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SOS055: On A Mission To Drive Change In The Workplace with Charlotte Sweeney

World leading expert in diversity and inclusion, Charlotte Sweeney, shares the challenges of pushing the boundaries and driving change and innovation in our workplaces. Charlotte discusses the reality of dealing with fear on a daily bases in business, dealing with naysayers and shares her tips for managing time and productivity.


SOS054: From Getting Fired To Building a Million Dollar Business with Natasha Stewart

Find out how to get online business success. In this episode, serial entrepreneur, Natasha Stewart explains how automation and Facebook Ads have helped her grow her online business to $1million dollars is just two years. The Founder of Business Jump Co. discusses the challenges of juggling motherhood, life and entrepreneurship and talks openly about bouncing back after getting fired and dealing with post natal depression.


SOS053: How To Get Broadcast Ready and Become the Go- To Industry Expert In Your Field with Kerry Hopkins

Find out how to become the go- to industry expert for the TV, media and the News so that you can enhance your career and grow your business fast. Here, Kerry Hopkins, the founder of Broadcast Ready and a former highly successful broadcast journalist, shares what journalists are really looking for when it comes to experts, and what it really takes to be featured on TV and in the News. Discussing everything from confidence to networking to qualifications and training.


SOS052: Stand Out From The Crowd To Succeed, with Daphne Kasambala

Building a successful lifestyle brand comes with many challenges, from making yourself visible in a crowded market place, to finding the right sourcing partners and a suitable supply chain. For Daphne Kasambala, the road to success has not been without its obstacles. The entrepreneur and founder of Sapelle shares how she has managed to build an ethical brand which provides customers with beautiful authentic designs, while sharing African heritage and giving African designers a much needed...


SOS051: The Art of Making Yourself Heard with Susan Heaton - Wright of Executive Voice

Whether you’re in a meeting, doing a presentation or public speaking on stage, Susan Heaton Wright is here to make sure you get heard. The founder of Executive Voice shares her tips for calming those nerves the next time you’re in the hot seat and shares the shocking story behind her international opera singing career. Susan discusses pre speech preparation, body language and how the pitch of your voice may just determine whether or not you get that promotion.


SOS050: The Gift Of Your Worst Moments And The Cost Of Self Doubt - with Katie Day

What’s your self doubt costing you every day, and what can you learn from your worst moments in life? Katie Day is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. The founder of The High Heeled Leader, discusses how self doubt holds women back from achieving success and shares her thoughts on what it really means to be a great female leader today. Sharing her thoughts on why more women should be leading with femininity, how showing vulnerability can lead to your greatest successes and and why we...


SOS049: How To Bounce Back, A Lesson On Resilience With Michelle Raymond

Turn your worst moments and challenges into value and success. Entrepreneur, international motivational speaker and coach, Michelle Raymond can teach us all than a thing or two about resilience and bouncing back. Having gone through immense personal stress and trauma, Michelle shares how she managed to bounce back and turn her lowest moment into success. Now running a successful HR Consultancy and speaking at events at home and internationally, in a bid to inspire other women. Michelle...


SOS048: How To Get Your Brand Seen With Vanessa Agyemang

International Model and Entrepreneur, Vanessa Agyeman shares how she has successfully launched her interior decor brand Copper Dust. Vanessa discusses the challenges of funding, how to get your business and brand seen and recognised and the importance of having a physical presence as well as social media.


SOS047:Up-level Your Sales and Be Unapologetic About Your Success with Jessica Lorimer

If you want to increase your sales and take your business to new heights, entrepreneur and Sales Coach, Jessica Lorimer has the solution. The Sales Coach for Coaches shares how she’s built a six figure business and is now on a mission to create a movement of women who are unapologetic about wanting success.


SOS046: How To Get Ahead And Get More Done With Rebecca Newenham of Get Ahead VA

Looking to start a business after a career break? In 2010 Rebecca Newenham returned from her 8 year career break with a bang, setting up Get Ahead VA to provide virtual support for Entrepreneurs and Small business owners. The business has grown rapidly, with clients nationwide and further expansion taking place into the franchise space.


