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What Law Firms Can Do to Stand Out in Today’s Environment

Jordan Furlong, principle at Law 21 and author of "Law Is A Buyer's Market: Building A Client-First Law Firm," explains the biggest challenges for law firms in 2018. He says workloads are stagnating for law firms due to potential clients getting more and more routine work done through alternative legal services providers. Furlong explains how law firms can win back that business, and it all starts with listening to the clients.


Important Considerations for Naming Your Business

Lori Ann Fox, regional and government relations attorney for CT Corporation, joins us to discuss the most important factors in choosing a name for your business and the legal steps you must follow to secure and protect that name. Fox explains the due diligence required to determine if a name is available and how to navigate naming issues when expanding to another state.


Insights on Establishing and Maintaining Your LLC or Corporation

Tamara Kling, regional and government relations attorney at CT Corporation, explains the importance of establishing your formal business entity and how to determine whether becoming a corporation or a limited liability company is best for you and your business. Kling also details how to formalize your entity, how to expand into other states, and to keep up with compliance requirements.


Organizational Charts Provide Advantages for Corporations

CT Corporation Senior Product Manager Jace Harker explains what organizational charts are and why they are so helpful to businesses. Harker says the more complex a business gets with respect to subsidiaries and other developments within the organization, the more vital it is to have an up-to-date chart. He also urges business leaders to take advantage of cutting edge tools to keep the charts accurate.


How TerraCycle Grew a Purpose-Driven Business to Run on an International Scale

During his last year in college, Tom Szaky began to question why garbage exists and why some products are recyclable and others aren’t. What he found was economics and the value of materials determined what could be reused. He founded TerraCycle in an effort to recycle the unrecyclable. He now operates in 21 countries and continues to grow without competition. By partnering with others to reuse materials such as cigarette butts and ocean plastics, he’s built an entire business that not...


The Benefits of Doing Business in Delaware

Alan Stachura, senior manager of government relations at CT Corporation, shares several reasons why it is advantageous for businesses large and small to set up shop in Delaware. Stachura discusses the attractiveness of Delaware's business entity law, its unique and helpful court system, and the simplicity of compliance with state laws and regulations.


The Keys to Doing the Deal Right

Ian Bone, senior manager of strategy and innovation at CT Corporation, walks us through the most most important elements of successfully completing important deals, such as mergers, spinoffs, and financial agreements. Ian explains how make your proposal attractive to potential partners, how strategic planning can make the dealmaking process go much more smoothly, and how to handle those last-minute issues that could derail a deal at the last minute.


Special Purpose Entity/Vehicles Defined and Why They’re Important

Learn what SPVs and SPEs are, when to use them, and the benefits and risks associated with each.


Applying the Science of Kindness to Business

Kindness Hall Founder Allen Hecht explains how kindness or "mindfulness" towards others can not only have an impact on society but on how employers interact with employees and how businesses treat customers. Hecht also cites a tremendous amount of business research to confirm how simple but purposeful kindness can make a big difference in the successof a business.


Tackling Construction Business License Compliance

Alexis Brachel, senior manager in business licenses, governance and risk compliance at CT Corporation, walks us through the steps of ensuring compliance is securing a construction business license. She explains the compliance required when expanding a business, reorganizing at your existing site, and keeping up with changing rules.


The Art of Naming Your New Business

Tungsten Branding President Phillip Davis offers his expertise on how to name your new business in a way that conveys a clear message and leaves people wanting to know more about it. Noting that a business name should be a "conversation starter versus a conversation stopper," Davis walks us through his decision to name his own business and offers several tips on what to avoid when choosing a name. Finally, he explains how to determine if anyone else has the name you have in mind for your...


How to Start a Non-Profit

National Association of Non-Profits President Blair Anderson tells us how starting a non-profit differs from launching a traditional business, the tax implications to keep in mind, and how to register your non-profit. Once your business is formed, Anderson explains how you’ll also need to consider your business plan, management structure, and roles and responsibilities.


Performing UCC Search Due Diligence: Uncovering Liens That Can Affect Your Deal

Bill Moore, senior manager of transactional business consultants and law firm sales for CT Corporation, walks us through how to conduct due diligence before submitting a Uniform Commercial Code filing Specifically, Moore explains how to find any outstanding liens that could complicate the deal and what business owners and lenders should do if they find some surprises


Why Your Business Should Expand to Canada

If you’re looking to expand your business beyond the U.S, Canada is an excellent choice, due to similarities in business regulations and ease of navigating the requirements necessary to set up shop north of the border. Traci Houck of CT Corporation talks about why companies should consider Canadian expansion and how to get started.


How Regulations Impact Your Business

Small Business and Entrepreneur Council President and CEO Karen Kerrigan joins us to discuss how existing and aspiring small business owners should approach the regulations imposed on them by all levels of government. Kerrigan explains how to factor the time and money needed for compliance and what resources will make your life easier. She also details why she sees the federal regulatory environment getting more favorable to business owners and what challenges still remain.


What Does Entity Management Mean for Your Business?

Entity management is essential to the health of your business, whether you’re a small company or a large corporation overseeing multiple entities. CT’s Business Compliance Consultant Sharon Carroll explains some of the basics of entity management, the role it plays in an organization, and how to best manage compliance responsibilities.


What's Behind the Boomer Business Boom?

Jeff Williams, chief coach at Bizstarters, a company focusing on the explosive growth of baby boomers starting new businesses after age 50. Williams explains why the number of new business owners who are 50 and older is soaring and why they tend to be more successful than their younger counterparts. He also walks through some of the challenges unique to starting a business later in life and how to decide if this is a good idea for you.


Forming Your Small Business – Choosing an Entity

When thinking about all you need to do to start your new business, researching the proper business entity might not be at the top of your list, but it should be. Lori Ann Fox, government relations and regional attorney at CT Corporation, details why it is vital for new businesses to establish a formal entity. Fox explains the different types of entities and how to choose the right fit for your business. She also details how the different entities could impact your tax bill and what sort of...


The Keys to a Launching a Successful Online Business

The good news is you can start an online business within hours. The bad news is that anyone else can do it too, so how can you prepare for success? Small Biz Lady Melinda Emerson explains why a good business plan is the best place to start and what priorities ought to be in that plan. Emerson also points out where to find help for establishing your formal business entity and taking care of other important legal requirements. She also offers advice on how to stand out from the crowd by...


Tips for Post-Merger Success

You've finalized a business merger, but how do you determine how successful it is? CT Corporation Client Relationship Manager Mike Malkowski walks us through the process of evaluating the effectiveness of a new merger and explains how effective communication is one of the keys to a smooth transition. He also explains how the right preparation before the merger makes the implementation less daunting.


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