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INS044 - Understanding Cryptocurrencies with Ben August & Jamie Baker

Ben August and Jamie Baker run a software company in Cairns called MASSBLOCK and they're currently developing tools and apps to help people manage their cryptocurrency investments. I personally knew nothing about cryptocurrencies and was totally unaware how big the crypto world was and how big it's going to become, and the ramifications it will have on our future lives. GOOD NEWS: After talking with Ben and Janes I feel I'm now a lot wiser about the crypto world and you will be as well...


FMF032 - Marketing Pillar Five: Verbal Marketing

I look at verbal marketing as any form of marketing that involves you opening your mouth and communicating with others. If you're one of those people that get nervous meeting people for the first time or talking in front of crowds, don’t be concerned – it’s normal, and you’re not alone, it is a common fear. Mark Twain said, “There are only two types of speakers in the world. The nervous and the liars.” On this podcast, I will discuss the four most common forms of verbal marketing, which...


INS043 - Sales Won't Save Your Business with 'Super Joe' Pardo

'Super Joe' Pardo a business consultant based in Philadelphia. He is the author of four books, and he helps business owners build their business for their lifestyles, not the other way around, and today we talk about his latest book SALES WON'T SAVE YOUR BUSINESS and how this concept can be applied to your business and lifestyle. Joe has a mission to bring the SUPER out in everyone. For more detailed notes from this particular episode, please visit my website And don't...


FMF031 - Marketing Pillar Four: External Marketing

External marketing encompasses everything you do to attract new clients to your business. As the business owner, you need to be promoting your business from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. You need to always in marketing mode. Here are 8 External Marketing ideas, which I believe are still useful today, and one I'm not so sure about: 1. Work Shirts 2. Newspaper 3. Magazines 4. Media Releases 5. Editorials 6. Television 7. Radio 8. Sponsorship Depending on your...


INS042 - Personal Branding with Asmar Gary

Asmar Gary is from Jacksonville, Florida, and he is one of the coolest people on the planet. In fact, Samuel L. Jackson is probably shaking in his boots. Asmar runs a company called Spirited Consulting Co. which specialises in teaching Bartenders about personal branding, but when I first heard Asmar speak about this concept I thought WOW, this information could apply to any profession or individual. When it comes to developing your personal brand you first have to follow your strengths and...


FMF030 - Marketing Pillar Three: Internal Marketing

Internal marketing is all about marketing to your existing client database, and the best thing about this is you’ve already done all the hard work. You’ve already collected their details, because they’ve made a past enquiry and supplied you with their email or postal address, or they have used your services or purchased your product from you and are now a happy client. In this episode I discuss: * YOUR CLIENT DATABASE IS GOLD * MISTAKES I MADE WITH MY OWN DATABASE (Sad Story) * MY TOP...


INS041 - Legends In Our Own Lunchbox with John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas is a legend in the world of podcasting, and he is also a serial entrepreneur. We talk about this and so much more, plus why we are LEGENDS IN OUR OWN LUNCHBOX. What we cover: Connect with John Lee Dumas at Check out If you have any questions about this podcast please email at or visit my website It's No Secret Small Business Conference - Cairns 17th - 18th August. For more details and...


FMF029 - Marketing Pillar Two: Non-Professional Referrers

A Non-Professional Referrer is a person or business outside of your specific industry that may be in a position to refer clients/patients/customers to your business. For example, a plumber is a professional referral to a carpenter because they're industry-specific, whereas a hairdresser or coffee shop is a non-professional referrer because they are outside of the building industry. Non-professional referrers are just as important as professional referrers and need to be nurtured the same...


INS040 - Creating Your Dream Business with Captain Jim Palmer

Captain Jim Palmer shares his insights into having a dream business but first, you've got to decide what a dream business looks like to you. Your goal is to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM, then TIME FREEDOM. FOR COMPLETE SHOW NOTES PLEASE VISIT


FMF028 - Marketing Pillar One: Professional Referrers

What is a professional referrer? A professional referrer is industry specific, meaning it is a referral that comes from someone else in your specific industry. For example, in the health industry a Physiotherapist may receive a referral from a GP or Podiatrist, an Accountant may receive a referral from a Financial Planner or Bank Manager, and a Plumber may receive referrals from a Carpenter. When you receive referrals, it's important to nurture them by maintaining regular contact because...


