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Sales Advisory For Small Business Owners in Nigeria

Africa Business Radio — On today's episode with we are all about sales which is KEY to growth. Without sales your business service or product based is non-existent. Once you are not able to quantify your actions within your business then you haven’t started. From the definition of sales, to application of sales strategy, selling through on online marketplaces, selling on Instagram to unconventional tips for turning inquiries to sales, our guest gives in-depth sights into this. Motunrayo...


Growth Strategies For Small Businesses in Nigeria - Olatunde Odebiyi

Africa Business Radio — On this episode, we look at some reasons why service based businesses are harder to market and therefore grow while providing solutions to entrepreneurs within these sectors with tips to adapt to their business. We focus on 3 major businesses: Tailoring Photography and Makeup artist Guest on the show is Olatunde Odebiyi, the Managing Partner at Cornelli and Mosh Consults Limited. Africa Business Radio


Legal Advise For Entrepreneurs In The Creative Economy - Yemisi Falaye

Africa Business Radio — On this episode, we explore the importance of understanding a creative brand is a business and the need to treat it as one. Entertainment lawyer Yemisi Falaye talks to us about some repercussions which occur with creative personalities such as singers, actors and so on who do not protect their brand and work. Yemisi Falaye works with the prestigious law firm of Adepetun Caxton-Martins Agbor & Segun and heads the Entertainment Law Group of the firm. ‘Yemisi has over...


Customer Service - A Key Factor To Business Success In 2018

Africa Business Radio — On this episode of Unravel, using personal horror stories from different people, we review best practices for organizations on how to treat your customers better both offline and online. We explored the following points: The important roles customers play in your company beyond profit Ways customer service affects your business bottom line Tips for practicing efficient customer service on social media Why Good Customer Service Is Your Most Important Metric for your...


Productivity Hacks For Startups in 2018

Africa Business Radio — Its a new year and with that comes new year resolutions and a review of the previous year. On this episode, we talk about setting productive hacks for your business. From the importance of setting weekly goals to setting new year resolutions using Mark Zuckerberg past resolutions as a case study, we explore all the benefits of setting a fresh pace for your business in 2018.


Dealing With The Complexity of Competition As A Startup

Africa Business Radio — On this episode, we look the complexity of competition in business taking a deeper dive into the subject matter and tips. You will learn in this episode: Defining and identifying competition Driving competition crazy Working with competition The need for competition for personal and business drive and success Turning Heavy Competition Into an Advantage by Copying Your Competitors' Best Features using snapchat and Instagram as case studies How to promote healthy...


Tricks/Tips For Website/SEO Optimisation - SMEs

Africa Business Radio — On this episode, we look into the different ways small businesses can enhance your website with tips, tricks, and Google applications. From Google, AdWords, google my business and more Charles Dairo takes us through easy ways to get our business noticed. Charles Dairo is the founder and CEO of CKDigital, one of Nigeria's leading digital agencies, with a mission to help businesses succeed through excellent digital services. Charles has been in the web design and...


How Do You Survive When Your Startup Isn't Making Money Yet?

Africa Business Radio — Many Entrepreneurs struggle to survive in the early days of their startup when the business isn't generating revenue yet, many don't have personal income and the struggle to pay personal bills tend to affect the business journey. We look at the early stages of starting a business. The journey and what you need to survive the early stages. Our main focus includes: The will to move on when business isn't Ho to grow your business without spending money You are growing...


Wealth planning for individuals and businesses

Africa Business Radio — On this episode, we talk about wealth planning for the future, saving, separating business account from personal and investment. Guest today is Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi. She is a Money Therapist and Personal Finance Coach at LIMER Personal Finance. Over the years, she has trained young professionals across the globe in the art of managing their personal and family finances. Olubunmi is very passionate about multiplying funds for individuals and providing same to...


One-Man Businesses Tagged The Worst To Do Business With in Nigeria - Find Out Why

Africa Business Radio — Today we look at some of the common issues surrounding one man businesses and the effect they have on staffing which ultimately leads to down time. Our guest on the show is Oscar Ikele Onus, he is the lead strategist and co-founder of Lemon Tech; a leading management and strategy consulting firm in Lagos Nigeria. He has authored various articles on performance, development and human behavior. Oscar began his career as a business process consultant and a social media...


SMEs in Nigeria Are Leapfrogging Entrepreneurship using Artificial Intelligence

Africa Business Radio — On this episode, we look at how technology has quickly advanced and its adaptation in everyday business activities. We talk about some misconceptions, partnership opportunities, value of data and the future of artificial intelligence in Nigeria. Our guests today are AI experts and creators of lara.ng Ladi Ojora and Samuel Ore Odeloye. Ladi is an entrepreneur with a specialization in Transportation Technology companies, and current Co-founder of Road Preppers...


The importance of branding and brand positioning for SMEs in Nigeria

Africa Business Radio — On this episode we start a series of Branding and Positioning a very important and highly necessarily for business owners. We look at: How to define your brand What is your company's mission? What are the benefits and features of your products or services? What do your customers and prospects already think of your company? What qualities do you want them to associate with your company with? Our guest and brand expert is Olatunde Odebiyi the Managing Director of a...


Effective Communication Tips From A Digital Whisperer - Online and Offline

Africa Business Radio — On this episode of effective communication, we look into why small business get social media marketing and content marketing wrong, tips to improve mistakes and secrets to using the most popular social media platforms: Google , Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, Snapchat and email marketing. We also look at communication tips while engaging with colleagues and customers. Our guest today is popularly known as the digital whisperer. Debo Ajayi, is a dynamic execution...


Taxation For Small Business Owners In Nigeria - Yomi Olugbenro

Africa Business Radio — On this episode, we look at the effect of taxation for small businesses, reforms being developed by the Federal Inland Revenue Services and the necessary guide, steps and tools to aid a small business with tax payment. Our guest Yomi Olugbenro is a Partner and the West Africa Tax Leader at Deloitte. He is a member of Deloitte West Africa Executive Committee. He is an alumnus of The University of Manchester (UK) and Fellow of both the Institute of Chartered...


The need for specialization as a photographer in Nigeria

Africa Business Radio — This episode looks into the practical matters in photography in Nigeria ; the need for specialization in the field ; importance of camera knowledge and tidbits for camera lens lights and more. Africa Business Radio


Entrepreneur Or Business owner, What's The Difference - Your Take, Nigeria?

Africa Business Radio — On this episode, we delve deep into the reasons why business owners call themselves entrepreneurs in Nigeria and the status quo of what that means. Our guest Oscar Ekele walks us through the differences between freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs and the important roles each plays in the growth of the economy. Oscar Ekele Onuh is the lead strategist and co-founder of Lemon Tech; a leading management and strategy consulting firm in Lagos Nigeria. He has...


Obvious Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting A Business in Nigeria - Israel Raphael

Africa Business Radio — On the first episode 1 of Unravel, we look at the obvious mistakes business individuals make when starting up. How they spend time and resources looking for capital and large infrastructures instead of the basic things which include - Research | Workshops | Training and Mentorship. Israel Raphael who has authored two books, "BASIF" - an exposition on the silent strategy of building great projects, in 2015 and his latest best-selling ebook, "30 Business Productivity...