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122 - Social Media Goals with Josh Rimmington

To be successful online, you must first work out your business goals, then look at which platforms are going to best help you in achieving those goals. Where do you want to be found will help decide where you put your time, effort and money. Will you spend more time focusing on SEO and building your organic traffic on your website, or paid advertising on Facebook and Google? JR Marketing Josh Rimmington is from JR Marketing, and when he first consults with a client, he first needs to know...


121 - My Advertisers Dropped Me Like A Bad Habit

We’ve all seen sporting stars and celebs get dropped by sponsors and advertisers when they do something stupid in public, or they say something that’s in contrast to public opinion or the beliefs and values of their sponsor. Well, this is not what I’m talking about here. What I want to discuss this episode is how advertisers go running in the opposite direction when they think you’re no longer a source of income for them. They drop you like a bad habit. For more detailed show notes please...


120 - Building Relationships Using Cards & Gifts with Maelea Galyon

Building relationships through gratitude will amplify the impact your marketing already has. It's about relationship marketing, and using cards and gifts is one of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing tools you will ever use. Good Intentions Maelea Galyon is my guest today from Send Out Cards and as she explains we all have good intentions, but not taking action on these intentions is what lets people down. Using Send Out Cards helps you take action right there and then. You...


119 - Business Coaches & Mentors Are Assets Not Liabilities

We’ve all heard the saying that everything is hard until it gets easy, and the reason I bring this up is that I recently joined the gym. It has been a fantastic reminder why people need to have a business coach or mentor if they want to accelerate the success of their business, avoid making mistakes and move from hard to easy much faster. I know firsthand the power of having a business coach and mentor, not just because this is what I do, but because I floundered along in business for a...


118 - How To Be Better At Almost Everything with Pat Flynn

Minimalism and Generalism need to work side-by-side if you want to be better at everything and get more done each day and far more out of life, with less stress. My guest Pat Flynn from Pennsylvania is a repeat offender on this podcast, and he appeared back on Episode 9: Being a Generalist When we spoke last, he mentioned the book he was in the process of writing, and now it is a reality - How To Be Better At (Almost) Everything. Today we discuss: Restriction If you restrict one area...


117 - Improve Your Health Without Giving Up The Good Life with Dr Howard Cohn

Everything we do is either a deposit or withdrawal on our HEALTH BANK ACCOUNT, and you cannot keep making withdrawals without also making deposits otherwise your health will go into deficit. Dr Howard Cohn is a Chiropractor and is the owner of the Cohn Health Institute in Costa Mesa, California, which is a health and wellness clinic. On this podcast, we discuss why entrepreneurs need to stop and take time out if they want to rejuvenate their physical, emotional and nutritional bank...


116 - I Don't Have TIME To Do Marketing

The reason I like marketing so much is that you know when it works, plus I also enjoy the creative process and steps required to make a marketing plan a reality. But a good marketing plan does take time to develop. Over the past 12 months, I have had to opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of people and after every speaking engagement someone will always ask, "how am I supposed to find time to fit marketing into my already busy schedule”? An Open Mind Finds Solutions That's a really...


115 - Using Audiograms In Your Business with Oliver Wellington from HEADLINER

Using AUDIOGRAMS will make your business stand out from the crowd, and this is what I discuss today with Oliver Wellington, co-founder of HEADLINER. An audiogram is the easiest way to turn audio into a video, and it can be used on social media and also on your website, and with HEADLINER'S latest update, you can convert a written blog post into a video, by creatively pulling out keywords. Three Components There are three components to an audiogram video: Headliner Marketplace If you...


114 - 13 Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast

I recorded this episode while shooting a Facebook LIVE video so people could see the slight differences between the final edited podcast and what actually takes place when you're doing the recording. A link to the Facebook Live video will be posted on my website. To my surprise, I made fewer mistakes than I usually do and therefore less editing was required, but I still needed to do some tidying up before uploading. I felt far more pressure today than I usually do because it was something...


113 - The Psychology Behind Writing Content & Copy That Pops with Laura Petersen

The psychology of good copy: My guest today is Laura Peterson from San Diego, California. She has degrees in Mathematics and Psychology and has used this knowledge to become a best-selling author, speaker and persuasive writing expert, teaching people how to actually make money from writing books. Laura also has a very successful podcast called Copy That Pops. For more detailed show notes: Visit my website You can connect with Laura Petersen at...


