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Danette May and The Rise

At one point TetraKey co-founder, Mark Hopkins, completely forgot he was interviewing. It was as if he was at someone’s house just chatting about shared experiences. In this episode, Mark got to spend time with Danette May. Danette May is America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle expert, and her story is mindblowing. Danette’s journey to transforming the lives of millions of people started out of trauma, grief, and loss. Before she was 30 years old, she had already lost her son during childbirth,...


The ONLY Question In Business with Rob Yates

What if there was only one question that when answered would mean you could predict your success? Well, the truth is... there is and in this podcast Rob takes you exactly what this critical question is. He helps you understand how to ask it to yourself, how not to get caught by your blind side and why if you can not answer it you are leaving success up to the luck of a coin toss. So, take control of your success in life and business. Open your mind to the hardest, yet most important question...


Happy, Happy, Happy with Mark Hopkins

Can you strive for happiness? Is it something that you can wake up in the morning and say to yourself ‘today I am going to work really hard on being happy?’ Well, at TetraKey, we don’t think it is something that you can work on. It is something that comes out of all the things you focus on in your life. Eating well, sleeping well, focusing on your wants and needs, being a good person. These are all inputs that you can control and could possibly lead to happiness. In this podcast with Mark...


Why Are You Ripping People Off? Revolutionary Rant 20

Have you ever taken your car to the mechanic and you knew it needed a few things doing but then you get the phone call and the list has just got enormous. They tell you about your break discs and how they need replacing and you blindly go ahead and pay the crazy money. Only once do you commit do you actually do some research and realise that what you have been told and what is actual fact are two separate things! Then the penny drops - you have been taken for a ride! A lot of businesses have...


Marketing - How To Wash A Chicken with Prof. Tim Calkins

Without marketing, you are going to struggle to get your product into the hands of your customer. Your customers are not going to engage with you, and your business is going to struggle. The trouble is that many people are scared of marketing and don’t know where to start. Professor Tim Calkins spent the first part of his career working in corporates and building incredible household brands. He learned the secrets to marketing and how to present ideas to get the most significant impact...


The Entrepreneurs Biggest Myth With Rob Yates

In this episode Rob speaks on what he believes to be one of the most misguiding piece of guidance that entrepreneurs are given. How it distracts you, and while it makes your ego feel better.... it prevents you from having real success. He speaks about the modelling he has done of truly successful entrepreneurs of the past 50 years and what they have done before executing on this piece of advice. How the advice is true, however you need to achieve something else before you start trying to...


What Is Your Role In Life with Mark Hopkins

There is no person who only plays one role. If you are a husband or wife, son or daughter, employee or employer - we are all playing multiple roles all the time. The challenge becomes when we are not able to differentiate between the roles or handover from one to the other. We have all done it when we are in the parent role and then a work call comes through. What happens? Well we stop being the parent and that moment has gone. Or we come home from work and bring all our work role into a...


The Realities Of Entrepreneurship - Revolutionary Rant 19

Growing a business is probably the hardest thing you can ever do! Both Mark & Rob have kids, relationships, families, had corporate careers and growing their business is singularly the hardest thing they have EVER DONE. In this podcast Rob & Mark, talk about their past four weeks. How they have launched 4 new products globally, have a massive series of failures / set backs AND how they manage to bounce back quicker than anyone else. They talk about the real art of entrepreneurship which is...


The Bullet Journal Method with Ryder Carroll

Productivity is something that we are all striving for. The amount of apps and other forms of technology that are in the market to help us achieve greater productivity is frightening and yet the science clearly states that writing things down has significant benefits for clarification and memory recall. While productivity is the label we use in reality it is around the habits that we build into our lives to ensure we are able to focus on the things that truly matter to achieving our dreams....


Selling, Without Selling Your Soul with Mark Hopkins

Do you ever feel that you are trying so hard for the sale and yet you never close? Do you ever feel that a prospective client keeps having more and more questions? Do you feel that the prospective client keeps asking you back to ‘chat’ more about the deal? Do you feel you don’t have control over your sales process? If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions then you are not alone! So many business owners are desperate for the sale that they constantly agree to more and more meetings,...


