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Regenerative Agriculture Sector Accelerator






Judith D. Schwartz – Reindeer Chronicles

How does loss of coastal vegetation drive disappearance of summer rains? Can restoring the forest on as small a parcel as 10 x 10 km bring back the rain to an area it has fled? Climate change is as much about soil moisture and land use as it is about CO2. How do we deal […]


Sara Wolcott – The Listening Heart

Sara Wolcott is a healer, minister, artist, and storyteller. She (and a turkey) joined Designers of Paradise host Erik van Lennep for a conversation that touched on giving and receiving, Reiki, the process of regeneration, healing, and the search for the divine. They discussed the tension between urgency for action and the need for listening; […]


Bruce Kania – Nature’s Wetland Effect

“It is sticky and attracts particulates” is how Bruce Kania of Floating Island International explains the biofilm that serves as the glue for the floating islands his company produces. Bruce, during his conversation with Designers of Paradise host Erik van Lennep, describes why these recycled-plastic based islands are beneficial and how they work. Kania talks […]


Nicole Masters – Soil is More Exciting than Great White Sharks

“Imagine how different our planet would look if we were teaching children whole systems”. This is how Kiwi, soil siren, author, and Regenerative Agriculture Coach, Nicole Masters explains transformative thinking in a far-ranging interview with Designers of Paradise host Erik van Lennep. Nicole is founder of Integrity Soils and author of the book For the […]


Melissa Ruckmick – Be There for Somebody

It has been about a year since Designers of Paradise host Erik van Lennep spoke with communication specialist and self-described herbal plant provocateur, Melissa Ruckmick. In this episode they discuss the connection between healing ourselves, healing civilization, and healing the planet. They talk about the potential for herbs and non-hallucinogenic plants to address chronic issues […]


Duncan Crowley – Design is the Framework, Not the Goal

Regenerative community practitioner and eco-architect Duncan Crowley shares a fascinating and inspiring overview of his evolving work as a community facilitator where architecture moves to city planning, then community design, opening the way for community organizing and activism.


Maddie Akkermans – Bringing Back the Rain

Regenerative soil practices are starting to attract more mainstream attention, and hold real promise for restoring the natural capacity for land to moderate water content and quality, store excess carbon and improve local human economies. Progress is being made farm-by-farm, and this is great news. But to match the rate and scale of ecological disruption […]


Didi Pershouse – Healthy Soil is Like Bread

Compare a pile of flour to a loaf of bread and you will begin to see the difference between dirt and healthy soil. How do you move from flour to bread or dirt to soil? Add microbes. There is plenty of life (including that metaphor) in the conversation between Designers of Paradise host Erik van […]


Albert Bates – Using Fire to Cool the Earth

Albert Bates was working as an attorney on a water pollution case in Tennessee – agriculture chemicals polluting an aquifer. What he saw left him deeply shaken and changed the direction of his life. He tells this story and more to Designers of Paradise host Erik van Lennep as he unpacks the fifty year trajectory […]


Sarah Harrison & Marc O’Brien – Make Me Care

Why do we talk about two degrees Celsius when we think in Fahrenheit? How do we get past fear and move to learning? How do we think bigger, act now, work together? These are the kind of questions Designers of Paradise host Erik van Lennep discussed with Sarah Harrison and Marc O’Brien of creative studio, […]


Chistopher Peltz – Biochar is for Everybody

“They showed up with a truck full of what looked like the remains of a campfire. It even smelled like a campfire.” During a series of field trials Peltz realized that carbonized wood can help revitalize dramatically degraded land. “Stuff would grow on mine sites where nothing had grown for 100 years.” Christopher Peltz tells […]


Julie Brunson – School Gardens, Building Community and Growing Hope.

H.O.P.E. – “Helping Other People Eat”. The vision came while Julie’s husband Rich was a homeless teenager, wondering why it was so hard to find food. He kept thinking if people knew how to grow their own food, there would be so much less hunger. Many years later a work related concussion required a home […]