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Plan B

Nah we aren't talking about Plan B the pill lol. This week were talking about having a plan b when it comes to your goals, 10 common traits amongst billionaires, and the ones we share with them. Do you have what it takes to be a billionaire? Contact Ashley and Nina at: Email: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast Google Voice: +1 (323) 486-3811 Also catch us on Youtube, GooglePlay, Stitcher, and Pocket...


Billionaire Boys

Welcome back to episode 35 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! On this episode, the ladies discuss Future's interesting album, more Drake drama, and 10 great ways to make passive income. Happy listening! Small Business of the Week: Go Natural Website: Instagram: @ gonatural_works Twitter: @ G0_naturalworks Contact Ashley and Nina at: Email: Website: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast...


What Episode is This?

Welcome back to episode 34 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! On this episode, Ashley and Nina discuss gun violence and the way social media plays into everything. On the second half, Scorpion, the new dual album by Drake, is critiqued by the two ladies. What do you think about the new album? Enjoy! Black Business of the week: Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Website: Instagram: @ Zackandzoehoney Addresses: 75 9th Ave. New York, New York 10011 19 Bridge St. Stockton, New Jersey...


Get the Strap

In this weeks episode, Ashley and Nina discuss being silent in response to racism, fashionnova flop, and the ladies give some advice on first date outfit ideas and out of the box date ideas provided by Tumblr. Contact the ladies of YAGI Podcast at: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast Also catch us on Youtube, GooglePlay, Stitcher, and Pocket Casts!



Welcome back to another week of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! Ashley and Nina discuss Beyonce and JayZ coming out of nowhere to steal souls, Black love (the tv show), tips to dressing NICE on a first date, and the keys to landing a good job without a degree. Happy listening! Black Business of the week: Stuff I Eat Website: Contact: 114 N. Market Street, Inglewood, CA 90301 (310) 671-0115 Contact Ashley and Nina at: Email: Website:...


Money Bag

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Learn some essential information about what you need prior to starting your business and the most important aspects of keeping a business running in this weeks episode of Young and Gettin' It Podcast! Business of the week: Blended Designs Instagram: @ blendeddesigns Website: Organizational tools mentioned: Trello: An efficient collaboration tool that allows you to organize your projects into simplified boards....


Be You. Live Your Life. And Die.

Welcome to the dirty 30 episode of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! Ashley and Nina discuss their feelings about the surprising disrespect between Drake and Pusha T, Kanye Wests interesting album choices how to make boundaries for yourself, and so much more! Happy listening! Black Business of the Week: Growing in Gratitude: 150 Days of Gratitude Journal Website: Contact the ladies of YAGI Podcast at: Instagram: @...


More Duppy More Problems

Happy Memorial Day and welcome to episode 29 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! On this weeks episode, Nina and Ashley start off with a discussion about the Pusha T and Drake diss tracks "infrared" and "Duppy". They also discuss the new drama with Morgan Freeman, the most recent school shooting, and their personal tips when it come to finding the best therapist for you. This and many more, enjoy!


Trigger Warning

*Warning*- This weeks episode gets really real really fast. Trigger warning for suicide. In light of it being Mental Health Awareness month the host of Young and Gettin' It podcast decided to keep it uncomfortably real with you guys. Nina fearlessly opens up about her depression and what has kept her going over the past two years in a very powerful and humbling "Look at God". This episode is one of the rawest episodes that we have done thus far, but the conversation was necessary. We...


Do you even lift?

In this weeks episode, the ladies of Young and Gettin' It get the inside scoop of life as a licensed body guard/body builder, being black in the UK, and just how far the US influence goes. Special Guest: Henchy aka Lord Spartaa IG: @ lordspartaa Twitter: @ HenchAsPossible YouTube: @ HenchAsPossible Song link: Business of the week: Virgin Atlantic Airlines Travel pirates: Expedia:...


