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Finding Your Purpose in Your Business

#052 - Season 1, Episode 1 - Finding Purpose in Your Business If you are in business or thinking about starting a business, you are doing that with a goal in mind - maybe a financial goal a freedom goal or a change the world goal. So you have a goal, but is that goal tethered to a purpose? Or not? I believe you can start a business and even be successful - to a point - in that business without have a larger purpose defined. However. In this episode we cover: 1. How to identify the purpose...


Alla Nowowiejski Immigration Attorney It's all about relationships

Episode 51 - Alla started her own immigration law firm and discusses lessons learned from her first year in business including goal setting, balancing family life, and the importance of maintaining relationships. Books Alla would recommend: Man Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There are No Easy Answers


The role relationships play in the “marketing mix.” with guest Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber

Who are your top 100 relationships and why are they in your tribe? Are you leveraging those relationships to uncover new referrals? Are you referring back to them? Many people neglect to really leverage their relationships in business and we examine some ideas on how you can change that to increase your business and influence.


Changing Food Culture with Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho Noodles Founder Jimmy Tay Trinh

Episode 49 – Changing Food Culture is Jimmy Tay Trihn’s purpose and BIG IDEA! How does a start up entrepreneur tackle a huge global problem? Keeping on purpose is key. His six P’s Founding Principles: Purpose, Passion, People, Product, Planet , Philosophy/Prosperity! He wants the world to eat healthy, nutritious and convenient authentic Vietnamese meals that uses healthy oils and gluten-free rice noodles. Naughty Noah’s has his son’s namesake and is a family recipe that Jimmy used his...


Think it All the Way to the End with guest Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber

Episode 49 – Brian is joined by Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber the Founder & Managing Director of SNR Creative. We dive into how the differentiators of her business drive her success. How the culture of her agency is built on fast execution of ideas to deliverables to their clients and how their firm is truly a full-service marketing agency. We discuss leadership and management strategies such as setting proper expectations, holding people accountable, open communication and allowing team...


Demonstrate Your Value with Elle Pierson CEO of Digital Healthcare Consultants

Elle’s journey from a nurse to a hospital administrator to entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring and informative. Elle was able to recognize how much value she was bringing as an expert in her work for the hospital. Over time she found a way to bring that to the market as a consultant. Those who are working a corporate job who are interested in going into business on there own will benefit from hearing how she gracefully and strategically exited her career and began her...


Finding Careers for Autism Candidates with Guest Jeff Miller, CEO of Potentia

Episode 48 – Brian is joined by Jeff Miller, founder and CEO of Potentia, a full service staffing firm with a passion for finding careers for candidates with autism. Learn about Jeff’s journey as an entrepreneur driven by learned skills, his passion for autism (having a child on the autism spectrum himself) and the opportunity to be in front of the wave of Neurodiversity that is starting in corporate America and will be a large part of inclusion initiatives in the years to come. Jeff’s...


Building a Business Culture with Guest Matt Umholtz

Episode 47 – Brian Interviews Founder and CEO of Paysphere Matt Umholtz. Matt founded Paysphere in 2012 with the idea that he could differentiate in his industry by not treating customers like numbers. Paysphere provides HR and payroll benefits to midsized businesses located mostly locally in Houston, TX. Along the way Matt has carefully cultivated an award-winning culture that has been recognized by the Houston Business Journal as the Best Places more than once including in 2017 when they...


What do you Need to QUIT to Live Your Best Life? With Guest Jason B Montanez

Episode 49 – Brian welcomes author and speaker Jason B Montanez. Jason will challenge you to think about what is holding you back in your life from being your best self. In January 2019, he released his second book titled “I’ve Got 99 Things to Quit And Giving Up is One.” that is a guide to self-improvement by identifying and working on things in your life that are holding you back. Jason is the self-proclaimed Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion of Quitting. While consulting, Jason had...


Diving Into Data Gumbo with Andrew Bruce

Book Recommendations: Beyond IBM by Lou Mobley, Kate McKeown


Changing the Fan Experience at Sporting Events with sEATz Co-Founder Aaron Knape

Episode 44: Brian and Laura are joined by Co-Founder of sEATz Aaron Knape, and app to get food, beverage and merchandise to fans at sporting events. Book Recommendations: The Startup Equation: A Visual Guidebook to Building Your Startup Paperback by Steve Fisher and Ja-Nae Duane Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers by Tim Ferris ...


