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29: Podcast Relaunch - The Inspired Guide Podcast

As of January 2018, The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide is now The Inspired Guide Podcast. The overall premise for the podcast remains very much the same. However, as women we wear many hats. We're not just entrepreneurs, we're also mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, runners, bakers, etc. You get the idea. In September 2016, I added the title of mother to my list of credentials (personal and professional). As a new mother, all of the things happening in the world made me think longer...


028: Start a Virtual Assistant Business with a Solid Foundation

So you want to become a Virtual Assistant? The decision can be scary and exciting. It can also be confusing and overwhelming. In this episode of the podcast, I chat with Jenifer De La Garza of Administrative Support Group (and one of my besties) about starting a Virtual Assistant Business. Jenifer also unveils a fantastic opportunity for a select few that are serious about starting a VA business, but need some help with laying the groundwork for starting a business. Show Notes:...


027: Mom Sessions: Rewards and Challenges of a Work at Home Mom

This month on the Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, I am joined by my friend and fellow work at home mom, Jenifer De La Garza. Jenifer is the owner of Administrative Support Group. She's been working from home for over 10 years and is the proud mama of six beautiful children. In this episode, Jenifer and I have our first "mom session". Much like Sanity Sessions with Christina, mom sessions are episodes in which two work at home mamas come together and get real about the topic at hand. In...


026: Building Self-Confidence

In this episode of The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide podcast, I talk about self-confidence. In order to start a business, you do need some amount of confidence to simply get going. A bit of self-confidence and courage, go a long way. In this episode I’ll break things down as follows: Share insights on ways to help you build self-confidenceShare a personal story about how my own self-confidence journey and how it waned, early onProvide some resources for you to work on your own confidence...


024: What's Your Definition of Success?

Hi Inspired Entrepreneurs! This week, I take a break from the co-hosted and interview format to talk to you about success. Specifically, I get down to the nitty gritty of defining success. The keyword in this episode is YOU. It’s time to break away from traditional thinking about what success is or means. Step away what others define success to be and come up with your own definition. It will be freeing and heck, maybe a bit inspiring (at least, that’s my hope). In this episode I’ll break...


023: Lost Your Creative Mojo? Let's Get It Back!

In this Sanity Session, Christina and I will update you on our business adventures. We'll be discussing the creative process, where and when the process happens best, and we'll dive in and discuss what to do when that creative juice just stops flowing. If you're struggling to keep ideas flowing in your business, listen to this episode to learn how to reinvigorate your business with new ideas and avoid the burnout and frustration that come with stagnation. Show notes:...


022: Create a Customer Experience that Rocks!

Welcome back everybody to the Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide, the podcast that encourages you to stop dreaming and start doing. After a short hiatus, new episodes are back! You can expect to hear new episodes about one-two times per month. In this episode, we're covering a topic that I'm deeply passionate about - Customer Service and Experience. You will learn the importance of defining your ideal client and how it may affect your overall customer experience. More importantly, how you...


Episode 20: All About Mentorship - Working with a Mentor or Becoming One

Listen in a New Window This episode is all about mentoring and mentorship. Whether you are in the beginning stages of your business or you’ve been in business for some time now, there may come a time when you feel like you need additional support. During these times, finding and working with a mentor may prove helpful. In this episode I have a double-dose of mentoring information for you! To start, I chat with someone that I’ve been mentoring for the last six months. My friend and...


Episode 19: Having the Power and Motivation to Reinvent Yourself

Listen in New Window | Subscribe via RSS Welcome to episode 19! This month I have a fun, inspiring and empowering interview to share with you. One word that can sum up the entire episode is strength. It’s all about finding the courage needed to take the first steps in starting a business. It is about reinventing yourself and being strong enough to do so. This month's guest, Edie Berg of the Strong Women's Club, knows a thing or two about reinventing oneself. She has been a physical...


Episode 18: Handling Transition, Building a Multi-VA Business and Structuring Rates for Profit

Listen in New Window |Subscribe via RSS Episode 18 of The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide is here! If you haven’t noticed, the last several episodes I’ve produced have featured Virtual Assistants. Fun fact: It’s how I got my start in podcasting, with my first podcast, A Virtual Perception. It’s been a lot of fun going back to my “roots.” Well, this month’s interview is no different! I interview an established business owner and Virtual Assistant, Terry Green, of BizEase Support Solutions....


