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The 5 Laws of Setting Up a 7-Figure SaaS Business -- #29

Clay Collins built LeadPages to over $30M in annual revenue with over 40k paying customers. In this interview he shares the 5 laws of building a 7 figure SaaS business from scratch based on the lessons he learned. Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: [01:56] How Clay would start Leadpages if he were to do it all over again[06:32] Why creating a content community first is important[09:52] When you...


How OH Partners Became a $35M/Year Creative Agency -- #28

Scott Harkey has built OH Partners to $35M in annual revenues. Find out the hiring strategies they used to grow to 120 employees, the pruning process to focus on their best clients, and how they close deals like a $50M contract with the Arizona Lottery. Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: [01:30] How Scott and his business partner got started with OH Partners and their vision for the...


How Sixth Division Went From Broke to $3M in Five Years -- #27

Learn how Brad Martineau grew his agency, SixthDivision, by focusing on a single marketing channel, how he productized his services and the innovative delivery method that allowed him to charge premium pricing, resulting in $3M in annual revenue. Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: [01:20] What led Brad to start SixthDivision[05:10] How they first started getting clients[09:35] What it was like...


How Snow Teeth Whitening Does Branding with Floyd Mayweather -- #26

Learn how 25-year-old Josh Elizetxe developed a revolutionary teeth whitening product, branded it by partnering with celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Rob Gronkowski and how he has grown it to seven figures, on track for $25M this year. Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: [01:43] How Josh got interested and involved in the teeth whitening space[04:09] How they got started with their product...


How Ryan Deiss Grew Digital Marketer to $10M in ARR -- #25

DigitalMarketer has over 15,000 paying members and half a million subscribers that trust them to learn about digital marketing. Learn how they grew past the $1M and $5M ARR plateaus and how Ryan Deiss’ business model had to change. Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: [01:35] How Ryan got into the traffic conversion space and what it was like back then when he were just starting[07:33] How Ryan...


How Bodify Became the #4/3000 CoolSculpting Provider -- #24

Learn how in just three short years, Jessica Stellwagen grew CoolSculpting provider, Bodify, to $2.2M in sales with 40% net profit and just three employees. Even if you don’t have a clinic, there’s lots to learn from their marketing and growth strategies. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode Topics Discussed in this Episode: [03:58] What is CoolSculpting?[04:33] How did they raise the funds to start a CoolSculpting practice?[07:10]...


How Raj Jana sold 150k products and grew JavaPresse to $2.3M -- #23

Learn how Raj Jana created JavaPresse, a side hustle selling coffee grinders on Amazon from a business that had 90% refunds in the first two months, to selling 150k products and $2.3M in sales. Topics Discussed in this Episode: [01:28] What made Raj decide to get into entrepreneurship[07:56] Some of the first steps Raj took to figure out what kind of product he wanted to create[16:00] Raj’s financial situation at the time when he started the company[19:08] How they got to $23,000 in sales...


How Garrett Moon Built CoSchedule into a 7 Figure SaaS

In just five years, Garrett Moon has built CoSchedule from 0 to 7 figures in revenue, 9,000 customers, 1.5M monthly page views, and over 350k email subscribers. Listen to this episode to learn exactly how he did it. Topics Discussed in this Episode: [01:31] How Garrett started with his first agency and how far they got before moving forward with CoSchedule[04:37] The idea for CoSchedule and how they decided it was the product to move forward with[10:36] How they focused on getting...


How Eric Siu Saved Single Grain and Grew to $2M in Revenue

Single Grain was a struggling digital marketing agency before Eric Siu took over. In this episode, he shares how he took them from unprofitable to working with clients like Uber, Amazon, and Salesforce, last year generating $2M in revenue. Topics Discussed in this Episode: [02:38] What Eric learned from his experience working at Treehouse[04:03] What kind of shape Single Grain was in when Eric first got involved with it[07:25] How things got worse for Single Grain[09:11] What they did to...


How Crowdfunding Agency, Command Partners Generated $10M

Crowdfunding agency Enventys Partners (formerly Command Partners) has helped launch over 450 new businesses via crowdfunding campaigns. They’ve helped raise over $150M and last year generated over $10M in revenue. Roy Morejon explains how they did it. Topics Discussed in this Episode: [01:28] How Roy got started with Command Partners[09:58] How they started getting more projects and building their customer base[14:57] Building a team around each project[16:46] Setting client...


