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#33 In Conversation With Kate Taylor

Confidence can quickly open doors to connecting with your desires, opportunities, experiences, clients, money, soul mate relationships! IT ALL! My gorgeous BFF Kate Taylor, Personal & Brand Stylist is a personal stylist & image consultant who loves to help people truly discover their image and allow it to shine. Join me (and Kate) as we talk fashion, confidence and showing up fully as yourself! It's time to feel good in your own style! Check out Kate's website:


#32 Manifest It Now

Today I'm talking about manifesting. We are always manifesting, always creating, even when we aren't consciously doing it. The law of vibration is always at work. Everything you want is possible, it already exists somewhere, so align to your desires and see them.


#31 Return on Investment

It's called Return On Investment for a reason. You have to invest first before you will see any return and the best place to start is investing in yourself.


#30 Clients? Money? Connection.

When people come to me and say that they aren't creating the level of clients and income that they desire, I can pretty much pinpoint it down to one thing... Connection. Connection is EVERYTHING! If, right now, you're creating or growing your business, connection and relationships is where you should be focusing your energy. Having conversations and building relationships with your soulmate clients, in person and online. In this podcast episode, I share my insights for creating incredible...


#29 Breakdown Before Breakthrough

I want you to know that if you are at a plateau at the moment. If you are currently in a place where it feels like nothing's working and running your business has become hard, you feel stuck... don't stop, keep going, this is normal. For you to rise to your next level, things have to shift. Commit. Everything will rise to meet you.


#28 Dream It, See It

It's all make believe. Listen to this 5 minute motivator for visualisation and make your dreams your reality. Dream It, See It.


#27 Calmer You: In Conversation with Chloe Brotheridge

Meet the gorgeous Chloe Brotheridge; therapist, nutritionist, writer and founder of Calmer You. In this podcast episode, Chloe shares her tips and tools for overcoming anxieties and fears to live a more confident life. If anxiety, stress, and fear are holding you back from putting yourself out there and living the most amazing life, this is the podcast for you. Make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy this incredible conversation. Check out Chloe's website:...


#26 Blink

I've just been reminded of Malcolm Gladwell's book, Blink, which I haven't read in a long time. Piers and I are staying in an Airbnb as we begin our European adventure for the next couple of months and this book just jumped out at me from the bookshelf. This book really resonates with everything that I do and that I share with my clients, getting in alignment with your soul, your values, connected to your true desires, who your really be. The idea of "blinking" is about learning to make...


#25 Contradiction

This 5 min motivator is about accepting your contradictions, because you are growing and evolving all the time in this entrepreneurial journey. You don't have to stick with things that don't feel good, change it. Choose what makes you feel good. Have a listen now to this gorgeous episode.


#24 Mind Over Matter

Most people are trying to move matter; working really hard, pushing and forcing and striving. It's a really old and outdated paradigm. Your subconscious mind is dictating to you how you show up in the world, the actions you take, your beliefs and therefore what you see in the world, the opportunities that are available to you, the experiences that open up to you, the environment around you. It's all dictated to you by your subconscious mind. And this is why mind over matter is so important.


#23 Want What You Want

In this 5 min motivator, I'm talking about what you want. Don't be scared of your desires. Everything you want is waiting for you. #itsallpossible


#22 In Conversation With Colleen Gallagher

In this brand new podcast interview, I'm speaking to the incredible Colleen Gallagher. Colleen is a evolutionary transformational coach, consultant and speaker and one of the most high vibe women I know. At the age of 24, she is making amazing shifts, working all over the globe and making the income and impact she desires. I absolutely love talking to Colleen and being around her energy so I know that you will really enjoy this podcast episode, where Colleen shares her experiences about...


#21 When You Believe It You Will See It

People often say "I'll believe it when I see it" but in fact the opposite is true. You have to believe something before you will see it manifest for you. Listen to this podcast episode as I share more.


#20 Follow What You Love

When I see creatives and leaders failing to reach their goals it's so often because they give up too soon, they are not following what they love but what they feel they should be doing, or they are following what they love but they don't believe in themselves fully. In this 5 minute motivator, I'm talking about following your calling so you can become a magnet for your soul mate clients.


#19 Overcome Anxiety With Breath

Today we're talking about the breath of life! I love to use my mini singing bowl (you can hear it at the beginning of the episode) when I use balance breathing with my clients and for myself and I want to share this practice with you. Listen to the podcast and find out how I use breath to reconnect when anxiety takes over and how you can do it too.


#18 Scared, Uncomfortable But Ready

Listen to this 5 minute motivator to put an end to procrastination and take aligned action to turn your dreams into reality. Every single moment is an opportunity for a miracle if you will just open up and receive it. Yes you may be scared, you will be uncomfortable, but you are ready. Today is the day.


#17 In Conversation with Lauren Robertson

Lauren Robertson is a Medium, Transformational Coach & Hay House Author of The Medium In Manolos - The Life Affirming Guide To Modern Mediumship. In this conversation, Lauren shares her experience as a Medium, how you too can connect with spirit and call on support anytime, to help you in your business and life. Some of the things we talk about include: - What exactly a medium is and does - How she discovered her gifts as an intuitive and medium - Why she believes everyone can communicate...


#16 Hollywood Stars and Your Higher Self

In this episode, I'm sharing what I've learned from working with Hollywood stars! I've had some incredible opportunities in my career, not just as a success coach, but also as a film actor and a presenter and have been able to work with people who are at the very top of their game; actors, sports people, entrepreneurs. And there are common themes in the way that these successful people show up. So today, I'm looking at what it takes to get to the top of your game, whatever game it is! And...


#15 In Conversation with Daniel Hind

Meet the extraordinary Daniel Thomas Hind. Daniel Thomas Hind is the founder of EvolutionEat, a transformational diet and lifestyle coaching company designed to help overwhelmed individuals revolutionize their relationships with food and permanently change the way they eat. Daniel takes a different approach than most “fitness experts” out there. He doesn't believe in rapid weight loss. Instead, he helps you fall in love with the practice of healthy eating. Every week, tens of thousands of...


#14 30 Days and 15 Minutes Challenge

30 DAYS AND 15 MINUTES - The Challenge 💪🏻 🎉 Join me over the next 30 days, as I challenge you (and join you) to commit to one thing for 15 mins a day, which over time will move you closer to your vision and change your life! If you're in our Inner Circle, check the info and videos there to get started today!! 🎉