Turning Real Estate Investing into a Property Management Empire with Steve Rozenberg

Episode 42 – We welcome Steven Rozenberg to share his journey from airline pilot to real estate investor, to property manager, to business owner, to author and public speaker. What’s most incredible is he is still doing all of those things today. As an airline pilot during the 9/11 tragedy, Steve realized that there was no certainty when working for someone else and decided to take his future into his own hands. He built up a real estate portfolio and learned a lot of what NOT to do before...


Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur with Guest John Sage

Episode 41: We welcome John Sage. You will learn from John’s experiences of building a work-from-home, multi-continent Business to Consumer #B2C company and then later adding a Business to Business #B2B model with major cruise lines. John is an entrepreneur who is the Founder and President of Accessible Travel Solutions. He manages a team of remote trip planning team […]


Do Something Bold to Shock Your System And You Might Uncover Your Passion with Guest Grady Pruitt

Episode 040 – We welcome comedian Grady Pruitt who discusses how he tried standup to shock his system and overcome his issues with anxiety. Entrepreneurs and business owners can learn so much from standup comics and vice versa. It is a hustle and a grind and failures are a big part of the experience. Learn […] The post Do Something Bold to Shock Your System And You Might Uncover Your Passion with Guest Grady Pruitt appeared first on Big Ideas Small Business Podcast.


Start Creating And Monitoring Your Own Online Show with Guest Randall Chesnutt - Big Ideas Small Business

Episode 039 – We welcome guest Randall Chesnutt. We’ll discuss how you can break through the noise with technology and digital marketing to reach your target clients with online content like videos and podcasts. Randall’s experience includes: Marketing Strategist, President & Co-founder of Spoken About, Host of Think Like A Marketer Show, Founder All-In Academy, Certified Public Speaker. Randall’s book […] The post Start Creating And Monitoring Your Own Online Show with Guest Randall...


Discover Your Brand Identity with Keith Henry - Big Ideas Small Business

Episode 38 – Keith Henry joins our podcast and we talk about the importance of establishing a strong brand identity and maintaining a positive brand image: Defining early on the vision, core values, and purpose of your company. Keith is the Creative Director at Kickstreet, a creative agency and author of the book “How to Create a Great Business Name.” Keith’s […] The post Discover Your Brand Identity with Keith Henry appeared first on Big Ideas Small Business Podcast.


Create and Monetize a Professional Networking Organization with Special Guest Freddy Goerges - Big Ideas Small Business

Episode 37 – Brian and Laura welcome guest Freddy Goerges, Influencer Marketer, Public Speaker, and Leader. You will benefit by hearing how Freddy created and grew a city-wide networking group and is able to monetize this network. We will discuss his role as an influencer and some techniques and strategies around social media marketing to grow your […] The post Create and Monetize a Professional Networking Organization with Special Guest Freddy Goerges appeared first on Big Ideas Small...


Generate a Recurring Revenue Business with guest Peter Daly-Dickson - Big Ideas Small Business

Episode 36 – Guest Peter Daly-Dickson, owner of Conquer The Chaos, is an architect and creator of effective, efficient, reliable, long term, nurturing and powerful follow-up systems in business that a) drive selling #behavior and b) increase #sales. Peter is a UK-based #Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and developer of a software called #Macanta, to help simplify and streamline the Infusionsoft interface to make […] The post Generate a Recurring Revenue Business with guest Peter...


Launching Pheramor: A Genetic-Based Dating App with CEO and Co-Founder Brittany Barreto, Ph.D - Big Ideas Small Business

Episode 35 – Brian and Laura Interview Brittany Barreto co-founder and is CEO of Pheramor, a genetic-based dating app to help find true love using your #DNA. We hope you are inspired to explore your app ideas after hearing the story of how Brittany has moved from scientist to entrepreneur as she continues to pursue her #BIGIDEA of changing how people find […] The post Launching Pheramor: A Genetic-Based Dating App with CEO and Co-Founder Brittany Barreto, Ph.D appeared first on Big Ideas...


Leading the Startup Movement in Houston with Lawson Gow - Big Ideas Small Business

Episode 34 – Brian and Laura talk take a field trip to The Cannon Houston to meet with their Founder & CEO, Lawson Gow. You’ll be inspired to think bigger when you hear how he is turning his vision to life of a startup district in West Houston anchored by a 70,000 Square Foot Co-Working Warehouse […] The post Leading the Startup Movement in Houston with Lawson Gow appeared first on Big Ideas Small Business Podcast.