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business lessons from business leaders on how to grow your business one step at a time

business lessons from business leaders on how to grow your business one step at a time
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business lessons from business leaders on how to grow your business one step at a time








9. Felicity Zadro - The Zadro Agency, on what it really takes to build a successful business

Award winning Felicity Zadro tells it like it is when you start a new business and build it to a successful brand. The challenges, the joys and the hard work. An entrepreneur and small business owner Felicity gives some real and honest insights. Especially when it comes to listening to your competition


8: Nic Hayes - Founder Of 'Media Stable' On The Business Of Media

Want to know how to leverage the media for your business? This week Nic Hayes, founder of Media Stable gives the real nuts and bolts of what makes media want to talk to you and how to get the most from media for your business. Not only that, Nic story is in it's on right is a great example of finding a gap in the market


7: Joanna Ferrari - Australia's Transition Specialist. How to transition through business, sales and life.

Wow. The vibrant and super clever Joanna Ferrari talks on sales, and change and how to transition in your business, industry or personal life. With her vast experience in sales with the likes of Anthony Robbins, Joanna brings a wealth of down to earth experience.


6: Damien Ryan - Mayor of Alice Springs. Why remoteness Instigates Inventiveness

Damien Ryan, Mayor of Alice Springs talks the importance of scarcity and remoteness as a key pillar to innovation. It's often when we lack that we get clever. He also talks of how the remote town of Alice Springs in the middle of Australia boosts business and it's economy through events. Don't miss this episode - it's a corker.


5: Katrina McCarter - Marketing to Mum's. On the biggest consumer segment there is, and going niche.

In this episode Nigel speaks with Katrina McCarter whose business Marketing to Mum's helps brands tap into the biggest consumer segment - Mothers. She talks about creativity in business, finding your niche, listening to your market and tells how to market and sell into this massive consumer segment


4: Ian Whitworth - Kill All MBA's . On listening and why MBA's are not your friends

Biz street-smarts and listening. Co-founder of Scene Change Ian Whitworth tells it like it really is. No punches pulled on this one. Ian speaks with Nigel this week with his unique and different perspective on business. Listen out for his advice on listening.


3: Sylvia Wilson - Bark Busters. On loving what you do and taking action.

Knowing why and taking action. Co-founder of global franchise 'Bark Busters' talks of her humble, accidental beginnings and how with her husband Danny built a global empire of over 350 franchises in 7 countries. Her passion and love for what she does comes through plus her love of helping others succeed in business. And her message of the importance of taking action. One of the most generous entrepreneurs to help start-ups and small business.


2: Justin Gill - Abode New Homes. On nurturing the right mindset and overcoming challenges.

Mindset and overcoming challenges. This week we talk with Justin Gill who arrived in Darwin in 1997 with $1000.00 and with his wife and kids lived in a caravan. Now Justin and his Wife Karinda, have built an enormously successful business. Justin talks about the importance of mindset and overcoming challenges.


1: Leona Watson - Cheeky Food Group. On worklife balance and knowing your numbers.

Work-life balance and knowing your numbers. In this first interview Nigel talks with the wonderful and energetic Leona Watson of Cheeky Food events who gives some down to earth, no BS business advice on how to grow your business. Cheeky Food Events does corporate team building with a difference - using food.