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The Business Elevation Show provides the inspiration to help you elevate the success of your business, your people and yourself. If you want to grow more successful businesses and teams and become the very best you can be then this show will provide you with the insight and wisdom. It will help you to Be More to Achieve More.brbr Accessed in over 50 countries each month the show highlights the key principles in business and personal success with guests and host who talk from experience. It’s an energizing, warm and inspiring show that supports your journey to elevated business, entrepreneurial and personal success. brbr Since 2011 the show has included many very successful high achievers, entrepreneurs, speakers and subject experts from around the world who inspire others to achieve more. The Business Elevation Show airs live Fridays at 8 AM Pacific/4 PM GMT on VoiceAmerica Business.


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The Business Elevation Show provides the inspiration to help you elevate the success of your business, your people and yourself. If you want to grow more successful businesses and teams and become the very best you can be then this show will provide you with the insight and wisdom. It will help you to Be More to Achieve More.brbr Accessed in over 50 countries each month the show highlights the key principles in business and personal success with guests and host who talk from experience. It’s an energizing, warm and inspiring show that supports your journey to elevated business, entrepreneurial and personal success. brbr Since 2011 the show has included many very successful high achievers, entrepreneurs, speakers and subject experts from around the world who inspire others to achieve more. The Business Elevation Show airs live Fridays at 8 AM Pacific/4 PM GMT on VoiceAmerica Business.




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Chris Cooper's Masterclass of Insights

Join us for an extraordinary episode with Chris Cooper, where an unexpected turn leads to a solo exploration of wisdom from his recent interactions with ten diverse and exceptional thinkers. In this special show, Chris dives into the earnings from his favourite recent shows and the community he leads called the Elevation Collective – a gathering of remarkable thought leaders and experts. Join a thought-provoking journey covering a wide array of topics: 'Regenerative Leadership' with Giles Hutchins, and float into the philosophical depths of space with Frank White. Unpack the complexities of leadership psychology with Danielle Hague, and military insights from John Spencer on the Battle for Kyiv. Enhance your decision-making skills with Dr. Alan Barnard, and contrast inspiration with motivation through Lance Secretan's lens. The subtleties of business leadership from Howard Behar, former President of Starbucks, and engage with the wisdom of former three times mayor of Augusta Deke Copenhaver. Also, David Fox-Pitt MBE, who is contributing to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine though his charity Siobhan’s Trust. The transformative power of vocal expression, inspired by Arthur Samuel Joseph, the Vocal Awareness Coach to the stars. This episode is a journey of inspiration, designed to catalyse change and accelerate your life and thinking. Ideal for business leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, or anyone eager to expand their worldview. Tune in to transcend the ordinary, merging leadership, decision-making, vocal mastery, and life lessons into a compelling narrative with Chris Cooper.


Encore Turning Quality Leads Into Quality Business with Barnaby Wynter

During this interview we will discuss why you must design your marketing like a bucket and how to turn high quality leads generated into high quality business. Barnaby Wynter has spent his whole career dedicated to making sense of how marketing impacts your business. He founded The Brand Bucket Company in 2010 to extend his impact on corporates to start-ups. Having owned a Top 200 integrated London advertising agency for 10 years, Barnaby led a team to develop a foundation system for marketing your business. Over 7 years, The Brand Bucket Programme was refined as it was applied to over 570 brands worldwide. Today, Barnaby provides the expertise from 30 years of experience, to enable businesses to become a go to brand in their market. Join us as we learn how to best market your business to generate quality leads and turn them into quality business.


Mastering Your Voice: Leadership Presence with Arthur S Joseph

Join us for a remarkable conversation with Arthur Samuel Joseph, the founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute. Widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost communication strategists and authorities on the human voice, Arthur has devoted his life to the transformative power of voice. Through his pioneering Vocal Awareness® program, he empowers individuals to achieve Communication Mastery using a unique blend of precise techniques, vocal exercises, and storytelling prowess. In this exclusive interview, Arthur will share insights on how to cultivate a commanding leadership presence and a resonant personal presence, guiding us toward what he describes as an integrative and integral communication style. Listen in to discover how you can change your world through the power of your voice by someone trusted by one of the most impressive client lists imaginable.


