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“Testing and Reiterating” with founder and CEO of Unacast, Thomas Walle

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The balance of Ego and Humility as an entrepreneur w/ Founder & CEO of, Ryan Denehy

This was a very special episode as we brought on 3x founder, Ryan Denehy to talk about all his challenges, mistakes, and successes of starting his first company to his third. Stay tuned for an amazing ride, as Ryan takes you through some of his worst times as a founder and some of his best. We focus on the topic of humility and how the ego can tear a company and its founder down. Ryan's current company is backed by the likes of, Primary Ventures, Bowery Capital, BVP, and many more. A...


Cracking into Unsexy industries w/ Co Founder & CEO of Fabric Technologies, Adam Erlebacher

On this episode of The Unsexy Startup, we interview Adam Erlebacher, Co Founder & CEO of Fabric Technologies. Unfortunately, the current system of agents and brokers can make what should be a straightforward process complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Fabric was built to make life insurance for new parents easy by automating this process and simplifying the steps. Backed by the likes of BVP, Box group and many more, Fabric continues to help more new parents. We dive into Adam's...


VC and Founder fires w / GP of UpSlope Ventures, Kate Shillo Beardsley

On this episode of The Unsexy Startup, we interviewed the General Partner of UpSlope Ventures, Kate Shillo. Kate talks about her transition as the Chief of Staff at Huff Post to going into a scrappy environment building out Lerer Hippeau. LH is one of the biggest VCs based out of NY with investments such as Venmo, Buzzfeed, Casper, and the list goes on. After seeing many deals and working with many founders, Kate goes over some of the most common fires she sees founders make from an...


Mistakes Young Founders Make w/ Brex Co Founder & CEO, Henrique Dubugras

After taking a few months off we are back with another season! We wanted to make sure we had our branding down and strategy together to create the best show possible. In our first episode back, we have Co-Founder & CEO of Brex, Henrique Dubugras. Henrique sits down with us to talk about common mistakes young founders make when scaling a company. Here are a few of the points he went over: Brex is the world's first corporate credit card for startups, backed by the likes of Y Combinator,...


Episode 15: The challenges of being a founder from both sides of the table w/ Former VC @ GV, and CEO/ Founder of Modsy, Shanna Tellerman

Shanna Tellerman sold her company, transitioned in VC when she was an investor @ GV. She quickly transitioned back into being a founder and scaled her second company, Modsy. Tune in to hear the challenges Shanna faced when transitioning from VC back to Founder! Would really appreciate the feedback so I can build a better podcast for our listeners. Shoot me an email here, I would love to hear what you have to say :) (


Episode 14: What is feels like currently to be a seed stage founder and the challenges of rapidly growing W/ Co Founder of Abraxas, Joshua Lawton

Josh and Justin are the co founders of an amazing company called Abraxas. Abraxas is disrupting the $29b OOH market. Josh and Justin are one of Quakes investments, and through their time with Quake, we've seen tremendous month over month growth. But with growth at such an early stage, challenges arise.Tune in to see how Josh handles demands at an early stage while bootstrapping and making sure there is enough cash flow to...


Episode 13: The Challenges of Sales and Marketing as a seed stage company w/ Founder & CEO of UpShow, Adam Hirsen

From Private Equity to Founder, Adam had to take a leap of faith to start UpShow. Tune in to hear some of the sales and marketing challenges Adam had a early stage, and what founders can take away from his experience in scaling a company from scratch. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A huge thanks to Go Moment, Quake VC, Strtupboost for helping me put this together: For founders who have a...


Episode 12: Overcoming some challenges women face within business w/ CEO of Ellevate Network, Kristy Wallace

In this episode of The Unsexy Startup, Kristy gives us a deep dive on her transition as a CEO of women first company, and some of the challenges female founders may face as they take on their start up. Here are some key topics Kristy dives into - How can women rise to the top, even through the challenges the startup world can bring? - What are some current challenges female founders have? - The Unsexiest moment as a female founder that Kristy has faced, leading a large company....


Episode 11: The challenges of building out a product at seed stage, and what to focus on w/ Co Founder & CTO of Buildout, Jason Tillery

In this episode, Jason talks about being a CTO at a rapidly growing seed company. Although, this is an exciting phase to roll your product out, there are many challenges any product person will face. Jason goes over several points: - Relying only on existing customer feedback, but having a hard time getting external feedback to build a better product. - Lack of good developers, as a founder and CTO, your job turns into recruiting for a good amount of time. - Learning a completely new...


Episode 10: Why the real magic is in the Unsexy, w / Co Founder & CEO of Kin, Sean Harper

We are back with more episodes of the Unsexy Startup! In this episode, we have founder and CEO of Kin, Sean Harper on to talk about the embracing the Unsexy. Most people are excited about the sexy things in the business, but the real growth comes from the grunt work and the heavy lifting. Few founders are willing to do some of these unsexy things due to many reasons: The real drive to scale their startup, their pride, and the list goes on. Sean also shares his story about Kin, and where...


