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FMF046 - Add A Zero To Your Financial Goals

I attended a business seminar/workshop in Cairns many years ago and during one particular exercise, we had to write down our financial goals for the upcoming year and also all the activities we would do to make it a reality. After doing this, as instructed, the presenter started messing with our heads and made us add a zero. Listen in to find out what happened next. If you have any questions, please send me an email at If You Liked This Episode You'll also like The...


INS057 - Unpack Your Thoughts Using Visual Models with Renee Hasseldine

Renee Hasseldine is based in Melbourne, Victoria and is the author of Share Your Passions. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders to unpack their thoughts and turn them into intellectual property using visual models. Many service-based businesses have value locked in their heads, which is invisible, but if this can be unlocked using visual models, it can communicate what they do quickly and in turn boost sales. 4-Types of Models To Create A Signature System For more detailed...


FMF045 - Make Hay While The Sun Shines

I'm sure you’ve all heard the saying ‘make hay while the sun shines’, which means making the most of your opportunities while you have the chance to do so or take advantage of favourable circumstances when the time is right. This phrase originated with English farmers in the 1500’s and a hundred or so years later extended into general life and quickly became a cliché. Situations Arise I’ve had a few situations over the past couple months that reminded me of the importance of this saying in...


INS056 - The Power of Name Tags with Scott Ginsberg

Scott Ginsberg resides in New York City and he holds the world record for wearing a name tag longer than anyone else. In fact, he his name 'Scott' tattooed on his chest. He has written 38 books, produced 9 music albums, is a TedX speaker and has a game show called Steal Scott's Ideas. At 38 years of age, you'd have to call him an underachiever...NOT!! I met Scott Ginsberg in Cairns in 2009... For more detailed show notes please visit And please email...


FMF044 - Improve Your Google Ranking With Good Content

I’ve had a lot of podcasts guests over the past month, and we’ve talked a lot about Google rankings, getting on page one and improving your SEO, which when we say SEO we mean Google. I get quite annoyed, and my guests shared my frustrations when we hear about businesses paying an SEO company $500 to $1500 per month and not knowing exactly what they are doing for them. What Does Your SEO Company Do? And when I ask, ‘So what is your SEO company doing for you each month’, I get met with the...


INS055 - Why Linkedin Rules Over Other Social Media with Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin is the co-author of Web Marketing That Works, an Amazon #1 Best Seller and he is an expert when it comes to Linkedin, using video and getting the most out of your social media marketing. He is an expert in content creation, and in 2015 his blog was Australia's #1 business blog, so he knows what works and what does not. Adam also is a partner at Bluewire Media. Many of the social media platforms have become more significant than everyone initially anticipated, and over the...


BONUS: Why Newspaper Advertising Still Works

These days there seems to be so much focus on social media, which is why every second person you meet at a networking event is a social media marketing expert. Now don't get me wrong, I agree social media is important, but I still think there is room for old-school traditional marketing. And the newspaper is one of those old-school marketing mediums that I believe still has some benefits and still works if it is used correctly. Listen to this episode to understand why. And please email...


FMF043 - The Orthotic Economy: What's Your Measuring Stick?

Whether you're a Podiatrist making orthotics, a Lawyer writing a Will, a Real Estate Agent selling a house, a Dentist or a hairdresser, we all have units of measure that are worth a particular value. This episode is all about using these units of measure as a measuring stick towards helping you decide whether you do something or not. If you're thinking of attending an event or using a business coach, don't look at the costs in dollar terms, instead look at it in unit terms. For example,...


INS054 - Marketing By Zooming Out with Estie Rand

Estie Rand is the founder and owner of Strand Consulting, an LA-based boutique consultancy, this marketing maven have hacked the code to closing 5-figure deals using social media. Estie gives her clients - and anyone else who's listening - a piercing clarity on where they can put their best efforts in everything from marketing to staff management. She is also the host of the popular Business Breakthrough Podcast. To see the full show notes for this episode, please visit my website...


FMF042 - 7 Tips To Make Your Internal Marketing Surveys A Success

Every business wants more A and B clients and less C and D clients, but how do you find them? One of the best ways is to create an internal marketing survey and ask your A and B clients some simple questions. The more you can learn about you’re A and B clients, the more you’ll also learn about where you can find them, and you can use this information in your future marketing, however, there are a few rules to follow. Hardcopy - 90%+ I know many businesses send out electronic surveys...


