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Ordinary people from all walks of life who are doing amazing things in life and in business. I chronicle their journey toward excellence in this podcast. You don't have to be a celebrity or public figure to do amazing work.

Ordinary people from all walks of life who are doing amazing things in life and in business. I chronicle their journey toward excellence in this podcast. You don't have to be a celebrity or public figure to do amazing work.
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Ordinary people from all walks of life who are doing amazing things in life and in business. I chronicle their journey toward excellence in this podcast. You don't have to be a celebrity or public figure to do amazing work.






You recorded your video blog now what?

This was recorded at the 2015 Blogging While Brown Conference in Austin, Texas. I go over the production process and how you can create better video blogs by following my method.


APP 049: Nikki Miller of Mae B. Films

Nikki Miller is a wedding cinematographer/entrepreneur with Mae B. Films based out of New York. She discusses her journey and challenges in starting her own business and what keeps her motivated to pursue her passion. She also gives practical advice on why brides should not cut wedding videography from their budget and how wedding videos preserve memories for years of loved ones.


APP 048 : It's time to show up for yourself

It's a New Year and we all have goals and dreams, but before we set our dreams in motion we have to show up. We have to show up when no one is asking us to, show up when it's hard. In this podcast I discuss the importance of showing up, and I even recorded this podcast and showed up when I was coming off an illness.


APP 047: 12 Technology Products that helped me in 2014

2014 has been a good year for me and especially for tech. There are some products and services that I use often and I wanted to share them with you. To get the links to these products or services visit


APP 046 Heaven the First War Film with Delroy Brown

Delroy Brown is the Executive Producer and Screenwriter of an animated feature film, Heaven the First War. He shares how he came up with the concept and why he is so passionate about this story. He also talks about his fundraising efforts via Kickstarter and why getting this story to the big screen means so much to everyone and not only to Christians.


APP 045: The Future of Higher Education with Dr. Sylvette LaTouche-Howard

In this episode I talk with Dr. Sylvette LaTouche-Howard of the University of Maryland about higher education and teaching. I have long admired Dr. Howard's commitment to education and in this live interview we share stories of challenges and victories while we both educate students.


APP 044: Where Stellar Messages Come From

Messages come in many forms, but in order to be effective you must be specific and know your audience. Some of the best messages are bookended by stories. In this presentation I share why messaging is important, but how to tell your message to the right audience and create an engaging story.


APP 043: Intentional Blogging with Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins is a speaker, author and writing coach/mentor. In this episode he talks about being intentional about blogging and writing. One of the essential questions people ask when visiting your blog is: What’s in it for me? I also feature a segment called "The Unrelenting Optimist" where Muta Mweyna talks about apologizing and not returning fire with fire.


APP 042 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer/Videographer

In this episode I talk about the wedding industry. Many brides have come to me with questions about how to approach wedding videographers and photographers. This is one of the most important photo shoots of your life and I break down 5 key items you need to address before hiring anyone to capture your special day.


APP 041: 12 Lessons I Learned from a Celebrity Photographer

I had the opportunity to work with Keith Cephus, a celebrity photographer based out of Virginia Beach. I am trying to take my wedding cinematography to the next level so he is mentoring me and in my first weekend working with him I've learned 12 valuable lessons about business and life.


APP 040 Jason Caston and Inspired Mobility

Jason Caston is the author of the iChurch Method books, speaker, and church tech expert. He speaks about a campaign Inspired Mobility and how churches can use mobile devices to spread their message. Jason also is giving away 5 iChurch Method Packages so listen until the very end to find out how to win.


APP 039 Eboni Green and The Digital Great Commission

Eboni Green has traveled internationally creating media for brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Home Depot that has captured the attention of more than 40 million viewers. She has been invited to speak on the effective use of media at Duke Divinity School, Howard University, Southern New Hampshire University, and both traditional and modern churches nationwide. Her passion is ministry, and her gifting is media. Eboni gives practical advice on this episode on how churches can use social...


APP 038 Camille Ditele Divorced Not Defeated

Divorce is something that has affected many people, statistics show that approximately 50% of all American marriages end in divorce. Many people (men and women) feel like a failure after a divorce. In this episode I speak with Camille Ditele, a LifeHacktivist who shares how she moved beyond the pain of her own divorce and why she started an online community to support women. Camille helps women deal, heal and move on past the pain of divorce. Find her on Facebook at...


APP 037 Carolyn Clement Social Media Sunday

Carolyn is a social media leader at her church in Connecticut and the creator of Social Media Sunday. That is the last Sunday in June where churches use the hashtag #smsunday to share and invite others to church. Carolyn is also a supporter and a moderator #chsocm Church Social Media chat on twitter on Tuesday evenings. She is a mom and loves to sing and serve in her church.


APP 036 Jeff McIntosh of Church Motion Graphics

Jeff McIntosh of Church Motion Graphics shares his story about how he got started and why he is passionate about creating motion graphics for churches and ministries. Also in this episode Jeff talks about the Worship Media Handbook, a book that he wrote to teach the fundamentals of worship projection will quickly train you and your church media team how to prepare, edit and project worship lyric slides with excellence. I also feature a segment by Muta Mweyna called, "The Unrelenting...


APP 035 Sarah Asaftei-The Resource Broker

Sarah Asaftei is a resource broker, producer, director and Chief Imaginator @ skaMEDIA Productions & Films, Inc. She shares her background and how got into media and a fascinating story about how she introduces herself and builds curiosity in people who are looking for resources.


APP 034 Meredith Gould-Church Social Media

Meredith is an author, speaker and church social media expert. She founded #chsocm chat on twitter about issues related to the church and social media. In this episode she shares how the church can use social media better and how she started working in social media for church organizations. I also feature a segment called, "The Unrelenting Optimist" with Muta Mweyna, and in this episode he shares how to become a better, mentee. We often think about being a mentor, but rarely talk about...


APP 033 Intentional Networking with Mark Sieverkropp

Mark is an author, speaker and intentional networker. I met Mark via an email introduction and he shares his method for follow up with new acquaintances and his method for networking.


APP 032 Pastor Ron Hudson-Social Media and Apps for the Church

In this episode I speak with Pastor Ron Hudson or Calvary Baptist Church in Uniontown, PA. He is a pastor, communicator and tech expert. He talks about how he uses apps and social media in his congregation.


APP 031 Inspired Mobility: Mobile Technology Use in Church

In this episode I talk about Faith in a Mobile World, and the initiative by AT& T called Inspired Mobility. What place do mobile devices have in our houses of worship? How can we create space for them? Or should we? These are some of the questions that were brought to our panel at the 2014 Blogging While Brown Conference.