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#53: John Bale on veterans, changing perceptions and how to build a movement

In Episode 53 Phil speaks with John Bale, CEO and Co-Founder of Soldier On, a Not-For-Profit established after he discovered a severe lack of support for veterans (and their families) who discharged after sustaining injuries during their service. John served in the Australian Army for 12 years and finished his career as a Chief of Army Scholar writing on the de-stigmatisation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Australian Army. He was state finalist for 2014 Young Australian of the...


#52: Overcoming Vulnerability Thanks To Hairy MacLary

Most parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles know of Hairy Maclary. For the uninitiated, Hairy is a fictitious dog who lives at a dairy and embarks on adventures with his friends. Each story is playfully illustrated, written in rhythmic verse and begs the reader to deliver each page with theatrical enthusiasm. I owe a great deal to New Zealand author Dame Lynley Dodd, the creator of this great character. An embarrassing realisation My introduction to Hairy Maclary took place when our...


#51: Matt Parry on launching fast moving consumer goods into the USA & managing the pains of a high growth venture

In episode 51 Phil speaks with Australian entrepreneur Matt Parry who founded a brand that is taking on Pringles around the world. The Good Crisp Company launched in the US market in early 2017 as the premium and natural Pringle alternative. Today Matt's product is in over 3,000 supermarkets, one of the top ten fastest growing brands in Whole Foods stores and on track to do over $5M in sales in 2018 from $0 in 2017. Phil and Matt talk about planning for unexpected success, the role of...


#50: Reducing Stress In Startup

Stress is an unavoidable part of a startup. It affects team members in different ways and it’s constant in a founders life. There is a long list of situations, decisions and expectations that create stressful conditions. Add fatigue and a perfect storm of stress can easily besiege even the most accomplished entrepreneur. It would be easy to lump startup stress management with the founding team but I think it is, and always will be, a team effort. Keep listening or read the full post...


#49: Dee Deng on reinvention and 3 habits founders need to be successful

In Episode 49 of the Founder To Founder Podcast, Phil connected with Right Hook Digital's Co-Founder Dee Deng. Dee is a serial entrepreneur who after completing compulsory military service in Singapore discovered the power of online marketplaces. He founded HireHive, the first online rental marketplace for digital photography and video equipment before starting Right Hook Digital. Listen in for Dee's approach to navigating the time in-between ventures. ***** Thanks for listening! If...


#48: Lessons From Growing Businesses That Failed

Last week I was asked about the lessons learned from growing businesses that failed. At the time it felt like a loaded question but after probing, the person asking the question was curious about why you would do it again. I’ll get to that in a separate post. When I closed my first business I wrote a letter to those who followed the journey with 11 reflections. Each one is born from an experience that came about through painful lesson or surprising revelation. And in a startup, it’s...


#47: Kylie Chenn on boot-strapping and building communities to drive growth

In Episode 47 of the Founder To Founder Podcast Phil speaks with Acanela Expeditions CEO & Co-Founder, Kylie Chenn. Kylie has boot-strapped her venture from a $1,000 entrepreneurship prize she received at university into an eight-person team who send thousands of people on unique travel experiences each year. Kylie and Phil talk about how building communities and partnerships can fuel efficient growth, why continuous learning is important and the three habits that founders need to be...


#46: Love (from fanatical users and customers) is all you need

Punchline: The need to grow companies quickly means founders sometimes prioritise acquiring anyone who likes their product instead of people who love it. They fall for the ‘like mirage’ which is often terminal. Keep listening or read the full post here. ****** Thanks for listening. If you'd like to know when new episodes are released or when Phil publishes his weekly blog post, sign up for the insider's email list here.


#45: Ryan Hanly on managing the unexpected and the value of perserverance

In Episode 45 of the Founder To Founder Podcast Phil speaks with Travello co-founder Ryan Hanly. A former school teacher, Ryan joined forces with Mark Cantoni to create Travello, a social network which helps travellers create platonic relationships in destinations they are visiting. Ryan and Phil talk about managing the unexpected, like a legal challenge to the first name of the company which resulted in their popular app being pulled down from the Apple App Store, and why perseverance...


