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This is the show dedicated to the Revival of the Small Business and the Small Business Owner. This podcast is for those who believe that the revival of small business in America and around the world can transform our lives, our families, our communities and our nations. This is not about intellectual exercise, but life transformation through the Small Business.

This is the show dedicated to the Revival of the Small Business and the Small Business Owner. This podcast is for those who believe that the revival of small business in America and around the world can transform our lives, our families, our communities and our nations. This is not about intellectual exercise, but life transformation through the Small Business.
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This is the show dedicated to the Revival of the Small Business and the Small Business Owner. This podcast is for those who believe that the revival of small business in America and around the world can transform our lives, our families, our communities and our nations. This is not about intellectual exercise, but life transformation through the Small Business.




54: Small Business Revival Podcast – Final Episode

Life is full of seasons. The current season we are in, here in Central Virginia, is summertime. I love summertime. It is a season to relax, have fun, spend time with family & friends, and enjoy the outdoors. But, like every season, even good seasons, it is going to change... Our lives are the same way. Therefore, it is time for the season of my life as the host of the Small Business Revival Podcast to change. It has been a great ride. I look forward to hosting a new podcast in the future...


53: 5 Benefits of Community for the Entrepreneur

Podcast - Show Notes Have you ever felt alone in the fight? As Entrepreneurs, it is easy to get so busy and focused on our goals that we don't cultivate relationship. The result is a lonely, vulnerable place. If you choose to stay in that place, you will find your success and impact limited. [Tweet ""You find your calling when you find your family" - @caleb_campbell"] However, you have a choice. You can take action, invest in relationships and change your destiny. Here is what Solomon...


52: The Parable of the Sower

Do you want to do something great and make a difference with your life? If you do... then you need to understand the lessons of the Parable of the Sower. The potential for the impact that we want to have with our lives is contained in the "seed." That seed is our message. Whether you are a non-profit leader, sales professional or small business owner, you have a message to get out. Often times we get discouraged about the lack of results we see from sowing our seed. However, if we will...


51: Podcast Show Update 3 – Pursuing Less but Better

Sometimes less is more. As a driven "type A" personality... this is hard for me to admit. However, over time I am learning how to give myself time and space to think. Every time I take time to evaluate my life I realize that there are ways I can do less, do it better and make a greater impact. Our lives are constantly filled with new things. Do you need to consider doing some "pruning" in your life and focus on less so that you can have a greater impact? Simplicity is powerful! Why are we...


50: Podcast Show Update 2 & Our Saturday Small Business Journey

Good Morning! On today's podcast I give a little bit of an update on my thoughts for the podcast as we go forward. And, I share with you about our Families Saturday journey through the small business landscape of Nelson County, Virginia. We had an awesome day! It was so much fun and we saw some great places, and met some great people. (I shared some videos along the way on Facebook) Here are some of the places that we stopped. The Batesville Market - Batesville, VA Nelson Farmers Market...


49: Small Business Revival Podcast Update

All of life has seasons... For the last 3 1/2 months I have been in a season of working very hard to publish the Small Business Revival Podcast 3 times a week. It is time for a season of rest, evaluation and reflection. Therefore, over the next few weeks I am not going to publish the regular episodes. Instead, I am going to share with you updates as I go on this journey. These updates will be more impromptu and recorded on my iPhone as I have time. I am also going to focus on investing...


46: Bootstrapping It w/ Vince Carter

Today's show is a rebroadcast of my appearance on the Vince Carter's podcast, 'Bootstrapping It.' {Key Takeaway Notes taken from} Key Takeaways Sometimes to move forward we have to move backward. Lessons learned: Risk of leverage – This risk can be minimized by taking a cyclical instead of straight-line approach to growth Risk of not concentrating on core business Pay attention to being in the right place and the right market delivering the right...


45: Gospel Patronage w/ John Rinehart

Today's show is featuring John Rinehart, author of Gospel Patrons, as he speaks at the 2014 Generous Giving Conference. "JOHN RINEHART is a California-based writer and speaker with a degree in business from Biola University and a M.Div from Talbot School of Theology. In 2009 John and his wife set off on a 5-month trip around the world to become globally-minded Christians. Their adventure led to the unexpected discovery of the beautiful part businesspeople can play in advancing God’s...


43: Faith in Action w/ Greg Hyatt of the WP-TNT Podcast

Today's show (and the next couple of shows) is going to be a little different. As most of you know my family and I are in the process of moving. In order to free up some time for myself but still give you all quality content I am going to be sharing multiple podcast shows that I have been featured on. For Today's show I will be speaking over on Gregg Hyatt's podcast WPTNT. Is It Possible To Have Faith In Action In Your Business? Absolutely. On today’s episode, I was able to conduct an...


