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Behind the Brilliance is a weekly podcast featuring a mix of Lisa's inspiring and humorous thoughts and advice on life, creativity, and entrepreneurship along with conversations with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring people.

Behind the Brilliance is a weekly podcast featuring a mix of Lisa's inspiring and humorous thoughts and advice on life, creativity, and entrepreneurship along with conversations with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring people.
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Behind the Brilliance is a weekly podcast featuring a mix of Lisa's inspiring and humorous thoughts and advice on life, creativity, and entrepreneurship along with conversations with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring people.




171 Season 8 Recap

In this solo episode, Lisa summarizes the highlights and outstanding conversations from Season 8. Show Notes:


170 Carla Hall on Food, Failure, and Finding the Funny in Life

THE SHOW Carla Hall is a revelation. I saved my favorite episode of the season for last because her personality is like the last piece of cake that you want to save and savor at the perfect time. In our winding chat, Carla talks about the serendipitous way she came to the culinary world, how she landed on TV, how she cultivated a strong sense of self, what she's learned from failure, and much more. Behind Her Brilliance: Not taking herself too seriously Say hi to Carla Hall on Twitter:...


169 On Friendship and the Shortness of Life

In this solo episode, Lisa shares her reflections on friendship, a friend's recent passing, and the essay, On the Shortness of Life.


168 Debbie Millman on Designing Her Career and Life

Designer, author, and podcaster Debbie Millman details how she overcame personal adversity to create a career and life that reflects her values. During this winding conversation, we cover pain, process, P. Diddy, and much more. Behind Her Brilliance: Longing Say hi to Debbie on Twitter: @debbiemillman Show Notes:


167 Q+A: Setting Boundaries

In this solo episode, Lisa answers a listener question about setting boundaries with friends and family. Say hi to Lisa or ask questions on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook: @LisaNicoleBell Get tickets for XX here: Episode Sponsor: Visit and enter code BEHINDTHEBRILLIANCE for 20% off your first order.


166 Jewel Burks on Building A Startup

THE SHOW Jewel Burks was the founder and CEO of Partpic, a company she sold to Amazon in 2016. During our chat, we talk about what she learned, how she grew, and why winning requires laser focus. Behind Her Brilliance: God and Her Mom Say hi to Jewel on Twitter: @jewelmelanie Get tickets for XX here THE GUEST JEWEL BURKS |Jewel Burks is an advocate for representation and access in the technology industry. As co-founder of Partpic, a startup designed to streamline the purchase of...


165 Failing Forward

Lisa shares 6 thoughts on failing forward, defining success, and staying sane as you level up. Topics Covered: The functionality of failure Defining success in clear, personal terms Being kind to yourself when you fail Success as a numbers game And more This episode is sponsored by ABLE. Visit and enter code BEHINDTHEBRILLIANCE for 20% off your first order. Show Notes:


164 Barrett Ward on Sustainable Fashion and Socially Conscious Business

THE SHOW Barrett Ward is the founder and CEO of ABLE, a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances. We manufacture directly in the communities we wish to impact, both locally and globally, creating jobs and ending the cycle of charity dependency. Behind His Brilliance: Surrounding himself with strong mentors Say hi to Barrett on Instagram: @barrettward THE GUEST BARRETT WARD | Leading a fashion...


163 Joi Chaney on Politics, Pay Parity, and Productivity

THE SHOW Joi Chaney is the executive director and campaign manager for Equal Pay Today, an organization that works in coalition to close the gender wage gap across the United States. In this conversation, Joi reflects on her storied career and offers sage advice on pay parity, productivity, advocacy, and much more. Behind Her Brilliance: Her Mom Say hi to Joi on Twitter TOPICS COVERED Joi's early days and path into politics How and why Joi worked with Planned Parenthood Joi's role...


162 Rainbow Barris on Medicine, Motherhood, and Marriage

THE SHOW Rainbow Barris is the real life inspiration for the fictional character "Rainbow" on the hit ABC comedy, Blackish. In this wide-ranging conversation, we talk about her reflections on medicine, marriage, motherhood, and making the most of life at every stage. Behind Her Brilliance: Self-Awareness Say hi to Rainbow on Instagram TOPICS COVERED Rainbow's path through medicine, marriage, and motherhood How Rainbow became the inspiration for a fictional TV character Rainbow's...


161 Lisa Feldman Barrett on How Emotions Are Made

THE SHOW Lisa Feldman Barrett is the author of 'How Emotions Are Made' and a University Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University with an appointment at Harvard Medical School. In this conversation, we talk about Lisa's book and what she's learned about how emotions are made, how we can be happier and healthier by understanding how our emotions work, and the myths about the mind and emotions. Behind Her Brilliance: Tenacity + The People in Her Life Say hi to Lisa...


