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Nightly discussions about the days hot topics and current events, including celebrity buzz, politics and controversial social issues.

Nightly discussions about the days hot topics and current events, including celebrity buzz, politics and controversial social issues.
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Nightly discussions about the days hot topics and current events, including celebrity buzz, politics and controversial social issues.




The Ketchup on Uncensored Radio

Tonight we are joined by Marlon Blackman; creator of The Jects Magazine & MoSneaks. Find out how he started his magazine and sneaker shop tonight! Later we are joined by Musical Guest; STRUT and get a listen to their single "Keep on Runnin" FOLLOW #THEKETCHUP Facebook - #Ketchup Twitter - #Ketchup Twitter - Jamesy Twitter - Stephie K EMAIL US


#Ketchup on Uncensored Radio: Herizon

Tune in to ?#‎TheKetchup? with Stephie K & Jamesy for a run down of the Khloe Kardashian vs Amber Rose beef, we have the lovely Herizon checking in with us so be sure to check out some sexy ladies & go get the UBC 2015 calendar & She also lets us know what she's been up to in the music world! You don't want to miss this call us up 323-417-6705, chat with us in our chat room! *Follow Us* Facebook Twitter Gmail


The Ketchup on Uncensored Radio

We took the week off, but tonight we are back and ready to #Ketchup! Join Stephie K and Jamesy as they #ketchup on the past two weeks in the world of entertainment! Tonight we are joined by Comedian MrJaxn and Later we are joined by recording artist Duss Da Voice and hear his single "I'll Take Her" Grab a drink, sit back cause we have a lot to #Ketchup on!


Uncensored Radio: Bars, Drag and Bobbi Kristina

The Hosts with the ABSOLUTE MOST are back and better than ever! We've been on a break, but the bitches are back and ready to dish! What will happen with Bobbi Kristina? Will the family pull the plug, or wait hoping for a better outcome? What's the deal with Brian Williams? Artists who have and will destory their voices! What would you do if you ran into your ex at the bar? and finally, should James consider a career in drag? All that and more on Uncensored Radio... Indulge in your Guilty...


#TheKetchup on Uncensored Radio: Alani Skye

Stephie K & Jamesy are back and ready to #Ketchup with an ALL NEW & LIVE #TheKetchup on Uncensored Radio! Its been a long week, and these two have a lot to talk. Put the kids to bed, grab a drink and let's #Ketchup! Tonight get ready to #Ketchup with recording artist ALANI SKYE as we premiere her new single "Project Weekend" Check Out Alani Skye Soundcloud Twitter Facebook Reverb Nation Check Out #TheKetchup Twitter Facebook Gmail


#TheKetchup on Uncensored Radio: Love & Loyalty

Who is ready to #Ketchup? Tune in @ 9pm EST / 6pm PST to check out our special guest Bishop Brooks of Love n Loyalty Records! We also will be weighing in LOVE & LOYALTY and when enough is enough!! Call us up 323-417-6705 to weigh in with Stephie K & Jamesy!! Grab a Drink, turn us up and Let's get ready to #Ketchup on Uncensored Radio. Check Us Out The Ketchup on Facebook & My Uncensored Radio Check Out Bishop Brooks Instagram: BishopBrooks on Facebook BishopBrooks Uncensored Radio knows how...


#Ketchup on Uncensored Radio

Tonight we are joined by Ron Funderburg, up and coming Fashion Designer and Head of Unico Re Clothing. He will be giving us all the details about his fashion line, plus how you can help to get brand on the map! Joining us for our last 30, we have lead singer of Dutchess; Rayvn a.k.a The Dutchess. Closing out of the show with their song "Breakin' You Off" Feat Good to Go! On top of that, we will keep you up to date an all things entertainment from the last week! join us and #Ketchup on...


Uncensored Radio

Uncensored Radio: You know its Guiltiest Pleasure! Join Jeffrey, Debbie, Vera, Frita and the Gang every wednesday and get your you weekly dose of Pop Culture!


The Ketchup on Uncensored Radio: Premiere!!!

