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Be Found When Your Customer Looks For You with Jeremiah Smith

We often hear SEO thrown around. Sometimes on show like "Shark Tank", it is presented as the end all be all for company growth and then in other episodes disregarded as a waste of time. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on it without knowing what it even is. So the question today is. What is SEO? What does it mean, What does it do for your business, and do you need it? To help demystify this powerful tool (when used correctly) host Steve Kidd is joined by SEO specialist and CEO of...


Know How To Live Inspired with Ernie Villanueva

Are you inspired? Do you live your life in inspiration? Or do you struggle to find things to motivate you.? Today is your day to learn how to be inpired every day of your life. Not some hype or some high, but ubderstanding how inspiration works, where it comes from and how to be able to call up inspiration on demand. There is a code to how you were build. It is in knowing how you were and what it takes to be truly and long term inspired that is the secret to living and inspired life. Often...


The Spirit Within You and How That Shows up in Your Life

The real you, the inside of you, the part of you that always is, that is your spirit. Some people call this essence. Some call it energy. It goes by many names but deeper than our physical body is the spirit us that is eternal and is the real us. What you do with this spirit that is within you, whether you enhamce it and grow it or mire and destroy it is up to you. Many people have risen above things in their past that they have done and that have been done to them to transform into amazing...


Learn to Never Binge Again with Glenn Livingston

Did you know that it is possible to not overeat? For some of us that seems like just some more hype and another empty promise. But what if it wasnt? What if there is scientific research that can and will help you control your appetite permanently and allow you to truly have the relationship with Food you have always wanted. What if you can You truly Learn to Never Binge Again? Listen in as host Steve Kidd has a very enlighhtenign and impactful conversation with the Best Selling Author of...


Releasing! The Power of Letting Go and Letting Joy Come In with Bonita Parker

Releasing! There is nothing more powerful to uplevel our lives than when we release the debts of our past and truly let go! Learn the Amazing Power of Letting Go. Debt in our lives is not just financial, in fact the bigger debts are the things from our past that still own us because we are still carring them around. We are stuck in the past and unable to live in joy or let joy come Into our lives because everything we do is hindered by the debt to that past thing. Whether things that we have...


Scientific Breakthrough to Help You Handle Stress with Evan DeMarco

As entrepreneurs stress is part of our daily life. Whether it be paying bills or even the good things like helping a client reach a new level, we all deal with stress every day. Our business is our joy, but it also can effect everything else in our lives. Sometimes it feels like there is just not relief. We learn how to handle the day to day stresses. how to manage it and release it as we can. But what if there was a better way? There are some great new scientific breakthroughs happening...


Permission to Charge, Powerful Selling with Jessica Riverson

Why is selling one of the most feared or even hated by entrepreneurs? Do you love it? Or like most people do you avoid it or even hate it? Though selling is one of the most central actions of our business it also seems to be the thing business owners like to do the least. . Is this because selling is hard? Is it because you are afraid of the reaction? Or is it something else? Break through the mystery and emotion surrounding sales and discover an empowered new attitude that will impact the...


Get Clear On Your Brand With Jenna Soard

Discover today how important a clear and focused brand identity and personality for your company is in helping you get customers and grow your business We welcome our special guest branding super star Jenna Soard Jenna shares with us how important it is to know exactly who your ideal customer is and how impactful being specific is on the success of your company. We discuss how a clearly defined persona for the company allows you to relate to your target market. Discover how to grow your...


Is your thinking upside down? Consciousness with Mark Gober

Steve Kidd talks with Best Sellig Author Mark Gober about his best selling book An End to Upside Down Thinking:Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday Life. be ready to have soem of the things you believe to be true challenged as Mark gives evidence based factual information about discoveries that are happening with regard to consciousness. Is consciousness derived from matter or is there something deeper? Listen in as Mark shares...


The world is waiting for you to share yourself. Share You featuring Kathy Kidd

The world is waiting for you to share yourself. There is someone that needs you to share what you have learned so far. We all have something to share but often we allow excuses or life circumstances to get in the way of giving our gifts to the world. People in need of an answer, someone that is looking for a way out needs the answers you can give. There is someone who needed you to share your answer last week last month last year, but they are still making the same mistake because you havent...