112 - 10 Business Lessons I Picked Up At Top Golf (Scottsdale Arizona)

If you’ve been tuning in over the past couple of weeks, you’d be aware that I’ve recorded the last two podcasts in Vancouver and Powell River. This week I travelled from Canada to the United States to attend one of my favourite events of the year, Business Black Ops in Arizona, organised by Dave Frees. You may recall the name Dave Frees as he’s been a guest on my podcast twice already, Episode #2: Communication, Persuasion & Influence and a Bonus Episode Force Multipliers. This year's...


111 - Don't Be Afraid To Change Things In They're Not Working with Nicole Baldinu

Nicole Baldinu resides in Sydney, Australia and is the co-founder of Webinar Ninja and the $100 MBA Show with her husband, Omar Zenhom. But before all the excitement of an entrepreneurs life, Nicole was a high school and university teacher and she learnt how to turn her failures into success by identity what her real strengths were. In this episode we discuss: You Will Get Better You need to go with your strengths and change if things are not working as they should. Don't be afraid to...


110 - Look For & Create Your Own Opportunities (from Powell River)

This podcast was recorded in Powell River, which is a small mill town in British Columbia, Canada. Yesterday I spoke at their Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon and it got me thinking about looking for and creating your own opportunities. What do I mean by this? Pretty much don’t sit back and wait for opportunities to come to you because it could be a long wait and may never come. And I must admit, I have been guilty of this in the past. BUT, about 6-months ago I was planning a family...


109 - Not Liking Your Career Path with Eric Hunley

Eric Hunley is a Senior Business Systems Analyst in Virginia, USA and he openly admits his career choices have not always been overly exciting, even though he has authored three books and taught at the University of Arizona. On this podcast we discuss: Monday Morning Tip: Remove every obstacle in your path that could hinder your progress. For example, if you decide you're going to go for a run in the morning, at 4.30am life will suck. Therefore you need to have everything already set...


108 - What Makes Your Business Unique (From Vancouver)

I’ve been in Vancouver with my family for the past seven days, and I have to say that Vancouver is a pretty cool place to visit and it’s surrounded by so much natural beauty, which makes it unique. No wonder it has been named as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Anyway, yesterday we visited the Vancouver Police Museum, which I highly recommend if you’re in Vancouver, and as I was looking through the exhibits and photographs from the early 1900’s, it struck me that so many cities in...


107 - Making The Impossible Possible in Business with Victoria Mavis

Victoria Mavis lives in Munich, Germany and is a professional Magician, speaker, author and business coach. Using her vast skills of close up magic, large stage performances, illusions and mentalism, she can help small business owners see the unseen and open their minds to new opportunities. She helps make the impossible possible in their businesses. For more detailed show notes, please visit my website If you have any questions, please email me at...


106 - Add A Zero To Your Financial Goals

I attended a business seminar/workshop in Cairns many years ago and during one particular exercise, we had to write down our financial goals for the upcoming year and also all the activities we would do to make it a reality. After doing this, as instructed, the presenter started messing with our heads and made us add a zero. Listen in to find out what happened next. If you have any questions, please send me an email at If You Liked This Episode You'll also like The...


105 - Unpack Your Thoughts Using Visual Models with Renee Hasseldine

Renee Hasseldine is based in Melbourne, Victoria and is the author of Share Your Passions. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders to unpack their thoughts and turn them into intellectual property using visual models. Many service-based businesses have value locked in their heads, which is invisible, but if this can be unlocked using visual models, it can communicate what they do quickly and in turn boost sales. 4-Types of Models To Create A Signature System For more detailed...


104 - Make Hay While The Sun Shines

I'm sure you’ve all heard the saying ‘make hay while the sun shines’, which means making the most of your opportunities while you have the chance to do so or take advantage of favourable circumstances when the time is right. This phrase originated with English farmers in the 1500’s and a hundred or so years later extended into general life and quickly became a cliché. Situations Arise I’ve had a few situations over the past couple months that reminded me of the importance of this saying in...


103 - The Power of Name Tags with Scott Ginsberg

Scott Ginsberg resides in New York City and he holds the world record for wearing a name tag longer than anyone else. In fact, he his name 'Scott' tattooed on his chest. He has written 38 books, produced 9 music albums, is a TedX speaker and has a game show called Steal Scott's Ideas. At 38 years of age, you'd have to call him an underachiever...NOT!! I met Scott Ginsberg in Cairns in 2009... For more detailed show notes please visit And please email...