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Ready to start your business? Listen to interviews with amazing female entrepreneurs who have achieved success and be inspired to start your journey. Be Inspired and motivated to take action as they share their hints and tips and give honest and frank advice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Ready to start your business? Listen to interviews with amazing female entrepreneurs who have achieved success and be inspired to start your journey. Be Inspired and motivated to take action as they share their hints and tips and give honest and frank advice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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Ready to start your business? Listen to interviews with amazing female entrepreneurs who have achieved success and be inspired to start your journey. Be Inspired and motivated to take action as they share their hints and tips and give honest and frank advice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.




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SOS084: How To Sell With Heart Hustle -With Natasha Hemmingway

Natasha Hemingway is a highly successful Speaker and Sales Coach who teaches her clients to sell with Heart Not Hustle. Having started her career in Medical Device Sales, Natasha worked her way to becoming a Leader in her industry and the only African American female leader in her company at the time. But while Natasha’s sales skills have helped her to excel in her former career and in her business, the journey to success has definitely not been an easy ride. In this episode, Natasha shares...


SOS083: How To Become A Best-Selling Published Author And Authority In Any Industry With Andrea Albright

Andrea Albright is a serial entrepreneur, author, and the founder of Beverly Hills Publishing. In this episode, she shares the truth about what it really takes to become a best-selling author as a thought leader, and gives her expert step by step guide to getting published and making a bigger impact in any industry today. Topics covered: Episode Show Notes: Click to go to episode show notes page


SOS082: How To Become A Thought Leader In Your Industry - With Annie Scranton

Annie Scranton founded Pace PR after a seemingly unfortunate career event caused her to make a sudden career pivot. After spending a decade of her career as a producer, booking for major networks such as CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC & ABC, Annie learned what it takes to get booked on a television spot and the value of thought leadership In this episode, Annie shares her insights on how to become a thought leader and gives her inside tips for getting noticed in media and for getting booked as...


SOS081: How To Come Undone To Uncover Your Most Authentic Self With Erika Gerdes

Erika Gerdes is an authenticity development, and executive coach, speaker, and writer. In this episode, she shares the powerful life-changing journey of leaving a prestigious and successful 10 + year career at Google to create her most authentic life and how you can too. Topics Discussed: What it means to be authentic The signals that show you’re not being authentic Adapting vs being inauthentic - how to separate one from the other What to remember when listening to others feedback How...


SOS080: How To Grow Your Business Through Inspired Leadership With Nicole Rodrigues

Nicole Rodrigues is the founder and CEO of NRPR Group, a Beverley Hills headquartered, award-winning, exclusive public relations and marketing firm with game-changing clients all over the world. Since starting the business, Nicole has led NRPR Group to heady nights and the PR firm has received numerous awards. Nicole has also been recognized as a highly inspirational leader and is a woman to watch. In this episode, Nicole shares her insights and tips for leadership and successful business...


SOS079: How To Overcome Your Fears and Launch Your Dream Career Or Business- With Nella Castro

In this episode Career and Business Coach, Nella Castro talks about the challenges she’s faced in the early stages of starting her business and how she’s overcome them. She also shares her top tips for overcoming your fears so you too can finally launch your dream career or business. Topics discussed include Episode show notes: Click to go to episode show notes page.


SOS078: How To Successfully Balance Your Relationship And Your Work, With Marie-Elizabeth Mali

In this episode, Marie-Elizabeth shares her personal experience of trying to juggle her two loves, work, and relationship. Now a relationship expert and coach, Marie-Elizabeth shares the struggle that finally led to the breakdown of her marriage and discusses what women need to do if they want their relationships to succeed alongside their thriving careers and businesses. Topics discussed include Episode Show Notes: Click to got o episode show notes page


SOS077: From Struggling Psychotherapist To Creating A Dream Life & Business With Gina DeVee

Gina DeVee has gone from being a struggling Psychotherapist to building a multi-million dollar business. In this episode, the founder of Divine Living, and author of The Audacity To Be Queen shares the mindset shifts it took to build the kind of business that many of us dream of. Topics discussed: Episode Show Notes: Click for episode show notes page


SOS076: Why You Need Financial Therapy If You Want to Be Wealthy

Do you know the money stories, scripts, and lessons that affect your financial psychology? In this episode, Michelle Arpin Begina, a Financial Wealth Advisor, and former VP at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley shares her story. Michelle, who is no stranger to unhealthy relationships with money, discussed her insights on how to build wealth and discusses the deepest challenges that affect many of us when it comes to investing and managing our money. Topics discussed include Episode show...


