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Ass Meat! We Love Hip Hop Ft $eptember Smoke & Mirrors w/ Chromazz & Athea #AtMyCity Fashion E88

Please Log onto www.WeLoveHipHop.ca Sponsored by Cannaflix! 420 Deliveries straight from BC Weekly! Use the Promo Code 'WLHH' For a discount! https://cannabisbysubscription.com/ MED Mother Earth Deliveries For the app: Link is www.meds.medispensary.ca On IG @motherearth_to Focus in on highest quality product Same day delivery in GTA Free delivery when ordering go to the app and put the PROMO CODE WLHH for free delivery We are BBBBback! At The Yongesterdam Lounge for our regularly scheduled...


Amsterdam Green Out @ The Yongesterdam- WLHH Podcast Live Weedkend Edition E87

Hit Up www.welovehiphop.ca for all episodes! Hit up Cannaflix at https://cannabisbysubscription.com/ Use the offer code - WLHH for a discount online!!! DELIVERY ONLINE ONLY! Yes We hit ya'll with a Twoferrr!! Live broadcast of the #WorldsMostSmokedOutPodcast from Yongesterdam! Saturday September 15th!! We chop it up at the Farmers Market with some of the vendors and learn about 420 skin care, the medicinal weed market & Backwooods Advance Class!!! Songs of the weekend: Eminem- Kill Shot...


No Vacas- Blaxz Dun Da Place- We Love Hip Hop E86 (Special Edition)

Please Log onto www.WeLoveHipHop.ca It's a different one this week as Friday Ricky Dred takes a Montreal vacation. However the show must go on! We still have a short intro from the hotel room, as well as exclusive interview with renown Dancehall Selector, Blaxz Dun Da Place!!! Song of the week: Xavier Hynez ft Ella Mai- Boo’d (X-Mix) https://audiomack.com/song/xavier-hynez/bood-up-x-mis-master-ii-mp3-x KGoon - Tell On Me (Prod. By Drilla & DeuceBeatz)...


West End Grabba! Toronto Guy Cody WLHH- Smoke & Mirrors $eptember E85

Please Log onto www.WeLoveHipHop.ca Song of the week: Marshall Blue- Junior Year Sucked https://m.soundcloud.com/bleulovesnuggets/sets/vintage-depression-1 Jay Sxsa- Back To Back https://youtu.be/CYYrtE8QXQw Top 6ix Tracks 1. Scotty Outty- Hot Shit 2. Mazzi 500- Girls Like 3. Sapphire Soze x Finn- Opera House Too 4. Block Boi Twitch- The Motive 5. Casper x KMoney- Other 6. Solo OTA JACK OF DIAMOND SARS RADIO EP. 137 August 30th http://bit.ly/2NjiagN Yongesterdam Lounge: Lounge Open Monday to...


The Champ Is Here! We Love Hip Hop Ft Stitch Guest Co Host Blaxz Dun Da Place E84

Please Subscribe to our new YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGbGTkweBvH79LnMha5bxg Song of the week: Pvrx- Mixed By 40 https://youtu.be/pX2sx5wrFbg SHV G- Madness- https://youtu.be/LPjeZyA--M4 Top 6ix Tracks 1. Chopz- The Beginning 2. ORock ft Maine- Slime 3. Brizzle La Musica-Dear Mama 4. Blacka Da Don- You Never Knew 5. Slim Dinero- Thousand 6. LB & JJ- Pounds SARS RADIO EP. 136 August 22nd bit.ly/2Lf2ZjP Yongesterdam Lounge: Lounge Open Monday to Sunday 11-9 647-278-4369 for...


WhiteConda! Blacka Da Don(Interview pt2) Plus Special Guest Co Host Toronto Guy Cody WLHH E83

Please Subscribe to our new YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGbGTkweBvH79LnMha5bxg R.I.P. Aretha Franklin Song of the week: Roney- Callalou https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUvtJfmtWFU NTY ZANDER - TOO REAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB62_Wxu5FY Top 6ix Tracks 1. Ghosst- Bucks 2. Bundi- On A Mission 3. YB Tak3over- On My Brain 4. Honcho Hoodlum- Wild Water Kingdom 5. J Money- Shoulda Coulda Woulda 6. Fm x Dizzle- XD 40 SARS RADIO EP. 136 August 22nd http://bit.ly/2Lf2ZjP...


