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Episode 008: Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn is most widely known as one of the primary songwriters for the incredible Charleston, SC/Nashville, TN-based duo, Slow Runner; although, he also has released a solo record, "Face in the Cloud" (2014) as well. In this episode, we discuss how Michael strikes a balance between his personal life and his art, playing a private showcase for Clive Davis, scoring the music for video games, the upcoming High Water Music Festival in Charleston, SC and more! For more information on...


Episode 006: Wolfgang Zimmerman

Ryan Wolfgang Zimmerman is the drummer and one of the songwriters for the Charleston-based band, Brave Baby. He has also helped shape Charleston music from his recording studio, producing and recording records for: Susto, Hermits Victory, Grace Joyner, Beach Tiger, Johnny Delaware, and even lending a helping hand to Band of Horses. In this episode, we dive into Wolf's writing process, how he got to Charleston, Brave Baby, his methods for producing records, and much much more! For more...