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Dreams of Winning an Oscar with Actor Rob Wood

Have you ever wonder what it takes to be an actor? I’ve always wondered what it was like. I always thought it was tough to just say “I’m going to be a full time actor!”. Rob Wood is a full time actor going for his passion. He gives you some insight about how it is. What does he go through? What are some of the struggles? How do you make it work? All of that is coming up in this really interesting episode. Big Time Dreams!


Auditor becomes Podcast Editor with Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart was an Internal Auditor that was commuting many hours a week. He got tired listening to the radio and found Podcast. That’s where his love for Podcast started. He is also part of a financial community called FinCon and started helping a few people edit and publish their money podcasts. Soon the demand got too much that he had to go full-time as a podcast editor. He goes into how his home-based business looks. I found that is a very easy business to start making some side...


The Future of IT jobs with Infrastructure Architect, Kurt Hutchinson

Kurt Hutchinson has had many I.T. jobs over his career. He has done network administration, to systems engineer, help desk and everything in between. Tech jobs have always been one of the best paying, attractive jobs people like in the corporate world. Learn from Kurt’s experience on what is next in the I.T. industry. I tried at I.T. and did not really like it. Kurt does, so I want to find out why. He is currently at a Fortune 100 company in healthcare company, Centene.


Joe McCall - Building Systems that Create Multiple Income Streams

Joe McCall is a real estate coach, international speaker, author and investor. He has tons of business systems in place that help him run and scale his businesses. I have followed Joe over the years with his “Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast”. It has taught me many things in my business so what a great guest to have on the show! He has launched a handful of successful online courses. He wholesale houses and does lease options. He goes into all of these subjects for you so you can get...


What is Big Time Dreams? Find out what my Passion is. It might be Tacos ;)

What does Big Time Dreams mean? What am I trying to do with it? My lovely sister Rebecca Dao is interviewing me today. She is my biggest supporter so big shout out to her! We go into what I do in my real estate business. I am also getting into buying and selling raw land. I touch on that. This episode will give you more insight to my life now and what I am trying to accomplish. It was a super fun! Big Time Dreams!!


Running a Church with Pastor Jeremy Bedenbaugh

When I hear someone is a pastor, I usually think what was the “Big Calling” that made this person do this? To spend your whole career in a congregation seems tough to me. I always thought that if you are a pastor you have to love it right? You don’t do it for the money right? Pastor Jeremy Bedenbaugh is our guest today. He leads The Journey Church in St. Louis. He has to deal with the community issues, tragedies, mentoring the people that work in the church and more. Why would you want to...


Using FaceBook Ads to Increase Sales and Brand with David Cote

You will learn a lot about online advertising today. David Cote is a military veteran that is now a full-time Social Media Manager. He helps businesses with social media and online sales. You can learn from his tips to increase your sales and likelihood of success. After working for a magazine selling ads, he started his own social media consultant company. He is really knowledgeable about FaceBook Ads, Click Funnels and more. Learn what FaceBook knows about us and use it to your...


Oz and King and their Soccer (Call it Football) Podcast

Two friends (Ozer Kocdemir and Kerry King) who met playing soccer decided to start a podcast about it. They want to bring the game to fans from all angles, not just scores and stats. They go into their love of the game. They have been at it for over a year now and working towards making it their full time jobs. They also recently went on a trip to Kenya to do a documentary about the sport. These guys are definitely passionate about soccer and their dreams. This was just a fun episode from...


Making an Global Impact in Public Health with Linh Nguyen

Today, we have Linh Nguyen who works in Public Health. Public health is the health of a population, especially when monitored, regulated and promoted by the state. Linh is very passionate about social causes, making an impact and women’s rights. She will take you through what it took to finally get the job that she really loves. She now works at Johns Hopkins and is able to travel around the world. It is a very cool story from a young millennial that is fueled by passion rather than money....


How Creativity Works

Today we talk about how to be more creative. How to do you maximize creativity? I review a book called "Imagine: How Creativity Works" by Jonah Lehrer. The book breaks down a lot of studies and research about how people and corporations foster and/or boost creativity. You can learn from scientific research to help you boost your own creativity. It is not a "you are born with it" type of thing. Everyone has creativity in them. It is about working on it and putting yourself in the best...


