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Small Business Roundtable (SBR) is about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and succeed. We believe the best way to success is to learn from those who have been the most successful. SBR is hosted by small business and technology expert John Martin.

Small Business Roundtable (SBR) is about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and succeed. We believe the best way to success is to learn from those who have been the most successful. SBR is hosted by small business and technology expert John Martin.
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Small Business Roundtable (SBR) is about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and succeed. We believe the best way to success is to learn from those who have been the most successful. SBR is hosted by small business and technology expert John Martin.






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The Why with Entrepreneur David Bergevin - Oct 20,2011

Small Business Roundtable is broadcasting LIVE from the Phoenician Hotel in Scottsdale AZ and visiting with Entrepreneur David Bergevin. David is the Founder and CEO of NAP - a specialty agriculture chemical company. We will learn Why David is doing what he is doing and the key attributes for his success. We will also learn some of his biggest mistakes and key advice for entrepreneur leaders looking to grow and succeed.Entrepreneur | Leadership | Small Business Roundtable | David Bergevin...


Taylor McDonald of Second Site - Augmented Reality - Oct 13,2011

My guest on our second segment Thursday October 13th at 6PM EST is Taylor McDonald Co-Founder of Second Site - a Chattanooga, TN based developer of premium Augmented Reality content and applications. Augmented Reality is the next big thing for mobile applications, where your device will bring things of the past, present and future to reality. Second Site is one of the early players in this space and Taylor McDonald will share Why Augmented Reality will be so huge and how entrepreneurs can...


Let's Get Foodie & Redemption Shirts - Sep 08,2011

My guests are Matt Baxter, Holly Klassen and Chante D. Newcomb, founders of Lets Get Foodie and Jason Collier, Founder of Redemption Shirts. Lets Get Foodie is a new on-line Chattanooga restaurant review service and we will learn how they got the idea, why they decided to do this and plans for success. Redemption Shirts is a Chattanooga based T-Shirt company that exists to join with people and organizations in meeting the needs of those hurting in our communities around the world. We will...


How do Small Businesses become Suppliers to the Fortune 500? - Sep 01,2011

My guest Thursday Sept. 1st at 1PM EASTERN is Dan Gallo with the Supplier Connection and you will be learning how to access a FREE web portal connecting you to supplier business opportunities with large corporations. Supplier Connection is an awesome opportunity for small businesses to grow and create new jobs and this is a Must SHOW for all small business owners. Our 2nd half segment features Robert Staub of the TN Grow Your Business Tour - a 90 fast paced workshop to help businesses...


How to Dramatically Reduce Telecom Costs with Ronnie Bice - Aug 25,2011

We are broadcasting LIVE this Thursday Aug 25 at 2PM EASTERN from the Channel Partners Show in Chicago and visiting with Ronnie Bice, Founder & CEO of TeleSource Inc. – a telecom solutions provider specializing in small business. Ronnie will share his best ideas on how small business owners should approach telecom & connectivity resources in today's rapidly changing environment and what systems make the most sense for your budget. He will also share advice for telecom audits and on-going...


Interview with Travis Truett of Retickr - Aug 18,2011

My guest is Travis Truett - Co-Founder & President of Retickr. Retickr is an application that provides users the ability to get their personalized news and social media all in a streaming ticker available on a PC, Laptop or TV. Retickr is helping folks like me simplify life in this world of way too much information. Travis will share their great story of how four guys ended up in Chattanooga, TN and took a bold move to start a news business planning to dramatically improve the way folks...


Interview with Eric Brown & Taylor Jones of Whiteboard - Aug 18,2011

I meet a lot of Start-Up entrepreneurs and feature the ones on SBR that stand out from the pack and have a willingness to share ideas and learn from others. My guests for our first segment today are Eric Brown and Taylor Jones of Whiteboard. Eric and Taylor will share their key learnings and vision. Whiteboard is a creative agency for fresh ideas and purposeful ventures. We will also learn about their latest venture called Castaneed, which offers major technical efficiencies for disaster...


Alan Levy CEO of BlogTalkRadio on Small Business Roundtable - Aug 09,2011

I am excited to have Alan Levy, Founder & CEO of as my guest. Alan is an entrepreneur that pioneered the Internet Talk Radio business and he will share his secrets to success and mistakes to avoid. Alan will also share his vision for BlogTalkRadio, Internet Broadcasting and a new service called Cinchcast, which offers micro podcasts via smart phones. I view Cinch as Twitter mobile podcasting on the fly. As we have discussed many times on Small Business Roundtable,...


Big Company Publicity on a Small Co Budget with Ryan Evans - Aug 04,2011

Small Businesses are seeking media exposure and innovative ways to promote their services, but many don't have a budget to afford traditional marketing and advertising campaigns.Many entrepreneurs have turned to Social Media and other non-traditional PR avenues to promote their brands. My guest is Ryan Evans, a highly regarded expert on Small Business PR and providing ways to get Big Exposure on a Small Company Budget. Ryan Evans is Founder and President of Bitesize PR. Bitesize PR is a...