SOS075: How To Improve Your Relationship With Money With Susan Nicholas MD

Dr. Susan Nicholas MD has an impressive resume by most people's standards. A former surgeon, international speaker, healer, and coach, she is highly accomplished and successful. But behind this success, is a story of financial and emotional struggle. In this episode Dr. Susan Nicholas discusses the biggest obstacles holding many of us back from financial wealth and shares the story of her own path to discovering the things that were holding her back financially and how she overcame them to...


SOS074: How To Successfully Pivot Your Business And Keep Your Glow With Elizabeth Molina

Elizabeth Molina is a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach, speaker, and model. Known as The Beauty Guru, she is the founder of The Molina Glow. In this episode, Elizabeth explains how she’s managed to pivot her business from brick through COVID19 from brick and mortar to the online space, in order to stay on top. She also shares her top beauty tips that will drastically improve your skin! Topics discussed Go To Episode Show Notes:...


SOS073: How To Use Positive Psychology To improve Your Life And Career

Positive Psychology is more important than ever, but do you know what positive psychology is and how it can help you? In this episode, Positive Psychology specialist and Coach, Adele Hawkes, discusses the truth behind positive psychology and shares her best practical tips for how you can use positive psychology to improve your life and career. Topics Discussed: Check out episode show note for all resources mentioned: Click for episode show notes page.


SOS072: Increase Your Gravitas And Have More Presence With Caroline Goyder

Some people just have IT. When they walk into a room, or when they speak, people take note. They have gravitas and they have a presence. But what is gravitas? Where does it come from? And more importantly, how can you increase your gravitas so that you’re able to make more of an impact in your life and career? In this interview, Caroline Goyder, founder of The Gravitas Method and the author of Gravitas, Star Quality, and Find Your Voice shares her expert tips and advice for increasing your...


SOS071: How To Improve Your Public Speaking And Make More Impact With Tricia Brouk

Tricia Brouk is a highly successful Writer, Director, and choreographer of film, television, and theater. After supporting a friend with a speech, Tricia discovered she could make even more impact by helping others share their message. She became a Master public speaking trainer and TEDx Coach and has since coached TEDx speakers on numerous stages across the world. In this episode, Tricia shares her best tips for improving your public speaking and making more impact on stage. Go to...


SOS070: How To Build More Resilience - With Zaheen Nanji

Zaheen Nanji has gone from having a debilitating stutter to speaking on the TEDx stage. In this episode, Zaheen shares the surprising story about how she finally managed to beat her stutter and overcome her fear of speaking by taking on an unexpected challenge. Topics discussed Episode Show Notes Page: Click to go to episode show notes page


SOS069: How To Declutter And Stay Organized With Kay Patterson, The Organized Soprano

Kay Patterson is a professional home organizer and no stranger to changing careers. But her bravery and willingness to take on new challenges and pursue her true path hasn’t stopped Kay from experiencing serious bouts of imposter syndrome. In this episode Kay Patterson, The Organized Soprano shares how she’s managed to overcome imposter syndrome and build a successful business. She also gives her top tips for clearing clutter and staying organized. Topics discussed Episode Show Notes:...


SOS068: Why You Need To Ignore Other People’s Fears & Go Your Own Way - With Erin Ardleigh

Erin Ardleigh is the founder of Dynama Insurance, an independent brokerage representing some of America’s largest and most reputable insurance companies. But while Erin is passionate about her insurance business, her success might not have happened had she listened to all the advice she received along the way. In fact, Erin’s success has come as a result of ignoring much of the advice she received at the start of her journey, and in this interview, Erin shares why you need to ignore other...


SOS067: How Reconnecting With Her Inner Child Led To A Powerful Business Breakthrough, with Ali Chambers

Ali Chambers had all the makings of a successful career. A great job, great pay, and a clear career path that made sense long term. But deep down she knew that her career just wasn’t the right path for her and eventually something had to change. Finally deciding to find her true path, Ali packed in her job and headed for her own eat pray love adventure. What she didn’t realize was that this one brave step would not only lead to the launch of her business and the start of her...


SOS067: A Very Merry Announcement

A special episode announement about future plans and changes taking place.


SOS066: How To Feel More Confident In Your Life and Career

Nicola Fox is a therapist and confidence expert. She helps her clients to increase their confidence and self-esteem and to overcome anxieties, fears and phobias. Here Nicola shares her techniques for building self-confidence, overcoming negative self-talk and stopping that imposter syndrome. Topics Covered Confidence tips Imposter Syndrome Why entrepreneurs need to learn to say no