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Jessica Rodriguez Shares The Beauty & Pain of Creating The Life You Want

Jessica Rodriguez is the founder of The Day Dream Achiever and Business Strategist with an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven coaches and strategists increase their profits, without increasing their work hours, through scalable offers and funnels.


Stacy Brookman on Learning Resilience Through Writing

Stacy Brookman is a Resilience and Life Storytelling Expert and produces the Real Life Resilience podcast. She helps smart, outwardly confident women who secretly have low self-esteem issues due to an emotionally abusive partner take back control and begin to develop the resilience they need to be themselves again. Her free monthly webinar will give you 4 Simple, Proven Methods to Writing the First Chapter of Your Life Story in Just 7 Days....


Jacquline Long Talks About The Stress Of Doing It All Alone

Jacqueline Long is a Business Marketing Strategist & Coach, to new and aspiring coaches/entrepreneurs. She is the founder of Elevate U, Incher official brand dedicated to women achieving their greatest potential in life and business.


Samantha Murillo Gets REAL About What It's Like Being An Insta Influencer

Samantha Murillo is the host of the Sazónaita Podcast who is the field of marketing and social media in broadcast media. But that’s not where she started - Samantha has a bachelors in science for public health and a masters for management, specifically in healthcare. Her world was rocked upside down by her huge career decision, but it led her to where she is now.


Marissa Stone On Standing In Your Zone of Genius

Marissa Stone is a digital business solutions strategist. She helps high-integrity female entrepreneurs incorporate and implement new ways of working, through new technologies and methodologies. She helps them create digital marketing strategies using dynamic media tools to increase traffic, improve customer engagement and brand loyalty, and develop and optimize business processes and procedures so they can 10X their productivity and revenue. You've got this! Marissa can help!


The Aftermath: On Surviving & Rebuilding After Hurricane Florence

The last 2 weeks have been an absolute blur. They don’t feel real. It feels like a movie of someone else’s life. On the 12th of September I made the choice to pack up and leave behind my city, my husband who was required to stay and work the shelters, and my home ahead of Hurricane Florence. I was heartbroken. Evacuating was stressful. Staying in close quarters with family wore on everyone's nerves. But mostly it was the anxiety of the what if and worrying about the people who I’d left...


Mary Shores On Using Conscious Communication to Create Deeper Connections

Mary’s roller coaster life began with being abandoned at a young age and tragically losing her first child. But Mary was able to overcome life’s hurdles and turn tragedy to triumph by building an 8 figure business empire at age 24. Mary is an expert in personal development but is not a life coach; she’s a businesswoman who discovered a road map of how to get in control of your life. She truly walks her talk by generating pragmatic solutions for people who are freaking out. Mary blends...


Linda Williams- On Embracing Fear & the Unknown

Linda F. Williams, is a Certified Executive coach who shows exhausted C-Suite executives how to Increase the bottom line with less stress, less conflict and plenty of time for personal and family life. She is a trained psychotherapist, nationally recognized behaviorist and Management Consultant. She is founder of Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching & Consulting and the Award-Winning author of the Best-Seller, “Whose Apple is it, Anyway!”


Lieze Lambrecht On Getting Out of Your Own Way & Listening to Your Heart

Lieze Lambrecht is a passionate stresscoach and psychotherapist from Belgium. She is all about stress relief and stress free living. She loves helping people with mental clarity, emotional freedom and body awareness. Her biggest pleasure is seeing people grow out of their shell and take the wheel of their life in their own hands! It is such a joy to witness this process and support people on it!


Lisa Sansom -On Becoming the Leader You're Meant to Be

Lisa Sansom is the owner of LVS Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that helps to build positive organizations. In these roles, Lisa shares positive psychology tools and techniques with her clients through speaking, corporate training and coaching. Lisa has been working in Organizational Development since 2000 working at financial companies, government, education and health care. Her focus is primarily on change management, high performing teams and leadership development. Additionally,...