42: Secrets of the New Rich w/ Kevin J Donaldson

Today's Guest is Kevin J. Donaldson of Real Wealth Solutions (Mastermind Group) and author of "10 Secrets of the New Rich." "My name is Kevin Donaldson. I'm an entrepreneur, author, and business coach. I build businesses, and I build people, for a living. There's no question that life is tough. And when challenges come your way, there's always an excuse to quit. I've been there myself--I had a rough home life, I was a poor student, and my marriage only lasted four years. And to top it all...


41: It’s Never to Late in Life to Start a Business w/ Bob Fraser

Today's Guest is Bob Fraser of "When I was a teenager I wanted to be a teacher, that was my passion. I didn’t follow my passion until I was 38 years old. From the age of 16-38 I had over 25 different jobs, not one of them was I passionate about. I returned to my passion at the age of 38 after an encounter with God. I went back to school and started a teaching career at the age of 43. I retired from classroom teaching 2012 and now I help others pursue their passion...


40: Town Hall – 5 Ways to Manage Business Stress

Biblical Entrepreneurship "But whenever someone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image." ~ 2 Corinthians 3:16-18 Key Takeaways Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. We don't have to live under...


39: Starting a Business from 1 Gumball Machine w/ Matt Miller

Today's guest is Matt Miller of School Spirit Vending. "The School Spirit Vending concept was developed in July of 2007 by Matt Miller of Kingwood, TX. As a father of three, with years of expertise in both print media and vending, Matt was able to see school fundraising from a unique, outsider’s perspective. One day, after a child in the neighborhood came by the house selling items for his school’s fundraiser, Matt decided to create a business that would help schools and their clubs or...


38: Building a Business as a Married Team w/ LaShonda Delivuk

Today's guest is LaShonda Delivuk of Life Focus Pictures. "Life Focus Pictures specializes in television commercials, educational DVDs (in both English & Spanish), and web videos for YouTube & website homepages. From the very beginning, the mission of Life Focus was to provide its clients with exceptional customer service while producing video content with a high-end cinematic aesthetic. Our goal is to bring national-quality material to businesses both small and large. In 2013, Life Focus...


37: Town Hall – 4 Easy, Low Cost Ways to Start a Business

Biblical Entrepreneurship "As workers who tend a fig tree are allowed to eat the fruit, so workers who protect their employer's interests will be rewarded." ~ Proverbs 27:18 Key Takeaways Why everyone should have a part-time business? Small Businesses make a massive impact on the community around us. Trend toward freelancers / independent contractors is increasing. If you see your employer as someone who exists to serve you, you will see your value to your employer decline. Employers...


36: Employing the Unemployable w/ John Rush

Today's Guest is John Rush, CEO of Cleanturn. "John is a social entrepreneur with a distinct focus on leveraging business as means for creating training and employment opportunities for individuals with significant obstacles to employment, including prior incarceration. After serving as a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, John focused his career on empowering those impacted by poverty and incarceration. John served as Managing Director of nationally recognized Cleanslate and President of...


35: Saving Children Through Social Entrepreneurship w/ Sam Caster & Jon Copper

Today's guest is Sam Caster of EM Squared and Jon Copper of Nutrition on Mission. Sam Caster "In 1998, founders Sam and Linda Caster donated to an orphanage organization based in Romania. When the directors of that organization thanked the Casters for their contribution, they expressed their growing concerns for the children in their care. Malnutrition was taking its ruthless toll on their lives. In desperation, the directors said, “If you know anyone that can help us with this problem,...


34: Town Hall – Finding Great Team Members

We're gonna talk about finding good help and some strategies you can use to inspire your great help to greatness. Managing and finding employees is at the heart of loving well. It is not impossible to find good employees. If it's impossible than how come other businesses do it? How do they grow? It's not about the employees its not yourself. It's about you and who you will you become. Will you be the kind of leader others will want to work for? If you don't lead them well they will not...


33: Turning a Life of Adventure into a Business w/ Rye Taylor

Today's Guest is Rye Taylor of the Take Action radio network, Podcast Essentials, and Daring and Rye. Biblical Entrpreneurship If anyone claims, “I am living in the light,” but hates a fellow believer, that person is still living in darkness. ~ 1 John 2:9 Key Takeaways "The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference." Life is an adventure worth living. A life of distinction is always different. Business doesn't have to be boring or separate from family. It is possible to turn...


32: Building a Business as a Teenager w/ Emily Wills

Today's Guest is Emily Wills of Empire Designs. Biblical Entrepreneurship "Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own." ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19 Key Takeaways Anyone can find a way to make a great business. Young or old. Finding time to hang out with your friends is important. It's good to have that fellowship. If you have a dream, just go chase it. Go after that dream and take that leap of...