160 Benjamin Spall on Designing the Perfect Morning Routine

THE SHOW Benjamin Spall is the founder of and the co-author of the book, My Morning Routine, which was chosen as one of Amazon’s best business books of 2018, one of the Financial Times books of the month, and one of Business Insider’s best business books to read this summer. In our conversation, we dissect morning routines, productivity hacks, and other perspectives on starting the day off right. Behind His Brilliance: Side Projects Say hi to Benjamin on...


159 Q+A: Defining Success + Personal vs Business Brands

THE SHOW This solo episode features answers to 2 listener questions: one is about defining success and the other is about separating a personal brand from a business brand. This episode also includes the announcement of a new partner, ABLE! Check out and stay tuned this season to hear my interview with the founder and CEO. For now, get 20% off your first order at with code BEHINDTHEBRILLIANCE. SHOW NOTES:


158 Jennifer Romolini on Work, Hustle, and Winning for Misfits

THE SHOW Jennifer Romolini is the former Chief Content Officer for and the author of Weird in a World That's Not which is a fresh, honest take on traditional career advice. In our conversation, Jennifer gives hope and high fives to the misfits and outsiders with her vulnerable and candid straight talk on how she's found success in her personal and professional life. Behind Her Brilliance: Grit Say hi to Jennifer on Twitter TOPICS COVERED -Jennifer’s path into magazine...


157 Dhonielle Clayton on Devotion to Craft, Pushing Boundaries, and Designing Her Destiny

THE SHOW Dhonielle Clayton is the New York Times bestselling author of The Belles in addition to being the co-founder of Cake Literary and the COO of the non-profit, We Need Diverse Books. She's a brilliant creative force who is constantly expanding her sense of what's possible. In this episode, we discuss her career path, her artistic sensibilities, and much more. Behind Her Brilliance: Her Parents Say hi to Dhonielle on Twitter + Instagram: @brownbookworm TOPICS COVERED Dhonielle's...


156 Paula Pant on Going from Broke to Financially Independent and Why Time Matters More than Money

THE SHOW Paula Pant is the founder of, an award-winning personal finance website. In this conversation, we talk about how we went from struggling as a journalist to traveling the world to building a portfolio of 8 properties to reach financial independence. Behind Her Brilliance: Restlessness TOPICS COVERED Passive income, financial independence, and how Paula discovered them How Paula built a real estate portfolio that created financial freedom for her Paula’s early...


155 Dr. David Burns on Why Therapy Sucks (& How to Make It Better) and Recovering From Perfectionism

THE SHOW Dr. David Burns is the author of Feeling Good, a seminal work on cognitive behavioral therapy that has sold more than 5 million copies. We talk about the difficulties he faced getting the book published, his advice to listeners interested in therapy, and how he approaches perfectionism, depression, and anxiety with patients. Behind His Brilliance: Critical Thinking TOPICS COVERED -David's path into the mental health field -The rejection David faced trying to get his bestselling...


154 Eli Finkel on What Makes Modern Marriage Thrive

THE SHOW This episode is one of my favorites. Eli is the first social psychologist who's been on the show, and I thoroughly enjoyed our chat. Eli Finkel is a social psychology professor who studies interpersonal attraction, marriage, conflict resolution, and how our social relationships influence our goal achievement. Our conversation centers on his brilliant book, The All or Nothing Marriage, and what he's learned about modern marriages and how we can connect with the right partner and...


153 Birthday Likes + Lessons

THE SHOW This is a bonus solo episode with the (sometimes) annual birthday recap of what I learned from the past year and what lit me up. TOPICS COVERED -books and TV Lisa loved -a random unprompted rave about cauliflower rice -6 lessons from the past year on saying no, killing ego, productive patience, sexy pajamas, friendship, and more Show Notes: STUFF MENTIONED BoJack Horseman Catastrophe The World's Most Extraordinary Homes Cauliflower rice Cauliflower...


152 Deesha Dyer on Her Journey from Hip Hop Journalism in Philly to the Obama White House

The Show This is a breathtaking underdog and reinvention story. Perhaps the most remarkable I've heard on Behind the Brilliance. Deesha shares her journey from boarding school to dropping out of college because she ran out of money to becoming a White House intern at 30 years old to becoming the Social Secretary under the Obama Administration. She opens up about the imposter syndrome, setbacks, and insecurities she faced, and how she conquered them all. The Guest Deesha Dyer is a speaker,...