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Esther Avant On How Mind & Body Wellness Has Made Her A Better Business Owner

Esther Avant is a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. She specializes in helping altruistic women make lifestyle changes to lose weight and live their healthiest, happiest, and most confident lives so that, in turn, they can be there for others who need their help, love, and compassion. Learn more about Esther here:


Marina Barayeva: Why Taking The First Step As An Entrepreneur Is The Hardest Part

Marina Barayeva is an international portrait photographer based in Beijing, China. She is also a host of the Marketing for Creatives show where she talks to the experts about how to market a creative business so you can do the work you love and be a successful entrepreneur. Always busy with creative projects, she organized and hosted an online conference Lady-Photographer, a charity fashion show called ‘New Year Queen’ and was a part of the Art Project for Beijing Design Week.


Melissa Guller On Stepping Into Leadership Roles & Letting Your Personality Shine Through

Melissa Guller is on a mission to empower more people to earn money doing work they love. Melissa is the Head of Special Projects at Teachable, an online tool that allows anyone to create and sell their own online courses. She’s been a top-rated instructor at General Assembly NYC for almost three years, and she currently has over 1000 students enrolled in her online course, "What Great Managers Do Differently." Melissa is also the host of Figuring It Out, a weekly podcast for anyone...


Shannon DePalma On Money, Mindset, & Getting Out of Your Own Head

Shannon DePalma is a Money Mindset Mentor for High Level Female Entrepreneurs. Learn more about her here:


Diana Bianchi On Mixing The Scientific With The Soulful

From her physics training to her coaching practice as an Intuitive Business Coach two things happened for Diana Bianchi: transformation and passion. She's now on a mission to put entrepreneurs in the center of their zone of genius and make them fall in love again with their business by teaching them create it as a playground of self expression. Learn more about Diana here:


Infusing Your Life & Business With A Grateful Heart

On today's very special bonus episode we're talking all about gratitude and how myself and 3 other female entrepreneurs utilize a gratitude practice in their lives. You can learn more about Carla Birnberg here: You can learn more about Lauren Pibsworth here: You can learn more about Kate Frank here: My Black Friday weekend deals: Offer 1: I will be re-opening the doors to my podcasting course which will...


Shelley Rael On Health, Happiness & Going Your Own Way

Shelley Rael, MS RDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 1999. Having worked in the area of wellness and disease prevention for 13 years in worksite wellness, Shelley has her how private practice where she helps people have more energy through food and physical activity, so they can have more sustainable energy. No gimmicks – no supplements – just the food you eat.


Ashleigh Rae: Zeroing In On The Shame & Guilt Of Being A Female Entrepreneur

Ashleigh Rae runs a small VA business with her partner Scotty, she specializes in Podcasting while Scotty is a Mail Chimp whiz. Together, they have two podcasts - The Virtually Awesome Podcast for podcasting, business and VA's, and RECOVERY, a unique podcast dedicated to bringing all the issues that touch on sexual violence to light.


Bella Vasta On Creating Time For YOU & How To Stand Out Online

Bella has been a trailblazer in the pet sitting industry consulting with multi million dollar companies all the way to hundreds of small businesses. She is an author, podcast host, blogger, and been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, NPR, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post. After the birth of her micro-preemie daughter, Bella sold her pet sitting business and now lives out her passion to inspire, motivate, and challenge business owners through her speaking, coaching, and consulting.


Julie Morgenlender On Helping Women Remove the Shame From Money

Julie is a Financial Freedom Coach, working with women and their partners to crush their debt, build their savings, and finance their dreams. She can be found at and


Pamela Hilliard Owens on Rolling with The Punches & Pushing Past Fear in Your Business

Pamela Owens has an extensive background in producing various types of copy and documents for her business clients worldwide. I write on a wide range of topics and approach each project as an opportunity to research, explore and learn. Her goal is to help my clients make the most positive and polished presentation of their ideas. Her clientele includes individuals and businesses from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K, and ten other countries.


Thea Orozco Teaches Introverted Women How To Stand In Their Power

Thea Orozco is a business mindset coach and visibility strategist for introverts. She helps introverts gain the confidence to create a social media fan base in a way that feels fun and interesting, and not overwhelming.


Toini Halle On Dropping Your Emotional Baggage To Allow For Success

Toini Halle is a passionate abundance coach, optimistic entrepreneur + devoted soul searcher. She is a trained NLP coach, Mindfulness Instructor, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga teacher + I am also a trained Rising Star Healing System practitioner. More on Toini here:


Jessie Kavanaugh on Using Mindset to Crush It As a Biz Owner & Parent

Jessie is a Mindset Coach and Mama Mentor for Mamas with a burnig for MORE. She is in the business of helping women retrain their brains, reignite their passions and organise the hell out of their lives so that they can create a life they love; filled with passion, purpose, abundance and joy. .


Nichole Carlson On Pushing Past Fear & Making Big Changes

Nichole works with 6 and 7 figure earners who are successful, yet still struggling with stress, anxiety and overwhelm and inside they feel like they are barely holding it together. Nichole flips a switch to help them break through in business, bring back the passion in their relationships, and give them the energy so they won’t burn out.


Jessica Rodriguez Shares The Beauty & Pain of Creating The Life You Want

Jessica Rodriguez is the founder of The Day Dream Achiever and Business Strategist with an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven coaches and strategists increase their profits, without increasing their work hours, through scalable offers and funnels.


Stacy Brookman on Learning Resilience Through Writing

Stacy Brookman is a Resilience and Life Storytelling Expert and produces the Real Life Resilience podcast. She helps smart, outwardly confident women who secretly have low self-esteem issues due to an emotionally abusive partner take back control and begin to develop the resilience they need to be themselves again. Her free monthly webinar will give you 4 Simple, Proven Methods to Writing the First Chapter of Your Life Story in Just 7 Days....


Jacquline Long Talks About The Stress Of Doing It All Alone

Jacqueline Long is a Business Marketing Strategist & Coach, to new and aspiring coaches/entrepreneurs. She is the founder of Elevate U, Incher official brand dedicated to women achieving their greatest potential in life and business.


Samantha Murillo Gets REAL About What It's Like Being An Insta Influencer

Samantha Murillo is the host of the Sazónaita Podcast who is the field of marketing and social media in broadcast media. But that’s not where she started - Samantha has a bachelors in science for public health and a masters for management, specifically in healthcare. Her world was rocked upside down by her huge career decision, but it led her to where she is now.


Marissa Stone On Standing In Your Zone of Genius

Marissa Stone is a digital business solutions strategist. She helps high-integrity female entrepreneurs incorporate and implement new ways of working, through new technologies and methodologies. She helps them create digital marketing strategies using dynamic media tools to increase traffic, improve customer engagement and brand loyalty, and develop and optimize business processes and procedures so they can 10X their productivity and revenue. You've got this! Marissa can help!