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Episide 66- Pull up, don't pull out.

We're back for another episode full of laughs and thought provoking conversation! This week, the ladies connect with former NFL player Randall Telfer to discuss the drama between Tristan and Jordyn, Randall's experiences while in and out of the NFL, and getting to experience true love. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Guest Info: IG: @ randalltelfer Twitter: @ randalltelfer Black Business of the week: Just Be Dope IG: @ justbedopelifestyle Twitter: @ JustBeDope4me Website:...


Episode 65: Jussie Do It

Your favorite ladies are back again for episode 65 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! This week they discuss the surprising Jussie Smollett rumors, the trials and tribulations of working for a corporation in a capitalist society, and so much more. We're all young, so lets get it together! Happy listening! Black Business of the Week: Ruva Afric Wear IG: @ ruva_afric_wear Website: Twitter: @ ruva_afric_wear Facebook:...


Episode 64: Barbiana

The ladies are back for episode 64 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! On this episode, the ladies discuss the latest in pop culture, including Nicki Minaj's "Barbiana", 21 Savage being from the UK, and people going IN on Demi Lovato. They also discuss the techniques rich people use to stay rich, and how others can implement those in their lives. This and so much more on the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! Tune in! Black Business of the Week: Play Pits IG: @ playpits Website:...


Episode 63: Fyre Fraud

On episode 63, Nina and Ashley dish about the Fyre Festival and all the fraudulent activity surrounding Billy McFarland while also applauding and discussing the end of the government shutdown. How do these white men get away with so much? Tune in to hear their reasons, along with so much more conversation on the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! Fyre Fraud Spoiler: 2:30-38:00 Black Business of the Week: NaturAll Club IG: @ naturallclub Website: Contact the ladies of YAGI...


Episode 62: Pretty Fly Society (feat. Angelo Diaz, Thrash, and Franck Mille)

On a special episode of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast, Nina and Ashley are out on location at Thrash Style House in Los Angeles. They meet and discuss with Angelo Diaz, lead actor of TVOne's ATL Homicide, Franck Mille, owner of fashion and style brand Pretty Fly Society, and Thrash, designer and owner of Thrash's Style House. While Thrash tends to his bundle of joy, Royal Trash, the group discusses their perspective towards their paths to success, the hurdles they've had to overcome, and...


Episode 61: State of Emergency

Welcome back! In this weeks episode, the ladies discuss the continuing government shutdown and the impending stock market crash due to President Trump not getting funding for the Mexico border wall. The ladies also revisit "Surviving R. Kelly" after his birthday celebration antics. Nina discusses her journey through corporate America, and the ladies give a few job application tips. Black Business of the Week: Iyanu Health IG: @ iyanuhealth Facebook: Email:...


Episode 60: Age Ain't Nothing But a Number?

It's episode 60 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! On this episode, Nina discusses the R Kelly special "Surviving R Kelly" with Ashley (spoiler times below). They also talk about the government shutdown and continue to discuss the impending market crash, with strategies to not lose everything during the market decline. Sit back, relax, and let's discuss this pedophile. Spoiler: 4:50-42:40 Black Business of the Week: Pamela's Kitchen Website: Instagram: @...


Episode 59: Shawnquavious/ New Year New Me

Happy New Year from the Young and Gettin It Podcast! In this weeks episode, the ladies, and their guest Dionne, reflect on what 2018 taught them while setting their intentions for the New Year. Tune in for some laughs and a trip down memory lane (if you're a 90s baby that is). Pop the champagne and enjoy! Contact the ladies of YAGI Podcast at: Google voice: (323) 486-3811 Website: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast...


Episode 58: Genetic Informants

Welcome back to episode 58! During this discussion, Ashley and Nina talk about the relative levels of success and their personal strategies, the new Cardi B "Money" music video, the fake outrage towards comedians, why Ancestry DNA tests are selling your DNA to the government, and so much more! Merry Christmas from the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! Black Business of the Week: Besida Website: IG: @ shopbesida Facebook: DNA Breach...


Episode 57: Go Awf Sis!

In this weeks episode, the ladies play catch up covering Nina's experience at Rolling Loud and witnessing the Cardi B and Offset's "apology" in real time, couples sharing embryos, and flight attendants breast feeding babies. Plus, the ladies also discuss cancer myths that we have ALL been tricked into believing. Sit back, relax, and don't get offended! Black Business of the Week: Jesse Queen Collection IG: @ shopjessequeen website: Cancer Myths websites:...