The Howard Behar Story: A Starbucks Blend of Service & Leadership

Join us for an inspiring conversation on servant leadership and life with Howard Behar, a visionary leader whose illustrious career with Starbucks as President of North America and founding President of Starbucks International, saw the company grow from 28 stores to over 15,000 across five continents. With over 50 years in consumer-centric businesses, Mr. Behar’s expertise is unparalleled. Beyond Starbucks, he’s played pivotal roles at organizations like GAP, Shurgard, and the University of Washington Foundation. An ardent advocate for the Servant Leadership Model, Mr. Behar’s commitment to nurturing future leaders is evident in his two seminal books, ‘It’s Not About the Coffee’ and ‘The Magic Cup’. Join us to explore his journey, wisdom, and unwavering belief in leadership that serves.


Reawakening the Human Spirit – with Lance Secretan

In a world fraught with disillusionment, despair, and a pervasive sense of loss, Dr. Lance Secretan’s latest book, “Reawakening the Human Spirit,” delves into the profound question: How can one reclaim lost inspiration and inner peace? During this important discussion we will be exploring the intuitive approach required to revitalize our connection with ourselves and the surrounding world. Recent times have seen a surge in global challenges – pandemics, political divides, economic downturns, climate crises, and more, all sapping the spirit of countless individuals. Yet, there is hope. While we might not have the power to reshape the world entirely, we have the capacity to rediscover our inner inspiration. As the fourth-ranked leadership coach globally and a renowned authority on corporate culture, Secretan’s insights are backed by his extensive experience and 24 published works. His commendable achievements in teaching, writing, and humanitarian efforts, coupled with his passion for skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking, paint the portrait of a man deeply connected to both the corporate, natural world. Join us to discover how you can reclaim lost inspiration and inner peace and become a beacon for light in these trying times.


Impossible Unless… Decoding Decision Making with Dr Alan Barnard

Why do even the best of us sometimes make poor decisions? Why do we often repeat these mistakes? Delve into the science of decision-making with our esteemed guest, Dr. Alan Barnard. An entrepreneur, strategist, and CEO of Goldratt Research Labs, Dr. Barnard’s multifaceted career spans roles as a research scientist, app developer, author, coach, philanthropist, lecturer, and podcaster. Renowned globally as a leading Decision Scientist and an expert in the Theory of Constraints, Alan co-founded Goldratt Research Labs with the legendary Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of the game-changing book, ‘The Goal’ and creator of the Theory of Constraints. Join our conversation as we uncover the secrets to making swift, effective decisions when they matter most


Encore Adventureholic – Bringing adventure into your life

How much more adventure could you add to your life and also the lives of those you connect with? Neil Laughton is a former Royal Marine Commando, helicopter pilot and Special Forces Officer. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founding director of the OPL Group (which was sold to a FTSE100), the Penny Farthing Club and Floating Developments – a new concept in luxury floating homes. A life-long adventurer, Neil has organised and led more than 75 expeditions on 7 continents, by land, sea and air and has multiple world records. He summited Mt Everest with Bear Grylls, was the first person to circumnavigate mainland Britain & Ireland on a jet-ski and he piloted the world’s first road legal flying car on a 10,000 km journey from London to Timbuktu including a traverse of the Sahara Desert. Join us to be inspired by Neil’s amazing adventures and positive mindset whilst also considering how you can add more adventure into your own life.


Beyond the Comfort Zone

Have you ever felt the pull to venture into uncharted territory with your business or found yourself faced with an enormous challenge, but felt anchored by self-doubt? Dive into this enlightening conversation where I chat with Elisabet Vinberg-Hearn, a three-time best-selling author on leadership and teams, and John Jennings, leadership, engagement and cultural business expert. We’ll delve into the courage required to take leaps and the strategies to execute them successfully. This discussion follows our recent inaugural face-to-face Elevation Collective event in Windsor, England. There, I united a tribe of global thought leaders committed to shaping a brighter future. In this episode, we’ll distil the invaluable insights and lessons from that gathering, offering you guidance on blazing your own distinctive trail.


Encore Great Mentorship – with Scott Jeffrey Miller

What can we learn from great mentors to help us with our mentorship journey? My guest SCOTT JEFFREY MILLER is a highly sought-after speaker, author, and podcast host. He is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and currently serves as FranklinCovey’s senior advisor on thought leadership. Prior to his advisor role, Scott was a twenty-five-year FranklinCovey associate, serving as the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. He hosts On Leadership With Scott Miller, the world’s largest weekly leadership podcast. Scott is also partner in Gray+Miller, a speaking, literary, and talent agency. Join us as we explore Scott’s new book The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship and elevate your mentorship to a new level.


