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171 - Amplify Your Voice, Brand & Business with Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley Vaz is the Founder & Chief Daydreamer at AMPLIFY, Australia’s first audio marketing agency based in Brisbane, Queensland. He is the author of AMPLIFY - Raise Your Voice, Boost Your Brand & Grow Your Business, a speaker & serial entrepreneur. He has a Masters’ degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in Psychology and Leadership. He is known as the creator of We Are Podcast – the first Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere, and the host of The Bond Appetit Podcast,...


170 - Marketing Presentation to Powell River Chamber of Commerce, BC.

Whenever I give a presentation I usually record the audio using a lapel mic and my iPhone, so I can listen back to it later to help with future presentations, and this particular podcast episode is a recording from my visit to Powell River in October 2018 and my marketing presentation to the Powell River Chamber of Commerce. On this episode I discuss: How to know your marketing is working Only change your marketing message when it stops working, nit when you're bored with it. Why...


169 - Monetising Your Ideas with Samantha Riley

Samantha Riley, international business growth and marketing coach, speaker, Co-Founder of the Global Thought Leaders Network, #1 best-selling author, creator of The Thought Leaders Positioning Model™, and host of the Thought Leaders Business Lab Podcast. ​Over the past 25 years, Samantha has built several successful businesses and created her first 7 figure business from the ground up by her late twenties. On this episode we discuss: First Questions You Should Ask Business is a marathon,...


168 - Allied Wellness & Fundamentals of Healing with Kristi Boles

At thirty years of age, Kristi Boles had the world at her feet. She was married with children and was running nine successful podiatry practices in Victoria, Australia; however, her health took a sudden downward turn resulting in heart surgery and a very long lay off from running her businesses. She was also diagnosed with Marfan's Syndrome. On this podcast episode, Kristi openly talks about her sudden, unexpected health issues and also how she has transformed her own life, and that of her...


167 - Pulling Profits Out of A Hat with Brad Sugars

Here's a simple truth; there is no magic when it comes to pulling profits out of your business; instead, there are five simple disciplines you need to follow, consistently. My guest, Brad Sugars, is the author of Pulling Profits Out of A Hat. This book is his 17th, and he is also the founder of ActionCOACH, which operates in over 70 countries, has more than 1,000 coaches around the world, and coaches 15,000+ business every week. "Get the right people you get the right business. Good...


166 - Top 10 Branding Mistakes (Part 3) with Dr Fern Kazlow

Top 10 Branding Mistakes is a three-part branding series featuring New York City Psychotherapist Dr Fern Kazlow, aka Dr K. This episode, is part 3, but you do not need to listen to each episode in order, however when you have the time, please go back and listen to part one and two. Overview So Far: Part 1 (Ep 140): 1. Letting Others Define You 2. Not Backing Up Your Brand Episode 140: Top 10 Branding Mistakes with Dr Fern Kazlow (Part 1) Part 2 (Ep 165): 3. Not Having An Aligned Brand...


165 - Top 10 Branding Mistakes (Part 2) with Dr Fern Kazlow

There is far more to branding than colours, design, headlines and logos, and Dr Fern Kazlow (aka Dr K), New York City Psychotherapist, speaker, author, and business and branding consultant helps explain the Top 10 Branding Mistakes business owners make. In part 1, we covered the first two points, and in Part 2, we cover points 3 - 6. I apologise for the delay between part one and part two of this three-part branding series, but you do not need to listen to these episodes in order, but when...


164 - Benefits of Attending Conferences

Last week my guest Scott Brown and I talked about the benefits of Networking the Right Way (Episode 163). Today's podcast is an extension of this networking subject. Last week I attended the Australian Podiatry Conference in Adelaide, and it reminded me why it is so important to participate in conferences, workshops and other live events. Yes, you can do your learning online and purchase virtual-tickets, but you miss so much by not attending live. Some of The Benefits/Reasons To...


163 - Networking The Right Way with Scott Brown

On this episode, I talk with a friend and local Cairns businessman Scott Brown from Allsigns Print and Design about the benefits of networking, how to network properly, and a few tips to make it an effective marketing platform for your business. There are many forms of networking, and it is essential to find the right networking group or organisation for you and your business because you want a return on your time and money investment. On this episode we discuss: "Be interested in...


162 - How I Got My Own TV Show, The TOP with Super Joe Pardo

Many entrepreneurs dream of having a television show and my guest Super Joe Pardo, who was also on Ep 43: Sales Won't Save Your Business, is no different, except he has turned his dream into a reality. He has been given the green light to produce a 26 episode first season with his new show The TOP with Super Joe Pardo. Episode 1 On this podcast episode, Super Joe and I discuss: MAPCON: Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference Super Joe is also the brains behind a the Mid-Atlantic Podcast...