INS039 - Trademarks: Don't Take A Sword To A Gun Fight with Donna Patane

Donna Patane is a highly qualified Lawyer and Trademarks Attorney based in Cairns, and when it comes to winning a dispute in court over the use of a business name, the person owning the trademark is holding the gun, and the person with only a business name registration is holding the sword. Donna's advice is don't take a sword to a gun fight, as you will lose every time. In this episode we discuss: Advice for all business owners: Make sure you check the ASIC website for company and...


FMF #27 - You Can't Polish A Poo (Part 3)

This week I want to talk about your education, or more importantly who is educating you? As a general rule, you should never get your marketing education from the same person who is trying to sell you advertising, and this applies to all forms of advertising, both offline and online. The Sales Rep has one job to do: sell you advertising. And that’s what they’re going to do. It’s not their fault if you’re naive. When I first moved to Cairns from the Gold Coast my business boomed, even...


High Performers Live In The No Doubt Zone with Dr Fern Kazlow

Dr Fern Kazlow (aka Dr K) is a Psychotherapist, speaker, author, and business and branding consultant and she helps business people, especially high performers, the top one percenters (1%) live in the no doubt zone. In this podcast episode we discuss: Some people may see you as being successful, but if you have an unachieved goal you will not see the same level of success. Accidental Success This is when things happened to line up perfectly for someone, but they don't know consciously...


FMF #26 - You Can't Polish A Poo (Part Two)

When I work with my coaching clients this is one subject I like to bring up very early because a lot of money can be wasted by not understanding the difference between Reach & Frequency. These two terms are often used by Sales Reps to assist in selling their marketing product. Basically reach is the number of people that will see your marketing message, whereas frequency is about how many times they will see it. The million-dollar question Is it better to make contact with 80 potential...


INS037 - Relationships in Business with Poppy & Geoff Spencer

Poppy and Geoff Spencer are Relationship Experts based in Sarasota, Florida and authors of the hugely successful book One Billion Seconds. Today we talk about relationships in and out of the workplace, and how to get more out of each relationship in a positive way. Many relationships fail because there’s a lack of communication skills and maturity, which leads to misunderstandings. Poppy and Geoff help people understand how relationships work and how to avoid the mistakes they made in...


FMF #25 - You Can't Polish A Poo (Part One)

Of course, polishing a poo is impossible, but some Sales Reps come quite close to making it sparkle, which is what I want to talk about today. I was going to title this episode beware there's a sales rep coming to see you, but I wanted a title that would grab your attention. Let Me Explain Would you ever consider swimming in a pool of sharks without a safety cage? Probably not, but this is what you do when you begin to advertise your small business. You immediately attract the attention...


INS036 - Small Business BIG EXIT with Sam Harrop

Sam Harrop is a very successful Business Coach and Mentor and is the author of two books, Getting Stuff Done and Small Business Big Exit. When Sam was last on my podcast, Episode #30 we talked about Getting Stuff Done, but today we're focusing on his second book Small Business Big Exit: How to make more money selling your business than running it. Big Warning: Even if you're not ready to sell your business right now you need to pay attention to Sam's advice because it will help you make...


FMF #24 - Is Your Business Green And Growing Or Ripe And Rotting?

I would love to take credit for the title of this blog and podcast, but it’s a quote from Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's. I’m not sure if Founder is the correct title for Ray Kroc, especially after seeing the movie FOUNDER, but Ray Kroc was the man who made systems what they are today. Ray Kroc took systems, developed initially by the McDonalds Brothers and made them better, and also made them his own. Good enough was never good enough for Ray Kroc. The Success Ray Kroc was asked...


INS035 - Mastering Your Mindset with Deb Johnstone

Many small business owners find it challenging to stay focused on the task ahead because of shiny bright lights? And often they let their negative thoughts affect their decision making or lack of decision making and this is where Deb Johnstone from Transformational Pathways Australia comes in. Deb Johnstone is a Mindset and NLP business coach, and I can honestly say she helped me keep my head screwed on when I needed it most and with her advice and guidance also helped me make decisions...


FMF #23 - Time Versus Money: 6 Reasons Why Time Holds More Value

How often have you heard a wealthy person say that time with the people you love is far more important than how much money you make or how much you have in the bank? We hear it all the time, and if this is TRUE, why do we keep trading our time for money each day? Is it disbelief? Are wealthy people telling us lies so they can keep all the money to themselves? Are they just being greedy? I don’t think so, but I do believe that hindsight is a beautiful thing, and it’s easy to point out...