You Wont Win Without Purpose! Peter Jackson- WLHH Podcast/S&M Blacka Da Don + HH Chace Freestyle E82

Please Subscribe to our new YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGbGTkweBvH79LnMha5bxg 82 Episodes in and still going strong! We start off with a special intro featuring HH Chace of the #RespectTheProcess challenge and he brings Bars!!! Followed with an interview from legendary Rapper/ business man Peter Jackson! He takes us through his rap beginning, as well as doing tracks with legends like Sizzla, D-Block & KRS-One. He also explains his Joe Budden beef and more! THEN We chop it up...


2.5 Hours A Day For 30 Mins On Stage- WLHH Kid Keo & Chromazz- S&M Ft Peter Jackson E81

Please Subscribe to our new YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGbGTkweBvH79LnMha5bxg Mucho Gracias to Kid Keo & Chromazz for a sick interview. We get to hear the perspective of an international artist with millions of views under his belt! Also big up to Peter Jackson for joining us on a dope Smoke & Mirrors Session (Full Interview Coming Soon) Song of the week: Mic Gutz - Everyday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FLaKBit57E Killem Kaz- Intern https://youtu.be/Qyjfj001nBA Top 6ix...


The Sacred Sword/ Use What You Have- WLHH Podcast Ft Moula 1st Season 3 Ep80

Please Subscribe to our new YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGbGTkweBvH79LnMha5bxg Big Up to Moula 1st for a sick introspective interview! We talk about life growing up in the Rex. Dealing with legends like Jellestone and OVO 40 and more! Songs Of the Week: RudyRedTO- Love https://soundcloud.com/rubyredto/l-o-v-e?in=rubyredto/sets/red-rising GANGIS KHAN aka CAMOFLAUGE ft MISTA SMALLZ, FRENCH (3M) - CANT TALK TO ME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ce8Cz0wweI Top 6ix Tracks...


You Cant Party It To Death! We Love Hip Hop ft Brizzle La Musica- Smoke & Mirrors ft Moula 1st E79

Join Our Patreon For Early Interviews and exclusive music review plans reviewed live on the Podcast! www.patreon.com/posts/swagger-rit…ampaign=postshare In the midst of all the violence in Toronto as well as YouTube suspensions, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! We start off with our: Top 6ix Tracks In Toronto 1. T Gramz- Juice 2. Drama The Problem- Get The Burner Broski 3. Honcho Hoodlum- No Hook pt 2 4. Booggz- Flow Different 5. Slim Dinero- Hallelujah 6. Mally Swayzz ft. Smiley - Bone To Pick SARS...


Is It A Bogie Or Principle?WLHH-Swagger Rite/Seanpane-S&M Brizzle/PriceDaBoss + Bring Ya Eh Game E78

Join Our Patreon For Early Interviews and exclusive music review plans reviewed live on the Podcast! https://www.patreon.com/posts/swagger-rite-see-20095549?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=postshare A lot of voices in this episode today folks! Dynamic AKA Ya Favorite Lightskin stops by to let us know about his Eh Game 5 Mixtape/ Tour as well as the upcoming event July 28th at the Black Swan (154 Danforth Ave)& his radio show Bring Ya Eh Game & more! He brought a guest as...


Respect Work Ethic-WLHH Podcast ft ROCHESTER 2.0. Smoke& Mirrors ft Swagger Rite Cohost Destiny E77

SUPER Power-packed 2 hour episode with our interview of the week with ROCHESTER 2.0. ALL CAPS! Historical stories as well as super jewels for the rappers in the game now! We have guest co host Destiny in the building on our intro and ' Smoke & Mirrors' segment featuring Swaggerite & Seanpane with some well needed insight from a woman's perspective! Songs of the week: Project Baby (Exclusive) Marcus- Never Be The Same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7TXEFhn52w&feature=youtu.be Yongesterdam...


Positivity, Originality & Dedication ft AR Paisley WLHH + Smoke & Mirrors ft. ROCHESTER E76

After of week of violence, media sound bites and the passing of Toronto Rapper Smoke Dawg, look out for this one to be a but serious. Shout our interviewee that we chopped up with last week, AR Paisley! The Toronto Hip Hop LEGEND ROCHESTER 2.0 stops by and blesses us with a dope Smoke & Mirrors convo as well as some new exclusive music!! Songs of the week: Jordz The Jay- Bad Ting https://youtu.be/S8LjMS-MgMg Baadass Bukk - 10 Street Commandments https://youtu.be/DHLJMi4vbBQ Yongesterdam...


