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Behind the Brilliance is a weekly podcast featuring a mix of Lisa's inspiring and humorous thoughts and advice on life, creativity, and entrepreneurship along with conversations with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring people.

Behind the Brilliance is a weekly podcast featuring a mix of Lisa's inspiring and humorous thoughts and advice on life, creativity, and entrepreneurship along with conversations with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring people.
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Behind the Brilliance is a weekly podcast featuring a mix of Lisa's inspiring and humorous thoughts and advice on life, creativity, and entrepreneurship along with conversations with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring people.




151 Amy Morin on Things Mentally Tough People Don't Do

Amy Morin was a vibrant twenty-something with a bright future ahead of her when tragedy struck not once, but twice: she lost her mother and her husband in a span of three short years. Refusing to feel sorry for herself, Amy used what she'd learned as a psychotherapist to develop the mental toughness necessary to find peace and push forward to brighter days. She penned the viral article, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, which became the bestselling book of the same title. Now she's...


150 Season 7 Recap

This episode is a recap of Season 7 highlights. The episode features snippets of 7 episodes, some reflections on making your own luck, a little housekeeping, and a freestyle. You're welcome. Episodes Covered: 135 - AFRICA MIRANDA @africamiranda 136 - DUANE SPIRES @duanespires 141 - KELLY HOEY @jkhoey 142 - RODERICK COX @rcoxmaestro 146 - LUCHINA FISHER @luchina 148 - TONYA RAPLEY @myfabfinance 149 - LISA CONGDON @lisacongdon


149 Lisa Congdon on Reinventing Yourself and Melding Commerce and Creativity

Lisa Congdon's brilliance in her courage, dedication, and willingness to take calculated risks. After leaving her elementary school and nonprofit careers at 40, she become a self-taught artist. Now she manages an empire of passive and active income that spans e-commerce, books, teaching, and more. In this conversation, she pulls back the curtain on her path to profitability, her thoughts on thriving as an artist, and why she feels grit matters more than talent. We covered: -how Lisa went...


148 Tonya Rapley on Managing Money, Starting Over, and Winning Your Way

Tonya Rapley is a leading financial educator and the founder of My Fab Finance. She's a dynamic woman who brings a smart and balanced perspective to money matters. Our chat spans way beyond money to include spirituality, starting over, hustle, ego, and much more. We covered: -how Tonya found her way from music to money as a career -money stories: what they are and how to change them -Tonya's path to overcoming physical and emotional abuse -advice on setting boundaries with friends and...


147 8 for 2018

This is a solo episode with 8 musings for 2018. They cover things like celebrating wins, clearing clutter, and other important stuff. As always, my shenanigans are sprinkled throughout. Let me know what you thought of this episode! @LisaNicoleBell Show Notes:


146 Luchina Fisher on Not Staying In Your Lane, Saying Yes, and Reproductive Rights

Luchina Fisher is an award-winning writer, director, and producer. Her latest film, Birthright, challenges the war on reproductive rights in America. As an accomplished artist and dynamic woman, Luchina shares hard-won wisdom and reflections on a wide range of topics including: -her early days as a writer -how she ended up living with Gladys Knight -why she doesn't believe in staying in her lane -her experience working with music legend BB King -how her latest film, Birthright, came...


145 Q+A: Political Activism + Social Justice

A listener from Twitter asked whether I felt a responsibility to use my platform good. I answered. In detail. Black women are centered and I share my thoughts on protests, converting points of view, economic empowerment, and much more.


144 Idil Ahmed on Science of the Mind, Spirituality, and Getting Out of Your Own Way

Idil Ahmed has amassed a following of more than 1 million people on Twitter (@idillionaire), Instagram, and Facebook by delivering inspiring and illuminating content. An author, entrepreneur, speaker, and science enthusiast, Idil has made it her life's work to help as many people as possible operate from a place of power and clarity. In this conversation, we talk about her journey, the practical aspects of spirituality, how she turned a growing Twitter account into a 7 figure following,...


143 Dr. Michael Breus on The Easy Way to Better Sleep

Dr. Michael Breus is the leading authority on sleep in the United States. He is a clinical psychologist and one of 163 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinctions related to sleep disorders. In this fast paced conversation, I bombard him with my burning questions about sleep, coffee, alcohol, travel, beauty and all of the other random things we all need to understand about sleep and how it affects our bodies. Show Notes:


142 Roderick Cox on Commitment to Craft and Artistic Excellence

Roderick Cox is just one of a handful of African-American conductors in the world. He is currently the associate conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra and has gained national attention for his outstanding talent. During this conversation, he pulls back the curtain on his process, his dedication to his craft, the hard lessons he's learned about excellence, and much more. We cover: -how Roderick got his start in music -the mental and emotional aspects of performance excellence -Roderick's...


