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TLA #025 Jelena Ostrovska: Making It as a Young Entrepreneur

Jelena Ostrovska is only 22 but she’s one of the top network marketing bloggers in the world having started at the young age of 18. She has since become a trainer and business coach who has been finding ways to leverage her business recently and still making more time for herself. Having started young, Jelena loves to work with like minded, driven and passionate individuals to improve their business and she believes that if you aren’t having fun in your business, you’re just working another...


TLA #024 Becca Brown: Getting Investments for Your Startups

Having graduated Columbia Business School with an MBA and starting her career at Goldman Sachs, Becca Brown had the idea for a product to change her own frustration back in high school. Picking up a business partner along the way that helps keep the entrepreneurial journey a little less lonely, Becca and co-founder Monica started Solemates, a brand you may have already heard of. Apart from being mentioned in various notable news outlets, Solemates was featured on Shark Tank which was...


TLA #023 Martin Nygate: Startups Competing With Established Businesses

As CEO and co-founder of Velox Networks, a licensed telecommunication service provider (TSP) Martin Nygate is showing that startups can still compete with the larger, established businesses which in his industry include existing TSPs SingTel and StarHub. Martin’s aim is to help extend the VoIP revolution to SMEs by delivering profitable and accessible high-tech communication solutions to the maritime and software industries spanning Asia and Europe. Martin discusses how startups can remain...


TLA #022 Carlos Redlich: Building Leverage Online as a Service Provider

Carlos Redlich is a highly sought after copywriter and marketing consultant who learnt everything he knows from his unusual start in the martial arts industry. His aim is to create leverage in his business as a service provider while delivering as much value to his fellow marketers and copywriters as he can in an authentic way. His Copywriting Playbook that helps people buy stuff even when they suck at selling is one of the ways he does this. Carlos talks all about his start in the...


TLA #021 Joy Ganesan: Building Teams for Ultimate Leverage

Having started her career in Australia, studying Forensics and Criminology at Murdoch University, WA and working as a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI), Joy Ganesan returned to Singapore to pursue her passion for education. Now a full-time teacher and Director at WorldVentures, Joy admits she was skeptical about MLMs and getting involved in a scam. But, two years later and she works alongside her husband having honed her skills in leadership and marketing on a quest to impact people’s lives....


TLA #020 Dr Alex Mehr : Be Successful By Educating Yourself

TLA Episode 20 : Be Successful By Educating Yourself - An Interview With Dr Alex Mehr As a serial entrepreneur and self-professed business Yoda, Dr. Alex Mehr’s unconventional start to entrepreneurship was with NASA and getting his engineering PhD. Since then, he’s launched over 30 products/companies, made over $1 billion in revenue and is the CEO and co-founder of MentorBox, an online education platform and physical book subscription company. A firm advocate for mentoring and developing...


TLA #19 Mario Berta: Relocating and Adapting to Your Market

Originally hailing from Italy, Mario relocated to Southeast Asia which ended up being the start of his entrepreneurial journey. His extensive business background in the tech industry has seen his experience range from a senior consultant at PLDT in areas of innovation, digital transformation, sales and startup culture as well as director of growth at Nova founder. He attributes his entrepreneurial start to Rocket Internet and believes with a strong team you can achieve anything. Mario...


TLA #017 Shah Khan : Educating Yourself to Make Network Marketing Successful

The Leverage Advantage Show Episode 17 : Educating Yourself to Make Network Marketing Successful - An Interview With Shah Khan With a love of people and a philosophy of making money without doing it at the expense of others, Shah Khan is a rare breed of network marketer and a powerful leader. As someone who is able to quickly rise up the ranks in whichever company he has been involved in, Shah is a record breaker with over 15 years experience under his belt and being based in Malaysia puts...


TLA #016 Doug Crowe : Starting Again After Losing Everything

The Leverage Advantage Show Episode 16 with Doug Crowe - Starting Again After Losing Everything & Using Books to Leverage Your Business Long-Term Helping authors market their products and build long-term leverage from books, Doug Crowe understands what it’s like to be built up and ripped down again. Being one of the casualties of the 2008 crisis, Doug went from multi-millionaire to nothing. Building himself back up through the catharsis of writing, then going on to become a bestseller and...


TLA #015 Croyden Wheeler : Ultimate Leverage with "Pajama Money"

The Leverage Advantage Show Episode 15 with Croyden Wheeler - Pruvit'ing in Australia Owner of the Oxenford Fit Body Boot Camp Studios in Gold Coast, Australia, Personal Trainer Croyden Wheeler went from $0 - $34,000 income a month with over 8,000 people in his organization by bringing the marketing of Ketone OS in Australia. In this episode, Croyden shares his story of what led him to the health and fitness profession, his ups and downs in the industry, and how he leveraged his industry...


