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The Language of Business informs and inspires entrepreneurs and anyone thinking about a startup


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The Language of Business informs and inspires entrepreneurs and anyone thinking about a startup






Reopening is here. People will see your feet again. Where will you get your new shoes?

Reopening is underway. People are out and about. Now they’ll see your feet again. Where will you get your new shoes? The Language of Business looks at the challenges of retail reopening - especially when it comes to shoes. Host Greg Stoller talks with retail consultant George O'Shea and independent shoe consultant Larry Reines. Host Greg Stoller George O'Shea Larry Reines Support of the Language of Business is from


Get your baby to sleep through the night – LOB 097

You’re a new parent...and your bundle of joy just will not go to sleep. The Language of Business looks at a way to solve that challenge in 1-3 days. Plus, we learn about a manufacturing platform that empowers team members to make smarter, faster, more informed decisions. Host Greg Stoller talks with Manasi Gangan, Founder of Nested Bean Inc. and Jason Ray, Founder and CEO of Paperless Parts. Host Greg Stoller Manasi Gangan, Nested Bean Jason Ray, Paperless Parts Support for the Language of...


How covid affects radio…and gambling – LOB 096

The #1 place for listening to the radio is in the car. The #2 place is at work. But when nobody's driving...and people are working from home...what happens to the radio stations? Plus, Las Vegas has been closed. The Strip is empty. Zero action at the tables and slots in the casinos. Same with the restaurants inside. They can’t even do takeout. The Language of Business looks at how social distancing and working from home has affected the radio business. And the challenges reopening will mean...


How to crush an elevator pitch during covid – LOB 095

Chris Sale delivers a first pitch strike A pitcher wants to start the game with a first pitch strike. A first pitch in business - an elevator pitch - has been no different. But is different. The Language of Business looks at how covid-19 has affected first pitches. Host Greg Stoller talks with Debi Kleiman, Executive Director of the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College about her new book, First Pitch, that can help you crush it. Host Greg Stoller Debi...


Kill Covid-19 at home with game-changing EPA approved sanitizers – LOB 094

"You can spray it on a baby's pacifier and put it right back in the baby's mouth. It's that safe!" - Force of Nature Cleaning and disinfecting are on everyone's mind these days. The Language of Business looks at two EPA approved game-changing products you can use at home to disinfect and kill Covid-19 bacteria safely. Host Greg Stoller hears about Force of Nature Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Lush and CEO Sandy Posa. Then we learn about sanitizing your handbag inside and out from Sue...


MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference – LOB 093

Your game tickets are worthless. There are no games to watch. The entire sports world is on hold...but that doesn't mean no one is talking about it. The Language of Business goes to the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston to meet three teams on the Startup Competition. And one of them winds up a winner! Host Greg Stoller talks with Jonathan Day, CEO and Founder of Uncaged Sports, an app that can improve your batting stance and swing and your pitching mechanics; Laila Zemrani, CEO...


Restaurant job posting app about to be overwhelmed? – LOB 092

Tony Liu has an award-winning app called JobGet that specializes in jobs in the retail and restaurant space. In the last 6 months he won $100,000 from MassChallenge and $250,000 in the MIT Inclusive Innovation Competition. But the retail and restaurants have been hammered by Covid-19 closings. The Language of Business first met with Tony at the MassChallenge 2019 Cohort kickoff in July, then again after his two awards last fall. Now Host Greg Stoller revisits Tony (via Zoom for social...


You can’t pay your employees or pay your rent. What will the landlord do? – LOB 091

Covid-19 has forced you to close your business. You can't pay your employees and you can't pay our rent. You can't even go into the office. You are strapped. What will your landlord do to help? The Language of Business visits Washington DC to talk with a commercial real estate broker who wants to try to smooth things. Host Greg Stoller talks with Mike Goldman, President of MGA Inc about ways to handle it and keep your business. Host Greg Stoller Mike Goldman, MGA Corp.


Challenges of international startups – LOB 090

You’re an entrepreneur from Brazil running a Brazilian food truck. Where you find investors? In the US...or Brazil? A very successful kid’s clothing company in Japan wants to make inroads to the US market. But they have a name problem. They’re called Miki House...but they have no connection to Disney. Will American consumers understand that? The Language of Business looks at the challenges of international startups. Host Greg Stoller talks with Rodolfo Penna, an entrepreneur from Brazil...


Psychodrama…helping young people deal – LOB 089

Psychodrama at Lesley University How a college professor teaching psychodrama helps psychiatrists. And how an attorney switched gears studied psychodrama and started a company that helps young people deal. The Language of Business travels to Lesley University in Cambridge to learn about teaching psychodrama with Ed Schreiber. Then we head to Needham, Mass and hear how Carol Bass quit her job as an attorney, studied psychodrama with Dr. Ed Schreiber and started Social Dynamix to help young...