Timeless Music ft Dre Barrs + Galaxy #RespectTheProcess Winner + Smoke &Mirrors ft AR Paisley E75

Extremely power packed 3 rapper episode! We got live Bars from our Respect The Process Rap Challenge May 2018 winner Galaxy! THEN a sick interview with legendary and controversial Toronto rapper Dre Barrs! Just to add more lyricist in our Smoke & Mirrors segment with former KOTD battle now sick recording artist AR Paisley! We Love Hip Hop Podcast Live July 13th @ Yongesterdam Lounge! Get Tickets NOW: welovehiphoptoronto.ticketleap.com/we-love…t-live/ Songs of the week: SoulPro- 4 Tha Luv...


Rated XXX- Top Gunna Interview(June 13 2018)+ Surprise Smoke & Mirrors! Ep 74

DISCLAIMER!!! This interview with TG was recorded June 13, 2018 prior to the recent allegations against him and his associates. Our prayers go out to the family of the two young victims in the senseless shooting that occurred June 14, 2018 of which the interviewee is accused. The We Love Hip Hop Podcast as well as the We Love Hip Hop Network does not condone or support any criminal activity that former or future guest may have participated in post or prior to Interviews. WE ARE HERE TO...


If You Can Learn You Can Unlearn- Real Cheffie- We Love Hip Hop- Smoke & Mirrors -Top Gunna E73

We did it again! Another 2 guest episode starting with (The) Real Cheffie reppin' the West End with an in depth interview. S/o MTM (Music That Matters) & A controversial and real Smoke & Mirrors segment with a young reppa from the East End 'Top Gunna' s/o DGC (Don't Get Close) Songs of the week: Gutz-Still Grindin’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkD7jCw8jow Medusa - Iam H-Town https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcHjxDjzf1I&feature=youtu.be JULY 13th WE LOVE HIP HOP LIVE PODCAST Get Tickets by...


13 Songs No Bail! We Love Hip Hop Podcast Featuring Turk E72

This is a historical episode with the legend Turk (Sick Thugz), starting with a FIRE freestyle!! Then he gives us a breakdown on so many things including Regent life before to now. Incarceration from the months long investigations the Sick Thugz crew and the rise and fall of the movement. Plus so much more! Songs of the week: Trap Star- Silly Me https://soundcloud.com/stntsound/trapstrrr-silly-me G Body- Yellow Brick Road https://youtu.be/vnUteAdNTNI Yongesterdam Lounge: Lounge Open Monday...


Push-A H.O.P.E. In The 6Ix Drake-We Love Hip Hop Podcast ft The Dying Thief & Angelina Blessed E71

Great episode with great people! s/o Angelina Blessed from Blessed Edibles for coming through as well as Eddie "The Dying Thief" for shedding some light to us on the H.O.P.E Program (Helping Offenders on Probation Excel) Yonge Street Mission/Evergreen 381 Yonge Street! Songs of the week: Baka Not Nice- No Beam https://soundcloud.com/baka-682510593/no-beam Quentin Miller- Destiny (Freestyle) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xgmzc99GbA Yongesterdam Lounge: Lounge Open Monday to Sunday 11-9...


The Slim TrapsStarz- We Love Hip Hop Podcast- Slim Dinero X Trapstarrr + Guest Co Host Melizia E70

Power packed episode right here that we really enjoyed to the max! Big s/o to our guest co host Melizia aka Mel Blk Rose from Vibe 105FM! Super respect to our guest Slim Dinero as well as producer/rapper Trap Starrr, siiiick interview!!! Songs of the week: Mighty- 2 Da Cash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0rViEIeIXw 4 Quarters - Grains Delgado x C Blanca x ZigsZagz x Wandaa Dinero (Official Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG7Wul5omHc Yongesterdam Lounge: Lounge Open Monday to Sunday...


Rather Be The Brokest Man On Road Than The Richest In Jail- Donmillion (Milly Mafia)WLHH Podcast E69

Deep interview with Toronto rap legend Alias Donmillion AKA Milly Mafia! We get into everything even the hard questions! Songs of The Week: YL - They Mad (Exclusive) Baby Ghrymez- Ain’t The Same https://youtu.be/pmcEQaaDS5M Whatchu Smokin On??? Brought to you by 6ix Tech & MED (Mother Earth Delivery), 6ix Tech on College 322 College Street (Downtown Toronto) for We Love Hip Hop apparel. 6ixtech.com/ Flush Gardens: https://www.instagram.com/flushgardensto/?hl=en Yongesterdam Lounge: Lounge...