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We are two accountants sharing our knowledge over a lovely beverage.

We are two accountants sharing our knowledge over a lovely beverage.




We are two accountants sharing our knowledge over a lovely beverage.




Repost - Interview with Peter Baines and Ros Harvey

This week there is no new episode however we have sliced together 2 really interesting chats that we think are extremely relevant to the current environment we find ourselves in. These were recorded live from Xerocon last year and include one with Peter Baines discussing crisis management and using social responsibility as a profit center in your business and Ros Harvey about how we can use big data to solve big problems we are facing.


Taking Money From Your Business

This we chat about the various ways in which you are able to take money from your business and the different approaches depending on your entity structure.


Adapting your Business and Recovery Planning

On this weeks episode of the podcast we discuss the ways you can adapt your business to the current environment and also recovery planning. We also do an in depth dive on a tight ass tip!


Jobkeeper 2.0 - What We Know

This week we discuss the recent announcements of jobkeeper 2.0 and the changes to jobkeeper going forward. We also discuss the NSW small business recovery grants now available for certain industries.


The Personal Budget

This week we discuss the importance of the personal budget, give some hints and tips about personal budgeting and of course a good amount of banter.


The Motor Vehicle Tax Trap

This week we chat about the motor vehicle tax trap. Many people are buying new vehicles in their business to take advantage of the $150,000 immediate write off but there are many traps you need to be aware of before making that decision! Listen this week to find out what these are!


New Year, New You

We are back after a small break to discuss the new financial year and things you should be considering right now including common compliance obligations currently due, revisiting your business plan and cash flow forecast and the current stimulus packages available to you!


Where to from here with Shaye Thyer

Today we have Shaye Thyer Director of Sales at Mindbridge to talk about where we go from here. Things are starting to return to some level of normality but what does that mean for your business? What should you stat to think about or do? We discuss this and more on this weeks podcast!


Where are we now?

This week we discuss some recent updates to the stimulus package and the recent announcement that we are probably in a recession.


Once Upon a Why - Warren Garth and CATS Accountants

Today is the first episode in our new series talking to business owners about how and why they started their businesses and the lessons learnt along the way! We also thought there was no better way to start then to discuss the origin story of our own business CATS Accountants!


Insolvency in the time of COVID19 with Josh Robb

This week we catch up with friend of the podcast Josh Robb Associate Director at SV Partners about the changes to insolvency rules in the time of COVID19.


Interview on Behind the Success with Quang Nguyen

This week we play our recent chat with friend of the podcast Quang Nguyen on his online show Behind the Success! It was a great chat and we thought we would share it!


Business Planning Actions during COVID19

This week we discuss actions you should take to assist your business planning during COVID19! We discuss contingency planning, cash flow and asking for help.


Accountants on Accountants

This week we chat to our friend Jason Skinner from Skinner Hamilton Accountants about what its like to be an accountant right now over a lovely drink.


Xero's Response to COVID19 with Trent Innes

This week we chat to Trent Innes Managing Director of Xero in Australia about how Xero have been responding to the COVID19 crisis.


Live Webinar 2 - Jobkeeper, NSW grants and Rent Relief

This week on the webinar is the second of our live webinars on the stimulus packages. This episode we discuss the jobkeeper, the NSW government grants and rent relief.


Employment Law in the time of COVID19 with Kate Thomson

This week we chat to Kate Thomson Senior Associate at Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors about the complicated area of employment law during the COVID19 crisis. When can you stand down employees? What kind of leave can my employees take if staying home? Kate discusses these and more in this podcast!


Tips for Working at Home with Leon Black

This week we chat with friend of the podcast Leon Black from Inspired Techs about the best ways to work from home for you and your team! We also give an update on the wage subsidy announced during the week.


Stimulus Package in Detail - Live Webinar

This episode is a recording of the live webinar we did around the stimulus packages that have now passed law, the other places to find support and what you need to know. We discuss in detail who is eligible for what and how to access it.


The Economy

Today we are joined by Jeremy Thorpe Partner and Chief Economist at Price Waterhouse Coopers Australia. We discuss the state of the economy, what is actually effecting it, what recovery might look like and what you should do.