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Small Business Roundtable (SBR) is about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and succeed. We believe the best way to success is to learn from those who have been the most successful. SBR is hosted by small business and technology expert John Martin.

Small Business Roundtable (SBR) is about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and succeed. We believe the best way to success is to learn from those who have been the most successful. SBR is hosted by small business and technology expert John Martin.
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Small Business Roundtable (SBR) is about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and succeed. We believe the best way to success is to learn from those who have been the most successful. SBR is hosted by small business and technology expert John Martin.






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The Go Givers

My guest is Bob Burg, bestselling author of The Go-Givers. Most entrepreneurs focus on being a Go-Getter, but if you take the focus from getting to giving, it is not only a nice way to live, but a profitable one as well. You will learn the importance of consistantly providing Value to customers and rewards that come back to you. Bob will share his 5 Laws for Stratospheric Success - I promise these will have a huge impact on your business. This is a must show for anyone looking to take...


You must Believe in 2013

Business people are facing mountains of challenges, trials and too much negativity. My show today will help you affirm that your business will be successful in 2013. I believe its important for business folks to understand that God wants to be involved with all aspects of your life and he wants your business to prosper. Today we will make our first Declaration for 2013 and I promise this will have a positive impact on your success. Dennis Wenrick of Wenrick Insurance will be my guest...


Building A City in Andong Cambodia

Our SBR community is passionate about Giving and Serving others. My guest today will share a great giving opportunity that is also developing entrepreneurship in Cambodia. My guest is Dr. Fred Garmon, Executive Director for People for Care and Learning (PCL). I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Garmon some time ago at the PCL offices in Cleveland TN and was very impressed by this organization and intrigued by his passion for helping the people of Cambodia. PCL has embarked on an ambitious...


Vision for the New Year

SBR's mission is helping entrepreneurs learn, grow and succeed. We have produced over 150 shows interviewing many of the worlds top entrepreneurs sharing how they did it and their biggest mistakes. Our vision moving forward is to build a community of entrepreneurs and self employed people that want to share and learn from others. Our mission for this coming year: Staying in the Right Mindset to Succeed. Guests that want to help others succeed. They will inspire you and share how they...


Everyone is in Sales

I hosted a show a few months ago called - Stop Hiding behind email and social media and go sell something. I am a big believer that you still have to get in front of people to build relationships and close business. My guest today is Ryan Sauers, author of the book Everyone is in Sales. Ryan has nearly 20 year's experience in leading multi-million dollar companies in the printing, promotional products and visual communications industries. You will learn how to: Get the right mindset to...


Gold Now? John Martin's Contrary Perspective

Gold has been in a 10 year bull market and everyone thinks its going higher. I was a bullish on gold in the 1990's when you could not give away an ounce of Gold or a gold stock for that matter. No one believed Gold would ever go higher than $400 an ounce and brokerage firms encouraged investors to stay away from precious metals. I heard a major brokerage firm say today they think every investor should be in Gold. I think U.S. Stocks today are in a similar position to 1982, when the dow was...


Staying in the Right Mindset

Being a entrepreneur or business owner brings a daily battle to stay in the right mindset. We are constantly bombarded with mental thoughts of fear, failure, challenges and other people telling us why this won't work. We must train ourselves to stay in the right mindset - a positive one of belief and success as opposed to fear, worry and anxiety. We will cover key steps to help you Stay in the Right Mindset. I highly recommend reading Joyce Meyer's book - Battlefield of the Mind - this is...


Sarah Robbins - School Teacher to Entrepreneur

I am excited to have Sarah Robbins on SBR to share her remarkable story of going from school teacher to multi-million dollar entrepreneur. Sarah loved being a school teacher, but she had no job security and wanted a better opportunity for her family. Starting a business was not easy and she was tempted several times to give up, but she persisted. Sarah had no experience as an entrepreneur, but was willing to learn, work extremely hard, 100% committed to succeed and not give up. Sarah will...


John Wilson of Morgan Keegan

As we head towards the election, entrepreneurs, business owners and investors are seeking wisdom. I am excited to have John Wilson, Managing Director with Raymond James Morgan Keegan on SBR. John has been a frequent guest on Small Business Roundtable and has provided superb insight and solid investment strategies. John will share his outlook for the stock market, bonds and other investments. He will also share key trends and sectors to watch. Thanks for listening to John Martin SBR - the...


