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Choosing the Right Product to Sell

Do you want to start your own business but not sure what to sell? This is very common. I am here to help you breakdown what to think about when choosing your product or service. (Hint) It is not all about the numbers. What are you passionate about that is also profitable? Picking your product or service is super important. Listen to get an overall framework on how to wisely choose your thing. Big Time Dreams!


Personally Thanking 5 New People each Day with, Mr. Thank you, John Isreal

John Isreal has a tremendous story. He did something that is harder then it sounds. He made and gave 5 handwritten thank you cards to different people everyday for a year. I don’t even know that many people. How can you do 1825 cards? It is amazing what happened to John and how he grew from this experience. He wanted to practice gratitude and that’s exactly what he did. Find out how intentionally thanking people can change your life.


Train your Subconscious Mind for Better Results

Want to re-program your mind for success? Your subconscious is running in background on autopilot. I sometimes beat myself up over past mistakes. Negative self-talk would come from it. I wanted to see how I can stop saying “ I hate myself”. I started to look into the subconscious mind. I realize that a lot of people think about things that make them sad or angry. I also found that successful people, train their subconscious mind to break limiting beliefs and visualize what they want. Here...


My 2018 Wins and Struggles - 2019 Goals

I want to share with you what went good and bad in 2018 for me. Also this is what I hope to accomplish in 2019. Big Time Dreams!


Counseling on Relationships with Food with Jenny Eden Berk

Jenny Eden Berk is a Eating Psychology Coach. She helps and councils people on their relationship with food. She’s like a Food Therapist. I never have heard of something like this. We know people do have problems with food. She is helping her clients by listening and coaching them through it. Learn how she started her business, her journey and how she operates her business. This is a very good show! Big Time Dreams!


Building a Robo Advisor with Blooom's Chris Costello

Today we have Chris Costello with Blooom. Blooom is a Robo Adviser. Robo Advisors are online platforms that help you manage your stock and retirement portfolio. They might have an algorithm they helps keep you balanced and diversified according to your needs. So Chris and 2 others started up to give everyone , no matter what financial situation they are in, the very best service that before was only for the rich. Bloom and now have a few Billion in assets managed. Come hear how it started...


Finding Bliss in your Business with Moneeka Sawyer

How do you actually enjoy managing real estate and tenants? Moneeka Sawyer has chosen to have a “Blissful” real estate and coaching business. Your business has problems and stress like they all do. But your mindset can help you turn the tables and enjoy tackling problems. Would you rather have rich people problems or be stuck in the rat race? Moneeka has designed her life and business so that she is only working a few hours a month managing her real estate. That gives her time to run a...


Get your Dream Job using Enthusiasm with Bigger Pockets’ own Mindy Jensen

You are in for a real treat on this one because we have Bigger Pockets’ own Mindy Jensen. Bigger Pockets is a online forum and Podcast where people talk about real estate investing. It is the biggest real estate investing website in the world. It has helped me a lot. Check it out Mindy is the community manager of the online forum at Bigger Pockets. This is a Big Time for me to finally meet a very cool person in Mindy. She definitely loves what she does. So let’s find out...


Finding what makes you TICK with Podcast Editor, Jennifer Longworth

Jennifer Longworth is is a Full-Time Podcast Editor. She gets to work from home and make people and their Podcast sound good.For the right person, this is a great gig with very low overhead. She found what makes her tick and started working on it. See how she got started and where she is going from here. You will learn something from hearing this story!


Using FaceBook Groups to help grow your Business with Bella Vasta

We bring you Bella Vasta. She ran a successful pet sitting business, then started to coach others with their own business. She has her own podcast, Bella in your Business. She does speaking and has her own mastermind group. Bella know a lot about Facebook groups. I am interested in Facebook groups myself. I know people that use them to help with their business. I know there is a way to use it to build your brand and business.


Having Money and Time Freedom with Vincent Pugliese

Vincent Pugliese was a professional photographer for many years. His goal was Time Freedom and Money Freedom. He was able to transition out of his job to start is own freelancing photography business, then into coaching, now he runs the Total Life Freedom Mastermind. At each turn, he was able to free up more of his time to live his best possible life. He also just published his first book “ Freelance to Freedom” which is endorsed by Seth Godin. So let’s get into the story of really trying to...