You all remember Stephie K (Stephanie) from Uncensored Radio's Chick Chat and The Schmooze and Producer Jamesy (Lips) from Guilty Pleasures, Lips On The Air, and pretty much every other show on UCR!!! Now they are teaming up to bring you a New Shake Up on Weekly Entertainment News! #TheKetchup In the premiere episode, Join Stephie K and Jamesy as they #Ketchup with past uncensored radio Daisy Concepcion, Norma De La Cruz and Recording Artist and Actress Toya Nash! All Begins at 9pm EST / 6pm...


Uncensored Radio: First Show of 2015

UCR is BACK with our first show of 2015 and its gonna be crazy!!!!! Find out what your favorite host did over the holidays, and get ready to join the coversation! Should TLC cancel My Husband's Not Gay? What's going on in the world today? Oil Prices are down, causing chaos? Air Asia is losing passengers (literally) Join in on the conversation! 323-417-6705 and also be sure to check out the Premiere of The Ketchup tomorrow night at 9pm EST with Jamesy (Lips) and Stephie K (Chick Chat & The...


Uncensored Radio: Its Christmas!

Its Christmas Eve!!! Celebrate your holiday Uncensored Style! Tonight Join Jeffrey, James, Debbie and Vera as they reminisce about Christmas past. Who got the best and worst gifts? Are Jeffrey's plans for James a little too true? and What are some of the crews family traditions? Tune in tonight and find out!


Uncensored Radio: One Week Til Christmas!

Its only one week til Christmas, and while you've been busy shopping and prepping for the holiday! Uncensored Radio has you covered with all the latest gossip and pop culture to keep you going til the new year! Join the crew tonight live! Do you like being tortured? Would you invite an ex home for the holidays? Found out what the hosts think, but much much more on Uncensored Radio!


Uncensored Radio: CIA & Cosby

Tonight Uncensored Radio is Live! Join us as we dish about the Bill Cosby scandal. Did he really do it, and should he be held responsible for something he "potentially" did 20 years ago? Later, what about the CIA decision to release classified information? Should they have done it. What is your thought? Turn in for that, and more! You never know what we are going to say!


Uncensored Radio

Are you ready to dish with us? Join the crew as we dish about all the Latest News and Hot Topics that everyone wants to hear about! Join in on the conversation in the chatroom or call in and speak your mind with the hosts. We are uncensored for a reason! Join us live! On Uncensored Radio, No Topic is Off Limits! We are talking the things everyone should be talking about! Love, Money, Sex, Politics and everything under the sun! Like us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/uncensoredradio Our...


Uncensored Radio: You know its your Guilty Pleasure!

Tonight Uncensored Radio is Live! Join us! You never know what we're going to say! We talk about everything under the sun! From Life to Pop Culture, Love and Sex and all things politically incorrect!


Uncensored Radio: Guilty Pleasures

Tonight we are Live and ready to dish the dirt! You never know what this cast of characters will say! Join in on the conversation in our chatroom! 9pm EST 6pm PST We are dishing about Taylor Swift, Kirk Cameron, Kim's nude photo and the new Uncensored Talk with Karan Ashley. Uncensored Radio, you know we're your guiltiest pleasure!


Uncensored Radio: Motivational Speaker Justin Wiseman

On Wednesday November 5th, we’re chatting with Justin Wiseman! Justin is a motivational speaker who lost 400 pounds and was recently featured on ABC’s The View! Jeffrey and Justin will both be sharing their love for Rosie! Follow Justin on Twitter @theliveitlist.


Uncensored Radio: Guilty Pleasures The return of Karan Ashley!

We are Live tonight! Don't miss out on the fun, love and scandalous Uncensored Radio. Karan returns from all her travels! She's going to fill us in on London and meeting Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter Next Wednesday! Justin Wiseman join us!


Uncensored Radio: Psychic Marie Joins Us

On Monday’s show (Oct 27, 9pm EST) call in for a chat with renowned Angels Calling psychic Marie! Call in for a FREE reading at 323-417-6705. Make sure to tune in. This Wednesday at 9pm EST. For an hour of hot topics. Wednesday November 5, 2014, we have Justin Wiseman on with us. Wednesday November 12, 2014, we have Robert Randolph author of You'll Never Spa In Thus Town Again. He is of the many people to accuse John Travolta of being gay.


Uncensored Radio: Guilty Pleasures Live

We are Live tonight. Join this colorful cast of characters. You never know who will call in, you never know what we'll say. 9pm EST/6pm PST