Episode 56: Ya'll Won

Back for another week of ratchetness and righteousness, the ladies are here to discuss the Cardi B & Offset breakup, why gold is so valuable, what type of credit check is required for renting an apartment, The Haunting of Hill House Netflix series, and so much more! Get ready for a fun listen! Haunting of Hill House Spoiler: 23:27-27:14 Black Business of the Week: Ivy's Tea Co. Website: Instagram: @ ivysteaco Twitter: @ ivysteaco Facebook:...


Episode 55: The Podcast Episode

Welcome all to episode 55 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! The ladies are back from a Thanksgiving holiday hiatus to discuss Ashley's work trip to Columbia, how to find the best surgeons, anesthesiologists (and doctors in general,) their favorite podcasts, the Dwight Howard drama, an update of Tekashi 69, and so much more. Pop some popcorn, pour a glass of your favorite red or white, and tune in! Black Business of the Week: Luv Scrub Website: Instagram: @...


Episode 54: Laff Mobb (Feat. Brandon Broady and Carlos Koustas)

We're back for another week of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! On this episode, Ashley and Nina have guest comedian Brandon Broady in the studio with his manager Carlos to discuss changes in the entertainment industry, their creation of the show "Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks", how us young millennial build our brands, and so much more! You're missing out if you're missing this one! Special Guest: Brandon Broady Instagram: @ BroadyTheJoker Twitter: @ BroadyTheJoker Guest: Carlos Koustas...


Episode 53: The Fires Are Not Our Fault

In this weeks episode of Young and Gettin It Podcast, the ladies introduce a few new features to the podcast, discuss Kanye AGAIN, the new era of "black face", Trump and his continued ridiculousness, plus a look into resources regarding finding work from home jobs. Bundle up and enjoy! Black Business of the week: Health Plan USA website: IG: @ healthplanusa Remote Job Website List: Bark Collar:...


Episode 52: It's Our 1 Year Anniversary! (Feat. DoBoy)

Welcome to the 1 Year anniversary of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! On this hilarious episode, creative, comedian, writer, and actor DoBoy joins Nina and Ashley in the studio to talk about the journey that put him on TV, astrology, the Nicki and Cardi beef, and so much more! You don't want to miss this! Happy 1 year!!! DoBoy Social Media: Instagram/Twitter: @ iamdoboy Facebook: All Def Digital Social Media: Instagram/Twitter: @ alldef...


Episode 51: It's a marathon, not a race (Feat. Hafeez from The Roommates Podcast)

Young and Gettin' it Podcast is back with their last episode for #YAGITour2018 ! On this episode, Nina and Ashley head to Houston, Texas to link up with Hafeez from The Roommates Podcast to discuss societal issues, what we view as success, the differences between culture in California and Texas, and so much more! Join us on our journey and tune in! The Roommates Podcast Info: Hafeez Instagram: @ hafeezhtx The Roommates Podcast Instagram: @ roommateshtx Twitter: @ roommateshtx Facebook:...


Episode 50: Coffee and Dutches (feat. Coffee and Dutches Podcast)

Welcome back to the 50th episode of the Young and Getting it Podcast! Back on the road with #Yagitour2018 , the ladies meet up with the Coffee and Dutches podcast from South Carolina (in Atlanta, GA) to sit back and have great conversation! You know when the ladies collaborate it's always a fun time! Get your coffee, roll those Dutches, and tune in! Coffee and Dutches Podcast contacts: Twitters: @ _EmekaSwain @ PrujusJones @ Flyhighdru @ doworkmedia Instagrams: @ CoffeenDutches @ EmekaSwain...


Episode 49: WERKaholics (Feat. Koereyelle)

Welcome back to #YAGIYOUR2018 where Nina and Ashley make their first stop in Atlanta to chop it up with Koereyelle, an entrepreneur who was able to turn a $32k teaching salary to a 6-figure brand! They discuss the community of Atlanta, how Koereyelle started her businesses (yes more than one), and their aspirations for the future. Join us in our travels and happy listening! Guest Contact Info: Koereyelle Website: IG: @ Koereyelle Contact the ladies of YAGI Podcast at: Google...


Episode 48: Who needs that much!

Welcome back for Episode 48 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! This week, Ashley and Nina kick back and discuss pop culture including the continuing mistreatment of Amazon employees, what happened with Brett Kavanaugh, Tony Braxton's "truth", and so much more! Roll up and listen up! Contact the ladies of YAGI Podcast at: Google voice: (323) 486-3811 Website: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast


Episode 47: I'd be paid though.

Welcome back to Episode 47 of the Young and Gettin it Podcast! On this episode, Nina and Ashley come together after a morning of bottomless mimosas to discuss Bill Cosby's conviction, the dramatic change in the divorce rate, and a quick education about how to join the stock market through ETF's. Happy listening! Black Business of the Week: MekaMon Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:...