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SOS067: A Very Merry Announcement

A special episode announement about future plans and changes taking place.


SOS066: How To Feel More Confident In Your Life and Career

Nicola Fox is a therapist and confidence expert. She helps her clients to increase their confidence and self-esteem and to overcome anxieties, fears and phobias. Here Nicola shares her techniques for building self-confidence, overcoming negative self-talk and stopping that imposter syndrome. Topics Covered Confidence tips Imposter Syndrome Why entrepreneurs need to learn to say no


SOS065 How To Build A Lifestyle Brand and Succeed As An Artist With Bruna Mebs

Bruna Mebs is an Artist and entrepreneur who has built a successful lifestyle brand with clients including FabFitFun, The Skinny Confidential and KERF. In this episode, Bruna talks about the importance of an early morning routine, the need to develop discipline as an entrepreneur and how to get the slight edge in a highly competitive industry. Topics covered From artist to entrepreneur Organisation and time management Morning routines How to wake up early and get more from your...


SOS064: How To Succeed By Focusing On Your Natural Gifts & Talents with Tori Ufondu

Tori Ufondu is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. A writer, relationship coach and speaker, Tori has built a successful business by focusing on her passions. In this episode, Tori shares the importance of following your own path and discusses how you can win in your career or business by focusing on your natural gifts and talents. Topics - Job/ career/ work fulfillment -Spirituality - The need to focus on your strengths, talents and passions - When it's ok as an entrepreneur to follow...


SOS063: How To Consciously Create The Life, Career And Business That You Dream Of - With Karen Baines

After building a successful, yet unfulfilling bookkeeping business, Karen Baines finally found her true calling as a Conscious Karmic Creation Coach. But this isn't just about the Law of Attraction. Karen helps her clients to figure out exactly what they want and helps them to build highly successful businesses that fully align with their truest life desires. Topics discussed include:


SOS062: How To Build a Successful PR Business While Being Your Authentic Self - With Ronke Lawal

PR expert and Entrepreneur, Ronke Lawal has built Ariatu PR from the ground up. From self-doubt to dealing with other people’s judgements to issues with self-worth, in this episode, Ronke talks openly about what it really takes to succeed as a woman in business.


SOS061: How To Become A Superstar DJ with Emily Rawson

Emily Rawson is a powerhouse. She is a BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ, the founder of Supa Dupa Fly, the hottest RnB and Hip Hop night in the UK and the founder of Rock The Belles, a collective of the hottest female talent in the industry. From Kanye West to the Kardashians to Nike, Emily has played at a number of A-List celebrity parties and lucrative events for global brands. Having fallen in love with music at 17, she has since built a career that most can only dream of. In this episode, Emily...


SOS060: How to Follow The Call Of Your Heart To Find Success Happiness & Fulfilment with Patience Ogunbona

Success doesn’t come easy and finding your true purpose is a journey of highs and lows. The founder of Aspire Transform Inspire is no stranger to this herself. Having gone through her own journey of self discovery, transformational coach and speaker Patience Ogunbona now helps her clients to discover their true purpose and to create the life they desire while fulfilling their potential. In this episode patience discusses self belief, comparing yourself to others, networking, the importance...


SOS059: How To Build Better Connections With Your Audience Through Your Story, With Kay Fabella

Kay Fabella is a master storyteller with an inspiring story of her very own. Having moved to Spain from the United States to start a new life she has since built a successful business as a brand storyteller and strategist. Kay now helps her clients all over the world to tell their brand story and to communicate with their clients authentically through storytelling.


SOS058: From Software Tester To Building A Global Community with Rosie Sherry of Ministry of Testing

Rosie Sherry is a woman on a mission to raise the profile and awareness of the testing profession. After noticing a lack of resources for testers in the marketplace, founder, Rosie Sherry started a software testing club which has since evolved from an online forum to a global testing community. In this episode Rosie discusses the challenges of turning a successful online community into a profitable business, balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship and the reality of what it takes to...


