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The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal


Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable people like himself to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business.

Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable people like himself to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business.


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Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable people like himself to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business.




836: Anthony Mongiello | Co-Founder of The Bulls And Apes NFT Project: The First Refundable NFT!

HI. If you followed the last episode, this was the project I was referring to. As it’s minting in the middle of May, there’s a bit of a time-sensitive nature to this. So, listen to episode 835, and come back to this one. Otherwise: Make sure you follow them on Twitter and stay […]


835: The Most Important Podcast You’ll Listen To This Week. Really.

Hi everyone. I was compelled to record this show because I need you guys to take some action, and our timeline is pretty short. It’s a short ep, so have a listen and reach out to me at,, or michael at Let’s go have some fun.


834: Joel Comm | More About NFT’s, Web 3.0, and The Metaverse, and Why We Need To Learn About Them.

For his 12th appearance on the show, our bud Joel Comm ( is back talking about all things NFT, Web 3.0, and Metaverse. It’s becoming more and more apparent that this is a technology (movement?) that is necessary for us to learn as we move forward. In my opinion, it’s this generations “real estate”…meaning, when […]


833: Anatomy of My New Business Launch, Part 2 | Blue Collar Meets Modern Digital Marketing

Howdy folks! On today’s show I give you the 1 month recap of my new business, Fresh Steel. ( ). I talk about some of the wins, some of the losses, and some of the “must do’s” if you are running a service business of any sort. Pass this episode along to friends that […]


832: Want to Get Sponsorships for Your Content? Allison Melody Shares All!

Our good friend Allison Melody stops by to chat about all things sponsorship…what to do, how to do it, and how many listeners/followers you need to start making money.


831: Investing in YouTube Like Real Estate? The How & Why from Chris Zissis

Today’s guest is Chris Zissis. Chris has a unique business where he creates MASSIVE income generating YouTube channels, and sells them like real estate. Reach Chris by DM’ing him on Instagram at Chris’ Bio: I build 6 and 7 figure passive income YouTube channels for entrepreneurs without needing their time or for them to […]


830: Marshall Wayne IS The Mounting Man

If you’ve listened to the last couple of shows, you know that I’m very interested in this concept of merging a blue collar business with modern digital marketing. One of my influences in this regard was Marshall Wayne, the Mounting Man. ( During the Covid Pandemic, he decided (with zero construction experience or overall handy […]


829: What the H3LL is an NFT? Talking NFT 365, ADHD as a Superpower & More with Brian Fanzo

Our pal Brian Fanzo ( is back on the show for our first interview of 2022! He’s got a brand new daily podcast called NFT 365 where he’s purchasing an NFT every single day, and decoding the mystery of NFT’s and crypto for the rest of us! We also dug VERY deep into living with […]


828: My NEW Business – Combining “Blue Collar” with Modern Digital Marketing | Anatomy of a Business Launch (Part 1)

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the show. After a 6 month hiatus, we are back! Today’s episode is about my new small business, where I’m combining a very blue collar industry with cutting edge digital marketing and strategy!


827: Mike Johnston on Creating A Business That Will Withstand a Pandemic

Returning champion Mike Johnston ( is back to chat about how life and business changed during the Covid pandemic. I tried my best to make this an hour, but every time we chat it’s straight fire, so enjoy this 90 minute episode of awesomeness.


826: I Went All The Way To ISTANBUL TURKEY & Had a Hair Transplant, with Dr. Emrah Cinik

Dealing with a receding hairline shouldn’t be the end of the story, and wasn’t for me, as I went all the way to Istanbul turkey for a hair transplant. In this episode I interview the Dr. behind a tremendous entrepreneurial venture, Dr. Emrah Cinik. If you are considering this procedure, feel free to reach out […]


825: It’s Time to WRITE THE BOOK That’s Been Rattling Around Inside Your Head, with Anna David

Today, IN PERSON (gasp!) Anna David ( stops by to talk about the book writing process, how her company Launch Pad Publications can handle *all of it*, and the advantages of writing a book in 2021. As a personal note, the book writing process really helps you “hone in” on your brand and your offering, […]


824: What It’s Like to Be a Police Officer in the 21st Century, with Officer Shaun Ferguson

This is straight out of the headlines into your earballs. Today, Shaun Ferguson (One of the 3 cops on the 3 Cops Talk podcast stops by to talk about what it’s like to be a police officer, what he thinks of the current stories, how to protect yourself better, and so much more. The […]


823: Vasavi Kumar Is on BOTH Sides of Addiction & Recovery

Vasavi Kumar is a clinical therapist that helps people, privately and publicly, with their addiction, and there’s no better therapist, as she’s a former addict herself. She’s a master at looking inward and identifying what the source of the addiction is, and helping people through it. Her membership community (at serves not only people […]


822: The COMMON Path to UNCOMMON Success, with John Lee Dumas

JLD has written a *banger*. Of all my years in this entrepreneurial space, all of the “how to” book have been incomplete…until now. John has absolutely lifted the kimono on what it takes to create a successful side hustle, solopreneur business, or fire your boss and launch your own thing. This is a MUST read […]


821: Jimmy Song Thanks God for Bitcoin!

Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer, educator and entrepreneur. He’s an open source contributor to many different Bitcoin projects and is the author of Programming Bitcoin from O’Reilly, The Little Bitcoin Book and Thank God for Bitcoin. Jimmy writes a weekly newsletter, Bitcoin Tech Talk and has a podcast Bitcoin Fixes This


820: Secrets of YouTube SEO, with Channel Fuel’s Tom Martin

I met Tom Martin at VidSummit a couple years ago. His YouTube SEO presentation BLEW ME AWAY. In this show, we chat about where he came from, and give away some great tips and tricks for growing your channel on YouTube.


819: Embracing The Suck, with Voiceover Artist Darren Roebuck

My old buddy (and our old Bambi’s Apartment bass player) Darren Roebuck stops by to talk about his major career pivot to become a voiceover artist 7 years ago, what it was like to learn the process, why coaching has been critical for him, and more. As a bonus, we reminisce about some old band […]


818: The Ultimate COVID Pivot: Turning Your Brain Inside Out, with Gary Arndt

So, what if you made your living by traveling around the world and taking pictures, then they shut they world down? Well, that’s what today’s guest, Gary Arndt ( had to do. Listen in to see how he solved the problem by “turning his brain inside out” and creating monetizable content. Check out his new […]


817: Matt Farah, Pivoting, and Westside Collector Car Storage

Today’s returning guest is Matt Farah from Westside Collector Car Storage, a first class car storage facility he’s spent the last 5 years wrangling the City of Los Angeles to build. His whole business model changed when he decided to simplify his (1 million sub) YouTube channel and branched off into this entrepreneurial venture. Check […]