SOS045: Be The Alpha Female And Lead With Influence With Leonor Stjepic

CEO, Leonor Stjepic knows what it takes to get to the top ob business and into the boardroom. She discusses self belief, confidence, progression and influence. Coming from a family of refugees, she has built an impressive career from the group up. Here Leonor shares her experience and insights on stepping up, knowing your capabilities, self belief and why women should lead as alpha females.


SOS044: The Art Of Following Your Passions with Chloe Nelkin

Chloe Nelkin shares how trusting your gut and following your passions can lead to great things and discusses the importance of stepping back and of not taking things personally in your business. Chloe is the founder and Director of Chloe Nelkin Consulting which she founded in 2010 on her own, from her kitchen table, the PR firm has since expanded and is now based in Soho in Central London with a team that continues to grow.


SOS043: How To Turn A Small Idea Into Millions With Cassandra Stavrou

Cassandra Stavrou of PROPERCORN shares how she has taken the business from a small idea into an international success with a turn over of over £10million. The incredible woman and entrepreneur talks openly about her lowest moments during the launch and growth of PROPERCORN, struggling to get the business off the ground, the mindset that’s needed to grow a business to international status and what it takes to build a passionate and motivated team.


SOS042: How To Win Against The Big Boys - With Kate Tompsett of Happy & Glorious

How do you build a successful store online and on the high street and how do you stand out in a crowded market and beat the big boys? Kate Tompsett of happy & Glorious shares her advice and tips on how to get ahead in your business faster and her productivity tips for solopreneurs and retail owners. Kate gives her insights on how to keep customers thrilled and coming back for more!


SOS041: Caribbean Adventures And The Focused Mindset - With Jamie- Lee Abtar

Find out how to develop the right mindset for success with Jamie- Lee Abtar the female entrepreneur and Founder of Be Distinctly Different. From the most challenging of times Jamie- Lee managed to launch and grow a successful and thriving business, all while taking care of her premature newborn son. She discusses the importance of focus and prioritisation and shares her insights into what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in the competitive travel industry.


SOS040: Manage And Protect Your Brand With Nicola Wordsworth

Brand expert and guardian, Nicola Wordsworth gives her tips on how to build a powerful brand and how to make your brand stand out. Nicola is not shy in coming forwards and shares her experiences with sexism, judgement from her fellow woman and the challenges of juggling motherhood and life as an entrepreneur and successful businesswoman.


SOS039: West End Star To Entrepreneur On Stage - With Gill Grueber

The challenges of decision making and productivity are discussed in this episode with Gill Grueber, whose gone from a successful career on the West End stage to launching a successful Dance Academy. Gill Grueber has conquered the competitive world of dance and is now conquering the world as an entrepreneur. In this episode, the Founder of DancePro Academy, a female entrepreneur whose passionate about passing on her expertise to the next generation, discusses her thoughts on getting started...


SOS038: Habits to Succeed and Grow Fast - Jessica Williams of Sidekicks

From a one woman show, to an office of 14 in central London in just 16 months. Jessica Williams, Founder of Sidekicks shares her thoughts on what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and woman in business. In this episode Jessica discusses her habits for success, self discipline and the importance of routine.


SOS037: The Serial Entrepreneur Mindset - Harriette Hale

Serial Entrepreneur Harriette Hale shares her insights on money mindset, limiting beliefs and gives us her secrets on how to set up processes, automate and scale your business and brand like a pro!


SOS036: No Contacts? No Problem! How To Start A Business After Extended Maternity Leave With Tracey McAlpine

How do you launch a business after a 25 year career break? Tracey McAlpine of Fighting Fifty discusses confidence crises, self-doubt, networking and getting back in the game. Tracey shows us that it’s never too late to do what you want in your life, whether that’s getting back into your career or starting a business venture and becoming an online entrepreneur. Tracey set up Fighting Fifty with the aim of providing women and men over fifty with tips and advice on staying healthy and...


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