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Time To Take A Break

Where has Dominic been? Is he still alive? In this episode, we talk about taking a break from your business in order for it to move forward. In the first half of the show, we dive into where we have been from taking a real vacation in a few years to the growth of our parent company OWLS, LLC. Next, with the recent announcement of Colin Kaepernick being the head of a major Nike campaign it became a very hot topic around the country. We give our take on the situation. Lastly, before the...


It's Okay To Leave

Think you are ready to leave your job? In this episode, we discuss just that. In the first segment, we talk about some of the signs that may lead you leaving your job. Dreading going to work and then procrastinating when you get there come to mind. Next, we shift to the process of actually quitting. Properly quitting is very important. After the break, we discuss the next steps after quitting. Doing some traveling or taking time to just relax are important before to take on your next...


How To Start A League

Is starting your league out of reach? In this episode, we give you the tools to do just that. In the first half of the show, we discuss learning the models of successful leagues before you get started. This could be pivotal as you decide to create a local or national league. Next, we shift our focus to the type of venues to seek out to play league games. Lastly, before the break, we break down what to look for in a league commissioner if you decide not to do it yourself. After the break...


It's Never Too Late

Far too often society tells us that young entrepreneurs are the standard, which is not true. So in this episode, we discuss this notion and more. We consider some of the reason why older entrepreneurs have advantages over their younger counterparts. Life experiences and established relationships come to mind. Later we discuss one of the most significant issues of starting a company while having a family and how to overcome them. After the break, preparing for a life of instability can be...


Reclaim Your Time

Can you get your time back? Not exactly but we can probably get our sanity back from losing time. In this episode, we discuss some of the benefits of time management. We talk about having a planner to why having proper time management allows you to get more done. In the next segment, we discuss the importance of sleep and how it saves time to not only trying to win back customers but also adds more years to your life. After the break, we discuss ways to save time to maximizing your Uber...


Frank Cottle (Founder & CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices)

Can you simply start a business from anywhere? In this episode, we sit down with Frank Cottle (Founder & CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices) to answer that question and more. Frank talks about growing up learning about the entrepreneurial mindset. Frank also goes on to explain why building relationships are really important to the entrepreneur. Lastly before the break, Frank explain how his day starts depending on where the sun is rising. After the break, He goes on to explain how a being an...


Corbin I. Carpenter (Attorney & Managing Member of Carpenter Law, PLLC)

What is municipal finance? In this episode, we sit down with Corbin Carpenter of Carpenter Law to explain that and so much more. He shares why his parents are so influential in his development as an entrepreneur. He shares with us what motivates him as he pursues his many different interests. Corbin also shares with us the bigger responsibility of running a business. After the break, Corbin shares with us what its like to run a law firm. He goes on to share the massive responsibility of...


Paul Lattibeaudaire Jr. & Emilio Porter (Hosts of the Educated Hustle Podcast)

Can two friends make a successful podcast? In this episode, we sit down with Paul Lattibeaudaire Jr and Emilio Porter of the Educated Hustle Podcast to tell us how it all got started. Paul shares with us his early entrepreneurial days of selling candy in class and now starting to get into the real estate game. Emilio shares how he charts his own path and why he has to be passionate about something in order to pursue it. They both share who inspires them as an entrepreneur. Later in the...


Tiffany Perry (Founder & Blogger of

Can you turn your love of traveling into a business? Tiffany Perry, Founder, and Blogger of Wanderblush says yes. In this episode, she explains some of her trail and error of posting on social media. Later she explains that professional development should be about something you are passionate about. Follow Wanderblush on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Join us May 5th for Entrepreneurship 101 Follow The Startup Life Podcast Facebook Page Want gear from The Startup Life? Check out...


It's Time To Lead

What does new leadership look like? In this episode, we sit down with JB Smiley as he lays out his vision for District 8.


What That Bitcoin Do?

Is Bitcoin just a fad or is it a global currency disruptor? In this episode, we discuss with financial expert Terrance SetepenRa Wilson to give his perspective. He discusses his longterm prospects on cryptocurrencies how you can profit from ancillary ventures related to Bitcoin. He also explains how cryptocurrency can uplift the African-American community. Later in the show he explains how you can get into bitcoin if you want to invest. Visit Terrance’s website Open Coinbase...