Helping People Get Out of Poverty through Non-Profit with Josh Wilson

Today we got Josh Wilson with Mission: St Louis. It is a Non-Profit that is in a tough area and he is trying to make it better. The Beyond Jobs program is training where people will get paid during an internship. He fits the bill so the employers do not have too. But after the internship, that person might have the opportunity to be put on as permanent employee. That is huge! He wants to create jobs ,opportunities, and better relationships with a community that really needs help. Come listen...


Laughing at your Failures with Best-Selling Author, Amy Lyle

Amy Lyle was in staffing for 20 years. She wrote a book about all of her failures in a funny memoir. That has opened up some great opportunities for her. She is now a regular guest on an Atlanta morning show and has a screenplay in development. She tries to laugh in her life and find the funny in any situation. This is one of the most entertaining interviews ever! Learn how to get your book on Amazon, social media automation and more. Let’s go on a journey and see how Amy became a...


Playing your Favorite Song on the Piano with Hunter Farris

Today we have a piano teacher that can help you play your favorite jam. Hunter Farris wants you to be passionate about piano. He saw people try to play but wishing they started earlier. With his passion and knowledge, he helps people get excited and really want to play piano! Hunter is still in college and teaching people during the evenings. Come hear this guy’s story on how he is making money doing his passion. Big Time Dreams!


Helping Others Write their Books with Master Wordsmith James Ranson

If you own a business, having a book is a great way to boost your brand. It builds credibility and bills you as an authority in your subject. James Ranson is a Book Coach/editor/author that helps others get their book finished and published. He is great with words, editing, formatting and much more. This episode will go into his story on how he started his location independent business. How does his workday look? Who are his clients? How does the business look? Let’s find out as with talk...


Starting a Digital Media Firm in your 20’s with Faint Mike Truong

Mike Truong runs Faint Media. They do social media marketing for businesses. It has over 50 employees in Portland and New York. His story comes from one who has a chip on his shoulder. He was told by his parents that he has to chose a certain career path to be successful. Being compared to his academically smart sibling, he set to prove he can make it in creative. He is now crushing it, working for mostly food establishments and some Fortune 500 companies. He loves food and does a lot of...


The Business of Personal Training with Brent Brinkmeier

On this show we have Brent Brinkmeier. He is a personal trainer with his own workout 1 on 1 space. He really enjoys his job and business. He loves helping people to see results and feel better about themselves and their health. But how does the operation work? Do you just need a studio and you are ready to go? How about marketing? How is your schedule like? Let’s find out. We get into how it really is to be a personal training. It is actually a somewhat lean business. Big Time Dreams!


Dreams of Winning an Oscar with Actor Rob Wood

Have you ever wonder what it takes to be an actor? I’ve always wondered what it was like. I always thought it was tough to just say “I’m going to be a full time actor!”. Rob Wood is a full time actor going for his passion. He gives you some insight about how it is. What does he go through? What are some of the struggles? How do you make it work? All of that is coming up in this really interesting episode. Big Time Dreams!


Auditor becomes Podcast Editor with Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart was an Internal Auditor that was commuting many hours a week. He got tired listening to the radio and found Podcast. That’s where his love for Podcast started. He is also part of a financial community called FinCon and started helping a few people edit and publish their money podcasts. Soon the demand got too much that he had to go full-time as a podcast editor. He goes into how his home-based business looks. I found that is a very easy business to start making some side money...


The Future of IT jobs with Infrastructure Architect, Kurt Hutchinson

Kurt Hutchinson has had many I.T. jobs over his career. He has done network administration, to systems engineer, help desk and everything in between. Tech jobs have always been one of the best paying, attractive jobs people like in the corporate world. Learn from Kurt’s experience on what is next in the I.T. industry. I tried at I.T. and did not really like it. Kurt does, so I want to find out why. He is currently at a Fortune 100 company in healthcare company, Centene.