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Are You Ready To Be Successful?

Are you ready to be successful? In this episode, we bring in Steven F. Sanders for the first Takeover Edition of The Startup Life Podcast. He shares the concept of what separates the people who talk about what they are going to do from the people that actually do it. He starts by sharing that successful people have the desire and what that looks like. Steve shares with us his football playing days to help frame what that looks like. Next, he talks about having the discipline to really focus...


It's Time To Stop Being Selfish

Are you being fearful or are you being selfish? In the 100th episode of The Startup Life Podcast, we explore this notion. In the first segment, I share what the path has been like since we started the show on Nov. 1, 2016. I share how long it took me to record my first episode and I give a shoutout to every person who has come on the show. In the second segment, we discuss what you can expect from the show moving forward. We talk about uploading more content each week and new formats for...


How To Be An Amazing Content Creator

What does it look like when being your true self leads to living your best life? In this episode, we sit down with Munirah Safiyah Jones (Creator of Junt Land) answers this question and more. She first starts with her origin story as shares as she has always been writing and putting on shows with her siblings. Next, she shares the many inspirations behind her content and writings. Munirah goes on to share the writers and shows that inspire her on her path. Lastly, before the break, she...


How To Make Money And Empower People

Can you make money and empower people at the same time? In this episode, we sit down with Kelly McCausey (Creator of answers this question and more. She first starts with her origin story as her first business was building websites for stay at home moms and an internet radio show. She also shares how she learned those skills by working in the office at her church. She later shares what she learned from a mentor that tended to overcomplicate things. Kelly also shares...


SCORE Is Here To Help Small Businesses

In this episode, Gary Robinson of SCORE comes on to share all the resources and success stories that his organizations have. Follow The Startup Life Podcast Facebook Page Want exclusive content from The Startup Life Podcast? Sign up to be a patron on The Binge Podcast Network Patreon Page and Select The Startup Life All-Access Tier. Want gear from The Startup Life? Check out our gear! Check out other great podcasts from The Binge Podcast Network.


How To Provide What Your Customer Really Wants

What is a Job To Be Done Practitioner? In this episode, we sit down with Brian Rhea (JTBD Expert & Creator of answers this question and more. He starts by sharing the beginnings in East Texas and how his dad put him on a path early on to be an entrepreneur with website design. Later, he shares his time as a middle school art teacher and what his student taught him. Brian also shares his experience of another startup he was apart of. Brian also shares with StartupNation the...


How To Attain Financial Freedom

What is the formula for financial freedom? In this episode, we sit down with Damion Lupo (Author & and Founder of Transformation Nation) who provides us with the answer and more. He starts by sharing with us how his first startup came to past because he didn’t have money for video games and also shares where he thinks the industry is going. Next, he shares how his dad and Elon Musk are huge inspirations to him. He also goes on to share with us why he started over 45 companies and why he...


How To Build A Great Company Culture

What would happen if you fully embraced millennials in your business? In this episode, we sit down with Lee Caraher (Founder and CEO of Double Forte PR & Digital Marketing) who provides us with the answer and more. She starts by sharing with us how she started the company out of neccessity and what that transition looked like. She even shares why her and her husband have weekly meetings to check in. Next, Caraher talks about who inspires her as an entrepreneur and why many entrepreneurs in...


Michele Molitor (Founder & CEO of Nectar Consulting, Inc)

Are you in need of some Rapid Transformational Therapy? In this week’s episode, we talk with Michele Molitor (Founder & CEO of Nectar Consulting, Inc) as she shares with us what that is and more. Michele shares with us how she got into this work as it was spurred by the tech bubble bursting in Silicon Valley. Later, she goes on to explain how people get stuck even if they are deemed successful by society’s standards. Molitor goes on to explain why mental health has become as important...


Heather Dominick (Founder of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Movement®)

Can you be highly successful in business and highly sensitive at the same time? Let’s take this question a step further. Is there a direct relationship between your spirituality and great success? In this episode, we speak with Heather Dominick (Founder of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Movement®) shares with us the answer and so much more. Heather starts off her journey by sharing with us how teaching in New York during 9/11 changed her perspective about many things in her life. She goes on...


Jason Treu(Executive Coach & Founder Of

Can an executive coach propel you and your business? In this episode, we talk with Jason Treu(Executive Coach & Founder Of about that and so much more. Jason takes us down memory lane as he shares working with Mark Cuban, Steve Jobs, and Reed Hastings. He even shares what he learned working with Blockbuster in the last days. Later, he shares what he learned from giving his Ted Talk and an interesting take on whether he would do it again or not. Jason goes on to share how he...