Episode 17: The Magical Leap Point & Being a Work at Home Mom

Listen in New Window | Subscribe via RSSEpisode 17 is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It’s about taking a leap of faith and starting your business. That's what Inspired Entrepreneur's motto is all about! The episode also dives into the life of a work at home mom – the good, the difficult and the downright blessedness of it all. Taking a leap of faith and starting a business isn’t always easy. But, as my guest this week, Julienne DesJardins, so eloquently stated, “I think the leap...


Special Episode: Update on Episode Schedule & Handling Professional Setbacks

Listen in New Window|Subscribe via RSSIn this special episode I take a moment to share with you some news about The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide podcast. It relates to the release of new podcast episodes. Don't worry, the show is not going away! Listen to this episode to learn more.Also, not to waste an opportunity to share some inspiration with you, I talk about how to handle a professional setback. This episode is short and sweet. But I hope you find it helpful - either now or in the...


Episode 16: Courage to Change, Pursuing Dreams & Self-Branding

Listen in New Window |Subscribe via RSSEpisode 16 dives into the topic of finding the courage to pursue your dreams. Joining me to discuss this topic further is my guest; fellow NJ podcaster, entrepreneur, author, and dream mentor,Joe Pardo of During our conversation, Joe talked about his decision to leave his family's business in order to pursue his own dreams. Not an easy decision, you'll learn that it took almost 2 years before leaping. Change is not easy, but it's...


Episode 15: Starting a Blog, Social Media Secrets & Marketing Fun

Listen in New Window|Subscribe via RSSEpisode 15 is here and this week, I dive deeper into the wonderful world of social media marketing. Joining me to discuss this topic further is my guest; award-winning blogger, social media marketing whiz, podcaster and writer, Carole Sanek of Butterfly Boom Productions. Carole chats about all things blogging, she spills the beans on some of her blogging and social media secrets, provides tips about sharing content online and so much more. This episode...


Episode 14: Goal Setting, Subcontracting & Defining Your Niche

Listen in New Window|Subscribe via RSSEpisode 14 is a throwback episode of sorts. Joining me is a Virtual Assistant that has been in business since 2006, focuses primarily on the subcontracting niche and was an early guest on my first podcast - way back in 2009 and 2010! Collette Schultz of Savvy Subcontracting joins me this week to chat about goal setting, subcontracting and honing in on your niche. One of her goals was to save income from her VA business so she can take her family on a...


Episode 13: Mindfulness and Communication in Marketing

Listen in New Window|Subscribe via RSSEpisode 13 is here!This week I will be sharing my inspiring chat with Janet Fouts, author of the book, "Mindful Social Marketing." During our conversation, we discussed authenticity and your brand, being mindful with social marketing (and what that means), as well as, social media marketing tips and advice. Our entire conversation can be summed up with one simple phrase: how to be a better communicator. Listen to to learn more! Janet also offered...


Episode 12: Learning from Experience

Listen in New Window|Subscribe via RSSAll new episodes of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide are here! In Episode 12you will hear my conversation with Bonnie Marlewski-Probert. Bonnie is the owner of Whitehall Publishing and Whitehall PR.During our conversation, Bonnie shared life lessons she learned while in the horse industry. She also shared insightful wisdom about reacting to life's little train wrecks and how to move past them, her work with nonprofits and how to cultivate your...


Episode 11: Inspiring Interview with Virtual Assistant, Janine Gregor

Listen in New Window|Subscribe via RSSIn Episode 11 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, another one of my long-time associates and online friends, Janine Gregor, joins me to chat about entrepreneurship. I've known Janine since about 2008, when I had started my Virtual Assistant business. We've worked together on a few volunteer-type projects for an online forum, however, this was the first time we truly had a conversation together. It was so much fun!During our conversation Janine shared...


Episode 10: Subscription Box Service Unlocked

Listen in New Window |Subscribe via RSSIn Episode 10 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, my long-time associate and friend, Christina Nelson of Mystical Mojo Box joined me. Earlier this year, Christina started an eCommerce subscription box service, Mystical Mojo. In fact, I had reviewed one of her early releases boxes, here.During our conversation she shared with me why she started the business (and how the idea came to her), offered tips to first-time subscription box service providers,...


Episode 9: Dogs Saving Dogs

Listen in New Window |Subscribe via RSSIn Episode 9 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, I had a really fun chat with founders, Declan and Keith, of Dogs Saving Dogs. They started their business while attending Notre Dame. Keith has since graduated and Declan is a Junior now (I think!). During our conversation they shared with me why they started the business, their mission and more.Declan and Keith also offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:Highlights of...