How Michael Lovitch Built a $40M Company with 350k Customers

Michael was a special education teacher before he went on to found 3 multi-million dollar companies including one that reached $40M in annual sales with 350k customers. Learn how he did it in this episode! Topics Discussed in this Episode: [01:28] Michael’s transition from teaching special education to entrepreneurship[07:33] Copywriting and creating profitability through ads and affiliate marketing[12:44] Starting out with AdWords and working with partners to provide more value[16:24] Why...


How LeadMD Grew to $5.6M with Clients like Forbes and eBay

LeadMD is a bootstrapped marketing agency who have helped over 3,000 high growth and enterprise clients like Forbes and eBay. Having started in 2009, they’ve implemented over half of the Marketo user base and last year they generated $5.6M in sales! Tune in as Justin Gray shares their success story and more! Topics Discussed in this Episode: [05:35] Figuring out your customer type and bridging the gap between knowing the type of customers you want to serve and actually getting them[08:00]...


How Neil Patel Grew His Website to 1.1M Monthly Visitors

Neil Patel has built multiple seven figure businesses including an agency and marketing software Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. He gets over 1.1M monthly reader to his website. On this episode, he dishes how he did it. In this episode you will learn: Some of the strategies they used when they first got started [07:12]How they were able to get big, major clients [08:31]How he came up with the idea for Crazy Egg [08:56]Why they started KISSmetrics [17:40]When to focus on blogging [22:18] Key...


How Pocket Your Dollars Grew to $500k a Month in One Year

Anthony Sarandrea started Pocket Your Dollars as a lead generation company for debt settlement. He spends $15,000/day on Facebook to connect as many as 5,000 people/day with settlement agencies and has scaled to over $500k/month in revenue. In this episode you will learn: How they got the idea for the business and how they were able to be so successful so quickly [01:33]How they went about finding the people that they were going to connect the leads with [03:51]How they started generating...


How MistoBox went from Shark Tank to $2.7M in Revenue

Samantha Meis started MistoBox, a coffee subscription business, while still in college. They launched in 2012 with a Kickstarter project, appeared on Shark Tank, made a deal with Mark Cuban and have gone on to generate over $2.7M in sales last year. In this episode you will learn: How they came up with the idea for MistoBox and how they got things off the ground [01:40]How they launched a Kickstarter project for their business [03:10]How they got their first 100 customers [04:10]How they...


How Unbounce Grew to $17M in Revenue and 14,000 Customers

Oli Gardner shares how Unbounce used content marketing and partnerships to grow their website traffic to 800,000 monthly visitors and how focusing on the right customer helped them grow to 14k users and $17M in revenue. In this episode you will learn: What gave them the idea to come up with Unbounce [01:34]What they did to be able to start the company [03:20]How Oli handled the marketing side of things [04:09]How they started generating awareness of their content to build an email list...


How Rand Fishkin Built Moz to $47.4M and 36,000 Users

Rand Fishkin shares how he started blog SEOMoz to generate consulting clients for his design agency. He’s gone on to grow that blog to over 3.2M monthly visitors, which has helped grow SEO software, Moz to $47.4M in revenue with over 36,000 customers. TOPICS: How Rand started the SEOMoz blog [01:39]Rand’s biggest struggle and the strategies he employed to initially grow traffic [05:28]How they made $440,000 in the first six months [11:58]What it is like to have a business in a new a space...


How FitAid Grew to Become a $21M Nutritional Drink Business

Aaron Hinde shares the strategies he used to grow FitAid into a $21M a year business. He shares how they were able to sell in 50% of Crossfit gyms across the US and in retailers like Whole Foods, Sprouts, GMC and more! TOPICS: How did Aaron come up with his business idea? [01:35]How did he go from having this idea to actually creating a nutritional drink company? [02:47]How did they come up with the formulation of a drink that’s healthy but tastes good? [03:42]What did they do when it...


How Luke Ford Built a $4.6M Business with 9,500 Customers

Today on the show, Luke Ford shares not only the strategies he used to grow My Computer Works to $4.6M but also how focusing on NPS doubled the LTV of his customers, the marketing strategies he used to scale, and much more! He has a very interesting story about raising money, so listen in and enjoy! TOPICS: What inspired Luke to get into entrepreneurship and start a business? [01:34]What was one of the unique things about how Luke started My Computer Works? [02:41]What was it like trying...


How Dollar Beard Club Grew to $11M in One Year

In today’s episode, Alex Brown shares the strategies he used to grow Dollar Beard Club to $11M in one year, sell over 1.7M boxes, generate 200M viral video views, and how he convinced Dan Bilzerian to promote their products. Tune in and learn from his journey! TOPICS: What’s the story of how The Beard Club came to be? [01:37]How many years did it take before it felt like they had some traction and success? [06:40]What was their strategy for building their email list of 15,000 people?...