John Wilson - Chief Market Strategist for Morgan Keegan - Jul 28,2011

Where are the markets heading from here and what should entrepreneurs and small business owners be doing with their money. John Wilson, Chief Strategist for Morgan Keegan is my guest and we will get his insights to where the financial markets are heading. John is a frequent guest commentator on CNBC and other mainstream media and he has great insight for business owners. Please call our show line at 213-559-8022 with questions. John MartinInvestment | Entrepreneur | Business | John Wilson...


Tom West Founder of Intermark Language Services - Jul 21,2011

My guest is Tom West, Founder of Intermark - a leading global language translation firm. We will learn why Tom left a prestigious Atlanta law firm to become an entrepreneur. Tom will share key tips for starting and growing a small business, getting customers and retaining key employees & contractors. He will also will share his vision for the language translation business and how technology has impacted this industry. Tom has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine for his success with...


Navin Ganeshan of Network Solutions - Small Biz / Mobile - Jul 14,2011

I have said many times on SBR that EVERYTHING is going Mobile and this trend is accelerating with 4G connectivity rolling out across the U.S. My guest is Navin Ganeshan, Chief Product Strategist for Network Solutions Inc. and we will be discussing the importance of having a mobile web presence and being discovered on mobile devices. The future of the web is mobile and customers want to find you on mobile devices so its vital that your web presence be optimized for mobility. This is a MUST...


Sheldon Grizzle of CO.STARTERS and Entrepreneur Advice - Jul 07,2011

My guest on Small Business Roundtable this week is Sheldon Grizzle and we will be providing advice for entrepreneurs and learning about the accelerator model and his venture - CO.STARTERS. If you are in Chattanooga come to the Camp House and be a part of our studio audience - 1427 Williams St. CO.STARTERS is a mentor-driven startup accelerator designed for technology or product-based startups in seed and pre-seed stages. Launching for the first time in September 2011, CO.STARTERS will...


Guy Kawasaki - Best Ideas for Entrepreneur Success - Jun 30,2011

You dont want to miss my interview with Guy Kawasaki - one of the worlds most highly regarded entrepreneurs and author of the NY Times best selling book Enchantment. Guy Kawasaki is my guest on SBR sharing his story of success and providing great learning lessons for entrepreneurs. Guy is the former Chief Evangelist of Apple and also the Co-Founder of (an on-line magazine rack of popular topics on the web). Guy is also a Founding Partner of Garage Technology Ventures. Please...


Tom Landstreet - CoFounder of Tell-Tale Investment Advisors - Jun 28,2011

My guest is Tom Landstreet, Entrepreneur, Money Manager and Co-Founder of Nashville based Tell-Tale Advisors. Tom will share his entrepreneur story as Co-Founder of a global money management firm and his financial advice for business owners. We will learn Toms key attributes for entrepreneur success and his biggest mistakes to avoid. You should not miss this insightful interview. From 2006 to 2010, Tom produced a popular weekly economic commentary for Laffer Associates, an economic research...


Starr Hall - Internationally Recognized Social Media Guru - Jun 23,2011

Social Media is a hot topic these days, but Entrepreneurs want to know if Social Media can produce measurable results. How can Social Media be used to get customers, drive sales and how can you measure it? My guest is Starr Hall, CEO of international publicist, author and nationally recognized authority on Social Media. Starr is an Entrepreneur that understands our audience and she will provide her best tips on how to use Social Media and other marketing vehicles to increase...


Nathan Holritz of Photographers Edit - Jun 16,2011

My Guest is Nationally Recognized Photographer and Entrepreneur, Nathan Holritz of Photographers Edit. Nathan and his wife Amber developed a highly successful wedding photography business and they recognized a big need in the market – editing services for busy wedding photographers. Photographers Edit is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S and we will learn Nathan's KEY Factors for Success and his mistakes to avoid. Please follow us on Twitter at JohnMartinSBR and ask us...


Richard Hardin - Entrepreneur & Creator of Flight Hub - Jun 14,2011

Richard Hardin, founder of Cumberland Signal is my guest on SBR. Cumberland Signal is a Chattanooga, TN based company that seeks to transform the aviation community by introducing the industry's first avionics backplane switching module, Flight Hub. Today, when an airplane goes in for a re-fit of its instrumentation, weeks of planning, re-wiring, tests, and re-work take place. Born out of frustration, Flight Hub condenses weeks of labor, eliminating thousands of brittle in-line connections,...


Morgan Keegan Chief Market Technician - John Wilson - Jun 09,2011

Our guest on Small Business Roundtable is Morgan Keegan Chief Market Technician, John Wilson. John will provide his market outlook and advice for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow and succeed. Entrepreneurs are busy and seeking quality advice that is brief and to the point. John produces a wonderful one page market report called Reveille that summarizes what you need to know and provides great insight into where the markets are heading. We will learn Johns story as an...