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FTH Ep. 10 - Grief is a Path to Joy? w/ Jen Violi

In this episode I sit and chat with author of “Putting Makeup on Dead People” Jen Viloli. We get to talking a little bit about writing and about the ways that grief can expand our hearts and increase our capacity for joy. Jen’s website: Topics covered: Writing, grief, joy, treasures, simple delights, the power of feeling emotions, the power of tea and taking walks, bad poetry More about Adrianne Gunn -


FTH Ep. 9 - Equal Pay and Pockets! w/ Moxie & Moss

In this episode I sit and chat with the three founders of Moxie & Moss Workwear (now called Dovetail Workwear!) who originally endeavored tomake a few pairs of pants for themselves but were inspired by the desperate cry of nearly every woman they met to make work pants for everyone. We have a blast talking about what it’s like to be riding the wave and excitement of the women’s work pants revolution. Because make no mistake, there’s nothing more revolutionary than giving women the tools...


FTH Ep. 8 - Emotional Wishcraft w/ Kate Mura

In this episode I sit and chat with actress, puppet maker and multi passioned thing do-er Kate Mura. We get to delightfully geeking out about the ways that actors are trained to utilize our body and our emotions and how knowing how to fully utilize yourself and you emotions is the key to feeling what you want and getting what you want. Kate’s website: Topics covered: Acting, spell casting, manifesting, emotional agility, resillence, full expresison of the self,...


FTH Ep. 7 - Capturing the Moment w/ Cole Howard

In this episode I sit and chat with visual storyteller Cole Howard who has a gift for meeting the right people at the right moment, following his curiosities, and saying yes to adventures that have taken him all over the globe. He and I catch up on what he’s been up to and where he’s been since we had our last moment-out-of-time conversation in the rain 8 years ago where he revealed the desert was “calling him.” Cole’s website: Cole’s Instagram:...


FTH Ep. 6 - Curly Girls Stick Together w/ Lia Dunlap

In this episode I sit and chat with intuitive transformation coach Lia Dunlap who calls herself The Oracle on Purpose. In this episode Lia and I talk quite a bit about the magic that happens in your life and business when you fully embrace who you are. Lia’s website: Topics covered: Hypnosis, NLP, Curly Hair Magic, Accepting who you are, Saying yes to yourself, Intuition, Following inner guidance and wisdom, Great resources for Hypnosis and NLP: The...


FTH Ep. 5 - You Are Not Your Brand w/ Theresa Pridemore

In this episode I sit and chat with branding expert, web designer, graphic artist, and writer Theresa Pridemore. We chat about the ways our branding needs to evolve as our businesses evolve and how to take care of and make time for the more sensitive intuitive, healer, artist aspects of ourselves. Theresa’s website: Topics covered: Branding, marketing, creativity, the battle between artist and business-ist, self care, shifting baggage before shifting...


FTH Ep. 4 - Stories Change the World w/ Shelly Heesacker

In this episode I sit and chat with TV Producer, Storyteller, and Cat Whisperer, Shelly Heesacker. Shelly shares her epic journey of landing her dream job as a producer for Oprah, Dr Phil and The Quilt Show. Shelly’s website: Topics covered: Goal setting, Manifesting, Achieving your dreams, Following your gut, Great was to stand out when you want to get the gig, How to woo a cat, songs in Danish Name drop: Oprah, Dr Phil, Craig Walker, Theresa Richardson, Barbra...


FTH Ep. 3 - Trust Your Gut w/ Kimberly Ficklin

In this episode I sit and chat with my friend Kimberly Ficklin a nutritionist who calls herself the Anti-Diet Coach. Kimberly shares about the health scare that lead her to say yes to the adventure of helping other people with their health and nutrition. Kimberly’s website: Topics covered: Health, Nutrition, Gut issues, the business side of being a helping professional, the problems with “normal” healthcare, Supplements, Adrianne’s moderately infamous...


FTH Ep. 2 - High Fives and PRs w/ Josh Sabraw

In this episode I sit and chat with Josh Sabraw Fitness Coach and Head Trainer of Training for Warriors PDX. Topics Covered: Goal Setting, Motivation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Military Training, Business Resiliency Content warning: The word “moist” Toku McCree - Executive Coach - Danielle Louise Ross - Marketing Coach & Speaking trainer - Luka Hocevar - Entrepreneur, Author, Coach -...


FTH Ep. 1 - Own Your Om w/ Melissa Mattern

In this episode I sit and chat with Melissa Mattern who is The Psychic Genius and owner and head meditation instructor of Meditation for Regular People. ( Topics covered: Meditation, Manifesting, Decluttering, Portland, Portlandia, The Buddhist Wheel, Fun Inventions, The Apoca-Eclipse of 2017, Be the Totality, Dharma Shirt & Merch - Be the Totality - Book - The Dharma of The Princess Bride: What the Coolest Fairytale of Our...