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Why Your Influence Never Turns Out the Way You Plan

You know that influence is the key to building your empire. Better assignments, high profile connections, clients that flock to your door all seem to magically appear for those who wield the golden scepter of influence. But not for you. You’re stuck poking and prodding people to get them to do what you need done, exhausting yourself and getting no further ahead than you were yesterday. What are you doing wrong? 1. You’re Inconsistent People crave consistency. They want to know that you’re...


Conflict Resolution Strategies for Leaders

Differences will either be your greatest advantage or they will be your downfall. Leaders brave enough to hire people who come from a variety of experiences, motivations, and work styles enjoy multi-faceted solutions to challenges, higher levels of creativity, and a dynamic tension that encourages people to do their best. Too often, though, those advantages disappear in the heat of the daily grind where it's just easier when everyone is on the same page form the get go. Sure, the work...


Leadership Confidence

The difference between a leader saying 'I apologize, we messed up. It won't happen again." and 'I apologize, my team member completely screwed up in the worst possible way' is the difference between building strong relationships with your team, your clients, and your customers or chipping away at all of the credibility you've earned. Let's talk why it's so important for leaders to 'man up' and take responsibility for those inevitable mistakes. #leadership #leadershiptraining #success


Talking Deviant Leadership with Sandi Coryell, Episode 2

My People Hate Me! How can I get people to understand what I need? How do I communicate better? As leaders, how well you can assemble a team and keep them functioning, not well...great together is how you will grow both your business and your profitability. Too many leaders are letting the life be sucked out of them everyday by trying to figure out how to get the best out of their people. In this episode, we discuss the age old notion of 'it's not you, it's me' as the focus shifts...


Talking Deviant Leadership with Sandi Coryell, Episode 1

Talk all things Leadership with Leadership Consultant, Speaker, and Author Sandi Coryell whose Deviant Advantage Leadership Approach Aims to get the best out of yourself, your people, and your business. Episode one introduces Deviant Leadership and kicks off a discussion of how leaders can get the best out of themselves, even when they are under pressure. A quick story about nicknames and how it can give you as a leader insights and clues as both as to what your natural leadership style...