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Becoming A Positive Leader In Life And Business

It’s no secret that there’s an overwhelming feeling of negativity in just about everything right now. But that doesn’t mean we should choose to join in. This week, host Mary McCarthy and co-host Sharon DeLay are talking about the benefits of positive leadership, and the steps we can take to become positive leaders in life […]


Reputation Management And Marketing For Your Microbusiness

Marketing doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. That’s the message from Shanna Chamberlain, the Founder and Creative Director of HinterBrands, a digital marketing and advertising agency. Shanna spoke with host Mary McCarthy of YMT Consultants, an entrepreneurial consulting and training firm, about how to take the fear out of marketing and make it something you do […]


The Basics Of Developing And Launching A Successful App

Have you ever had an idea for an app, but didn’t know how to turn it into a reality? Erik Slangerup is a father, author, and illustrator who saw the need for a story app for parents on-the-go, who want to read to their kids when there are no books available to use. Erik created […]


Here’s How Credit Unions Can Help Small Businesses

Funding and undercapitalization are major challenges for microbusinesses, a small business with 20 or fewer employees. Credit unions have become a major alternative for small business financing, offering more opportunities to talk and ask questions to the people who work there and award loans. Host Mary McCarthy talks to Deanna Barzak, the Business Development Manager […]


Questioning Yourself As An Entrepreneur

When you are always on the go in your small business, it can be hard to find the time to take a step back and question why you are doing it, and how you got there. But it’s important if you want to improve upon your business or yourself as an entrepreneur. Co-Host Sharon DeLay […]


Two Words That Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur

Keep experimenting. Question why you are doing something, and ask yourself if there is a better way. That’s the message from Entrepreneur Magazine editor-in-chief Jason Feifer. “I think the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that just constantly go through this cycle, they never let anything just sit.” ~ Jason Feifer Host Mary McCarthy and […]


The Keys To Running A Healthy Business

A healthy business is profitable, generating sufficient cash flow from its core operations. It has a solid financial foundation to support the business. If it doesn’t, it could be making sales, but isn’t really making money. Many times, business owners do not have a grasp on their financials. And how can you make effective business decisions if […]


Are Chronically Late Entrepreneurs More Successful?

Could the traits that make someone chronically late also make them a more successful entrepreneur? If you find yourself constantly running behind, there could be evidence that you’re destined for success. Fortune 500 consultant and Author ofNever Be Late Again: 7 Cures for the Punctually Challenged, Diana Delonzer says chronically late people have certain traits […]


What It Means To Be An Inspirational Leader

What makes employees confidently follow a leader in business? How does a company give their customers an amazing experience that is truly a reflection of their core values and what their business is all about? It comes down to Inspirational Leadership. What does it mean to be an inspirational leader? “In my eyes, inspirational leadership […]


Here’s Why You Should Try Podcasting (And How To Do It!)

It’s no surprise that podcast listenership and the number of podcasts is growing every year. You share your knowledge with others, market yourself as an expert, build your personal brand, and connect with potential clients, customers, and people who share the same interests as you. This podcast will help you decide if podcasting is right […]


How To Gain Control And Save Time By Outsourcing Payroll

Small business owners struggle with outsourcing. We worry that letting go of certain responsibilities means losing control. But, the opposite is often true. Delegating tasks that require expert knowledge or big chunks of time can be a relief and good for our businesses. “I outsource everything. I outsource my HR. I don’t worry about filling […]


Top 5 Advantages of Working with a Community Bank

Did you know community banks issue more than 60% of all loans given to small businesses? They are an important resource for microbusinesses who are looking to make a connection and get personalized attention, even if they might not have a lot of money in the bank. Host Mary McCarthy talks to Laura Stimmel, the […]


6 Ways To Improve Your Small Business SEO

Are you a microbusiness owner or entrepreneur who wants to get started improving your website’s SEO? This podcast has several simple steps you can take to demystify Search Engine Optimization. Your goal is to generate traffic and optimize your website so it’s doing what you want it to do: capture an email, sell a product, […]


3 Keys To Creating A Successful Event For Your Business

A great event can launch or grow your business, but small businesses and non-profit organizations don’t always have a lot of money to spend when holding one. That means everything that goes into making an event successful must be worth the expense. Host Mary McCarthy talks to Susan Fortner, owner and manager of Bowers PR […]


How to Choose the Perfect Business Event Venue

Whether it’s a business meeting, conference, private party or fundraiser, finding the right venue is an important part of your event’s success. This week, we’re talking about the points to consider and the questions to ask when selecting the right venue for your organization. Host Mary McCarthy talks to Rachel Hellerman, the Director of Business […]


10 of the Best Free Resources for Microbusiness Owners

Microbusiness owners can’t do it alone, and they don’t have to. This week, podcast host Mary McCarthy of YMT Consultants talks to Deputy Director Scot W. Hardin with the Columbus District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), about ten of the best free programs available to entrepreneurs nationwide, as well as some specific […]


Is CEO Activism Right For Your Microbusiness?

The rise of CEO Activism is a popular trend in business right now: CEOs taking a stand publicly on a political or social issue that is not related to the company they are leading. Co-Host Sharon DeLay of Go-HR, a human resource consulting business talks with host Mary McCarthy of YMT Consultants about the potential […]


How to Create a Successful Brand Identity

A strong brand identity tells a customer everything they need to know about a small business: It’s personality, the quality of a service or product, and how the customer should expect to be treated. Do it wrong and you could lose a customer forever, AND they might speak out about their bad experience to friends, […]


How To Identify And Overcome Your Unconscious Bias

You can learn a lot about unconscious bias when you live in a small town. Natalie Siston is the Founder of Small Town Leadership where she shares stories and lessons learned from her childhood growing up in Republic, Ohio (population 600). Natalie talks to podcast host Mary McCarthy about the good and the bad of […]


Benefits Millennials Really Want (and you need to offer!)

“It’s time to get creative and think about what works for us and the people who are working for us. Ignore everybody else!” Co-Host Sharon DeLay of Go-HR, a human resource consulting business, sits down with Host Mary McCarthy to deliver the pep talk and solutions all microbusinesses need right now. She shares her recommendations […]