You've Bought The Block...Now What?

What do you do after you buy a piece of real estate? In this episode, we dive into the Buy The Block movement and talk about next steps moving forward. In the first segment, we discuss the different ways to start real estate investing. We discuss REIT’s and other real estate platforms like Prosper. Next, we talk about rental properties if you are looking for some residual income or maybe house flipping is another way to make money in the real estate space. In the second segment, we discuss...


How To Start A Business

Are you ready to start your business? In this short episode of The Startup Life, we give a step by step approach to do just that. We start the episode with a brief background on why some either start or do not start a business. We start off with the business plan and why its the constitution of your business. We also discuss choosing a business plan and what to consider. We go on to explain finding funding, selecting a business structure, opening a business checking account, and more steps...


How To Beat Your Competition

Ready to smash the competition? In this episode we discuss exactly how to do that. In the first segment,[2:13] we discuss ways how competition is actually an asset. In order to prove this point we discuss how competition forces you not to be complacent. Also when you have competition, it provides your with the opportunity to be the market leader. Lastly we discuss an example an entrepreneur who could benefit from more competition. In the second segment,[15:32] we discuss SWOT analysis. We...


Darnell Reid (Founder & CEO of Good Hands Community Care)

What does it mean to provide value in the healthcare industry? In this episode, we sit down Darnell Reid(Founder & CEO of Good Hands Community Care) to discuss just that. He walks us through his early teachings of entrepreneurship as he shares with us a conversation about instead of looking for a job that he should be focused on creating jobs. Darnell later shares his lessons learned from Replay Games. He goes on to explain why it's Memphis entrepreneurs that inspire him as an...


Value Added Marketing

Can you add value to your customers while marketing your business? In this episode, we sit down with Cheryl Pesce (Owner and Designer of the Cheryl Peace Lifestyle Brand) to explain how it's done. She explains why entrepreneurs should always be closing and marketing because you never know who is watching.[4:51] She also explains what is meant by Need Identify, Trail Close and Identifying Your Customers and why those measures still work today in this age of digital marketing and social...


Stephanie Lee(Founder & Lifestyle Mastery/Relationship Expert of Successfully Me, LLC)

Can just anyone be a life coach or a therapist? Why do you have to be married to the business? In this episode, we talk to Stephanie Lee (Founder & Lifestyle Mastery/Relationship Expert of Successfully Me, LLC) as she answers these questions and more. She tells us the story of being a daughter of immigrants from Haiti and how her parents raised her in an entrepreneurial culture. Being recently married, she also describes how her husband, Edmond Lee (who is also an entrepreneur) encourages...


How To Start A Restaurant

Are you ready to open a restaurant? In this episode, we discuss some of the rules for new restaurant owners and the step-by-step process of starting a restaurant from ideation to grand opening. We also break down the math of why restaurants offer free refills and how understanding that math is vital to a restaurant’s success. We kick the show off with a story of one of my favorite restaurant owners, Chef Gary Williams of DeJaVu. Opening Monologue: HOW TO START A RESTAURANT [2:42] Tribute...


Becoming A Networking Guru

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of networking and the proper way to network online. We also discuss possible icebreakers to try at your next networking event. Later we will break down how to use food to your advantage when trying to start a conversation. Opening Monologue: BECOMING A NETWORKING GURU [2:19]SEGMENT 1: **THE ADVANTAGES TO NETWORKING** [2:20] Opportunities Will Open Up [3:53] Generates Leads [4:54] Receive Great Advice [6:47] You Raise Your Profile [10:33] The...


Selling Is Not Scary

In this episode, we discuss why closing the deal fast is not necessarily a good thing, the word “no” is actually a acronym for something positive, and why building rapport is the hallmark of any great salesperson. Also, we break down the difference between a feature, benefit, and result. Opening Monologue: Acing The Interview [3:03] Short and Long Sale Scenario [3:53 ]SEGMENT 1: MYTHS OF BEING A GOOD SALESPERSON [4:01] Buyers are not always telling the truth [5:42] Anybody can be persuaded...