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Biz Babes with Soul Episode 21- Danielle Isbell

Danielle has over 5 years of digital marketing experience focusing on local businesses. Her superpowers include Local SEO, content development, Social Media strategy, photography, and a dash of design. Originally from Seattle, WA, her and her husband just spent a year traveling, and have just recently settled in the Cincinnati area. After years at a marketing agency in Seattle, she decided to launch her own in Cincinnati to help more business owners take control over their digital presence.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 20- Laura Langheinrich

Laura helps girl boss entrepreneurs to build beautiful YouTube channels and shine bright online. As a YouTuber and host of the "Digital Diamonds Podcast", Laura empowers women to show up with their most badass self on video and create a standout personal brand online.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 19- Elle McCann

Elle McCann, owner and designer of Curious Themes web development studio, creates online classes that cover how to launch and grow Shopify stores quickly. She has been listed as a Shopify Expert for over five years and in that time has created over 150 Shopify stores. Elle is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their online business without the overwhelm.She posts daily videos on her YouTube channel that currently has over 5,000 subscribers and is growing fast. Elle lives in Nashville,...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 18- Bird Mejia

Bird Mejia uses the healing arts and her intuitive gifts and empathic, empowering energy to teach you how to unblock the patterns that have been holding you back, feel more balanced and empowered, heal your life and become your own hero.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 17- Andi Williams

Andrea Williams is a farmher and spiritual innkeeper at Rhino Acres in Magnolia, NC. She's created an incredibly supportive and nurturing all-inclusive retreat space where high performing coaches and service providers, and their clients, can feel completely nurtured and safe as they dive into the deep work that changes lives.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 16- Emily Walker

Emily Walker wants to live in a world where people teach their passion, PowerPoint karaoke isn’t a thing, and designing an online learning experience is as simple as Sunday mornings in yoga pants. As the founder of Course Wellness with Emily and the Course Wellness Podcast, she helps heart-centered entrepreneurs design online courses that support their audience through their transformative learning journey. When she’s not designing or auditing courses, you can find her cuddling with her...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 15- Stevii Mills

Stevii was a delight to interview. I loved hearing about her leap into entrepreneurial life and why she is so passionate about helping people succeed on their own terms. Stevii is a true CEO - founder of the BEAUTY From Head To Toe Tour, PR Powerhouses and her anchor company "Just Stevii". She is also the host of "The Conversation with Stevii" on iHeart Radio and The Just Stevii Show on NFE TV. As well as the Visionary author of the bestselling books "Cultivating Your IT Factor..." and...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 14- My Story

Get ready to strap in for a CRAZY (& whoops!) long episode where I talk about my life and journey as an entrepreneur. I loved being interviewed by my BFF, Emily. I shared candidly about my struggles with depression and anxiety and the ups/downs of working for myself. I also give tips on what's worked for me as a daily routine and other business advice for newbies. I hope you enjoy and my apologies for how long winded we got :)


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 13- Sophia Hyder-Hock

I LOVED LOVED LOVED chatting with Sophia. She is SO passionate about her company Papilia and her Life Coaching business. It was a pleasure having her open up and share her life with me in this episode. Sophia Hyder Hock is the Founder/CEO of Papilia, a boutique cultural learning and development firm with a mission to “Maximize the Impact of Your Global Interactions.” She is an expert at training and coaching staff on organizational development practices tailored to optimize business...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 12- Heidi Lynne

I'm 100% serious when I say Heidi is one of my favorite people I've met through online business communities. She is a hilarious, straight shooter with a beautiful heart. I can't wait for you to get to know this amazing lady! Heidi is a world traveler currently living in Ulsan, South Korea and splitting her time between Boston and Berlin. She left her corporate Human Resources Leadership position 15 months ago to pursue a life of entrepreneurship and travel. She is now a Global HR,...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 11- Charis Dillon

I was on Charis' podcast The Good Pod several months back and I was super excited to return the favor and have her on my show. We had an awesome conversation all about the ups and downs of being a female entrepreneur and utilizing mindset work in your business. In Charis' own words: Hey, I’m Charis. I’m the founder of If you are looking for branding and web design + more, you are in the right place! I work from home or from the nearest coffee shop in Waco, TX, and I...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 10- Annika Kähler

You guys are going to absolutely LOVE hearing Annika Kähler's story. Annika was amazing to chat with and her energy and vibe was just magical to experience. I felt more confident and ready to take on the world after our conversation and I know you will too! In Annika's own words: "I had a 9-5 job that made me sick, was living the workaholic lifestyle and living at places where I didn‘t want to live! I got a burnout and depression, lost myself, didn‘t like my body and hated my life! It...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 9- Alyx Coble-Frakes

Alyx was SO fun to chat with. We had the conversation that just felt easy and fun. I so admire her tenacity and courage to keep going in the face of difficult circumstances. I really hope you enjoy the conversation with Alyx as much as I did. Alyx Coble-Frakes, founder of Fully Aligned Coaching, is a former Peace Corps Volunteer who found peace in her own body after releasing excess unwanted pounds. She is now a national speaker who helps entrepreneurs fully integrate their mind, body,...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 8- Theodora Blanchfield

I was SO excited to have my friend Theodora Blanchfield on the show to talk all about her life, her struggles with grief and mental illness, and why she's ready for this next chapter of her life to start. Our conversation was so vulnerable and real. It was a beautiful experience. I hope you enjoy hearing her heart. Theodora is a writer, social media manager, and running coach living in New York City. She runs the website The Preppy Runner.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 7- Debby Ixchel

Debby and I had an incredible conversation about following your intuition and her life as a single mum living abroad. I hope you enjoy! -Melody Spencer, host Debby Ixchel, is an intuitive leadership alchemist and yogic mentor for conscious female entrepreneurs. Next to that, she is a single mom with a gypsy soul, always wanting to explore the world both inside and out. Learn more about Debby here:


"Why Using Heart-Centered Marketing is the Secret to Success"

On this week's wrap up episode I talk about the $10k in 10 days challenge I'm doing (you can sign up for round 2 here), My thoughts on being "heart centered" in your marketing, our brand new Facebook group (come join the fun!), my new Newbie Biz Babes Mentorship Program, and more! Enjoy!


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 6- Alex Zuber

I was so happy to chat with Alex about how she is creating her own freedom based lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same. I hope you enjoy this conversation. -Melody Spencer, host Alexandra Zuber is a Certified Coach, Focus on Mindset and Freedom Lifestyle. Learn more about Alex here:,,


"The Loneliness of Depression & Anxiety"

This week I felt led to recap my week and talk briefly about depression and anxiety. I sit down with two fellow biz babes to discuss their struggles mental illness.


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 5- Sheedia Jansen

I had an absolute blast chatting with Sheedia about all things business and mindset related. I hope you enjoy our conversation! -Melody Spencer, host It took Sheedia years to finally find her purpose and create a business that she loves. Owning her own business was always the plan, but for a long time she was just trying to make money for making moneys sake. Which left her exhausted and unfulfilled. Finding out her purpose and what lit her up has helped her fall in love with life and...


Biz Babes with Soul Episode 4- Pradeepa Narayanaswamy

It is my hope that Pradeepa's story will inspire and touch your heart like it did mine. She is an amazing light in the coaching world and i cannot wait for you to get to know her. -Melody Spencer, Host Pradeepa Narayanaswamy's specialty is coaching women and couples going through infertility, families going through the adoption process and families that have just adopted a child. Partnering with her during your fertility journey can help provide you with a self-care plan to support you...