Susi Kaeufer On Why Mindset Matters

Susi Kaeufer is a visibility + mindset coach for female entrepreneurs who desire the freedom and flexibility to travel with an online business. Susi’s on her second tour around the world and has been a nomad for four years now. In the last year, she’s moved 49 times. Susi creates multiple five figure months from her laptop while she’s at the beach, living in luxury accomodations, or adventuring. She’s helped her clients create high-ticket offers that allows them the freedom lifestyle they...


Ep 23- Lauren Golden On How She Balances Momprenuer Life

Lauren Golden loves helping mamas free themselves from the 9-5 grind. She launched The Free Mama Movement to show working moms that they don’t have to choose between family and financial stability. Hundreds of families today are happier and more fulfilled thanks to Lauren and her online programs. Whether you’re a single mom, a military mom, or a mom in a two-parent family who doesn’t want to sacrifice your time with your babies in order to provide for them, Lauren wants you to know that you...


Ep. 22-Amy Fields- On How She is Blazing a Trail For Women in Digital Marketing

Amy began her passion for marketing while in school at Emerson College in Boston, MA. Originally a Journalism Major, she found that she enjoyed helping businesses grow, and switched over to Advertising and Public Relations. Following school she joined the series of hyper local news sites, where she met and helped many small business owners with their online presence. While getting them running on Patch, she discovered their need for help with marketing, digital marketing in...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 21- Danielle Isbell

Danielle has over 5 years of digital marketing experience focusing on local businesses. Her superpowers include Local SEO, content development, Social Media strategy, photography, and a dash of design. Originally from Seattle, WA, her and her husband just spent a year traveling, and have just recently settled in the Cincinnati area. After years at a marketing agency in Seattle, she decided to launch her own in Cincinnati to help more business owners take control over their digital presence.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 20- Laura Langheinrich

Laura helps girl boss entrepreneurs to build beautiful YouTube channels and shine bright online. As a YouTuber and host of the "Digital Diamonds Podcast", Laura empowers women to show up with their most badass self on video and create a standout personal brand online.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 19- Elle McCann

Elle McCann, owner and designer of Curious Themes web development studio, creates online classes that cover how to launch and grow Shopify stores quickly. She has been listed as a Shopify Expert for over five years and in that time has created over 150 Shopify stores. Elle is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their online business without the overwhelm.She posts daily videos on her YouTube channel that currently has over 5,000 subscribers and is growing fast. Elle lives in Nashville,...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 18- Bird Mejia

Bird Mejia uses the healing arts and her intuitive gifts and empathic, empowering energy to teach you how to unblock the patterns that have been holding you back, feel more balanced and empowered, heal your life and become your own hero.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 17- Andi Williams

Andrea Williams is a farmher and spiritual innkeeper at Rhino Acres in Magnolia, NC. She's created an incredibly supportive and nurturing all-inclusive retreat space where high performing coaches and service providers, and their clients, can feel completely nurtured and safe as they dive into the deep work that changes lives.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 16- Emily Walker

Emily Walker wants to live in a world where people teach their passion, PowerPoint karaoke isn’t a thing, and designing an online learning experience is as simple as Sunday mornings in yoga pants. As the founder of Course Wellness with Emily and the Course Wellness Podcast, she helps heart-centered entrepreneurs design online courses that support their audience through their transformative learning journey. When she’s not designing or auditing courses, you can find her cuddling with her two...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 15- Stevii Mills

Stevii was a delight to interview. I loved hearing about her leap into entrepreneurial life and why she is so passionate about helping people succeed on their own terms. Stevii is a true CEO - founder of the BEAUTY From Head To Toe Tour, PR Powerhouses and her anchor company "Just Stevii". She is also the host of "The Conversation with Stevii" on iHeart Radio and The Just Stevii Show on NFE TV. As well as the Visionary author of the bestselling books "Cultivating Your IT Factor..." and "The...