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Prioritize with Pros and Cons of Social Media Channels

Social media is easily overwhelming and an ongoing waste of time - unless you know the best places to invest your time and energy to reach YOUR people, clients, and readers. We'll take a look at the pros and cons of the following social media channels so you can choose the best places for your work: - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn Let's talk Business and Books strategies to help you grow as a conscious + awake entrepreneur, author, solopreneur, healer, or anyone...


5 Essential Channels for Your Online Platform

Your online presence postures your business + books to people around the world who are looking for you - but is it as strong as it could be? It is easy to be overwhelmed by everything we need to accomplish in a week - muchless in a single day - and you can forget essential components that bolster your onlinen profile. In this show, Molly will share with you 5 Online Essentials you need in place these days to ensure you are maximizing and optimizing your online presence. Get the free...


Heads Up On Common Mistakes Made By Authors and Solopreneurs

Save yourself from unnecessary stress or setbacks by listening to the tips I have for you in this week's show. I have learned many things the hard way, and sometimes on the longer path, so I hope this show gives you valuable information you can use for your author career and entrepreneurial spirit. I cover a number of areas in this episode, including: ExpectationsTime commitmentsInvesting moneyFiguring it out all by yourselfRemaining flexibleThe importance of experimentation New show for...


Business Clean-Up and New Priorities

Time to get clear about your 2018 business priorities and clean up what needs your attention in a new year. In this show, we'll look at a few simple and effective steps you can take to ensure your business and online presence is in top shape right now. Be sure to listen to the episode on 2018 Business Trends to help you focus on what is important right now. New video on my unconventional writing style over on my new FB page, too - watch here! Watch more videos and guidance at:...


Why Do I Feel So Uncomfortable Promoting My Work?

Have you ever struggled with sharing your work and books in the world? Yep - it's normal to feel that way, especially if it's a new venture or you're just figuring out the style that works for you. And even if you have been doing this for awhile, you may still hate promoting your business because it's just not your thing. I have guidance for you in this show to approach promotion in a different way that will hopefully alleviate some anxiety and change your feelings about putting yourself out...


2018 Business Trends

What trends are emerging for authors and entrepreneurs in 2018? Let's take a look at what is most likely to increase in popularity, decrease in effectiveness, and bring in more results from your target market. Hear what is taking off and how you can make the most of these options. I'll share with you 12 specific trends I foresee as more people begin publishing their books and building up their businesses online. Videos, webinars, and more resources at New show for...


Sales Conversion Tactics: The Con, The Hustle, The Exaggerations

How do you present, market, and sell your offerings with value? There are a number of approaches people use to convert their leads into sales, and yet you may not be aware of what is really happening under the surface of these tactics. We'll look at various approaches to getting people's money, including The Con, The Hustle, and The Exaggerations that are commonly used online. I'll share with you examples of each of these approaches, plus help you get clearer on how you want to genuinely...


Should I Quit My Full-Time Job To Be An Entrepreneur or Author?

Making a career change from one job to your dream profession is exciting - yet very practical concerns arise during the transition, too. I'll share with you a few important considerations to keep in mind before taking the leap so you are well prepared and realistic about how it can line up for you. Good tips for authors, healers, guides and new entrepreneurs! New show for awake and conscious entrepreneurs, authors, healers, experts, and teachers! Inspiring, real world...


Why Is Everyone Else Doing Better Than Me?

Does it appear that "everyone else" is making more money, increasing their email list subscribers, hitting the highest numbers, and succeeding easily right now? The Comparison Game is rampant these days, and yet there are mindful ways to stop it in its tracks. It is important to remain present and powerful in what YOU are doing - and to understand that all that glitters is not gold out there. I'll share with you ways to validate what you are doing and turn your attention away from what...


Validation and Vulnerability In Your Business

Validation may be an obvious need at times, but why would you be vulnerable in your business? Because times are changing, people have different expectations (often unconscious), and there are key reasons for allowing people to see - and feel - the real you. We'll discuss how validation and vulnerability are linked together and can be unconscious drivers of what you're doing. You can be vulnerable in the wrong ways, unfortunately, so listen as I guide you with easy tips for harnassing your...


Who Are You In Business For?

Going into business for yourself can bring up a lot of feelings - excitement, pride, anxiety, uncertainty, freedom, and much more. Yet the foundation of your work and offerings are utlimately rooted in YOU -- which brings up the quesion, "WHO are you in business for?" We'll discuss and explore some areas for you to consider to ensure you're strong and clear. Inspiring, real world stories every week about clients, readers, business and books to support building your dream career. We'll...


Is It Personal or Is It Business?

Yes – it’s both personal and business. Family matters, whether conscious or unconscious, can reign supreme for anyone building up a business or their books on their own because it’s the template of your personal energy that you bring to the work. This show is a psychological deep dive into a colleague of mine and how his online business ventures only highlighted family dynamics and the unhealthy roles people were playing in his world. As he came into greater awareness, he also came into...


My Integrity Is Not For Sale

What does integrity mean to you? Your business and books will put you to the test around those boundaries and a definition that works for you. In this episode, I share one of my personal stories of telling an influential and wealthy client that his request was out of alignment with my integrity. Plus, we'll talk about paid book reviews and what decisions are best for your projects. These are not clean and clear cut tests or the obvious paths… these are the tangled up issues that ask us to...


Are You Strong Enough To Be An Entrepreneur or Indie Author?

Are you emotionally, mentally, and energetically strong enough to work for yourself? You may WANT to work for yourself, but do you have what it takes? If your business or books are out in the world, people look to you for your expertise, which puts you in a leadership role in some capacity. Even more is required from you than you may initially realize, so we'll get to some key points of developing your strength to ensure you're set for the long-haul. A free self-leadership webinar, plus...


Commitment and Confidence: 2 Entrepreneurs' Journeys

Should you keep going or call it a day with your business's direction? In this podcast, I share with you 2 real world experiences from 2 of my clients as they faced tough questions around commitment and confidence. I hope these stories help you check in with your own direction, motivation, and what you really, truly believe at a core level. These are never the easy questions - but they count BIG TIME when you are building your business + books. Let's talk Business and Books strategies to...


How To Fail-Fast and Why It Is Essential

Are you thinking, "fail-fast?! No thank you - I'll pass on that!!" Of course -- we all want to avoid failing in business or with our books. But it is important to know what "fail-fast" means - and why is it so very-very important right now. In this show, I'll explain the "fail-fast" concept, why it works FOR you, and how to approach your offerings with new expectations so you can create better results. Subscribe to this new podcast that is designed to support solopreneurs, entrepreneurs,...


Sales Process Guidance with 3 Lead Types

Whether you are looking for clients or readers, you need to know about the sales process that drives people to say YES to you. We'll talk about the 3 types of leads that you will encounter as you share your business + books with a growing audience. Plus, I'll share how to be aware of when others are trying to sell to you so you can determine - objectively - what an effective sales strategy experience is (hello, someone relatable and honest) and what is not (yikes, those dang solicitors in...