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A Weekly Podcast by Business Owners for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Intrepreneurs, side-hustlers, helping you get in business and stay in business!

A Weekly Podcast by Business Owners for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Intrepreneurs, side-hustlers, helping you get in business and stay in business!


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A Weekly Podcast by Business Owners for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Intrepreneurs, side-hustlers, helping you get in business and stay in business!








Guest Misty Flanagan

Shavonnah speaks with Full-time Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, & Business & Mindset Coach Misty Flanagan.


Brad Madrid & Bobby Dwyer Founders of All Fido Dog Supplements

Brian and Shavonnah talk with Bran & Bobby the founders of the new dog supplement company All Fido ( launched as a company in 2020 they are just about to begin sales of their first products - The Chill Chew and Clear Ears. A very exciting time for a new company, we discuss all the journey that brought them to this point including product development, manufacturing, sale, marketing, partnerships, and so much more! We pack a lot in this discussion in about 30 minutes. Get...


Guest Megan Silianoff, founder of MadMeg Creative Services

Brian and Shavonnah are joined by entrepreneur and author Megan Silanoff and have an open discussion about starting and running businesses. We discuss building and working in effective teams, and uncover that we as entrepreneurs all enjoy, or at least work best, when under pressure.


Guest Ali Nasser, CEO of AltruVista

Brian is joined by Ali Nasser, Founder & CEO of AltruVista. Ali is a passionate leader and entrepreneur who shares his approach to living your best life, industry disruption (in financial servies), challenges with building wealth, culture and values and much more! A very dense conversation and relevant for any one in business!


Win-Win-Win Business Development strategies with guest Will Coleman, CEO of Alto Rideshare

Will Coleman, CEO of Alto joins Brian and Shavonnah to have an inspiring discussion about business development, differentiation, and perseverance . He is very open and honest about the struggles of launching his company in the middle of the pandemic and the strain that put on their outlook and strategic planning. He discusses being a late market entrant but not as the lower cost alternative. Plus learn about how Alto has accelerated their brand through win-win-win business development...


The Leadership Gap - Part 2: A Business Owner Panel

Brian and Shavonnah are joined by guests Jordan Harton, CEO and Founder of RISE UP Recruiting and James Brown of James Brown Jr. 360 Chief Talent Officer, International Speaker and Voice Over artist. We explore leadership in the current business and political environment. We cover topics including generational differences in the workforce, women in leadership, addressing racial discrimination and biases and much more!


The Leadership Gap - Part 1

Brian and Shavonnah discuss the leadership gap -- The business world needs strong leaders now more than ever! They explore how leaders need to adapt and change to the new business climate and provide some resources and examples drawn from their own experiences. Most importantly we are looking for you Big Idealists out there to join in on our one-hour panel to discuss the Leadership Gap. We are looking for business owners, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, sidehustlers or any other leader out...


Strategic Planning 101

Are you doing strategic annual planning for your business? If not what better time to start than now, and if you are, how are you holding yourself and your team accountable throughout the period? Hosts Brian and Shavonnah draw from their personal experiences and other resources to break down the different considerations when doing strategic annual planning. A must listen for any leader in business!


Personal Branding

Brian and Shavonnah discuss the importance of being intentional and strategic about your personal brand. They offer tactical advice based on their own experiences in how to build your own value-based personal brand foundation.


Further Faster with Best Selling Author Bill Flynn

Brian and Shavonnah interview best selling author and business coach, Bill Flynn. Bill shares his philosophies on how to grow a business starting with the distinction of if you are a startup or a scaleup. We then dive into leadership strategies, product strategies, what exactly does "strategy" even mean, and discuss the importance of being prepared for financial downturn. Bill's book, Further Faster The Vital Few Steps That Take the Guesswork out of Growth is available on Amazon or through...


