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Weekly 30 minute conversations with a different geeky buddy talking about a different geek topic.

Weekly 30 minute conversations with a different geeky buddy talking about a different geek topic.
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Weekly 30 minute conversations with a different geeky buddy talking about a different geek topic.




A Goal, an Update and a Bunch of Rebels

Joel is finally back! A new goal for the new year, updates on his business and the family aquarium and finally a discussion of the massive dose of Star Wars that Joel's taken lately. Expect new episodes weekly for now as this becomes a true personal diary of Joel's interests and experience. Find all his work at http://joelsharpton.com


Joel Sharpton at PMx Podcast Movement 2016: Make Your Hobby Pay

Joel Sharpton speaks at PMx as part of Podcast Movement 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago about his journey towards independence and how narrating audiobooks is one simple method many if not all podcasters can adopt. Thanks to Ramona Rice, host of The Sports Gal Pal podcast and Community Manager for Podcast Websites, for the introduction. Visit http://joelsharpton.com/pmx/ to download my Tips and Tricks.


Netflix and Joel: an Audio Essay on a Visual Medium

Joel has loved Netflix for a long, long time. Hear him discuss his love affair with the little red envelope and what Netflix means today. Also, a personal announcement! and Teaser for upcoming episodes. Follow everything Joel does and connect with him for your next voice project at http://JoelSharpton.com Email the show at makesmeweird@gmail.com and share us with a friend to help the show grow.


What Makes Bethany Raybourn Weird?

Bethany Raybourn is one of my favorite musical artists, and after convincing her to let me use a song for one of my Podcast themes, I was finally able to get her on the show as well. If you enjoy our chat, or soulful country rock, then you'll love Bethany's EP. Find it on iTunes here. Check out our chat as we talk about music ministers, mayonaise banana sandwiches and more. Don't forget you can email us at makesmeweird@gmail.com and find us on Twitter and Facebook.


What Makes Josh Tolleson from The 318NowPodcast Weird?

Josh Tolleson is a fellow north Louisiana native and a fellow podcaster! This week we talk to him about his show and background. Find more info by visiting Josh's Facebook page, or find him in iTunes. Email us feedback or questions to makesmeweird@gmail.com Find us on Facebook or Twitter, and find every episode at AlwaysListeningPod.com


What Makes the Sharpton Sons Weird? with Judah, Remy and Joel Sharpton

My sons, Judah and Remy, join us to discuss the latest Avengers movie (which the boys just got to watch, and is now available on VOD and Streaming video)! After hearing dad's episode discussing my eating habits, the boys begged to "podcast" this weekend. So, obviously, I obliged. We discuss the latest Marvel Teamup movie, their eating habits and what they want to be when they grow up. I think you'll enjoy these two guys as much as I do. Email us feedback or questions to...


What Makes Jeff Brown Weird?

Jeff Brown is the host of the ReadtoLead Podcast, in which he interviews authors getting the "good stuff" out of their books about leadership, management, business or productivity! He's also a Radio Industry veteran and one of Joel's favorite podcasters. Jeff joins us to discuss his background, show and just what makes him "weird". Find Jeff's show at ReadtoLead, and visit PodcasterAcademy for more info on how to launch your show with Jeff's help. Email us feedback or questions to...


MaG027: MaG LIVE Winds and Wonder with Lawrence Gibbs

Lawrence Gibbs joins us for the final LIVE event in the Summer Series at Louisiana Tech University's Arthur W. Stone Memorial Theatre, and the final episode of Me and the Geek, as the logo implies we're rebranding next week. Joel explains it all in the episode and we have a great discussion about music and more with Lawrence Gibbs. Find all the details on the move by reading Joel's blog post Pod on Pod is Retiring, Josh and Joel Aren't Check out our new page at Alwayslisteningpod.com


MaG026: MaGLIVE Writing and Directing with Dr. Kenneth Robbins

Dr. Kenneth Robbins is the former Director of the School of Performing Arts at Louisiana Tech University and just retired this summer from his position as Professor. He's focused fully now on his writing, but he joined me live on Stone Theatre stage to discuss his origins, his aspirations and his art. Hope you enjoy it. Email the show at Makesmeweird@gmail.com


MaG025: Podcast Movement 2015 with Shawn Smith from TheMobilePro.net

Joel talks LIVE from Podcast Movement 2015 with Shawn Smith from TheMobilePro.net about recording from anywhere.