141 Kelly Hoey on Making Connections and Making Leaps

Kelly Hoey is an author, speaker, and angel investor. Her book, Build Your Dream Network, is a guide for making modern career connections that power a career you love. Whether you're an indie artist or a high powered C level exec, Kelly's advice is useful. In this conversation, we cover: -Why Kelly decided to start going after equity instead of paychecks (and you should too) -How the New York Times engagement announcements became part of Kelly's networking strategy -Why you should...


140 A'Lelia Bundles on Madam CJ Walker + Starting Late and Still Winning

A'Lelia Bundles is a four time author, public speaker, journalist, and television producer. Her Madam CJ Walker biography On Her Own Ground is being produced for TV by Octavia Spencer and LeBron James. We talk about A'Lelia's dynamic career, her approach to decision making, and the lessons she learned from the first self-made American woman millionaire - her great-great-grandmother, Madam CJ Walker. Show Notes:


139 Angela Nissel on Turning Being Broke into a Brilliant Career

Angela Nissel is the bestselling author of The Broke Diaries, a television writer, and all around dope and funny woman. We talk about her varied and fascinating career, the best lessons she's learned, and why she'd rather have money than fame. We cover a lot of topics including: -Angela's experience co-founding Okay Player with Questlove (and the funny story of how they met) -Angela's book, The Broke Diaries, and how her relationship with money has changed since then -the value of...


138 Big Questions

This episode is a short and sweet compilation of questions. They'll challenge you, inspire you, and make you think. Journal about them, discuss them with friends, or just think on them. They're the perfect way to prepare for 2018. PLUS! I share deets on the first digital download, Higher Concerns. It's available now at or Use the code "BTB" to get $5 off. Let me know what you thought about these questions - I'm @LisaNicoleBell on Twitter,...


137 Rachel Hill on Making Passion Profitable, Conquering Depression, and Gamifying Marketing

Rachel Hill is a former corporate superstar turned wanderlust warrior. She left a 6 figure salary at a Fortune 50 company to backpack through Asia. She's been traveling ever since. Now she runs, a travel blog and business that delivers useful and inspiring advice on traveling the world...or your own backyard. Topics Covered: -how Rachel discovered she was depressed and what she did about it -how and why Rachel took off for Southeast Asia with a backpack and a...


136 Duane Spires on Turning $5 into a Multimillion Dollar Empire

Duane Spires is a serial entrepreneur who brings passion and enthusiasm to everything he does. We covered a LOT in this episode including the details of his journey to building multiple $1M+ businesses, his take on dealing with setbacks, how he handled friends who didn't support his wins, and much more. This conversation covers: -how Duane turned a $5 loan from his mom into an empire (and later hired her full time to be on his team) -how Duane changed his relationship with money after...


135 Africa Miranda on Reinvention, Reality TV, and Real Beauty

Influencer, actress, and entrepreneur Africa Miranda stops by to chat about her journey from a girl with New York City dreams in Alabama to star of Bravo's "The New Atlanta" to dynamic woman birthing a luxury beauty brand. During this talk, Africa opens about the best and worst parts of her path and shares the secrets to her resilience. We cover a lot of topics including: -Africa's approach to making big decisions (you'll love her framework and want to steal it for yourself) -Africa's...


134 Nitasha Tiku on Managing Envy, Orgasmic Meditation + Tech Journalism

Nitasha Tiku is a senior technology writer for WIRED. Her past work includes writing for Gawker, BuzzFeed, Inc, and The Verge. During this chat, we cover a lot of topics including: -How Nitasha broke into journalism (and her advice for people who want to break into any creative field) -Nitasha's observations about founders who do well -How Nitasha dealt with intense criticism and scrutiny (useful advice included) -Orgasmic meditation (yes, really) -Nitasha's advice for slaying the...


132 How to Make Your Own Luck

It's the Season 7 kickoff of Behind the Brilliance! The cynics say the advice about waking up early, meditating, and all of the other usual stuff is overblown and doesn't account for the role of LUCK in being successful. I agree with them so I decided to devote an episode to ways we can make our own luck. Some stuff is legitimately beyond our control (like dicks/vaginas, skin color, etc) but there's a lot we can do that makes a difference. This entire season will be devoted to making...


132 Season 6 Recap

Season 6 was a solid collection of conversations from an eclectic array of folks including writers, entrepreneurs, actors, and artists. I'm grateful to the amazing guests who generously shared their time and opened up about their experiences and lessons learned. I'm also grateful to you, the listener, for joining me in this special little community of people who want to be, do, and have more as we celebrate what we've got. I've recapped 7 episodes from Season 6: 108 - Eric Bahn :...


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