TLA #014 Terry Ogburn : Systemising Your Business and Turning it Into a Company

Systemising Your Business and Turning it Into a Company - An Interview With Terry Ogburn From the age of 12, Terry Ogburn had a paper route which defined his need to work and earn money throughout his life. When he was suddenly fired from an industry he was a top runner in, he decided to do something different and with only $118.42, no car or truck and armed only with his knowledge, he created a successful air-conditioning service business. Since then, Terry has been a successful...


TLA #013 Chris Widener : Coaches, Mentors and Building an Invisible Business

Coaches, Mentors and Building an Invisible Business - An Interview With Chris Widener Having overcome a rocky start in his early years, Chris Widener managed to turn his life around, attributing a lot of his success to the mentors and coaches that have entered his life. He has been personally mentored by Jim Rohn and as a highly sought after speaker, author and TV host, his system called, “The Invisible Profit System” aims to help network marketers recruit and start a profitable business....


TLA #011 Dr Bruce Parker Using Passion To Drive a Successful, Healthy Life

Using Passion To Drive a Successful, Healthy Life - An Interview With Dr. Bruce Parker As a multi-chain manager of chiropractic clinics, business coach and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Bruce Parker helps others to train, succeed and open their own practices. Having started with a different goal in life, he quickly developed passion for the industry which has led to him spending 17 years developing and expanding learning along the way. Dr. Bruce is very goal driven and his passion shines...


TLA #010 Avi Arya Great work ethics brings a huge impact to businesses

Getting First-Generation, Brick and Mortar Businesses to Commit To Digital Marketing - An Interview With Avi Arya Starting from humble beginnings with a love of racing, Avi helped his father’s hotel business grow from one to four hotels within five years from when his entrepreneurial journey started in his early 20’s. Since then he’s become a sought after digital marketer, speaker, writer and trainer but still has an impeccable work ethic and commits time everyday to making new connections...


TLA #009 Matt Morris If you build people, they’ll build the business

Glorify your team and watch your business grow - An Interview with Matt Morris “If you build people, they’ll build the business” Eight-time best-selling author and internationally acclaimed motivational speaker Matt Morris is one of the most in-demand marketing leaders in the networking business world. In this episode, he talks to us about his journey in building the largest travel direct-selling network company in the world. With over a million customers and over $1 billion dollar in...


TLA #008 Nicholas Sinclair Appreciating the value of a team

Scaling Up and Building A Global Team - An Interview With Nicholas Sinclair As one of the youngest financial advisors who started giving advice at 20 and who has been working in the financial service industry since 2000, Nick is a successful entrepreneur who’s dedicated offshoring accounting solutions were rapidly created and climbing. With the prediction of reaching several thousand people in two to five years, Nick still places an emphasis on finding a work life balance between family,...


TLA #006 Ramon Ray Create a fanbase and start your business

Genuinely Creating Your Fanbase and Just Getting Your Business Started - An Interview With Ramon Ray As a guy who goes all in, Ramon Ray is a successful four-time entrepreneur who attends global speaking events, is a best selling author and is in the 13th annual year of his Smart Hustle Business Conference alongside many other events he’s produced. As an avid fan of all things Seth Godin, Ramon has not only shared the stage with him but many other celebrity influencers. He has also...


TLA #005 Daniel Gefen Take action and stop overthinking!

Stop Being Overwhelmed And Action What You Have Been Planning - An Interview With Daniel Gefen Having experienced failure in business, TWICE, Daniel has been on both ends of the scale. From a 23 year old six-figure earner to going broke and being out on the street. Wallowing in self-pity at his in-laws, he nearly lost his family but has since built and rebuilt successful businesses, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t struggle with things himself. As a “Self Help Addict” which was the...


TLA #003 John Lee Dumas Achieving multi-million dollars from a passion

Having created a multi-million dollar business as a result of his interview driven daily podcast, John Lee Dumas is enjoying business success. But, it didn’t used to be this way as he struggled with corporate America trying his hand at commercial real estate, Law School, corporate finance and as an active duty Army Officer. He has finally found his passion, interviewing entrepreneurs including; Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss and Barbara Corcoran to share the best of what they have learned. John...


TLA #002 John Jonas Business expansion through remote hiring

As an entrepreneur and self-professed terrible employee, John Jonas is owner of a hiring platform for Filipino remote workers. Connecting over half a million resumes to its 100,000 strong client base that includes well-known brands such as Google, Uber, Canva and Speedo he has extensive experience in what it takes to hire remotely as well as some of the challenges you could face. John discusses how he found himself on his entrepreneur journey as well as offering insightful...