The Overview Effect with Space Philosopher Frank White

What does viewing the Earth from space teach us about life, leadership, and innovation? Join us in a mind-expanding conversation with Frank White, a leading expert in space philosophy and highly acclaimed voice in guiding leadership perspectives, including growth, sustainability, and foresight through space exploration insights. Author of the ground-breaking The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, Frank has delved into topics pivotal for forward-thinking leaders, including space industry opportunities, AI, and climate change. His work has inspired millions through the film “Overview,” echoing a call for more visionary leadership in the new space age. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore space’s untapped potential in steering transformative business and leadership pathways, including the potential for humans living off the planet as “Citizens of the Universe.”


The Reputation Gap with Peter Roper

How do you best plan, promote and protect your reputation? Peter Roper, also known as “The Family Businessman,” joins me to share his 45 years of experience in managing and aiding the reputation of family businesses. Having managed a business with a turnover of £38 million, Peter went on to set up six family businesses and has guided thousands of others to success. His ‘Family Business Practice’ is a supportive and proactive community platform that organises over 100 educational events yearly, fostering enriching engagements for family businesses. During his speaking career he has addressed over 500,000 delegates and holds the prestigious 2018 Professional Speaking Award for Excellence. Listen in as we learn from his wisdom as we discuss his latest book “The Reputation Gap,” and discover how to elevate your reputation.


The Dark Triad with Dannielle Haig

Join us for a riveting discussion with business psychology expert Dannielle Haig, as we explore the intriguing and shadowy world of the “Dark Triad” – a set of personality traits often found influencing corridors of power. Drawing from her extensive research and direct experience with global leaders, Dannielle (PhD candidate, MSc, MSc, BA, PG Cert, PG Dip) will shed light on narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy in the workplace. Listen in and you will gain invaluable insights into fostering mental resilience and navigating the challenges posed by these complex character traits in professional environments.


Lessons from The Battle for Kyiv with John Spencer

What can we learn from the most decisive battle in the modern era – The 2022 Battle for Kyiv – and what lessons can we learn about leadership, planning, human ingenuity, resilience, courage, collaboration and technology that can impact how we elevate the way we do business and live our lives? My guest John Spencer is an award-winning scholar, professor, author, combat veteran, national security and military analyst, and internationally recognized expert and advisor on urban warfare, military strategy, tactics, and other related topics. Considered one of the world’s leading experts on urban warfare, he served as an advisor to the top four-star general and other senior leaders in the U.S. Army as part of strategic research groups from the Pentagon to the United States Military Academy. John is the author of three books: Understanding Urban Warfare, (Howgate Publishing, 2022), Connected Soldiers: Life, Leadership, and Social Connections in Modern War (Potomac Books, 2022), The Mini-Manual for the Urban Defender (John Spencer, 2022). Join us as we explore the incredible and humbling story of the Battle for Kyiv with someone who has been on the ground in Ukraine and practically contributed to education the population under siege. An incredible story that can only inspire us to step up and overcome our challenges.


The Regenerative Leader with Giles Hutchins

Join us for an illuminating conversation with Giles Hutchins, a visionary thought leader and author, as we delve into the heart of regenerative leadership. In today’s world, where businesses and societies face multifaceted challenges, the conventional leadership paradigm is rapidly becoming obsolete. At the forefront is ‘Regenerative Leadership’ – a transformative approach that transcends traditional business norms, fostering innovation, resilience, and harmony with nature. With an impressive tapestry of experience spanning organizational development, systems thinking, and nature-inspired practices, Giles Hutchins sheds light on the essence of this essential leadership dimension. We will discuss the insights that enable leaders to understand the paradigm we live in and access the potential of their organizations to contribute, cultivate adaptability, and create a lasting impact. More than just sustainability; we will be talking about thriving in synergy with the world around us. Whether you’re a corporate executive, an emerging leader, or simply passionate about creating positive change, this conversation promises profound takeaways Don’t miss this opportunity to explore and take a better path forward that harmonizes humanity’s requirements. with the critical rhythms and needs of our planet and helps you fulfill your potential as a business leader whllst contributing to the survival of the human race.


Elevate Your Communication with Podcasts with Tom Schwab

In an era where meaningful communication is more important than ever, how can your business voice rise above all the noise? Today, podcasting is the transformative platform that is reshaping our communication. Join us as we celebrate 12 years of the Business Elevation Show with my guest Tom Schwab, CEO of Interview Valet, a Military Veteran, digital entrepreneur and author of Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy and One Conversation Away: A manifesto for a rich life and a profitable business.” We will discuss why podcasting is such a pivotal communication tool and how being a podcast guest (or host) can skyrocket your brand’s success. This will be a conversation of insights and strategy with a guest and host whose almost unparalleled experience can help you elevate your business through powerful digital communication.