161 - Building Your Career with Simon Bartold

On my Podiatry Legends Podcast, I was joined by Simon Bartold and his story and career were so interesting I thought it had to be shared on It's No Secret with Dr T., it was too good to leave a secret. Simon Bartold has worked with elite athletes for more than three decades, been to four Olympic Games, lectured in 42 countries, worked with Asics for 20-years and was head hunted by global footwear company Salomon to head up research, design and development of their road running range. Simon...


160 - 11 Reasons to Enter Business Awards

Today I want to discuss why your business should be entering local, state and national business awards. And the reason I chose this topic about business awards was that one of my coaching clients recently won an award at the Australian Small Business Champions Awards for their dental surgery in Sydney. I was also talking with a friend of mine, Scott Brown, who is one of the judges for a local business award in Cairns, and it got me thinking about my own experiences entering awards and...


159 - Google Ads & Pay Per Click with James Yuille

Do you want more motivated buyers to your website and be found on Google? My guest, James Yuille is the owner of Media Glue, and that is what his company does, help businesses get found on Google. Google Ads is a great marketing tool. However, there has been a lot of negative publicity and scepticism and about Google Ads and my conversation, today with James will strip away a lot of this confusion. On this episode we discuss: "SEO is all about trying to beat Googles algorithm, and that...


158 - The Role of The Marketing Director with Jerry Green

Jerry Green is the Marketing Director at the Indiana Podiatry Group, which encompasses eleven podiatry businesses in Indiana, USA and treats more than 3000 patients per week. If your business is dependant on a steady flow of new referrals, you need to consider adding a marketing director to your team, and this doesn't just apply to podiatry or the healthcare industry, every business that interacts with people face-to-face can benefit by having someone fulfil this role. Before selling my...


157 - How to Avoid SEO BS with Nicky Jurd

For some people, SEO means Search Engine Optimism and not Seach Engine Optimisation because they are crossing their fingers and really hoping for the best, or hoping their SEO company knows what they're doing and is not taking them for a ride. My guest, Nicky Jurd, from Precedence is an online expert and my goal for this particular episode is to strip away some of the BS we are being dealt with in the SEO world. On this episode we discuss: 3:05 - What is SEO and what does an SEO company...


156 - From Invisible To Influential with Annemarie Cross

If you want to go from invisible to influential in your industry, you must start sharing your story and personal journey. Keeping it to yourself serves nobody, and often we forget the journey we have walked is unique and will relate to certain people, and by not sharing our message some people are going to remain stuck. My guest, Annemarie Cross who is known as the 'podcasting queen', is a personal brand strategist and helps individuals get noticed in a noisy world by using podcasting as...


155 - Social Media And Email Newsletters with Gavin Baker

There are so many online marketing options available when it comes to connecting and staying in contact with your new and existing clients, customers and patients, and my guest Gavin Baker from Baker Labs, out of Knoxville Tennessee believes you've got to go with your strengths and keep your marketing strategy simple. Gavin Baker has worked with a lot of different businesses, but after evaluating his client base, he could see a strong trend towards healthcare, which is where he decided to...


154 - Working In A Foreign Country with Dr Justin Trosclair

Have you ever considered working in a foreign country? And when I say foreign, I mean a country that does not speak English and must have an interpreter to communicate. If you have, but you're still undecided, this podcast episode with Dr Justin Trosclair should spark some interest. Dr Trosclair is originally from South Louisianna, USA and is currently working and living in China, and there were a lot of destinations in between. Why China At 29 years of age, he sold his business and...


153 - Aligning Your Social Media To Your Business with Matt Hanham

If you want to amplify your business online, you need to align your social media content with your business needs. Your content needs to be authentic to you and make sense to your audience because a confused mind will always say no. Your content has also got to be appropriate to the social media platform your using. My guest Matt Hanham is the director of a Perth based digital marketing agency Visible. He is also the host of #Amplify Your Business podcast. On this episode we...


152 - Investing In Your Future with Andy Wang

Regardless of your age, it's never too late to start investing and my guest today Andy Wang, the host of the Inspired Money Podcast and co-owner of the financial management company Runnymede Capital Management explains why. He also is a huge advocate on buying local, and he has created a movement Buy Local New Jersey, which he is using to help grow his own business. On this episode we discuss: 5:30 - What a financial management company does. 6:15 - The earlier you get started investing,...