MaG023: MaG LIVE Acting and Alabama with Paul Crook

Joel was live in Stone Theatre at Louisiana Tech University again Thursday, July 16th, interviewing Associate Professor of Theatre Paul Crook. Join us live for the next event July 30th at 7:30 pm!


MaG022: From Romania with Love w/Andrei Constantinescu

Originally released as episode 57 of Two Guys, One Podcast, this episode features the story of a first generation immigrant and his entry to show business. Andrei has been a friend for years and after this episode he'll be your friend too. *Explicit Language Warning* this episode does contain some explicit language.


MaG021: MaGLIVE Staged Violence with Mark Guinn

Recorded Thursday July 2nd LIVE in Stone Theatre on the campus of Louisiana Tech, Joel was joined by Director of the School of Performing Arts at Louisiana Tech University, Mark Guinn, for a discussion of staged violence and his career in movement. Join us for the next LIVE event, July 16th at 7:30pm CST.


MaG020: 1776 Stage and Film with David Wylie

Joel is joined by Professor Emeritus of Music in the School of Performing Arts at Louisiana Tech University, David Wylie, to discuss "1776" the musical and film in honor of the Fourth of July holiday. Let's all celebrate even though it's hot as hell in Philadelphia! Blu-Ray 1776 Restored Director's Cut: http://amzn.to/1NwffZ8 \ DVD 1776 Restored Director's Cut: http://amzn.to/1R55Gpx Original Broadway Cast Recording: http://amzn.to/1LDyelr


MaG019: OG1 - Modern American Love Story w/Kelly Sharpton

This week on Me and the Geek we hear excerpts from the Original Geek's original podcast. Joel and his wife, Kelly, have documented their story several times over the years on his shows. To celebrate Kelly's birthday, here is the first chapter in a Modern American Love Story. *Note* This episode does contain explicit language and occasionally adult subjects. It's an honest and frank discussion of the beginnings of a love. Not for kids, but definitely not offensive. *Note*


MaG018: Geeky Fatherhood with Mike LeBlanc

Joel is joined by Phillip Michael LeBlanc, designer and professor of journalism at Louisiana Tech University to discuss Fatherhood in the modern day.


MaG017: Nana's Recorder and the Origins of a Podcaster

In this special episode of Me and the Geek, I'm joined by my sister, Jena, my mother Jamie, Aunt Ann and cousin Michael to honor our mother/grandmother, Hazel Odell Hodges who passed away June 7th, 2015. This is just a glimpse of the stories we have about her, but I hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoyed collecting them. We love you, Nana.


MaG016: Google Photos with Joel Kelly

This week two Apple Fanboys discuss the new Google Photos app and service. Why they don't want to like it, and why they love it anyway.


MaG013: TruTV's Fake Off Season 2 with Jake Guinn

A few years ago, Jake Guinn performed Joel's wedding ceremony, and that's just one of the many kinds of performance he's used to being a part of. On May 6th, he began a journey with On the Fly Productions as one team competing in Season 2 of Fake Off on TruTV. In this episode Jake and Joel discuss his art, his political aspirations and his upcoming season on Fake Off.


MaG012: The Avengers with Matt Bennett

As Avengers: Age of Ultron's release arrives, Joel and Matt revisit the first massive super-hero team-up film to discuss it's brilliance, it's missteps and what they expect and hope for from the sequel. Check out Joel's per-episode video reviews for Daredevil here.