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Don Donovan

This week Dan is sitting down with Don Donovan of Baker Street Solutions. Don is an inventor, data junkie, and author of The Right to Succeed™, a marketing approach guaranteed to deliver. With 20 years of client experience at Procter & Gamble in brand, category and general management, and 15 years of marketing consulting as founder and CEO of Baker Street Solutions, Don is Baker Street’s “Discovery” guru. Don’s vision for how consumer behavior is translated into predictive modeling is the...


Chris Condit

This week Dan is chatting with Chris Condit. Chris along with his now wife Mandy founded the Texas 4000 in 2004. Chris is a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor having been diagnosed at age 11. He created the Texas 4000 as a way to continue the fight against cancer by raising funds for research and sharing hope, knowledge, and charity throughout the continent. Chris felt that creating the longest charity bicycle ride in the world, from Texas to Alaska, would be an appropriate way to fight the...


Jody Goehring

This week Dan is chatting with Jody Goehring. Jody is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Hyde Park Ventures. and previously served as Vice President and Head of Corporate and Business Development at digital promotions giant RetailMeNot, Inc. Jody was an Associate Director in the Technology, Media, Telecom investment banking group at UBS Investment Bank in New York where he advised on a number of M&A and financing transactions. He also gained management consulting experience at Booz...


Prentice Howe

This week Dan is sitting down with Prentice Howe, Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Door Number 3. Prentice has worked with some of America’s most iconic brands including Minute Maid, The UPS Store, Anheuser-Busch and JBL. Prentice’s work has been recognized nationally and internationally in prestigious shows such as Cannes Lions, London International Advertising Awards, the Webby Awards and Communication Arts. Dan, Ryan Francis, and Prentice go over how he got his start and why values are...


Bradley Tusk

This week Dan is sitting down with venture capitalist, political strategist and writer, Bradley Tusk. Bradley is the Founder and CEO of Tusk Holdings, which includes Tusk Ventures, Tusk Strategies, Kronos Archives, Ivory Gaming and Tusk Philanthropies. Tusk Ventures is the world’s first venture capital fund to work with and invest solely in high growth startups facing political and regulatory challenges. Bradley recently wrote a memoir called The Fixer: My Adventures Saving Startups From...


John Paul DeJoria

This week Dan is sitting down with entrepreneur, a self-made billionaire and philanthropist John Paul DeJoria. John is probably most known as the co-founder of Paul Mitchell line of hair products and The Patrón Spirits Company. His generosity is also a key feature to his work and his life. Guest: John Paul DeJoria Host: Dan Dillard Producer: Myrriah Gossett Audio Engineer: Jake Wallace A Founding Media Podcast Founding Austin Masters and Founders Facebook Group


20: Gordy Quist

This week Dan is sitting down with Gordy Quist. Gordy is probably known best as one of the members of Band of Heathens. He had a very interesting path, starting out in finance and eventually making his way back to his passion in music. Dan and Gordy talk about working in the music industry and all the steps it took Gordy to make it where he is today. Guests: Gordy Quist Host: Dan Dillard Producer: Myrriah Gossett Audio Engineer: Jake Wallace Band of Heathens Founding Austin Masters...


019: Louis Black

This week Dan is sitting down with Louis Black. Louis is one of the founders of the Austin Chronicle and the SXSW festival. He has also directed a documentary, executive produced a few films, and was a founding member of the Austin Film Society. Dan digs in and finds out how Louis got his start and what he loves about music, culture, and film. Guests: Louis Black Host: Dan Dillard Producer: Myrriah Gossett Audio Engineer: Jake Wallace Music by: Scott Holms Founding Austin Masters and...


018: Ash Almonte

Ash Almonte is an Austin multimedia artist. She is primarily inspired by beautiful color, incredible music, and outrageous fashion . She is also moved by the process of change, individuals who are doing kind things in the world for others, and hearing about miraculous stories of the past and present. In essence, Ash is moved by life and inspired by every minute of it. She is represented by Lisa Russell, owner and operator of The Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery in Austin, Texas. Her and...


017: Stuart Thomajan

Stuart Thomajan has found the magical formula for restaurant investments. He has made sure not to put himself or his company into a box giving them room to invest where they think it's smart, and be able to make big moves in Austin. Dan and Ryan jump into conversation this week to hear more about how Stuart got his start and where he sees Austin's restaurant scene moving into the future. Guests: Stuart Thomajan Host: Dan Dillard, Ryan Francis Producer: Myrriah Gossett Audio Engineer:...


