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Insights and actionable advice for Etsy Shops from hosts Richie, Gordon, and Kevin of Marmalead. Lessons learned, seller Q&A, and guest chats with shops are all things you can look forward to on Etsy Jam. Tune in if you're ready to take your shop to the next level!

Insights and actionable advice for Etsy Shops from hosts Richie, Gordon, and Kevin of Marmalead. Lessons learned, seller Q&A, and guest chats with shops are all things you can look forward to on Etsy Jam. Tune in if you're ready to take your shop to the next level!
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Insights and actionable advice for Etsy Shops from hosts Richie, Gordon, and Kevin of Marmalead. Lessons learned, seller Q&A, and guest chats with shops are all things you can look forward to on Etsy Jam. Tune in if you're ready to take your shop to the next level!






Top 5 Asked Etsy Seller Questions with Lisa from Marmalead

Do you have an A listing in Marmalead and still aren’t seeing more sales? Are you wondering what’s up with Etsy’s latest changes? Do you wonder how long it takes to see results after making changes to your listings? Lisa from Marmalead joins us today to answer these pressing questions and MORE! Stick around and get to know Lisa a bit better and hear the top 5 questions Etsy Sellers ask about Etsy and Marmalead.


Are You Running a Business or an Expensive Hobby? Price the Right Way With Danielle from the Merriweather Council

Are you running a business or just an expensive hobby? Danielle from The Merriweather Council joins us for part 2 of our 2 part series where we talk all about pricing. Make sure your listings and shop is set up for maximum sales and success. Danielle shares some great tips about overcoming the hobbyist mentality, finding the best price point, and what you should do about discounts in your shop.


Making the Most of Your Web Presence with Danielle from The Merriweather Council

In this Etsy Jam, the guys chat with Danielle from The Merriweather Council who joins us for part 1 of a 2 part series. Today we hear Danielle’s story about how she got started as an Etsy seller. We also talk to her about how you as an online seller can make the most of your web presence and attract an even larger audience than just your immediate shopper base.


Reach Your Goals Through Mental Toughness

When people exercise it’s usually to improve their physical strength but today we’re going to talk about some interesting ways to improve your mental strength. It can have a huge impact on your attitude, habits and performance. If that alone isn’t enough to peak your interest, the points we are about to cover were originally organized by a former FBI agent. She says these three mental toughness tools can produce the right attitude to move everyone toward success.


Long Tail Strategies to Tickle Your Fancy

Today Richie and Gordon talk in depth about long tail keywords. They cover questions like: What exactly are longtail keywords? Why should I use them in my shop? How do I find good longtail keywords and how do I apply them to my listings? Stick around for some sweet longtail goodness on this episode of Etsy Jam.


Saying NO to almost everything

How would you like to reach your business goals FASTER by doing LESS? Well, that’s exactly what Richie and I will be talking about today. We’re going to help you make sure your business isn’t flying in circles but instead heading straight for the sweet destination you intend to reach. If your interest is peaked and you’re ready to take a closer look at your daily to-do list, stick around for another Episode of Etsy Jam.


Tips for the Common Etsy Shop with Lisa the Shop Doc

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Lisa the Shop Doc. Lisa has helped many Etsy sellers with their shops and put together a list of her top tips. We chat with Lisa about how she got started, her inspiration for the Shop Doc name, and of course her tips! Stick around to see if your shop has an opportunity for Etsy help from the Shop doc!


The Power of SHOPPER Keywords

Today we are going to do a deep dive into the biggest changes to Marmalead - REAL Etsy shopper data. We’ll talk about what it is, why we’re using it, what it means for you as an Etsy seller, and even cover a couple tips about the best way to use it for your Etsy SEO. Stick around for this episode of Etsy Jam!


What the HUGE Set of Marmalead Updates Means for You

We’ve got some big announcements for you this week! We’ve released a bunch of changes to Marmalead and we’re going to walk you step by step through all the updates. These updates definitely make Marmalead the best Etsy keyword tool for finding the best keywords! Just like Steven Tyler, you’re not gonna miss a thing. Stay tuned for part 2 of this series where we’ll do a deep dive into our biggest announcement - REAL Etsy shopper keyword search volume and why it’s the most important thing...


What Do Customers Think of Your Etsy Shop? With Carly from PendantPlaceStore

They say you can get a good look at a T-bone steak by….oh never mind. But you CAN get a good look at a shop by experiencing it from a customer’s perspective. And that’s exactly what our guest Carly from PendantPlaceStore did this last holiday season. Stick around to hear the things she loved about shopping at other Etsy shops and the things she...well...didn’t love as much!