Emotions with Dr Jayne Gardner

Our emotions serve as catalysts for both individual well-being and professional achievement. Given their profound impact, the pressing question is: How can we skillfully steer and utilise emotions to shape the outcomes we aspire to? Enter Dr. Jayne Gardner, a distinguished psychology and counselling expert with state licensure as both an LPC and LMFT. With a track record that includes multiple articles for renowned publications, her own radio show ‘Wired to Win’, and TV appearances, Dr. Gardner stands out as a celebrated Speaker, Author, and Performance Coach, not to mention her esteemed position on the Forbes Coaching Council. Delving into ‘The Gardner Method’, we will also discover a groundbreaking approach that has consistently proven its mettle in resolving organisational cultural conflicts. This transformative program not only dissipates interpersonal conflict but also ensures employees unlock their optimum performance potential. Join us as we journey through the intricate world of emotions, informed by cutting-edge neuroscience, to unlock unparalleled success in both life and business.


Overcoming bottlenecks in your life and business with Leah Fisch

Ever had the feeling of being the bottleneck, or felt stuck when overcoming obstacles in your life and business? My guest Leah Fisch has been helping her clients to achieve their dreams and overcome resistance for over twenty years. Specializing in helping high-level executives to overcome bottlenecks in their lives and businesses this has included her expertise in helping leaders with ADHD and neurodiversity become the best they can be. Leah is renowned for finding solutions to challenging situations and creating a more peaceful and productive experience for all involved. Beyond boardrooms, she cares deeply for marginalized communities and is building a retreat center in Columbia providing emotional and practical help to the community of Cartagena. Join us for a discussion where we can learn to navigate and overcome the bottlenecks in your life and business.


The Race to Inspire with Shay Hoelscher

In today’s world the race is on to inspire us to step up and contribute to a better world. One of my intentions is to introduce you to caring business people who are truly contributing to a better world. If we could all do that, what a difference we could make! My guest Shay Hoelscher is a 37-year veteran of the Professional Beauty Industry. Having worked in Senior Leadership positions for many major beauty brands, Shay is today the CEO and Owner of privé products. Shay is also passionate about the thrill for speed and has achieved an incredible dream to own a Porsche factory race car and is a racing driver. I was particularly inspired when talking to Shay about her dedication for making privé products a force for good. Her three core pillars are: – To empower women as a women-led company – Make a strong social impact by giving 1% of all revenue to a nonprofit to help women in need – To produce natural and clean products that are good for you and good for the planet. Join us as we explore the mind and wisdom of a business owner who is truly committed to moving towards a better world – quickly!


Survive to Thrive with Paul Davis

Like myself, have you had moments over the last few years when you realised you needed to take care of your mental wellbeing? Maintaining and building great mental health for most of us needs to be a lifelong pursuit. My guest Paul William Davis is a renowned business growth consultant, speaker, and personal advisor, with a passion for empowering professionals worldwide to unearth their unique genius and lead their field. He is the creator of “The Genius Code” and a three-time best-selling author. Paul is often hailed as a “lifesaver” by his clients. I can understand this as I was moved to discover more about his own significant personal battles with mental wellbeing. I loved Paul’s honesty and decided he was one of life’s good guys. Someone we should carefully listen to and learn from. In this interview, we will discuss Paul’s own experiences and recommendations when it comes to moving from surviving to thriving. Anyone brave enough to experience bi-plane wing walking deserves attention in my opinion! Join us and help yourself or those you love to get on the front foot mentally in 2023 and beyond.


Make Changes Not Excuses with Molly Harvey

Don’t miss out on the next episode of the Business Elevation Show, where we’ll be hosting Molly Harvey, the author of the groundbreaking book “Make Changes Not Excuses”. Molly is a revered author, speaker, and change management expert known for her unyielding commitment to helping businesses innovate and thrive with a combination of deep and meaningful ancient and modern wisdom. Molly has proven time and again her aptitude for effecting positive change, working with Fortune 500 companies and governmental organizations. As a co-founder of the Global Visionary Women’s Network and former President of the Professional Speaker’s Association, Molly has leveraged her platform to empower women and elevate standards in the speaking profession. In her book “Make Changes Not Excuses,” she distills her extensive experience and insights into an enlightening guide that encourages individuals and organizations to face challenges head-on, and turn obstacles into opportunities. Join us for an enlightening conversation as we delve into her life, work, and the powerful messages behind “Make Changes Not Excuses”.