Trying to Change the Game in Mathematics with Jerry Knoelke

Today we have Jerry Knoelke. He is a retired high school math teacher that saw blank stares from his students in math class. He came up with a method that can help people learn upper level math quicker. He says his uniform formula works across different subjects, such as Algebra, Probability and Calculus. He is hoping to change the game in mathematics universally. He wants this (PRESS) method to be in every school worldwide. The method basically breaks down a word problem and gets it into...


Lending Money to Fix and Flip Homes with Shawn Greeves

Today we have a Hard Money Lender named Shawn Greeves. He lends money to people that to fix and flip homes. Though the rates are higher, there is less qualifying. It is based on the after repair value and purchase price of the house. Shawn has a wealth of experience in lending and real estate game. He also goes into a story of a detour he took trying to be a poker dealer. I consider him a very successful person and have always wanted to meet him. He is also big into programming your...


Making a Living Getting People Drunk with Dave Ngo

Today’s episode is with Dave Ngo. He is a guy that was on track to be an engineer. He realized that he was not going to be happy doing that for long. He got a side gig bartending for a hotel bar and really enjoyed it. He started Bay Area Bartenders (www.bayareabartenders.com) not to long after that. After a few years, he was able to hire a full time assistant and things have taken off from there. He goes into his passions, challenges and his thought process behind the business. He also has...


Turning her Love for Music into a Full Time Career with Tracy Cruz

This episode is with singer and music teacher, Tracy Cruz. She had a love for music since pretty much the beginning of her life. She saw the joy it brought to the people around her. After going through a few majors in college, she decided to make it music. She started her own music teaching business. She now gets to do music as her job full time! She has flexible hours which really helps being a young mother. She is also promoting her own music and herself as an artist. You can find her at...


Lessons Learned from the Statistically Happiest and Longest Living People on Earth

Today I am dissecting a pair of books called “The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons from the World’s Happiest people" By by Dan Buettner. It is a book where he goes to the statistically happiest places on earth and tries to discover the insights on why these places are so much more happier than other places in the world. He also has a book called. "The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest. This book researches the people to actually live longest in...


The Passion to Empower Business Women with Donna Gamache

Today we speak with Donna Gamache. She is an entrepreneur and has been self-employed for over 20 years. She has a passion for helping businesswomen and entrepreneurs. She has had to reinvent herself a few times to adapt and succeed. She has been a Desktop Consultant, boutique owner, and image consultant. She is also the Director of The Tapestry Network, a women’s network of business owners and entrepreneurs. She wants to inspire women to have their own successful businesses. Her story is a...


Do anesthesiologists have it that good? We will find out with Wayland Cheng

Have you ever been put to sleep in surgery? Have you ever had an epidural during giving birth? The person who gave you that drug was an anesthesiologist. I have always heard anesthesiologists make the most money and don't work as much. I was wondering if there was any truth to that? Today, I talk with a real anesthesiologist, Wayland Cheng. He talks about what he actually does and how his passion to do research could help change the world as well as help work life balance. Is being an...


My Story - How I got out of the Rat Race with Ben Dao

Usually, I have a guest on the show and we try to learn from them. However, I wanted to share with you on a more personal level. This is just my story. I had a goal from 18 years old to be self-employed. Have my own business. I used real estate as my vehicle. I go into the ups and downs of my journey. I was finally able to quit my day job after years of focus and effort. It has not been too long yet, so I am still adjusting, executing and trying my best. I hope you can get something from...


Opening Up a Healthy Restaurant with Cevin Lee

Today we talk with Cevin Lee. He wanted to launch his own restaurant that can serve healthy food options. Hear about the process and what he had to deal with when opening his establishment. Learn about some of the personal struggles he went through. What is he trying to accomplish? He goes into his passion for design also. You will definitely get some value from this episode. Big Time Dreams!


Massage Therapist becomes a Successful Real Estate Investor with Corey Boyles

Today we have Corey Boyles. He started off doing massage therapy. He saved up some money and got into real estate by buying a small house to fix and flip. It did not go as smooth as he would have hoped. However, he kept at it. He eventually built his own wholesaling business. He caught the eye of real estate investing company. Now he is working for them buying several houses a month. He has many passions but the vehicle he uses is real estate. Learn how he got there. Big Time Dreams!


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