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sharing low-stress ways to live a deeper shade of green... with a sense of humor whenever possible.

sharing low-stress ways to live a deeper shade of green... with a sense of humor whenever possible.
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sharing low-stress ways to live a deeper shade of green... with a sense of humor whenever possible.




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GD Mike Nowak Show: Are we still recycling?

Do we now live in a "post-recycling" world? Marta Keane, Recycling Program Specialist for Will County, explains to Mike and Peggy what can and can’t be recycled, and whether it still makes sense to participate in recycling programs.


GD Spirit Pub: Animal Medicine

Do you love animals? Are you like us and talk to random pigeons, sparrows and squirrels? Delight in any and all wild creatures that appear in your world? We love our local wildlife and appreciate the messages they bring to us. GD Meg and WG Julie share some fun stories and ways to love your local wildlife.


50 Shades of Green Divas: Why Slow Fashion

Did you know over 80% of used clothing ends up in landfills! and because so much of it is made from synthetic fibers, it doesn't biodegrade very well. In honor of fashion week, we thought we'd take a deeper dive into the reasons that the fashion industry is recognized as the world’s second largest polluter. We're all about slow fashion. Please listen to find out more!


GD Mike Nowak Show: Why Roundup Sucks

Mike Nowak and Peggy Malecki talk with Carey Gillam, author of Whitewash: The Story of Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science. Gilliam reports on a recent $289 million court judgement against the Monsanto Company and its weedkiller Roundup.


GDs Heart Wildlife: Take Action

John Platt, editor if The Revelator and Extinction Countdown offers us some excellent tips for ways that we can all take action to help wildlife -- both locally in our own backyards (literally) and globally.


GD Politics: Pilot

NEW SERIES! GDp (GD Politics, and the GD isn't necessarily what you think... we think of it as Gross Domestic Politics!) If you care about clean air, water and food and you want to see social justice for everyone, this podcast is for you. Green Divas Maxine Margo & Megan McWilliams and Green Dude Wayne Bouchard are going to dig in and try to make sense of the current political scene, especially as it relates to climate change, pollution, and human rights.


GD Mike Nowak Show: Pilot

NEW GD PODCAST SERIES! We heart Mike Nowak & Peggy Malecki. Mike has been one of our regular Green Dudes (or Devos as he likes to say "are we not green? are we not devo?" you have to be over a certain age to get that reference. Yes, Mike is whacky, he's fun and does great radio offering information and entertaining commentary on growing stuff and the environment. Enjoy this specially edited version of The Mike Nowak Show w/ Peggy Malecki in your GD podcast feed every week (we think).


GD Spirit Pub: finding your light in the darkness

Like GD Meg said, "if you are stuck in the cave, you might was well decorate it!" Weenie Greenie Julie Bond Genovese and GD Meg talk about ways to be the light when you are stuck in the dark.


50 Shades of Green Divas: Do we really need lawns?

Why did we develop a cultural obsession with lawns? We spoke with a couple of experts to understand the historical significance, why we really don't need them, and in fact why we are mostly better off without them. Listen, learn and share!


GD Spirit Pub: Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Yup. It's that time again folks. You don't have to be into astrology to experience the effects of Mercury Retrograde. This episode offers great advice for ANYTIME, but extra useful during this astrological event. WG Julie & GD Meg offer some cosmic insight and great practical advice.


GDs Heart Wildlife: Mussels are in trouble and so are we

Fresh water mussels are quickly disappearing. Listen to this GDs Heart Wildlife episode with John R. Platt to learn why it is a big problem and what we can do about it.


GD Spirit Pub: Pilot

The first of our new GD series, the GD Spirit Pub for rebel souls, earth angels and courageous hearts. Because we believe we chose this crazy human existence, we’re here to ponder upon the challenges, the meaning and purpose. Cheers to you for tuning in to your soul, and joining us at the GD Spirit Pub, for a pint of joy and to en-lighten up.


50 Shades of Green Divas: reducing waste in the entertainment industry

We love films, some TV and of course live music events, but the waste created by the production of these entertainments is horrifying to any green diva or dude. Listen to this entertaining episode to learn some interesting facts and hear from several eco-heroes, who are working hard to make the industry more sustainable and socially responsible.


Green Dude Ed Begley on building a platinum LEED certified home

Green Diva Meg chats with Ed Begley, following up on a recent trip to his gorgeous platinum LEED certified home. And he dishes a bit about his latest fun acting gigs.


50 Shades of Green Divas: why population matters

As we watch resources for human survival (water, air, food, etc.) dwindle to dangers levels in some parts of the world, we have to start talking about population and ways we can mitigate our compounding growth. There are now over 7 billion people on this earth competing for space and resources. What we can we do? Listen to father of the modern population discussion, Dr. Paul Ehrlich and Bob Walker, president of the population institute talk about the underlying issues and ways we can address...


GDs Heart Wildlife: saving elephants with their own poop

John R. Platt, editor of The Revelator and author of Extinction Countdown shares some good news about how one scientist has discovered a way to help catch elephant poachers using their own poop.


50 Shades of Green Divas: How small sustainable farms could feed the world

This episode is timely with that massive beast the Farm Bill flopping around in congress... What we really need is more small sustainable farms and regional farm systems. So much to talk about when it comes to farms, but here we talk a bit about farmers markets, CSAs, slow money, and investing in local sustainable farms. oh and goats. enjoy! and of course, please pass it on.


GDs Heart Wildlife: John Platt with good news for Amur Leopards

A little good news for a change... Amur Leopards were poised to be extinct with only about 30 of these gorgeous big cats left in the world, but humans stepped up and helped provide a safe habitat and they are now up to a population of 103! Still not perfect, but going in the right direction. Great report from wildlife Green Dude John R. Platt, who writes Extinction Countdown and edits The Revelator for The Center for Biological Diversity.


50 Shades of Green Divas: Earth Day Activism & Optimism

This earth day, we've decided to focus on activism and optimism -- because we really need both, not just on earth day, but every day! Hear wise words from Ed Begley, Jr., Climate Mama (Harriet Shugarman), some climate positive music by Mitch Margo and much more!


50 Shades of Green Divas: Green Burial

A topic we have covered a few times and each time, there is more interesting stuff to consider. We need to stop making the topic of death so taboo and educate ourselves about the most eco-friendly and natural ways to say goodbye to our bodies.