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Ep 41 - Kristin Bush from Social Media Examiner Reveals the Secret Truth to Social Media Marketing Success

Kristin Bush from Social Media Examiner joins the show to discuss social media marketing in 2019 and what's trending now. Kristin and Social Media Examiner are about to host their big live event, Social Media Marketing World (SMMW), which begins on Wednesday, March 20th, in San Diego, CA. Listen in for a great interview and conversation where we cover the state of Facebook, top tools for social media marketing, and what to expect with the future of social media. This episode is brought to...


Ep 40 - Cahill Puil - Founder of Byte Media Group Talks Blockchain, Authority Building, and Marketing

Cahill Puil bravely joins the show today and talks blockchain, authority building, and marketing with the "Marketing Geeks." That's right, Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon are back for the third time in 6 days to shock the world with so many episodes that heads are exploding. Cahill Puil is the founder and CEO of the Byte Media Group, a strategic marketing consultancy that helps blockchain and technology companies with their branding, marketing, PR, and community development. If you don't...


Ep 39 - [Bonus] Marketing Geeks Top Tools and Hacks for 2019

Welcome to a special bonus edition of the Marketing Geeks podcast where your phenomenal marketing hosts, Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon, share their top hacks, tactics, strategies, and tools for what's working in 2019. With a splash of Michael Jackson controversy, Captain Marvel, and some wondrous banter thrown in for good measure, you are in for something very special with this bonus episode. Its a Marketing Geeks extravaganza. Enjoy the flick... Today's episode is brought to you by...


Ep 38 - Admiral Joseph Jaffe, 5x Published Author, Keynote Speaker, Rabble Rouser

Episode #38 is live and the Marketing Geeks continue to bring elite marketing talent to drop value bombs on our listeners. Today, Admiral Joseph Jaffe joins Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon for a deep dive discussion on all things marketing. Joseph Jaffe is one of the most sought after consultants, speakers, and thought leaders on innovation, marketing, new media, and social media. He is a 5x published author, a serial entrepreneur, and a self-proclaimed rabble rouser. Joseph is the...


Ep 37 - Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Josh Tickell Drops By the Show to Talk Film Marketing

Today, the Marketing Geeks Podcast builds authority because today is the day that we trick our highest profile guest yet into showing up on the program. That's right, in this episode, Josh Tickell, an award winning documentary filmmaker, best-selling author, and renowned keynote speaker, joins the Marketing Geeks for a discussion about how to market film in the era of social media, streaming services, and big tech. Josh is the director of the award-winning film "Fuel" which followed his...


Ep 36 - [CONTROVERSIAL] Privacy in the Digital Age - You Can Trust Us, But THEY Are Watching You!!!!

Welcome to another fine edition of the Marketing Geeks radio podcast. Today, your favorite hosts, Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon, cover the topics of internet privacy, the struggle to protect our personal data from Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, and whether Batman is finally over-saturated in today's movie marketplace. This and more in today's BREAKTHROUGH, SHOCKING, AND VERY CONTROVERSIAL EPISODE! With the introduction of the GDPR in the European Untion taking effect in May 2018, the...


Ep 35 - Permission Marketing and Why It's Time to Say "Yes" to Marketing Geeks...

In this breaking edition of Marketing Geeks, Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon have one question for you: "Would it be okay if we marketed like crazy people to you?" That's right! The reason we ask this profound question is because today's shocking episode is structured to reveal the absolute truth behind permission marketing. Learn how permission marketing works, who wrote the book on it, and why it is still relevant in the year 2019. If you love marketing, and I assume you do since...


Ep 34 - The State of Marketing in the Education System as Told By the Most Educated Man on the Planet, Bryan McCleod, JD, PhD, MBA, BA, HS Diploma, and Maybe More...

Welcome back to the Marketing Geeks podcast where we do the research so you don't have to. Today, we are joined by, quite possibly, the most educated man on the planet, Bryan McCleod. Bryan has an MBA, a PhD, and a JD along with passing the bar exam. He also has a Bachelors Degree and probably a high school diploma. Bryan has practiced as a lawyer and currently is a college marketing professor in the state of South Carolina. We invited him on the show to discuss how marketing is being taught...


Ep 33 - Fyre Festival Marketing and Why Psychopaths Make Effective Marketers...

You've seen the Netflix and Hulu documentaries, you've read the horror stories, but what really was behind the Fyre Festival and it's sudden rise to prominence. In today's episodes, the investigative reporters known as the Marketing Geeks will examine the influencer marketing strategies and general marketing principles that were utilized to build fast, effective, and massive buzz about the Fyre Festival. The techniques that were exercised were often nefarious and with manipulative intent,...


Ep 32 - The Art of the Customer Avatar and Why Marketers Dont Want You To Know About Them...