The Pursuit Of Greatness With Rob Yates

Are you looking to achieve something that is above and beyond those about you? Chances are that you are... and therefore are in pursuit of your version of greatness. Achieving greatness, requires you to go about your world completely differently to everyone else. It requires you to stand out, be a unicorn, and live by a different set of rules. This is exceptionally hard for all the people about you, who with the best of intentions wish to support you.... however their advice and guidance...


THE Quote To Grow Your Business With with Rob Yates

Is it really possible for one quote to change your business for massive positive gains? Are you aware that what you focus on, provides for you what you currently have? In this episode Rob gets a tiny bit religious with a biblical quote from Matthew "Seek and thou shall find". While he appreciates that many of your come from a different religious starting point, this powerful saying is one which will directly allow you to explode you business. Rob guides you expertly through how you already...


Man, You’ve Changed with Mark Hopkins

Apart from a few people who think they are perfect (you know who you are!!!) most of us feel that there is plenty of growth within us. The lucky few get clarity about what the growth is and the really lucky few get to work and make the change they want. The reason we say lucky is really tongue in cheek. All of us have the opportunity to change, not all of us are brave enough to put the work in to do the change. However, when you do and you get to see the results then that is an awesome...


Is This Business Day Light Robbery - Revolutionary Rant 18

In this episode after weeks of waiting, we have finally found Mark wound up so tight by something that he may well snap! He has experienced business daylight robbery by a global car hire firm, and when trying to resolve it their customer service was…. Well, you had better listen and find out. THIS is one of the best business rants yet, with true learning for your business AND for the global car hire industry! As we proceed through Mark's immense frustration with this global car hire firm,...


Planet on Purpose with Brandon Peele

What is the key to a career you love and a high-performance team? Purpose - unleash it! This is how Brandon Peele starts by grabbing you. Purpose is at the core of everything we are. It is the thing that binds us together as a species. Brandon is committed to a world that works for all beings, one where everyone is purposefully engaged in their career and making their highest contribution. Now that is a calling! This interview with TetraKey co-founder, Mark Hopkins, is going to blow cobwebs...


Is Entreprenuership REALLY For You With Rob Yates

In this episode Rob talk to you about being an entrepreneur and being a Dad. The true journey of being a entrepreneur, and how everyone may not be really cut out for it! This is an honest view and reality check on being a business owner, what is really involved and while you have a huge degree of flexibility you have none whats so ever! Rob talks about how he has never worked as hard, how he believes that now he is delivering easily 10 times more than he has ever seen any one in a corporate...


To Make Money, Solve A Problem With Mark Hopkins

We recently partnered with an organisation that they thought possessed an expertise that it didn’t. They shared their problem and clearly articulated the solution they were looking for and the priorities that these needed to be met. After a month the relationship ended. Why? In this podcast with TetraKey co-founder, Mark Hopkins, shares the common mistakes that businesses make which causes them to lost customers and more importantly create a negative impression about them. Mark shares the...


Why Unsuccessful People Screw Up Time - Revolutionary Rant 17

Why do people not respect their time and the time of others? What does it tell you about them and what are the correlations with performance and actually achieving their goals? All questions that are raised in this rant of the week. You get to hear the crazy stories of the life of Rob and Mark, co-founders of TetraKey. You get to hear about people just rocking up whenever they want to, people talking a great game and delivering absolutely nothing. I am sure you know someone who is all talk...


Why Do You Need To Be Told To Be Good with Mark Hopkins

Gratitude, to do lists, mindfulness, productivity - we are bombarded by articles to read and quotes around what we need to do. How we need to live, why we need to do certain things! We at TetraKey are passionate about giving people the support they need in order to achieve the goals that they want to. But ask yourself why we need to hear all this. Why do we need to wake up and think of three things to be grateful for? Why can’t we just spend the day being grateful? We are living in a world...


The REAL Problem In Your Business With Rob Yates

Do you know what the REAL problem in your business is? Rob doubts it very much! Many people believe they know what the real problem is, yet choose the superficial obvious ones and these seldom are accurate. In this podcast rob guides you to consider what the real problem is and what you can do to gain support to overcome it. This podcast is brought to you by The Business Secrets Club our free to join Business Coaching service bringing you up to $25,000 per year of free coaching. You can join...