Taking One Small Step Can Make A Big Difference with Sandra and Pamela

Today, I am putting two of our bestselling authors on the spotlight. These two authors are also the first two people who joined our Book to Course Bootcamp. Get to know them more on this episode! Sandra Mizell Chaney is the author of the bestselling book Inside Secrets to Getting Money for Your Non-profit. She is an amazing friend and a great source. If you have a non-profit and you’re looking to fund it, there is no one else I know who can help you do it right the first time better than...


Shaping the Life You Have Into the Life You Want with Nafissa Shireen

Today, we are joined by Nafissa Shireen for the second time. For those of you who don’t know, Nafissa had been a featured guest on my show way back in 2015 entitled Living With Your Business with Nafissa Shireen. Nafissa will be sharing with us the importance of having a life that works for us and building a business that fits around that. “Life is about us. It’s not about the money. It’s not about the systems. Although those are really important things; you need them. But none of that’s...


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be An Entrepreneur On Fire With John Lee Dumas

What is the medium that you’re using to share your message with the world? Did you know that all the magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone? Pushing past your comfort zone is terrifying, but sometimes that fear is the best thing you could have. You first need to understand that your existence has a purpose. You have a story that needs to be told, and you have to share that with the world. It will be tough to succeed at the beginning, but you have to keep pushing yourself to the...


The Power of Personality Type with Jessica Butts

Your personality type is unique, special and given to you on purpose in order for you to be the best you possible. You cant be who you are or do what you were meant to do until you embrace your uniquely special and wonderful personality type. it is who you are and it is exactly what the world needs! Learn how to maximize you as you Listen noted therapist and author Jessica Butts while she takes us through a journey of self discovery with host Steve Kidd on Thriving Entrepreneur while they...


Break Free and Be Unstoppable In Life and Business with Victoria and Bridget

Today, we are joined by two amazing bestselling authors, Victoria D. Stubbs and Bridget Irby, who will be sharing with us their story that will surely transform your life so you can break free from whatever it is that is stopping you from being the best you that you can be. What are the things in life that have you tangled up? No matter what those things are, know that there is a way to get untangled — there is a way out. “Know that there are options. There are ways to configure...


From Fatherless to Fearless with Kevel and Tyrone

Today, we bring you a great show with two of our Bestselling Authors, Kevel A. Anderson Sr. and Tyrone Stevenson, and we will be talking about a topic that we overlook a lot — our fathers. Today, we’re going to talk about dads and celebrate them. The one thing that we all have in common is that all of us were given the privilege to have a father. However, not all of us were given a chance to be with them. Some people don’t even get to know who their father is. But our guests today will...


How To Transform Your Life By Cultivating Self-Love with Tracy and Shawna

Today, we are joined by two of our amazing best selling authors, Tracy Vitalo-Harwell and Shawna Seymore who will be talking to us about how self-love can genuinely change your life. It is crucial that you understand and recognize the importance of loving yourself and how it affects the love that you give/receive to/from other people. Self-love really serves as a motivation for you to take good care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. You should be okay to fall behind. The key...


Today Is YOUR Day Of Transformation with Kenya, Lisa & Matt

Today, we have some really exciting and big guests that are going to be in the show today who are going to share with you some amazing and mind-flowing things about transformation. We have one of our new bestselling authors, Kenya LaShelle Elliott, then we have the amazing Lisa Nichols and our very good friend Matt Gil. All of us are in the process of transforming into something. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s bad. But I believe that most people have a goal that is positive and...


Reinventing Yourself and Realizing Your Self-Worth with Anissa and Julee

Today, I am joined by two amazing Bestselling authors, Anissa Zabriskie and Julee Hunt, who will be pouring into you more the importance of believing in yourself and to know that no matter what has been, you are on a path to success. Sometimes, the path that we take in our life isn’t the direction that we should go on. Sometimes it’s a bad thing, but sometimes it’s just a change that needs to happen. Either way, sometimes you need to change the road you’re taking in life. REROUTING…: A Guide...


The Key To Marketing: Bringing And Embracing The Real You with Claire Anstey

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see the amazing, vibrant, talented person you are? OR When you look in the mirror, do you concentrate on the blemishes and features of yourself you don't like? Do you see yourself as perfectly created to be you OR do you judge your hair length, color, or style, your eye color or even the size and shape of different parts of your body? Not liking ourselves is such an easy trap to fall into and a VERY hard cycle to get out of. We are often...