In this episode, Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon reveal the art and science behind creating a customer avatar. We dive deep into the concepts, practices, and reasons why avatar creation is critical to attracting the right kinds of clients for your business. We even define the term once and for all. In fact, history has shown that more primitive marketers have tried to bury these techniques from the general public. They have remained hidden from the vast majority of people, at least, until...


Ep 31 - Explainer Videos Explained & the Little-Known Real Reason Marketers Often Miss the Mark...

Welcome to episode #31 of your favorite podcast, Marketing Geeks, and today we have something special for you. That's right, in this episode, the marketing geeks will break down the complex and often misunderstood subject of explainer videos. The topic of explainer videos will finally be explained. We will be breaking down a checklist of points that should be addressed in your explainer videos and what it takes to be successful in the year 2019. If you are a fan of the show, you know that...


Ep 30 - Kickstart 2019 with Our Social Media and SEO Checklists

Welcome to the first Marketing Geeks episode of 2019 and the 30th episode of the show. Today, we will be sharing our checklists for igniting and kickstarting your social media and SEO in the new year. Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon will share insights and tactics that will have you playing three dimensional chess while your opponents are trapped on the Checkers board. In this episode, we will cover current marketing news, provide you with our social media and SEO checklists, and...


Ep 29 - The Marketing Geeks Holiday Special - The Best of 2018 in Marketing, Movies, & All Media...

Welcome to the year end episode of the Marketing Geeks which is episode 29. I don't know how we made it this far, but we did and we are ready to bring the heat in 2019. In this episode, the Marketing Geeks discuss current marketing news followed by the top marketing tools and softwares of 2018 as rated by us. We go through several tools that we use regularly in our businesses and which are powerful for anyone that wants to be in the marketing field. We then go full geek on you and discuss...


Ep 28 - Online Marketing Trends and Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019 with the Marketing Geeks!

Welcome to the 28th edition of the Marketing Geeks podcast featuring your hosts, Justin Womack and Andros T. Sturgeon. In this episode, the Marketing Geeks pull out their crystal ball and risk their reputations to give you their predictions for 2019 marketing trends, 2019 top advertising platforms, and, of course, the top grossing movies of 2019. In a world where marketing has become mainstream and attention has become the number one commodity, what predictions will the Marketing Geeks make?...


Ep 27 - Email Marketing - Get Out of the Spam Box and Into the Inbox...

Welcome to Episode #27 of the Marketing Geeks. Today, we are going all in on the subject of email marketing and we are focusing deeply on the subject of deliverability. If you have ever wondered why your emails end up in the spam box and not the inbox, you may regret asking that question. We are going to go intensely deep on the subject and scare you away forever. We will cover things like SPF, DKIM, and dmarc records, writing effective headlines, email marketing platforms, analytics...


Ep 26 We'll Do It Live Streaming - Facebook Live, Instagram Live & Software that Ignites Live Video

Welcome to the Marketing Geeks podcast and our episode focused on the magic of live streaming in your marketing and outreach. Live video used to be restricted to only major news networks and enterprise level businesses, but now, anyone with a phone has a television studio in their pocket. In this show, we will cover the platforms of Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitch, Twitter Live, Mixer, YouTube Live, Periscope, and more. Also, if you surf social media frequently, you have probably seen...


Ep 25 - Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads, & Organic Social Media Marketing to Be An Influencer...

In episode #25 of the Marketing Geeks Podcast with Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon, the subjects of Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and Social Media Marketing are discussed in depth. We explore the top social media strategies, techniques, and tips to perform elite level marketing that gets you noticed and can slowly transition you to influencer status. Toward the beginning of the show, we covered a gift giving software called BannerSeason which allows you to give personalized...


Ep 24 - Consistency and Commitments as a Marketing Influence Pattern...

Welcome to Episode 24 of the Marketing Geeks and Part-6 of our six part series on influence patterns featured in the book "Influence" by Robert Cialdini. If you are new to the podcast, go back and listen to our last 4 episodes which covered the influence patterns of authority, reciprocity, scarcity, social compliance / social proof, and liking. Today, we cover the 6th influence pattern of consistency, commitments, and micro-commitments. This has also been called the principle of behavioral...



Welcome to the top rated business podcast, Marketing Geeks, and to our 23rd episode of the show. In today's episode, we are into Part 5 of our 6 Part Series on identifying the Six Major Influence Patterns as illustrated in the book, "Influence," by Robert Cialdini. Special shout out to this episode's sponsor, Virra Marketing. Please visit their website at If you are new to the podcast, go back and listen to our last 4 episodes which covered the influence patterns...



Welcome to episode 22 of the hit podcast Marketing Geeks featuring your hosts, Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon. Today, we enter part 4 out of our 6 part mini-series where we delve into the six major patterns of influence as illustrated in the awesome marketing book, "Influence," written by Robert Cialdini. Part 4 of the Influence series is all about how marketers use social consensus and social proof to influence their audiences. Listen in for our full discussion of how this shows up in...