Episode 9: How to overcome the challenges of fundraising at a seed stage w/ CEO & Founder of Parsely, Sachin Kamdar

One of the core challenges founders go through, especially at an early stage is the process of getting funding. Sachin Kamdar, CEO & Founder of Parsely, knows first hand how challenging funding can be. Sachin will take you through his journey of funding at an early stage. He also shares his challenges he experienced, and gives our listeners some tips on how to overcome these challenges.Here are some valuable points Sachin brings up: - Funding is similar to the sales pipeline - Getting use...


Episode 8: Moving into a new territory to start a company w / Co Founder of Blue Smart, Alejo Verlini

Ever had to move into a new territory just to start a business? Alejo and his team has. When starting Blue Smart, Alejo and his co founders were challenged with moving to China to manufacture their product. This was completely unknown to them. They didn't know the native language, they had to understand the culture fast, and they had to adapt to living conditions outside of their own comfort. Tune in to hear how Alejo and his team were able to crowdfund and build a kick ass brand in...


Episode 7: The Unsexy Challenges That Come With Disrupting a Huge Industry w/ CEO & Founder of Solera Health, Brenda Schmidt

We sat down with Brenda Schmidt, the CEO and Founder of Solera Health. Brenda has been apart of the health care industry for more than 13 years, and knew the ins and out before disrupting such a tough industry. We focused on the Unsexy challenges that come with disrupting an age old industry, and how to come overcome some of those challenges if you are a new founder looking to disrupt a massive industry. Here are a few points Brenda covered: - Collaboration is key when you are disrupting a...


Episode 6: How to calculate small wins while having long term goals w/ CEO & Co Founder of Open Listings, Judd Schoenholtz

In this episode of the The Unsexy Startup, we sat down with Judd Schoenholtz, CEO & Co Founder of Open Listings, to talk about how enjoy the small wins during the long term process of building a start up.Here is what Judd had to say: - It can be easy to get lost in the process of growing a company. This can lead to burnout. - Even though the goal is at the end, you have to develop a mindset of counting small wins to maintain optimism. - The best businesses are long term schlep...


Episode 5: How to have a healthier approach to your startup w/Jesse Horwitz, CEO & Co Founder of Hubble Contacts

We sat down with Jesse for an eye opening interview on what the media portrays about startups vs. the reality, and what is a healthier approach to you startup compared to what you might see online. Jesse was extremely humble. He went through his mistakes of jumping from Bridgewater Associates too early, to the trial and error period where each startup he tried building didn't go anywhere before Hubble Contacts. " The Unsexiest time was the trial and error period, where projects didn't go...


Episode 4: The importance of creativity when there is a lack of funding w/CEO & Co Founder of Heartbeat, Brian Freeman

Brian’s company had to make a pivot, due to the market response from their current product and lack of runway. This is what really brought out what was needed to create Heartbeat.We brought Brian Freeman on the podcast to talk about the power of creativity, when you are boot strapping your company. Often this push through in creativity helps develop more grit to overcome future hurdles.Here is what we learned from Brian’s experience with bootstrapping early on:-When you are tight on...


Episode 2: How to handle your team's optimism during Unsexy times w/ CEO & Founder of Insticator Zack Dugow

Today's interview is with the CEO and Founder of Insticator, Zack Dugow. Zack hops on the podcast to talk about his Unsexiest time scaling Insticator, and how he was able to handle his team's optimism during a cash crunch, in the early stages of a company. Prior to Insticator, Zack was the Founder and CEO of Red Rush Entertainment, a large media agency, which was acquired in 2012. Insticator increases engagement and ad revenue, through interactive content which is gamified and...


Episode 3: The Story Behind The Unsexy Startup, Interview w/ CEO of UYD Management, Tayo Rockson

In this episode, Tayo Rockson interviews me, the host of The Unsexy Startup, Sumay Parikh. We talk about about how I transitioned into the startup world, and why we came up with The Unsexy Startup.A few topics we go over: - Why I choose entrepreneurship - How I transitioned from owning and operating hotels, to diving into startups - All my failures and the mistakes I made - Who I look up to - What The Unsexy Startup...


Episode 1: The importance of emotional intelligence, and its significance in your company, during uncertain times w/ CEO and Founder of, Daniel Chait

Today's interview is with the CEO and Co Founder of, Daniel Chait. Daniel takes you through his journey, how he built his previous company, and how he transitioned into starting Greenhouse. We go into why emotional intelligence is crucial, and why its important for your company to learn emotional intelligence through Unsexy is the first easy to use Applicant Tracking System, that lets you involve your whole team in the hiring process for candidates,...