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Ep 37: Be the Change You Want to See

Ending Season 1 on an inspiring note, Suz encourages listeners to ignite the change they want to see within the music industry and how to do it. "Stop working solely for your goals, and start working for the actual journey." Key Highlights Links/Rocksources Sub-Radioherehereherehere Learn how to prioritize what matters & make REAL progress towards your goals! Download your FREE copy of The 2018 Rock/Star Life Planner >>here<<. Thanks for listening! If you liked what you heard,...


Ep 36: Music-Preneur Spotlight: Lauren Kelly Benson & Corina Corina

Learn what it takes to create a successful accountability routine with fellow music-preneur. Artists Lauren Kelly Benson & Corina Corina share their secrets of how they hold each other accountable & what they do when life happens. "I think every accountability partnership needs a Corina and needs a Lauren." Key Highlights Links/Rocksources Sub-RadioherehereCHECK OUTCorina Corina's EPK forHangover MusicLISTEN TOLauren Kelly Benson's new single Say Her Name4 TendenciesTheir...


Ep 35: Ending Toxic Collaborations

Collaborations can be pure magic, but some can be incredibly toxic. Learn how to identify which ones are dragging you under, how to handle ending them & moving forward confidently in your career. "Many times the most toxic relationships don't start out that way; they grow sour over time, often so slowly we don't notice it until the damage has already begun." Links/Rocksources Sub-RadioherehereNational Domestic Abuse Hotline Thanks for listening! If you liked what you heard, help get...


Ep 34: Yes, There's Time for That

We can easily feel overwhelmed thinking there's never any time to do all the things we need to do. Learn how to identify your priorities, ignore what doesn't matter & manage your time like a boss! "I believe we’ve grown to expect that we are needed more than we are when things happen." Key Highlights Links/Rocksources Sub-RadiohereherehereSpace appForest Appherehere Sign up for my 3-Day Get Sh*t Done Challenge so you can learn your own individual productivity rhythm & how to work...


Ep 33: Why I Laugh At My Lymes

Perspective is everything. You can see something as a setback or an opportunity. It wasn't always easy, but I chose to see my Lymes as an opportunity. And laugh. "There is a lesson in everything and you get to choose what that lesson is going to teach you." Key Highlights Links/Rocksources Sub-Radioherehere Click here to download my Flip the Script Workbook & shift your perspective on certain things you see as setbacks and learn to see them as opportunities! Thanks for...


Ep 32: Music-Preneur Spotlight: Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Saying yes can be a very powerful tool to move you forward. It's also important to know what you want so you know what to say yes to, as Cheryl B. Engelhardt shares with us in this spotlight! "I was very much not creating a big picture. I was like, 'I want a Grammy! Also I want to pay my bills this week.'" Key Highlights Links/Rocksources Sub-RadioherehereherehereherehereInstagram Thanks for listening! If you liked what you heard, help get this podcast in front of others by...


Ep 31: The Freedom in Permission

Feeling stuck or unsure of where to go next in your career? Sometimes we are held back simply because we are waiting for permission to take the actions we already know we need to take. "It’s about what you believe to be the best thing at the time and then acting on that belief with confidence in your ability to learn something valuable either way." Key Highlights Give yourself the permission you need to do what you've been waiting to do by downloading my Freedom to Do Me Worksheet...


Ep 30: Stop the Sleep Shaming!

How many times have you been at an industry event and found yourself in competition with someone regarding who's working on less sleep? It's time to stop wearing all-nighters as a badge of honor! "I now realize I had nothing to prove beyond producing great work." Key Highlights Download My Journey to Better Sleep Worksheet here & start learning better ways to get a healthy night's rest so you can show up for your success! Links/Rocksources Sub-RadioherehereThe Sleep...


Ep 29: Bonus Live Coaching w/ James Divine

As a bonus to Episode 28, I recorded a live coaching session with James Divine, helping him bust through roadblocks surrounding his goal on booking more speaking engagements. Enjoy!


Ep 28: Music-Preneur Spotlight: James Divine

Sometimes we get so caught up in our idea of success we don't stop & think what it means to us & what we want from it. Find inspiration by lessons learned from music-preneur James Divine {plus click here for a BONUS episode!}. "I think another mistake I made for the longest time was not realizing that the goals were adaptable." Key Highlights Links/Rocksources Sub-Radioherehereherehereherehere40 Ways to Make Money as a Musicianhere Thanks for listening! If you liked what you heard,...