SBA Award Winner - Famous Five Dining, Inc.

This is National Small Business Week and we are visiting with SBA Award Winner, Famous Five Dining Inc. - TN Small Business Person of the year. Famous Five is the Tennessee franchisee of Famous Dave's of America - legendary pit barbeque. Founded in 2001, Famous Five owns 5 locations and they employ over 300 people. The owners of Famous Five are a very uncommon combination - two married couples - Michael and Tamara Lister and Douglas and Laurel Renegar. This team has experienced great...


SBR talks with U.S. SBA Administrator Karen Mills

National Small Business Week is May 20th - 26th and our audience is excited about opportunities with the JOBS Act and other initiatives. My guest today is Karen Mills - Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration. Our mission at SBR is helping entrepreneurs learn, grow and succeed providing Solutions to your greatest challenges. You will learn key solutions the Small Business Administration is providing to business owners and start-ups. We will also discuss opportunities with...


Crowd Funding - What this means for Start-Ups & Investors

The JOBS Act was recently signed by President Obama and crowd funding has been a hot topic for start-ups and investors. My guest today has been in the crowd funding business for years and we will cover the current and future opportunties. My guest is Bill Clark - Founder and CEO of MicroVentures. MicroVenture Marketplace has built a platform that gives start-ups and existing small businesses access to early-stage capital investment or micro investments. MicroVenture Marketplace is the...


Starting A Business - Key Steps for Success

Are you planning to start a business or are you a new business owner? There has never been a better time to start a business. The Internet provides the ability to start a business for less than $5,000 and franchises provide a proven model for success. Most small businesses fail in the first year, however you can significantly increase your probability of success by having a strong plan and avoiding common mistakes. LIsten to SBR as John Martin shares his Top 5 Tips for success and mistakes...


The Election - What it means for your money

Business owners and investors are nervous about the Presidential election this November. They are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if Obama gets re-elected. What are the ramifications for the markets? Where should you be investing today? What should you be doing to prepare? We will dive into these key questions and more with my guest Thomas Landstreet - co-founder of Tell-Tale Capital Corp. - a Nashville TN based money manager. As a speaker and writer, Tom shares his wit and wisdom...


How to Fund Your Business with Retirement Plans

Funding start-ups and small businesses is one of top challenges for our community, but many of you may not think of retirement plans as a funding option. My guest is Steven Cooper - President of ERSOP - Employee Rollover Stock Ownership Plan. Most all qualified retirement plans, including 401K, profit sharing, ESOP, thrift, 403b and IRAs may be used to fund your own business. Retirement plans can be used to fund existing businesses, start-ups, franchises, business property and investment...


How to get an Investor to say Yes?

Today's show provides key advice for entrepreneurs seeking early stage capital from professional angel investors and venture capital investors These investors are typically very shrewd and there are common characteristics to their deals. We will discuss the primary drivers for making these investors say YES and the most common reasons they say No. My guest is Charlie Paparelli, CEO of Paparelli Ventures - a preformation investment company focused on entrepreneurs in Atlanta, GA. Charlie is...


JOBS Act, Crowd Funding - How does this benefit you?

My guest is Sue Malone of Strategies for Small Business and we will discuss the JOBS Act and crowd funding. The JOBS Act - Jumpstart Our Business Start-Ups - was recently signed by President Obama and should go into effect by early 2013. Sue has been actively engaged with the JOBS Act in Washington and her company has funded over 30,000 small business loans. You will learn how the JOBS Act can benefit your small business or start-up and the various avenues for crowd funding and small...


Direct Sales Multi Level Sales - What you need to know

Direct Sales is a $28 Billion a year industry in the U.S. alone and many people are making a great living in this industry. You hear all the success stories of folks making millions a year in this industry and its very inspiring. Most of these success stories are true and I am a big believer in the direct sales business, however most people that get into this business fail. Today we are going to discuss the key factors for success and discover if direct sales is right for you. Please ask...


SEO Services - How to get Results

You want to get found on the first page of Google, but not sure if you need to hire a web marketing firm to help you do this? I can attest that consistant blogging about relative topics works, but this takes time and your time is valuable. Today we are diving into the Pros and Cons of Search Engine Optimization and the value of hiring an SEO Services firm. Should you hire an SEO Services firm or do it yourself? What are the key questions you need to ask an SEO Services provider? Is your site...