How to Parent Yourself with Carly from PendantPlaceStore

Do you have a secret technique for staying focused on your shop and keeping life’s relentless onslaught of distractions from tugging you off course? In this episode we chat with Carly from PendantPlaceStore about how she parents herself by holding herself accountable for the things she knows she needs to get done. We also talk about how she’s iterated through different Etsy shops, her experiences with promoted listings, and more! Join us next week for part 2 of the conversation with Carly...


The Secret Promotion 99% of Etsy Shops Are Missing with Julianne from TheGarterGirl

Are you taking advantage of this GREAT opportunity that Etsy provides to all sellers free of charge? With about 30 million active shoppers, Etsy brings a huge audience to your doorstep if your SEO is lined up, but if you want to go above and beyond and pull in even MORE customers, Julianne from TheGarterGirl is here to tell you exactly how you can make that happen. Stick around to learn all you can about affiliate marketing on Etsy in this week’s Etsy Jam!


Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Your Etsy Shop Featured on a Blog with Julianne from TheGarterGirl: Part 1

Get ready for two awesome back-to back episodes with Julianne from TheGarterGirl. In this episode, Julianne talks with us about blogging, staying in your niche, the importance of great photos, and more! Then next week, in part 2, we will take a deep dive and explore affiliate marketing, a promotional opportunity available to ALL Etsy sellers that hardly anyone is taking advantage of. Continue reading for the first installment of this two part Jam!


It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Shop with Paula from CLNandDRTY

Is your shop a side hustle or a full-time focus? When will you cross the threshold into your newly built handmade or vintage business? This week we talk with Paula from CLNandDRTY about when that time came for her, the decisions she made which helped set herself up for success, one of the top simple things she does to nourish a healthy community and some tricks she’s found to help overcome the challenges she’s faced with time and money. Sit back and crank up the volume for another great...


Get Picky with Your Time with Caitlin from MoxieAndOliver

Like most Etsy sellers, you probably have a ton of things competing for your time. How well do you defend it? How picky are you about where you sell online and what shows you go to? This week we chat with Caitlin from MoxieAndOliver about some key decisions she’s made to defend her time. Caitlin talks about leaving her full time job, being diligent about where she sells online, what shows she participates in and how she found and hired her assistant. Join Caitlin, Richie and Gordon for...


The ~ BEST - Way, to : Separate / Your | Title // Keywords

How do you like to break up the keywords in your listing titles? In this episode Richie and Gordon chat about the most popular keyword delimiters among sellers and share a sweet suggestion for which one will give you the BEST results for Etsy’s SEO. Find out if you are missing out on ranking for hidden keywords in your title. This is one Etsy Jam you don’t want to miss.


If You Listen to One Holiday Episode Let It Be This

The Holidays are fast approaching. Is your shop ready? Join us as we follow a fresh Facebook holiday guide and make it relevant to Etsy sellers. Get a better understanding of timing, audience, engagement and delivery so that you can prepare your shop for success.


Turn Your Shop Around with Positive Outlook with Mavis Stevens from MissMavisFunHouse

Would you believe you could land more sales at your shop just by having a more positive outlook? This week we chat with Mavis Stevens from MissMavisFunHouse. She tells us how having a more positive view completely shifted the success of her shop. Mavis also talks about consistency, photos, meeting her assistant in a cemetery, showing gratitude and MORE!


SEO for One-of-a-Kind Sellers with Tara Jacobsen

Are you or do you know a vintage or one-of-a-kind seller on Etsy? Feeling a little forgotten by Etsy’s last round of sales, leaders in the Etsy space, and online seller groups? Well boy do we have an episode that’s tailor made JUST for you. Tara Jacobsen from Marketing Artfully and So Glamorously Vintage joins us today to cover everything you need to know about vintage and one-of-a-kind SEO. Tara is a true leader in the SEO space - she’s joined us before on the podcast - and we are super...


Lose Your Big Buts with Kara from A Cake To Remember

Are you spending too much time worrying about things you can’t control? Falling into the trap of blaming Etsy? This week we talk with Kara from A Cake To Remember about the things you CAN control. Kara covers a great list of ways to make sure your listings stay active on Etsy. She also talks about some of the common problems she’s seen on the Etsy forums when sellers are complaining about having low sales, and what they could do to get rid of their big buts.