of some sidekicks, Rambo does Rambo things and we introduce our guess Brent Bollmeier! 04:06 - WIUC - From Natalie Anderson asks us to name the city that different TV shows are set in. 13:16 - It's Time to Play The Game


TW161: Dumb & Dumber

We've got a full house this week with Ben hosting and Chris and Carmela teaming up against Jonathan and guest teammate Erika Johnson. Ton of fun today, hope you all enjoy it. Timetamps! 0:00 Intro - Chris talks about his recent cruise and then gets mad at Jonathan & Ben for teasing him. 10:55 Warm It Up Chris - City or Cheese? 21:14 It's Time to Play The Game This week we are sponsored by and