Ep 27: Mentors, Coaches & Peers, Oh My!

As the saying goes, it takes a village. We often talk about building a team but 3 crucial roles are often left out of the conversation. "Rather than feel as if building a team is so far out of reach in relation to where you’re currently at, realizing your team has already started to form can empower you to take action and get to the next milestone more quickly." Key Highlights Download my Mentors Worksheet to map out who you trust to lean on for guidance, expertise, and support...


Ep 26: Taking Out the Competition

Competition can motivate and challenge you put your best self forward, but there comes a point where it becomes unhealthy. Learn ways to manage it so it doesn't go from motivation to madness. "This journey is difficult enough. Don't be your own road block or get off course by looking 5 lanes over." Key Highlights Download my Taking Out the Competition Cheat Sheet here & talk yourself out of comparison paralysis and into motivated...


Ep 25: Numbers That Are Ruining Your Career

While it's important to track certain data in order to make informed decisions, certain number-watching is doing you more harm than good. "Labels are no longer the gate-keepers, your fans are, and fans are more than numbers. Instead of thinking in Likes & Shares think in people & relationships." Key Highlights Download my Metrics That Matter Worksheet here and avoid drowning in numbers & focus on the engagement that will move your music career...


Ep 24: Music-Preneur Spotlight: Lesley Barth

Singer-songwriter Lesley Barth discusses how she made the leap from part-time musician to full-time music-preneur & how she plans on sustaining her progress. "I think the reason I knew was because I realized I felt that I was no longer getting out of it more than I was putting in. I feel like I'm just at pivot point and I want to put all my weight behind it." Key Highlights Her actionable for YOU Take a listen to Lesley's latest music from her album, Green Hearts, OUT...


Ep 23: Stop Taking Sh*t Personally

It's almost impossible not to take criticism personally when what you're creating is so personal. By learning how to protect your heart without altering your art you'll be more motivated to take action in spite of the naysayers & reach your goals! "In order to build that sustainable career you have to be able to maintain a positive mindset and that’s usually much easier said than done." Key Highlights Breakdown a situation that you may have taken personally to see that it really...


Ep 22: Re-Defining the Hustle

We often forget the power we have to control our own path. Stop letting the industry dictate what your career needs to look like for you to be happy. It's time to re-define the hustle! "You don’t need a label to determine your qualified to be here. You don’t need a certain venue to deem you worthy to play." Key Highlights Download my FREE My New Hu$tle Workbook here and re-define what your personal hustle will look like to create the career you've always...


Ep 21: When the Band is Out of Sync

Feeling like everything is on your shoulders? Tired of trying to get everyone else in your band to care as much as you do? More often than not it comes down to clear communication and making sure you’re all working towards the same goals. "This is what happens when assumptions are made that you’re all on the same page simply because you’re in the same band!" Key Highlights Click here to download my Banding Together Workbook to get on the same page & start working together as a band...


Ep 20: Music-Preneur Spotlight: Cipha Sounds

Join me as I sit down with NYC radio legend, Cipha Sounds, as he reveals the secrets that allowed him to build a career 20+ years strong and how he managed to leverage a career in radio to build his own successful path, merging hip-hop and comedy. "You want to keep your storefront clean and washed, but the numbers are in the back. You know what I’m saying So, I think people only pay attention to the front... I think they need to put some of that business sense into their daily...


Ep 19: Why YOU Are the Brand

Shying away from selling your music, merch, tickets, and more? You don't have to feel guilty about making money OR sit scratching your head on how to do it. You just have to be YOU! "You'll never see an advertisement for a new TV show or film that doesn't include, "From the producers who brought you..." or, "From the star of..." That's because marketing is about people." Key Highlights Understand how to market yourself and sell your products/services without feeling like a...


Ep 18: The Importance of Boundaries

Feeling pulled in 1000 different directions? Learn how to set boundaries on your time, relationships, and money in order to have more freedom to reach your goals! "While you may think you're doing yourself and others a service by being a "yes" person, you're actually denying people the chance to get to know and respect you." Key Highlights Set better boundaries in order to reach the goals you've set for yourself by downloading my FREE guide - My Contract of Non-Negotiables -...