016: Christy Pipkin

Christy Pipkin is the executive director of the Nobility Project, as the director she creates motivating documentaries and short films, as well as overseeing educational outreach in the US and abroad. She believes that by improving conditions in one community you improve the state of the global community. Dan and Ryan jump into conversation this week to hear more about how Christy came to the Nobility project, and how learn how we can all do more as global citizens. Guests: Christy...


015: Gregg Alvarez

With interests spanning from VC funding to real estate Gregg Alvarez has been at the forefront of innovation in multiple industries. Always asking why something doesn't exist or being done better, Gregg has kept a watchful eye on how technology is rapidly changing how business works. Dan and Ryan jump into conversation this week to talk all things innovation and how to make sure you keep the right people in your circle. Guests: Gregg Alvarez Host: Dan Dillard, Ryan Francis Producer:...


014: Randy Cohen

Randy Cohen wanted to make buying tickets to your favorite event easier, and he has done just that. With over 30 years of experience making customers happy, and experiences happen all over the country for millions of people, Randy knows what it takes to create amazing customer service moments. Sitting down with Dan and Ryan this week we dig in to find out how to make your hustle your happy place. Guests: Randy Cohen Host: Dan Dillard, Ryan Francis Producer: Myrriah Gossett Audio...


013: John Arrow

John Arrow of Mutual Mobile kicked off his career as an innovator and entrepreneur at the young age of 22. Taking his company onto the Fortune 2011 Most Promising Companies list, at number one in the state of Texas, it has quickly expanded from the college dorm to over 300 employees. John has a way of seeing gaps in the market and making unique things happen. This week Dan talks to John about where he started, and how he has learned from success and failures in his career. Guests: John...


012: Frank Krasovec

Frank Krasovec may have started with humble roots as a paper boy to as he began his journey to business greatness, but his drive has taken him far beyond his childhood home. From building empires at home and abroad Frank has been able to take all of his ventures far and beyond their original footprint and scale them into international successes. Guests: Frank Krasovec Host: Dan Dillard, Ryan Francis Producer: Myrriah Gossett Music by: Scott Holms Founding Austin Masters and Founders...


011: Joshua Bingaman, Preview: Masters of Cloth

Masters and Founders is pleased to present a preview for another show within the Founding Austin Productions group. Masters of Cloth, coming soon, will interview leaders in the fashion industry who are changing how we dress, and where technology intersects with fashion. Our first guest is Joshua Bingaman of Helm Boots, a company that brought together new and old industries a like to take boots and footwear to new levels right here in Austin. Guests: Joshua Bingaman Host: Dan Dillard,...


010: Mark Russell

With an ever expanding population, how humans use the earth's natural resources has to get more efficient, and there is a need to diversify how we power our world. Mark Russell and his team at HyperSciences are disrupting the the energy and drilling fields with their new drilling technology. This week Dan jumps into conversation with Mark to talk about his journey as an engineer and now as a founder and CEO. Guests: Mark Russell Host: Dan Dillard Producer: Myrriah Gossett Music by: Scott...


009: Sam Hellman Mass

Sam Hellman Mass is not only known for his amazing food, but now his business sense. With three successful projects in Austin Sam pushed the envelope and helped make Farm to Table a house hold term in Austin. His fascination with amazing ingredients and making the most out of what you have in the kitchen has resulted into a delicious empire. Guests: Sam Hellman Mass Host: Dan Dillard, Ryan Francis Producer: Myrriah Gossett Music by: Scott Holms Founding Austin Masters and Founders...


008: Turk Pipkin

Turk Pipkin joined us during SXSW this past year to talk about his expansive career. As a writer and an actor he has become a mainstay in popular culture as he turns his eye to charity work. With his Book of the Every-Other-Month club Turk is using his skills as an author to help build libraries in Kenya with the Nobility Project. Guests: Turk Pipkin Host: Dan Dillard, Ryan Francis Producer: Myrriah Gossett Music by: Scott Holms Founding Austin Masters and Founders Facebook Group


007: whurley

With an ever growing list of accomplishments William Hurley, more commonly known as whurley, has made his mark on the tech industry. From talks on quantum computing, to moving the needle towards gender equality in tech whurley is always at work. He has quite a few stories and lessons to share from his time becoming a master and being a founder to a number of successful startups. Guest: whurley Host: Dan Dillard, Ryan Francis Producer: Myrriah Gossett Music by: Scott Holms Founding...