Jeremy Jenson - Hiring to Business Culture not education or experience

We are joined by Jeremy Jenson CEO of Encore Search Partners, LLC discussing strategies for hiring commissioned sales people! Encore has been featured on INC 5000, Houston Business Journal Fast 100, and HBJ Best Places to Work and all more than once. so he's been doing a few things right! Join us to hear directly from him what has helped him be successful in sales leadership! #bigideas #smallbusiness #podcast #entrepreneurship #businessstrategy #sales #humanresources #salesleadership


#Winning - Sales & Business Development Keys to Success Series Kick-Off w/David Ranucci

The Big Ideas team are having a conversation with David about the characteristics of a strong sales person, how to keep selling and teams motivated in a particularly unstable environment, and much more! David is the head of Global sales for RS Energy Group and has over 25 years of sales leadership experience. #bigideas #smallbusiness #sales #busienssdevelopment #entrepreneurship


Announcing our Six part series! Being Nimble and Responsive in Rapidly Changing Environments

A call out for feedback, guests, sponsors, and other partners to help us with our six part series where each month we will cover a different topic starting in July. We will be looking at how businesses remain nimble and responsive in rapidly changing environments in these six areas each to be its own episode (1) Pricing – how to price your service, Customer Retention methods, "Big Fish" Customers– what to consider, how support, Blue Ocean – what are people not doing in your industry,...


Running a Business virtually - Maximize the effectiveness of Using Digital Platforms

Brian and Shavannah discuss running a business virtually and how to adopt and thrive with the new communication and cultural norms. We’re losing human-to-human non-verbal communication but we still have to run businesses and run the well but we are gaining flexibility and reach. We offer up ideas on how to use to maximize the effectiveness of digital platforms both internally and externally for your business operations. Tune in to learn what we mean when we say “Keep your digital door open.”


Business Survival Tips and Lessons Learned from both a Public Health and Economic Crises

Hosts Brian Gendron and Shavannah Roberts Schrieber have record a casual conversation about how small business owners can weather the storm caused by the COVID-19 national public health crisis and the economic impact. We explore the ideas of stretching cash flow and payroll including discussions about the federal assistance loan programs -- Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and strategies to address and negotiation expenses with suppliers, as well as...


Surviving the Coronavirus - Resources to Help Your Small Business

Lead, stay calm, communicate, be resourceful, be opportunistic, stay on mission, don't panic! Coronavirus and the impact it is having on our daily lives and the economy presents huge challenges for business owners but remember we are problem solvers! We talk about some tips, resources and ideas on how to get through this and come back stronger than ever! Resources: Information for Small Business Owners from the SBA.GOV website landing...


Funding Your Business with guests Heath Butler and Bobby Bryant

Season 3, Episode 2 "Funding your Business" - Brian and Shavonnah discuss different ways of coming up with the capital needed to start your business. Since they started their services businesses with their own capital and credit, they welcome guests Heath Butler Network Partner of Mercury Fund to discuss strategies for going the Venture Capital route and Bobby Bryant Founder of Ask DOSS shares his experience of starting his technology real estate company with a friends & family funding...


Finding Your Purpose in Your Business

#052 - Season 1, Episode 1 - Finding Purpose in Your Business If you are in business or thinking about starting a business, you are doing that with a goal in mind - maybe a financial goal a freedom goal or a change the world goal. So you have a goal, but is that goal tethered to a purpose? Or not? I believe you can start a business and even be successful - to a point - in that business without have a larger purpose defined. However. In this episode we cover: 1. How to identify the purpose...


Alla Nowowiejski Immigration Attorney It's all about relationships

Episode 51 - Alla started her own immigration law firm and discusses lessons learned from her first year in business including goal setting, balancing family life, and the importance of maintaining relationships. Books Alla would recommend: Man Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There are No Easy Answers


The role relationships play in the “marketing mix.” with guest Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber

Who are your top 100 relationships and why are they in your tribe? Are you leveraging those relationships to uncover new referrals? Are you referring back to them? Many people neglect to really leverage their relationships in business and we examine some ideas on how you can change that to increase your business and influence.