#44: The Beginners Mindset

The beginner mindset is an essential belief system for entrepreneurs. It’s equal parts naivety, courage and vision and underpinned by how quickly an entrepreneur can learn. Keep listening or read the post here! If you enjoyed this or any other episode on the Founder To Founder Podcast, sign up for the insider's email and be the first to know about new episodes and Phil Hayes-St Clair's weekly blog post on startup growth.


#43: Mike Knapp on learning, China and living through growth

In this episode Phil speaks with Mike Knapp, a former lawyer and ex-Google software engineer turned entrepreneur. Mike co-founded Shoes of Prey, a company that allows women to design their own shoes. He has a passion for investigating new business models and writing code and has previously lived in San Francisco, Shanghai, Dongguan and LA. Today, Mike is an Entrepreneur In Residence at River City Labs. ********* Thanks for listening! If you'd like to be the first to know when new...


#42: How To Incentivize A Strategic Partner

Startups often face a real conundrum when trying to align incentives to land a strategic partner. Here's how to approach and solve this issue. Keep listening or read this post here.


#41: Matthew Barnett on learning, pivoting and surviving startup

In episode 41 Phil speaks with serial entrepreneur Matthew Barnett. An industrial designer by training, Matthew has built a number of businesses that all share a very similar trait, the customer lives at the centre of every decision. Matthew's current venture, Bonjoro, personalises the customer onboarding process and helps customer success teams convert and retain more customers through personal video. In this episode, Matthew and Phil talk about learning, pivoting, to survive in startup...


#40: Losing Your Way & 5 Steps To Get Back On Track

Feeling lost as a founder happens to us all at some point. You might be being told ‘No’ more than you expect after pitching new customers or investors. You might be seeing changes in your industry and feel that pivot options are in short supply based on what you’ve built. You might be trying to balance being a parent and/or partner with building a company and you’re fatigued and running low on answers. It happens. It’s part of being an entrepreneur. And no one said it would be...


#39: Josh Steimle on using expertise and influence to drive growth

In this episode of the Founder to Founder podcast Phil speaks with Josh Steimle. Josh Steimle is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has written over 300 articles for publications like Fortune, Time, Forbes, Inc., Mashable, TechCrunch, and Entrepreneur, and is the author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work, which contains 29 interviews with CMOs from organizations like GE, the Harvard Business School, Spotify, Target, and PayPal and was recognized in Success Magazine as one of the 5...


#38: The Paid Auditions Playbook

Paid auditions are just that, opportunities to work with someone before you tie the knot and become employee and employer. And there are three reasons why you should them. The first is that no matter how confident you are in your ability to hire, no matter the process you use, the only way to understand technical competence and ‘fit’ is to work with that person. By extension, if you don’t use a paid audition, you significantly increase the risk to your company. Hiring the wrong person...


#37: Andrew Low on moving from corporate accounting and sales to startup founder

In this episode, Phil speaks with Ordermentum CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Low. Andrew started his career as a qualified accountant and CPA and has worked in finance at Unilever, general management, at Suntory Managing Director of Toby’s Estate Coffee, a market leader in the specialty coffee industry. He joined Ordermentum in 2014 and gives valuable advice on how to successfully transition from corporate to startup while being present for his family. To listen to more great Founder to...


#36: Why Writing Each Week Makes All The Difference

There was never a time early in life when I enjoyed writing. As I learned to write at school, it always seemed more a skill to acquire and less a craft to enjoy and master. Of course, I wrote assignments at school, at college and graduate school and then internal reports at banks and pitch documents for ventures. I struggled with writing and the irony is that I don’t recall a time when I was inspired to become a great writer or even just a better writer. In hindsight, the reason I wasn’t...


#35 Mark Wales on seeking contact with the market

In this episode, Phil speaks with former Special Air Service officer Mark Wales about his fashion venture Kill_Kapture. Mark grew up in the red-dirt of the Pilbara, a remote desert in Western Australia. He found a sense of purpose serving with an Australian special ops unit in Afghanistan. While serving alongside some remarkable humans during 10 tours of duty, Mark spent his days in army issued combat uniform. They were highly functional, they were enduring, and they looked amazing. When...


#34: 12 Lessons For Entrepreneurs To Carry Into 2018

These 12 lessons come from notes I’ve made each week in 2017. This wholesale reflection helps to make sense of the year that was and gain clarity on lessons learned, ones that will be just as important in 2018.


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