The Travel Bug

Welcome to the London Edition of the Young and Gettin' It Podcast, Part 1! On this weeks episode, join the ladies in London as they discuss what brought them to the UK, their adventures through London and Amsterdam, and their strong opinions about all this Kanye West mess. Nina and Ashley don't hold back! (as usual)... Enjoy! Business of the Week: CityMapper Website: iTunes App Store: GooglePlay:...


Don't Pay Your Rent, Buy Gucci

Welcome back to episode 25 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! On this episode, Ashley and Nina answer fan questions! They discuss the best advice they've ever received, how to job hunt and interview for success, money-saving hacks, and so much more! Tune in and enjoy!


Be you, why not?

This week Nina and Ashley discuss being you one hunnid percent of the time, the appeal of hood ninjas, and a "Look at God" about ex's? Tune in so you can get the facts! Commercial Break: Promise. website: Yagi Handles: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast


Choose Wisely

In this weeks episode Nina and Ashley start the episode off with the pertaining to their none other than their fave Cardi B and the news we knew we knew before she knew we knew it, Birdman and Toni Braxton and celebrities dying at home. We cap off the episode with the importance of having diverse friends in life. Black Business of the Week: Curl Cap IG: @ curl cap Have something to say? Email the ladies at: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @...


Be Careful

Welcome back to episode 22 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! This week, Ashley and Nina discuss handling social anxiety in social environments, the confusion between real and fake sex scandals, Tyrone the scammer, and of course, CARDI B! Join the laughs to find out why the ladies call themselves the most ignorant podcast! Black Business of the Week: Yeluchi Instagram: @ weareyeluchi Website: Questions, comments, concerns? Email the ladies at:...


New York Dose

Neeeewww Yorrrkkkk *Alicia Keys voice* This week we take It back to NY for an out of the ordinary episode with The New York Dose BUT this week the ladies of Young and Gettin' It Podcast are the ones being interviewed. Tune in for a brief back story of what fuels this podcast as well as a sinuous ride along The New York Dose's subway. New York Dose Info: DJ - IG/Twitter: @ djsj614 | Snap: hollywood614 Adaloso - IG: @ adaloso09 | Snap : adaloso The New York Dose - IG/Twitter/FB: @...


I Have Ascended

The ladies are back in Cali to discuss the DJ Envy vs. Desus and Mero feud, real rich kids vs. fake rich kids, the financial progress they have made, more financial tips, listener's questions, and so much more! Enjoy the show! Black Business of the week: Girl House Beauty Bar- Eyebrow Connoisseur Website: Instagram: @ elymarie Contact YAGI Podcast @: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast Facebook:...


"Hawaiian Filthy" - Vital Information feat. @yagi_podcast

YAGI Tour 2018 continues! This Monday we return with an unrestrained, uninhibited collaborative episode with Vital Information in New York! We're talking about Ne-Yo's mixed up wife, Amanda Stand-down, times people have seriously tried us, driving in NYC, Uber Pool stories, and so much more! Vital Information Info: SoundCloud: Website: IG: @ vital_information Twitter: @ vitlinformation Email: Young and...


"You's a Mark" - The Podcast Brothers feat. YAGI Podcast

This week, the Young and Gettin' it Podcast does a collab episode with the Podcast Brothers during their trip to New Jersey: The ladies of Young and Gettin' It Podcast ( Nina and Ashley ) flew all the way from California to join Flaw and Fresco in a mash-up type episode. And they made one thing clear... The west coast does not use the word " Mark " lol... or Buster... Topics include: - YAGI Podcast introduction (02:06) - How was your week (05:35) - Men don’t receive unconditional love?...


Play Your Position

Prepare to laugh in this weeks episode "Play Your Position" with special guest Deshawn Raw! This weeks episode will have you in tears as the hosts discuss the rise of Deshawn Raw, how he learned from his failures, and how he has improved his stand up comedy. Guest info: Deshawn Raw IG: @ desahwanraw2019 Twitter: @ deshawnraw Youtube: Commercial Break: Ig: @ satinlinedcaps Website: Black History Month...