Chris Dayley (VP Of Testing & Site Optimization at Disruptive Advertising)

What does the path of entrepreneurship look like when you go through a merger? In this episode, we sit down with Chris Dayley (VP of Testing & Site Optimization of Disruptive Advertising) for the answer and more. Chris shares with us the advice he got from his wife and a group of seasoned entrepreneurs. Next, he shares with us the process of merging his company with Disruptive Advertising. Chris later discusses what it is like to work Jacob Baadsgaard, Founder & CEO of Disruptive and the...


Richard Chapo, ESQ (Founder of

How can you avoid the “crap your pants” copyright infringement letter? In this episode, we find this out and more with Richard Chapo, ESQ, Founder of He shares with us the types of entrepreneurs the inspire him. He goes on to explain why its important for entrepreneurs that create content to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DCMA. Richard also shares his time working in the adult film industry. He goes on talking about working with Pat Flynn, his...


Ty Crandall (Founder & CEO of Credit Suite)

What does it mean to serve your customers truly? In this episode, we find out with Ty Crandall (Founder & CEO of Credit Suite). He begins by sharing his first steps into entrepreneurship in the mortgage industry. He goes on to share what he learned from a lunch with Jason Feifer of Entrepreneur Magazine and Steve Forbes of Forbes. He goes on to share the proper way to attain business credit and his podcast The Business Credit and Finance Show. Later after the break, he shares with us the...


Rolandaus Rodgers (Owner of Ro Rodgers Air Conditioning & Heating)

Why is customer service important for the entrepreneur to master? In the episode, we sit down Rolandaus Rodgers (Owner of Ro Rodgers Air Conditioning & Heating) to explain that and more. He starts off by sharing how his entrepreneurial started from being a teacher. Later he shares how growing up in the Westwood community really prepared him for the success he has today. Lastly, before the break shares his daily schedule with us. After the break, Rolandaus shares with us how the best piece...


Amani "DJ Amro" Roberts (Founder of The Amani Experience)

In this episode, we chat with Amani Roberts of The Amani Experience. He shares with us his college days at Howard University and how influential his dad was as a professor there. He goes on to talk about leaving corporate America pursuing his dream by attending the Scratch Academy DJ School. He also shares with us the how he reads the crowd in determining what to play next. Later he shares with us why it's important to mentor the next generation and some of the mentors he listens to today....


Jim Huffman (Co-Founder and CEO of GrowthHit)

Are you in need of marketing help in your business? In this episode, we talk with Jim Huffman, Co-Founder, and CEO of GrowthHit. share with us his entrepreneurial journey. He discusses with us the website he created that didn't really pan out. He also shares who impresses him the most. Lastly, before the break, he shares that you need to work one marketing channel really well before moving on to the next. Lastly, before the break, he shares how he spends his day. After the break, he really...


David Feinman (Co-founder of Flixation)

In the city of brotherly love, there is a company telling the story and many up and coming brands. In this episode, we sit down with David Feinman, Co-Founder of Flixation, a video editing company. David takes us back to his first entrepreneurial venture as a head of a half marathon company. He shares with us how he told his boss why he was wrong what came from it. Also before the break, David shares with us why he is obsessed with the customer experience. After the break, David shares...


Simone Jones (Founder of Akamai, LLC)

Can a business coach get your business to the next level? In this episode, we sit down with Simone Jones (Founder of Akamai, LLC) as we discuss how she helps small businesses. She shares her journey of managing a retail store and what she learned. She also shares with us one of her first entrepreneurial ventures in selling lipstick. Simone also explains that if she could do it over again that she wouldn’t have gone to school to start her company. After the break, she explains how...


Will Leach (Founder of TriggerPoint, LLC and Author of "Marketing To Mindstates")

Do people making purchasing decisions based on great advertising or is it much deeper than that? In this episode of The Startup Life, we talk to Co-Founder of TriggerPoint, LLC, and author of “Marketing To Mindstates” Will Leach as answers that question and more. Bio Will Leach is the founder of TriggerPoint, a leading Behavioral Research and Design consultancy specializing in System 1 marketing. Simply put… TriggerPoint helps today’s largest brands understand and change consumer behavior...