Helping people with autism graduate, go to college and get a job – LOB 088

85% of people with autism are unemployed. But an organization on the South Coast of Massachusetts is doing something about it. The Language of Business travels to Fall River to learn about the Spectrum Empowerment Project, where young people with Autism can learn karate, develop theatre skills and participate in Youth Musical Theatre Group productions such as "Annie," earn a college certificate from the Bristol Community College Gottschall Access Program and get a job designing and making...


Whistleblowers and con men – LOB 087

, In Part 2 of The Language of Business look at lying and cheating in business host Greg Stoller talks with litigation attorney Bruce Singal, legal expert on con men and whistleblowing. Then author Elaine Eisenman has insights into how to protect yourself if you’re a victim of betrayal in her new book “Betrayed - A Survivor’s Guide.” Host Greg Stoller Attorney Bruce Singal “Betrayed” author Elaine Eisenman


2019 MassChallenge Awards – LOB 086

The Language of Business went to the MassChallenge 2019 Cohort opening showcase in July. Host Greg Stoller spoke with MassChallenge Boston Managing Director Cait Reimers Brumme about the 2019 cohort competition. MassChallenge Boston awards over $1,000,000 to deserving startups. Host Greg Stoller with Managing Director Cait Reimers Brumme Then we chose three teams at random to hear their initial pitch. Last week we went back for the MassChallenge Boston 2019 Awards to see how they did. It...


Cannabusiness Part Two – LOB 085

A Private Equity investor decides the place to invest is in cannabis. So they open a dispensary in Rhode Island and we’ll check it out. Then we go to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to get the legal lowdown from the guy in the corner office. In Part 2 of The Language of Business look at “cannabuinesss” Greg Stoller talks with Jeremy Bromberg, COO of CanWell LLC and Steven Hoffman, Chairman of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Host Greg Stoller Jeremy...


Yes we can cannabis – LOB 084

You have a license for a cannabis dispensary. What did that take? What do you do with it? How do your customers know your product is safe? The Language of Business takes a toke on the cannabis business. The cannibusiness?? In part one of this two-part episode, Host Greg Stoller talks with Mark Zatyrka, CEO of INSA Marijuana Dispensary and Marion McNabb, CEO of C3RN Cannabis Community Care and Research Network. Host Greg Stoller Mark Zatyrka, CEO, INSA Marion McNabb, CEO, Cannabis Community...


Newfangled businesses – LOB 083

A newfangled way to help Fortune 500 companies find success: Hourly Nerd. The name didn’t work, but the idea exploded. Plus, wine that tastes great and helps save oysters. And sea turtles. And bees. The Language of Business looks at newfangled businesses. Host Greg Stoller talks with Pat Petitti, co-founder of Catalant Technologies, business agility software that works. Also Brian Thurber, co-founder of Proud Pour, dedicated to making your happy hours more celebratory. Pat Petitti of...


Lying, cheating, stealing in business – LOB 082

Why do people lie, steal and cheat in business? Because everyone's doing it? Because they think they can get away with it? In part one of The Language of Business two-part look at business ethics, host Greg Stoller interviews John Llodra, former Enron employee and current Managing Partner at New Harbor Financial Group and Kabrina Krebel Chang, Business Ethics professor at Boston University Questrom School of Business. Language of Business Host Gregory Stoller John Llodra, former Enron...


A fresh approach to solve an old problem: outsource everything – LOB 081

A fresh approach to solving an old business problem: Outsource everything you can. This is Part One of The Language of Business look at businesses that take a new approach to solve old business problems. Host Greg Stoller talks with Steve Schultz Director of Franchise Development at Supportng Strategies and Mark Landgren, CEO of The Nexxus Group. Host Greg Stoller Steve Schultz, Director of Franchise Development, Supporting Strategies Mark Landgren, CEO, The Nexxus Group


The MassChallenge 2019 Cohort – LOB 080

The MassChallenge 2019 Cohort is in high gear. The Language of Business visits MassChallenge to meet with three of the 104 teams in the competition and gets insight from the Managing Director on what a cohort is. Host Greg Stoller talks with Dan Wexler, Executive Director of Eatwell Meal Kits; Tony Liu, Co-founder of JobGet; Eric Kanagy, CEO of SimpleSense, and Cait Brumme, the new Managing Director of MassChallenge Boston. Our sponsor is Boston University Questrom School of Business -...


Really know your customer – LOB 079

You're an entrepreneur working on the plan for your new business. Make sure you know as much as you can about your customer. Are you marketing in the right places? Do you change your plans on the fly,...or trust your gut? The Language of Business host Greg Stoller talks with three experts on starting a new business: Lisa Tanzer, Marketing Director of Life Is Good; Sarah Fay, Media Advisor to Adaptive Intelligence; Drew Hannah, CEO of RBM Technologies. Host Greg Stoller Lisa Tanner Sarah Fay...