INS053 - Fake Gurus And Client Retention with Dr James Fedich

Dr James Fedich is the author of Secret Of A Million Dollar Practice and owns a very successful health business in New Jersey, Village Family Clinic, and he also the host of a podcast called Paths To Success with Dr J. Fell In Love With Business Dr J. has always been a fan of marketing and business seminars, and he made sure he mixed these in with his Chiropractic conferences to keep life interesting. As he fell in love with the business process, his clinic grew out of this passion for...


FMF041 - Using Audio To Grow Your Business (And Brand)

Today I want to talk about using audio, or more importantly, using audio to grow your business and your brand. The notes below are an overview of a presentation I did, ‘How To Use Audio In Your Business To Increase Sales & Make More Money. This presentation will be available on video shortly ON MY WEBSITE. In my presentation, I discussed multiple ways you can use audio to: Audio Is Simple The thing I like about audio more than anything else is it’s simple to consume. Unlike video, you...


Bonus Episode: Success Drives Success with Sam Kennis

Sam Kennis is a co-owner of the Three Wolves whisky bar in Cairns. This business far exceeded his expectations, which sparked the idea of Gin Social, Flamingos Tiki Bar and Bay Road Brewery. But Sam is not finished, he has a goal of owning 20 businesses by the time he is 50 years of age and the way he's going I don't think it will be a problem. The Key: Understanding your business numbers and knowing when it's the right time to expand. FOR MORE DETAILED NOTES, PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE:...


INS052 - People Quit Too Early with Dr Chris Zaino

Dr Chris Zaino started his career as an Exercise Physiologist in 1998 and in the same year, he won Mr America. He then became a celebrity trainer for the cast of Xena Warrior Princess & Hercules television series. Life was looking rosy, and then suddenly he was struck down by a significant health problem and in a matter of 4-months went from 230lbs down to 158 lbs. Anti-Chiropractic to Raving Fan He tried everything modern medicine had to offer with no success and he was facing major,...


FMF040 - Market Early And Create A Buzz

When I owned my podiatry business in Cairns, I decided I was going to open a second location in Mackay, which was approximately 800 kilometres away. The reason I chose this location was that I wanted to determine if my business in Cairns was successful because I had developed great business systems and marketing strategies, or was it because of my reputation as a podiatrist. Used My Time Wisely I'm pleased to say the business was a roaring success and it proved that my systems and...


INS051 - Rise & Grind with Patrick McFadden

Patrick McFadden is the owner of Indispensable Marketing, and he agreed to come back for a second podcast stint to talk about a concept called RISE & GRIND: It's what we need to do in the hours your awake. And to get the most out of rise and grind, you need to be focused. Regardless of the industry, Podiatry & Allied Health, Finance, or Hospitality, everyone needs to grind to get the most out of their day, and Patrick McFadden will explain precisely what you need to do. More detailed show...


FMF039 - The Butterfly Effect & Your Team

Today I wanted to discuss the Butterfly Effect, which is the phenomenon whereby a minute localised change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. Your business is a complex system, and every member of your team needs to understand how their actions can impact other team members, your clients and the long-term success of the business. If you have any questions about this episode please email me FREE DOWNLOADS: First 16 Pages of My Book – It’s No Secret...


BONUS Episode: Force Multipliers with Dave Frees

BONUS EPISODE: Recorded at Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia at the TalkShoe podcast booth. Today I am joined by Dave Frees, and we discuss Force Multipliers, which is a refers to a factor or a combination of factors that dramatically increases (hence "multiplies") the effectiveness of an item or group. In the military, force multipliers give troops the ability to do far more and to be more effective against an enemy than without it; however, the same principles apply to business. For...


INS050 - Indispensable Marketing (Tactics & Strategies) with Patrick McFadden

Patrick McFadden is the owner of Indispensable Marketing and today we discuss the importance of effective marketing and how it can make your sales process easier, or harder depending on how effective it is. For more detailed show notes please visit the podcast page on my website Dave Frees MASTER CLASS - CAIRNS On the 17th of August 2018, Dave M. Frees will be running a one-day MASTER CLASS on 'Communication, Persuasion and Influence'. Bookings are...


FMF038 - Create A Disaster Folder

This is an area I do a lot of coaching around and it's something that most businesses overlook until a disaster occurs. Every business needs to create a DISASTER FOLDER, a place where you store all the steps required to quickly get your business back on track when something goes wrong. Why Do You Need It? On this episode, I discuss equipment, plumbing, electrical, and computer & email problems, but also what happens when a key member of your team fails to show up for work and you have a...