SOS057: From Refugee to Obama Foundation Fellow, How To Build A Business That’s Truly Life Changing, with Founder, Zarlasht Halaimzai of Refugee Trauma Initiative

From a traumatic childhood as a refugee, to becoming a fellow of the Obama Foundation. Founder, Zarlasht Halaimzai shares the inspiring story of how she has built a business that’s impacting lives and changing the world for the better. Zarlasht discusses the need for a purpose and goals in life, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur and to build a successful business. Topics discussed include mental health, recruitment challenges, leadership, mindset and the value of meditation when in a...


SOS056: How Courage, Bravery & Bringing Your Whole Self To Work Can Lead To Huge Success With Kelly Molson

In this episode Kelly Molson shares her experience of building a successful digital agency. Kelly went from employee to freelance design consultant to the Managing Director of an Award winning digital agency, which her and her business partner built from scratch.


SOS055: On A Mission To Drive Change In The Workplace with Charlotte Sweeney

World leading expert in diversity and inclusion, Charlotte Sweeney, shares the challenges of pushing the boundaries and driving change and innovation in our workplaces. Charlotte discusses the reality of dealing with fear on a daily bases in business, dealing with naysayers and shares her tips for managing time and productivity.


SOS054: From Getting Fired To Building a Million Dollar Business with Natasha Stewart

Find out how to get online business success. In this episode, serial entrepreneur, Natasha Stewart explains how automation and Facebook Ads have helped her grow her online business to $1million dollars is just two years. The Founder of Business Jump Co. discusses the challenges of juggling motherhood, life and entrepreneurship and talks openly about bouncing back after getting fired and dealing with post natal depression.


SOS053: How To Get Broadcast Ready and Become the Go- To Industry Expert In Your Field with Kerry Hopkins

Find out how to become the go- to industry expert for the TV, media and the News so that you can enhance your career and grow your business fast. Here, Kerry Hopkins, the founder of Broadcast Ready and a former highly successful broadcast journalist, shares what journalists are really looking for when it comes to experts, and what it really takes to be featured on TV and in the News. Discussing everything from confidence to networking to qualifications and training.


SOS052: Stand Out From The Crowd To Succeed, with Daphne Kasambala

Building a successful lifestyle brand comes with many challenges, from making yourself visible in a crowded market place, to finding the right sourcing partners and a suitable supply chain. For Daphne Kasambala, the road to success has not been without its obstacles. The entrepreneur and founder of Sapelle shares how she has managed to build an ethical brand which provides customers with beautiful authentic designs, while sharing African heritage and giving African designers a much needed...


SOS051: The Art of Making Yourself Heard with Susan Heaton - Wright of Executive Voice

Whether you’re in a meeting, doing a presentation or public speaking on stage, Susan Heaton Wright is here to make sure you get heard. The founder of Executive Voice shares her tips for calming those nerves the next time you’re in the hot seat and shares the shocking story behind her international opera singing career. Susan discusses pre speech preparation, body language and how the pitch of your voice may just determine whether or not you get that promotion.


SOS050: The Gift Of Your Worst Moments And The Cost Of Self Doubt - with Katie Day

What’s your self doubt costing you every day, and what can you learn from your worst moments in life? Katie Day is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. The founder of The High Heeled Leader, discusses how self doubt holds women back from achieving success and shares her thoughts on what it really means to be a great female leader today. Sharing her thoughts on why more women should be leading with femininity, how showing vulnerability can lead to your greatest successes and and why we should...


SOS049: How To Bounce Back, A Lesson On Resilience With Michelle Raymond

Turn your worst moments and challenges into value and success. Entrepreneur, international motivational speaker and coach, Michelle Raymond can teach us all than a thing or two about resilience and bouncing back. Having gone through immense personal stress and trauma, Michelle shares how she managed to bounce back and turn her lowest moment into success. Now running a successful HR Consultancy and speaking at events at home and internationally, in a bid to inspire other women. Michelle talks...


SOS048: How To Get Your Brand Seen With Vanessa Agyemang

International Model and Entrepreneur, Vanessa Agyeman shares how she has successfully launched her interior decor brand Copper Dust. Vanessa discusses the challenges of funding, how to get your business and brand seen and recognised and the importance of having a physical presence as well as social media.