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Don't Fall for These Marketing Myths!

GrowBiz Media CEO and Founder Rieva Lesonsky walks us through seven deadly marketing myths and explains why you do need to have a marketing campaign, which method of advertising is an absolute must, why trying to reach as many people as possible is not necessarily a good idea, and why having a secure, professional website is vital.


Better Business Planning

While business agility and adaptability are sometimes valued more than traditional business planning these days, don't be fooled. Business planning is just as important but it can also be done much more simply than many existing and aspiring business owners realize. Palo Alto Software founder and "Lean Business Planning" author Tim Berry explains why you need a business plan, what it needs to include, why it doesn't have to take a long time to put together, and how to use it to make your...


How to Divorce-Proof Your Business

Very few people expect their marriage to end in divorce, but it does happen and the financial punch for business owners can be severe if they are not prepared. Matrimonial law attorney Jacqueline Newman explains how to protect yourself and your business from divorce before you ever tie the knot and what options remain if you're already married.


Why Cybersecurity Matters: Every Business is a Target

CyberScout founder Adam Levin explains why cybersecurity requires constant vigilance from business owners and that running a smaller business doesn't make you any less of a target from hackers and thieves. Levin explains why internal communication is vital in warding off new threats and how business owners who are not tech savvy can stay on top of the issue.


How Hackers Can Compromise Your Business

CyberScout Founder and Chairman Adam Levin explains why all business owners need to develop a "culture of privacy" to protect their finances and sensitive information from business identity theft. Levin walks us through ten different ways businesses can be compromised, specific steps to guard against hackers, and what to do if your business is compromised.


Five Fatal Business Mistakes

HJR Global CEO Harrison Rogers has built several successful businesses and is now considered one of the top young entrepreneurs in America. Rogers walks us through his journey from struggling high school student to stunning business success. He also shares several painful lessons he has learned along the way and how applying them can benefit your business.


How to Scale Your Business

Pinnacle Global Network CEO Allison Maslan explains why businesses owners should be looking to scale their operations, whether they're looking to be a global competitor or a regional success. She then walks us through the five phases of scaling, taking us from the formation of a company to a business structure that delegates many responsibilities to your most trusted subordinates.


Knowing Customs Key to Business Success

Dean Foster, founder of DFA Intercultural Global Solutions and author of "Bargaining Across Borders," explains how knowing traditions and customs in other parts of the world can be the beginning of successful working relationships and how not knowing those things can ruin your efforts before you even begin How can an introduction or an exchange of business cards be a plus or minus for you and how will people in other countries expect you to negotiate? Join us as Dean shares helpful tips from...


How the Government is Helping Small Businesses Compete Globally

House Small Business Committee Chairman Rep. Steve Chabot explains how the recent tax legislation and federal efforts to roll back regulations are putting American businesses on a much stronger footing both at home and abroad. Chabot also admits what could have been done better in the the tax bill and details what his committee is doing to beef up cybersecurity and what services the government offers to help businesses guard against cyber attacks.


7 Steps to Product Launch Success with Jeannette McClennan

Jeannette McClennan, president and founder of the McClennan Group and author of "Innovators Anonymous: Seven Steps to Get Your Product Off the Ground," walks us through the keys to bringing a new concept to market while avoiding the grief, disorganization, and wasted money that is so often part of the process. McClennan explains the value in studying your future competitors and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. She also tells how embracing metrics and low-budget prototypes...


Best Practices for Attorneys Conducting International Transactions

Working on clients’ international deals can bring a host of unexpected challenges. Plan for success by anticipating the differences and building them into your deal timeline and workflow. Global Services Expert Bianca Erb discusses the importance of careful planning, respecting cultural differences, and working with an experienced team (on the ground) in multiple countries. A corporate service provider can serve as your single point of contact to simplify a complex, multi-country deal. A...


What Law Firms Can Do to Stand Out in Today’s Environment

Jordan Furlong, principle at Law 21 and author of "Law Is A Buyer's Market: Building A Client-First Law Firm," explains the biggest challenges for law firms in 2018. He says workloads are stagnating for law firms due to potential clients getting more and more routine work done through alternative legal services providers. Furlong explains how law firms can win back that business, and it all starts with listening to the clients.


Important Considerations for Naming Your Business

Lori Ann Fox, regional and government relations attorney for CT Corporation, joins us to discuss the most important factors in choosing a name for your business and the legal steps you must follow to secure and protect that name. Fox explains the due diligence required to determine if a name is available and how to navigate naming issues when expanding to another state.


Insights on Establishing and Maintaining Your LLC or Corporation

Tamara Kling, regional and government relations attorney at CT Corporation, explains the importance of establishing your formal business entity and how to determine whether becoming a corporation or a limited liability company is best for you and your business. Kling also details how to formalize your entity, how to expand into other states, and to keep up with compliance requirements.


Insights on Establishing and Maintaining Your LLC or Corporation

Tamara Kling, regional and government relations attorney at CT Corporation, explains the importance of establishing your formal business entity and how to determine whether becoming a corporation or a limited liability company is best for you and your business. Kling also details how to formalize your entity, how to expand into other states, and to keep up with compliance requirements.


Organizational Charts Provide Advantages for Corporations

CT Corporation Senior Product Manager Jace Harker explains what organizational charts are and why they are so helpful to businesses. Harker says the more complex a business gets with respect to subsidiaries and other developments within the organization, the more vital it is to have an up-to-date chart. He also urges business leaders to take advantage of cutting edge tools to keep the charts accurate.


How TerraCycle Grew a Purpose-Driven Business to Run on an International Scale

During his last year in college, Tom Szaky began to question why garbage exists and why some products are recyclable and others aren’t. What he found was economics and the value of materials determined what could be reused. He founded TerraCycle in an effort to recycle the unrecyclable. He now operates in 21 countries and continues to grow without competition. By partnering with others to reuse materials such as cigarette butts and ocean plastics, he’s built an entire business that not only...


Business License Considerations for Restaurants

Alexis Brachel, senior manager in business licenses at CT Corporation, walks us through the different licenses needed to open a restaurant and the lengthy process required to get those licenses before you open the doors. Brachel also offers tips on the proper approach to licensing when opening new locations or undergoing a change in ownership.


The Power of Social Media and Content Marketing

Egg Marketing President Susan Guillory discusses the most effective way to attract new customers through social media engagement and providing articles or other content that demonstrate your expertise to prospective clients.


The Benefits of Doing Business in Delaware

Alan Stachura, senior manager of government relations at CT Corporation, shares several reasons why it is advantageous for businesses large and small to set up shop in Delaware. Stachura discusses the attractiveness of Delaware's business entity law, its unique and helpful court system, and the simplicity of compliance with state laws and regulations.