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EP 13: Learn how to make $10k from a FREE talk

Have you struggled speaking for free without closing the amount of clients/customers you were looking at closing? Have you tried to speaking in another state and don’t have the money to cover your expenses in hopes that you will get there and close enough deals to cover your time, money, and expenses to get there? NO MORE!!!!! I am bringing you the training and blueprint to go from a FREE talk to $10K! If you aren’t already making at least $10k a month or for a speaking gig, something...


Ep #12: Interview with Behavioral Economist Melina Palmer

Why do people say one thing and do another? What really drives behavior? How does the brain actually work – and how can we best communicate with it? What does that mean for companies? Melina Palmer, host of The Brainy Business Podcast, has dedicated her career to seeking answers to these questions for herself and her clients. The first individual to graduate from the University of Washington’s Global Honors Program with a degree in business, her senior thesis was presented at the...


Ep 11: Interview with Holly Porter

Holly Porter is the CEO and Founder of Prosperity Profilers LLC. She leads her clients through their million-dollar makeover…both personal and business. Holly is an International Speaker who inspires business breakthroughs and personal transformations. Holly’s interior design success proves her expertise in color analysis, image design, and personality profiling. Holly uses her knowledge to give her clients the tools they need to gain and sustain success. With over thirty years operating...


Ep 10: What's holding you back?

Erin "GET'S REAL" with us about the limiting beliefs the stories we tell ourselves, the self sabotage things we do. She challenges us to dig deeper, to ask for more, to heal and move through the things that are stopping us. No more excuses, stop hiding, stop distracting, stop saying " I can't afford it" or getting enrolled into others peoples stories about how "they can't afford" your services or products. TAKE A RISK! There is never a risk worth taking like investing in yourself and...


Ep 9: Carlos Siqueira The Mentor's Mentor

Carlos Siqueira, internationally known as “The Mentor's Mentor,” who holds several Certifications on High Performance, Consulting, and Strategic Intervention who worked his way up from poverty and family crises to become the top selling sales executive and trainer/coach for the number one cable TV and Internet service provider in the U.S. After living the dream, he now leads the dream by coaching other coaches, consultants and speakers worldwide to create a perfect, scientifically based,...


Ep 8: Interview with Antoine Airoldi

Antoine Airoldi is a storyteller, author, and Elite Speaker. He uses creative writing to generate more leads and sales for his clients. Furthermore, he is the author of Insights From Professionals and Revival and is soon releasing his first novel: Kingdom Come. The art of storytelling has propelled his career to a whole new level as he is published by Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Sherbrooke Record, The Townships Sun, Gen Z Publishing, etc. Antoine is proud to announce that this is just...


Ep 7: Interview wit Chella DIaz

Chella knew at a very young age she was different from the other kids. She was able to see and feel things other kids could not. She didn’t want to stand out so she put her gifts to sleep. She was married for 17 years and has two sons. For over 10 years, Chella has been on her spiritual journey. The list of certifications and programs she has completed is quite extensive but to include a few — Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, Starlight Energy and her most recent which brought all her...


Episode 6: Billy Mandarino The NOWist

Billy is the author of The NOWist! Finding the signs to your Ultimate Desires in NO time! Billy is an international speaker, relator, and a friend of mine. This book lights the way of the reader to fully commit to the present moment, and learn the deeps truths there in. The inspiration and truth that Billy presents in The NOWist is a life changing creation. Not only for the author, but more importantly the readers and souls he serves. Learn how to step out of the "doingness" and step...


EP 5: Compelling Communication With Your Children

Listening and talking is the key to a healthy connection between you and your children. But parenting is hard work and maintaining a good connection with teens can be challenging, especially since parents are dealing with many other pressures. In today's episode I will be sharing my communications tools for opening the dialog between parent and child. These same skills can be used with anyone in your life that you want to increase the intimacy and connection with. To download these...


EP 4: Your Big Vision as a Global Speaker

In this episode, Erin takes us on a visualization of ourselves 5 years from today. Give yourself a quite place to do this episode as it is a closed eye visualization. Allow yourself to imagine what else is possible. It doesn't have to make sense or even seem feasible at this point. Remember, creativity, intuition, and big-picture thinking fuel your brain.


EP 3: Expert Positioning as a Thought Leader

What is it to be considered to be an EXPERT? A person who has a special skill or knowledge in some particular field, professional who has acquired knowledge and skills through study and practice over the years, in a particular field or subject. A person with a high degree of skill or knowledge of a subject, a person you trust who defines what to pay attention, to tell you what things mean, and how things work. They have been there and done that! An informed person who gets PAID for their...


Ep 2: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

In this episode, we talk about the fear of public speaking being a common form of anxiety. It can range from slight nervousness to paralyzing fear and panic. Many people with this fear avoid public speaking situations altogether, or they suffer through them with shaking hands and a quavering voice. Erin talks about why are we afraid of public speaking, why our brains want to be right, and how to overcoming the physical symptoms of anxiety before taking the stage. Erin gives you ways to...


Welcome to the Transformational Speaker's Podcast!

Welcome to the Transformational Speaker's podcast. This is Erin Loman Jeck and I will be the host of the Transformational Speaker's Podcast. I am excited to get to share this podcast with you and I am so grateful to have you here. I decided to launch this podcast, in order to get the conversation started around Transformational Speaking and making an impact on the planet. I will be sharing all the tips, tricks, and hacks that leading edge Influencers and Thought Leaders are using to...